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April 16, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 04/16/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Louis Linkel Eric Roberts Thomas Wilson Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
Chief Deputy Auditor: Veronica Voelker
*Louis Linkel opens with pledge of allegiance
I. May 20, 2007 – Kids Fun and Safety Day/EMS Week (EMS/Kiwanis/Police/Fire/Misc. Service Clubs)
a. Claudine Rader requesting courthouse lawn with a rain date of May 27. Thinking about getting a smoke house to
show safety. Duke Energy will be there.
b. Commissioners – grant request but ask that the Town (of Brookville) be notified about the smoke house
c. Claudine Rader – Thanks Commissioners
II. Joe Jarzen-Historical (July 27, 2007)
a. Joe Jarzen – live here in Brookville. Each year Historic landmark puts on an annual meeting. Thought we would
hold this years meeting in Brookville to showcase. You may remember historic landmark funded the initial study
on this building (Government Center). For the meetings we would start at the Hermitage (around 5:00). We
usually have fifty to one hundred people attend the meetings. Would like to have a presentation in this room. We
also have awards that we do. We would like to have the dinner in this building. Our first choice would be in this
room – there is some question about this. Maybe the cafeteria downstairs would be an option.
b. Louis Linkel – the cafeteria with presentation in this room.
c. Susan Jones – by July will we have storage down there?
d. Eric Roberts – believes it will be ok.
e. Joe Jarzen – excited about this not only as an employee but also as a resident of Brookville.
III. Snow Hill Covered Bridge
a. Joe Jarzen – have been talking to Kevin Loiselle, just for purposes of reminder-what is going on with this bridge?
As I understand the engineer has come to a point and has presented you with the plans. There is some concern
about property to the west and the concern of carrying fire trucks. More importantly, want to make sure you
understand 1-this was a grant you received from the federal government. If you default/not carry through with it
may hurt you on future grants. 2-all projects funded through the federal government must go through section IV-F.
You can not change or negatively impact that structure. It has been established that there is an alternative solution.
If you decide not to continue with the project, remind you in 2004 signed a memorandum of agreement that
explains your job to rehabilitate the bridge and if you default, you could be looking at a lawsuit from the federal
government. About a month ago was out taking pictures of the bridge and talked to a man (passing by) who told
me he and his wife moved here about a year ago just for this bridge. This is a resource we need to save. You
might already know theses issues, Kevin Loiselle was certainly unaware of these issues of the section IV-F.
b. Commissioners – we were aware of these issues
c. Joe Jarzen – are you going to continue?
d. Thomas Wilson – yes, but don’t know when. We only have $140,000.00 in there right now.
e. Sue Ferris – when do we reimbursed
f. Eric Roberts – council has borrowed
g. Thomas Wilson – they didn’t borrow the money, they borrowed the rate
h. Joe Jarzen – if you don’t complete the project due to lack of money, it is still default.
i. Sue Ferris – as this gone on, have we been paying Farrar and Garvey
j. Thomas Wilson – we have already over $115,000.00
k. Kevin Loiselle – construction cost is around $700,000.00
l. Sue Ferris – understand Bridge #100 is going to be over one million. Are we spending double tax monies because
of one individual?
m. Thomas Wilson – there is a process you go through
n. Louis Linkel – this isn’t the place to discuss right of ways
o. Sue Ferris – understand we have done multiple reassessments
p. Joe Gillespie – we have done multiple appraisals of Bridge #100. On (Bridge) #102 we have completed our
appraisals and are ready to make an offer.
q. Joe Jarzen – have you considered just doing the bridge?
r. Joe Gillespie – before the federal highway will let you begin you just prove to them you have right of way
s. Sue Ferris – can council legally drain cum. Bridge?
t. Commissioners – no
u. Joe Jarzen – just want to make sure we are following all guidelines
IV. Utility claims
a. Louis Linkel – we have one other claim we are going to run through utilities for Bridge #100 ($85,100.00)
b. Thomas Wilson – that is our interest free loan from I.N.D.O.T. Motion to approve utility claims with addition
c. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
d. Eric Roberts – all in favor
V. Clerks Report (March 2007)
a. Louis Linkel – acknowledge clerks report; motion to approve
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
VI. Minutes (April 9, 2007)
a. Eric Roberts – move to accept minutes
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Louis Linkel – all in favor
VII. Appoint members to Common Construction Wage Committee for Court House Project
a. Eric Roberts – (motion) we are going to nominate Jake Linkel (industry), Larry Franzman and myself. The
Governor will have an appointment and there will be a representative from the Department of Labor
b. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
VIII. I.N.D.O.T. / Local Federal Aid Projects (flip tape one)
a. Kathy Eaton – here today to discuss federal aid projects. We will need to enter into an agreement with the County
with projects and when you are letting these projects. There are new federal guidelines for consultant selection.
