Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Draft of Minutes of the Organizational Committee/Citizens Input Committee Meeting of May 22, 2008 The 12th meeting of the OC/CIC was opened at 7pm by vice Chairman Gary Wolfe with prayer led by Tom Carrow followed by the pledge to the American Flag. Chairman Dave White then took the reins and asked for the secretary’s […]

Report 10 of the OC/CIC meeting of May 8,2008 Approximately 53 citizens signed in for the meeting which again took place in the Commissioners’ room of the government annex in Brookville. After prayer & the pledge to the American Flag Chairman White opened the meeting at 7PM. The minutes and treasurer’s reports were given and […]

Report of the OC/CIC May 1, 2008 About 45 citizen members of the OC/CIC participated in a lively and animated discussion of the Comprehensive Plan during the 9th meeting on May 1, 2008. Chairman Dave White opened the meeting in the customary manner, reviewing the previous meeting and explaining the outline of the business to […]

1 Report of April 10,2008, OC/CIC Meeting The 6th meeting opened with Gary Wolfe taking the chair in place of Dave White who was out of the country. Tom Carrow led the group in prayer which was followed by the pledge to the American Flag. Larry Franzman, Director of the Franklin Co. Area Plan Commission […]

1 Report #5 of OC/CIC Meeting 4/03.2008 Promptly at 7pm Thursday evening in the commissioners’ room at the government annex a group of approximately 60 people participated in the weekly meeting with the purpose of gleaning information from speakers of neighboring counties and those from other areas of expertise in our quest to develop a […]

Report 4 of OC,CIC Meeting March 27, 2008 This meeting, conducted by Chairman Dave White was again an educational meeting. With an audience of at least 60 citizens Mr. Mike Hall, surveyor and president of the Dearborn County Area Planning commission and Mr. Mark McCormick, director of the Dearborn Co. zoning who has a background […]

1 Report 3 of Mar. 20,2008 OC/CIC meeting Approximately 50 plus citizens were in attendance at the Thursday nite meeting in the Commissioners’ room at the government annex with the meeting commencing promptly at 7 PM. Chairman Dave White introduced Dave Neuman, director of Area Planning & zoning in Decatur county who spoke to the […]

Report of OC/CIC meeting of Thursday Mar. 13, 2008 Again in the presence of about 42 citizens the OC began the meeting under the chairmanship of Dave White to begin the process of setting up procedures & guidelines for the conduction of the process of re-writing the proposed zoning ordinances in accordance to the will […]