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April 28, 2008 meeting minutes


APRIL 28, 2008 @ 1:00 P.M.
Those Present: County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opens the meeting in the 1st Floor Conference Room with the Pledge of Allegiance.
REPORT Becky Oglesby, Treasurer reported that the taxpayers this year will be getting a comparison report along with their tax statement. These forms have been approved by the State Board of Accounts and she has the paper for the statements and reports ordered, along with the envelopes. The vendor will be in to set up the programs for credit card payments, which will be available online, the phone or in the office. Susan Jones, Auditor reported waiting on tax rates.
FOR GRANT Rene Stivers presented an Interlocal Agreement that is needed to be signed with the City of Lawrenceburg for the $875,916.00 Grant that had been awarded for an Industrial Park in Franklin County. The Grant is for a tract of land south of town, the Schuck Property; it was decision of the Economic Development Board was to purchase this property. Rene said he will stand behind the Board’s decision, a very positive project for the County. Scott McDonough would like a copy of the Grant Application.
Bill Schirmer, Property Owner along State Road 1, between South Gate and the Dearborn County Line, reported he had spent the time to re‐zone his property for closed industrial. Mr. Schirmer said Rene had contacted him and asked if he was interested in selling his property and had got with Rene the following day and said yes he would sell and would negotiate. He was told that the criteria for the grant, was the property had to have water, sewage, gas and high speed internet. His property had 3 out of the 4; it didn’t have sewage, but had been working with the Dearborn County Sewer District and has Letter of Intent. Rene said the South Gate location was the best, but it was the Board decision.
Stanly Monroe asked how much for the property, south of Town. Rene said $18,000.00 an acre. It was asked if it had sewage. No, but have been working with Steve Roemer. It was asked what it was zoned. It’s zoned Open Industrial. Scott McDonough asked about minutes of the Economic Development Board. Rene said the breakdown would not be in the minutes, just the general information. It was asked, how can you justify purchasing property that is further away from the interstate, than the property that is 3 miles away. Bill Schirmer was asked, what was the price for his property. Bill replied, it was a little higher, could be negotiated. Was asked about property on State Road 101. Have been working with Lawrenceburg Gas Company, hopefully will get the gas there this next year.
Eric Roberts moved that Tom Wilson sign the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Lawrenceburg. Don VonderMeulen seconded the motion. Tom Wilson voted nay, there should have been other locations considered.
Tom would like to talk to the City of Lawrenceburg and see if the Grant can be used on another piece of property. Gene Stewart said he could contact the City of Lawrenceburg. Tom Wilson asked the Board to delay the signing of this agreement until next week. Don VonderMeulen said he supports the Board decision and voted to sign the agreement. Eric Roberts said maybe the Board could ask to purchase another piece of property next year, supports the Board decision and voted to sign the agreement. The process is too far along to change it now; the Board signed a Letter of Intent to purchase the property. It was also said if they needed more property that there is 20 acres that sits behind the 49 acre tract.
Note: The Agreement was not signed at this time.
Melody Gault, Director of the Whitewater Valley Public Library presented the Board of Commissioners a County Expansion Resolution that is needed to be signed creating a County Wide Library District.
Don VonderMeulen made motion to sign Resolution 2008‐14 to create a County Wide Library District. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in favor. Motion carried.
Eric Roberts moved to sign the Renewal of Contract for Purchase of Materials with Stello Products for materials need for the Hazard Elimination and Safety Project (Sign Project). Tom Wilson seconded the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor. Motion carried.
DUMP TRUCK Eric Roberts opened the Sealed Bids for a 2009 Single Axle Dump Truck. Bids are as follows:
Shirk’s International 2009 – Model 7300
w/ Kaffenbarger Truck Bed $89,952.56
w/ J W Devers Truck Bed $91,652.56
w/ W A Jones Truck Bed $95,145.56
Studebaker (2) Tandem Axle Dump Truck on Bid Form 95
Note: Bid was for Single Axel Dump Truck, Not bid to specifications.