You will get notification on the training for that.
b. Thomas Wilson – will the county still be selecting them?
c. Kathy Eaton – you will; (and) we would like to be a part of that. There is not an issue with any of your projects
that we can see. I am encouraging with people in my district not to procrastinate. We are competing for twenty
million dollars in funding. If you know what fiscal year you want to go, we need to get that under contract. We
will handle this however you want to handle it. We are here to help you manage these.
d. Thomas Wilson – out of the twenty million, how is the selection made? If we have one in 2010, does that
e. Kathy Eaton – we will just keep moving until we fill up that twenty million. In the federal bridge, it will be 2013
or 2014 before there will be any funding. We have been mandated to get this cleaned up by the end of summer.
Can’t tell you when the next call will be. Franklin County is in pretty good shape. We can work with the (county)
engineer if you want us.
f. Thomas Wilson – we will work on these as quick as I can.
g. Kathy Eaton – there are looking at the current cost, but are also looking at the inflation cost. You may have to pay
more than your 20%. If you need additional funds, you will need to request that.
IX. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #38 / St. Mary’s Road over Wolf Creek at Pumphouse Road and Wolf Creek Road
i. Contractors continue to reinforcing steel in place.
ii. Tomorrow – concrete for wing walls
iii. Last Thursday Brian and I met with Verizon
1. we established a new permanent place
b. Bridge #48 / Pipe Creek Road over Pipe Creek / Alley Ford Steel Truss Rehabilitation
i. Brian and I drove and decided we need to establish speed limit from Snail Creek to Silver Creek Road
1. see map
2. Kevin Loiselle – the stopping site distance is low enough that it should be 18-20 mph. Explains need
for reduction in speed limit. Steel truss still needs to be painted. Truss will wear out before the steel
ii. Ordinance 2007-06/Speed limit from Snail Creek Road to Silver Creek = 30 m.p.h.
1. Thomas Wilson – motion to pass
2. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
3. Eric Roberts – all in favor
c. Bridge #102 / Snowhill Road Covered Bridge over Johnson Fork
i. Have a letter for Commissioners to sign (see attached)
ii. To date we have (in project) $109,070.00
iii. Kevin Loiselle – plans have been prepared but not checked and have to be submitted to I.N.D.O.T. Will
probably take about 30 days to get them finalized.
iv. Thomas Wilson – questions how much the match would be?
v. About $70,000.00
vi. Thomas Wilson – motion to sign letter
vii. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
viii. Louis Linkel – all in favor
ix. Joe Gillespie – of the 0.513a, 0.115a has been acquired from Weavers and 0.086a from Grubbs
d. Bridge #73 / Enochsburg Road Covered Bridge over Salt Creek
i. Spoke with Jim Barker and he forwarded a copy of engineering
ii. See letter (April 16, 2007)
1. Thomas Wilson – motion to sign letter
2. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
3. Eric Roberts – all in favor
iii. See handout of letters
iv. Joe Gillespie – appraisals have been completed. Waiting to proceed with making offers with property
owners. Suspect offers will be acceptable, they are in favor of this project.
v. Thomas Wilson – maybe they will give it to us.
vi. Sue Ferris – they may, or at a reduced rate.
vii. Thomas Wilson – proceed with that
viii. Total construction cost in range of $600,000.00
ix. Thomas Wilson – motion for Joe (Gillespie) to go ahead and make offers
x. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
xi. Eric Roberts – all in favor
e. Bridge #110/ Railfence Road over Salt Creek and Bridge #111/ Railfence Road over Harvey Branch – Project NO.
Bro-9924 (208) (tape 2)
i. I.N.D.O.T. in past week got confirmation from federal highway admin that allows LPA to select in house
ii. See handout from Robert F. Tally to Mr. Karl Browning
iii. Move date to May 14 for letters of interest
iv. Cost of project is not a factor of who does work for County
v. Thomas Wilson – when we select this, will we know how busy they are?
vi. Believes that is included, not sure how detailed it is. Also have a right to have an interview with firms.
vii. Have letter for Commissioners to sign
1. Louis Linkel – motion to sign
2. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
3. Eric Roberts – all in favor
viii. Sue Ferris – why has this not been addressed before?
ix. Money
x. Sue Ferris – is there anyone else we can work with for funding?
xi. Commissioners have actively looked at hazard elimination funding
xii. Sue Ferris – is there any kind of tax? We have all of these projects but we can’t seem to be able to do it. Is
that a dirty word we need to look at?
xiii. Thomas Wilson – you would have to go through the state legislature to get any kind of special tax. Correct
xiv. Carol L. Monroe – yes
xv. Thomas Wilson – Imagine it could. Would love to say George (Hartman) – fix all of the bridges, but we
xvi. Joe Gillespie – we have completed survey work, signed a contract with right of way south
xvii. Sue Ferris – holding a public office goes beyond re-election
xviii. Thomas Wilson – totally agree; when we sit up here and pick and choose some people get happy and some
get mad. If you can come up with an innovative way, we would love to listen to it
xix. Sue Ferris – this is a business
xx. Thomas Wilson – yes, it is
f. Bridge #94 / Blue Creek Road over Blue Creek (Des. No. 0088440)
i. Thomas Wilson – just waiting on us to acquire right of way. Motion to sign letter (see attached)
ii. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
iii. Louis Linkel – all in favor
iv. Joe Gillespie – parcel 1 = 1.14a of fee simple and 0.16a of temporary from Chambers and 2 = Currens and
Comstock 1.15a of fee simple and 0.334a of temporary
v. Louis Linkel – motion to proceed on right of ways
vi. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
vii. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
g. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road (Designation No. 9785390)
i. Everything is in place and ready for check to be sent out.
ii. Eric Roberts – it has to go to council (to put money in place)
h. State Route 46 (from US 52 to SR 1 has been closed to Through by I.N.D.O.T.)
i. Glenda asked if we noticed any increase traffic on local roads then they can establish an unofficial detour.
ii. Official closure is in Dearborn County but there is no parallel road
iii. Eric Roberts – it may.
i. Liberty Pike over Big Cedar (150 foot south of Squire Road) / Culvert No. SP-0701
i. See photos
ii. Chester’s (Ball-Road Forman) thought was to set some block in
iii. Thomas Wilson – how many are we talking?
iv. Possibly 50 – at least four or five block high
v. IMI supply of block is down
vi. Louis Linkel – we will have to think about that
j. Historic Bridge Inventory
i. See memo
ii. Don Dunaway questioned Bridge #140 not on list. It is actually maintained by Decatur County; this is
something we need to look into at some point
X. Collection Agency for Delinquent Personal Property Bills
a. Rebecca Oglesby – we have a lot of personal property taxes that are uncollected.(flip tape two) in two years of
uncollected taxes, it is $75,000.00. Would like to pursue a collection agency to go back seven years to collect
property taxes. This agency will charge the owner 25% of the unpaid taxes (in additional fees). We got a do
something. This agency wants to identify what the taxes are for. We are allowed to go back ten (years) but feel we
should go back seven (years). There are a few businesses that don’t operate anymore. Want Commissioners to
give approval along with myself.
b. Louis Linkel – will consider it
XI. Letter from Tom Ritz
a. Louis Linkel – received a letter from Tom Ritz but have to check with Larry to make sure it is right
XII. Red Hat Banner for Red Hat Day at Metamora (June 9)
a. Susan Jones- Would like the commissioners to make a red hat banner to hang up at the courthouse
b. Thomas Wilson – don’t care if they put one up
XIII. Metamora Sewer District / Tax exempt property
a. Susan Jones – Annabelle says it is county property
b. Thomas Wilson – no, we did not acquire any property. It belongs too the Metamora Regional Sewer.
XIV. Invoices for prisoners
a. Susan Jones – has two invoices from Ripley County for the housing of inmates. I have no appropriation to pay for
this January was $10,395.00 and February was $8,505.00.
b. Thomas Wilson – take it to council.
XV. Adjourn
a. Thomas Wilson motion to adjourn
b. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary George Hartman, County Engineer Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor
John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Don Vonder Meulen Diane Raver
Claudine Rader Sue Ferris Joseph Jarzen Steve Barth Brandi Fischvogt
Kathy Eaton Martha Shae Mark Hon Rebecca Oglesby
To be approved 04/23/07

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