$92,850 each at $185,700.
Blust Motors 2009 – Model 7300
w/ J W Devers Truck Bed $91,956.49
Kaffenbarger Truck Bed $90,256.49
Tom Wilson motions to take Bids under advisement and award bid at 9:00 A.M. on Monday, May 5th. Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion. Eric Roberts, All in favor. Motion carried.
PIPE CREEK BRIDGE 48 – George Hartman, Highway Engineer presented a letter dated April 11, 2008 from Kevin Loiselle of Clark Dietz (Farrar, Garvey & Associates) to Robert F Tally, Jr. of the Federal Highway Administration, referring to Pipe Creek Bridge 48 Section 106 Documentation of Adverse Effect. The plans are to rehabilitate the bridge and replace the deck with a steel grid deck instead of concrete. Kevin has provided documentation for the project and applied the criteria of adverse effect per 36 CFR800.5. Depending on response, if SHOP is willing to accept the Adverse Effect Finding and then enter into a Memorandum of Agreement to deal with the Adverse Effect, this agreement could be signed in June 2008 and have a Spring 2009 Bid Letting.
SNOW HILL COVERED BRIDGE 102 – George presented an Application for Additional Funding through the National Historic Covered Bridge Program. Application is for $376,500 additional funding needed for the project.
ENOCHSBURG COVERED BRIDGE 73 – George had received a phone call from Steve Flores of INDOT with regards to setting an earlier bid date for this project. George had talked to Jim Barker, Engineer for the project and it was agreed that an October 1, 2008 would be acceptable for bid letting. INDOT will need all Plan Documents by end of May 2008.
MID ROAD BRIDGE 71 – George reported he had ordered (2) Railroad Tank Shell Cars for the Bid Road Bridge 71, Bridge Replacement Project.
U.S. 52 BRIDGE OVER BUTLER RUN – George mentioned that sidewalks on the bridge were not included in the new plans. We will need to get letters of support to justify having the sidewalks installed. Someone will need to contact Mick Wilz for the Whitewater Trails, and the Town of Brookville. George will also have a letter support for the Commissioners to sign.
ROAD Gene Wilson is requesting a 3‐Way Stop Sign or All Way Stop at the intersection of Laurel Road, Stone Church Road and Shady Lake Road. This is a safety Issue. Don VonderMeulen said he would have his foreman check this out and check the Stop Sign Ordinance.
MINUTES Tom Wilson made motion to approve the Minutes of April 21, 2008. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor. Motion carried.
HASPIN ACRES Stanley Monroe asked about Haspin Acres and the Silt and Mud that is filling the ditches. Also, inquired about the old car bodies that are on Haspin Acres Property. Don said he had met with Sam Minnetti of Haspin Acres regarding the silt and the written agreement. Mr. Minnetti said he would take care of it.
OF APPEAL Eric Roberts moved to grant Gene Stewart authority to sign Petition of Review for Hydrostatic Testing that will take place at the Whitewater River. Tom Wilson seconded the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor. Motion carried.
UPDATE Eric Roberts reported that the tentative date for the Judge’s Office to move back in is set for May 12th. Derry Condon of Lamson and Condon had a walk through last week and prepared punch list. On it was general cleaning and touches up. The elevator is not yet completed. Will need final figures from Bill Gutzwiller for the project, on what the overage will be. Dickie Rosenberger of Reliable Electric asked today about the additional electrical work that is need with fire alarms, circuit breaker panels and phones. Eric said the fire alarms need to be replaced; the circuit breaker panels could wait, but feels there not safe.
ADJOURN Don VonderMeulen motioned to adjourn. Tom Wilson seconded the motion. Eric Roberts, All in favor. Motion carried.
Others Present: Melody L Gault Don L Binney Seth T Whitecotton Bill Schirmer
Gene Wilson Stanly Monroe Scott M McDonough Becky Oglesby
James Rene Stivers Marty Hon John Estridge
__________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
__________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
__________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
Attest: ___________________________________
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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