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August 13, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 08/13/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Don Vonder Meulen Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
Thomas Wilson opens meeting with pledge of allegiance
I. Weekly Property Tax Report
a. Carol L. Monroe – still waiting on DLGF. Put a call into Dan Jones (again) this morning
b. Sharon Halcomb – they are now wanting a translator table
c. Thomas Wilson – Don, do you want to call Cheryl (DLGF Commissioner)?
d. Don Vonder Meulen – agrees to call or send an email
II. Vacate Public Road (Fairfield Road-continued from last week-see attached)
a. Joe Gillespie – all land owners will be notified by certified mail
b. Thomas Wilson – move to move forward and advertise
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
III. Public Transportation 2008 Grant Application (I.N.D.O.T.) Resolution 2007-22
a. Cathy Pelsor – has to be in by Friday. Asking for a wheelchair van. It is an operating and a capital grant together.
We get 80% on our capital dollars.
b. Don Vonder Meulen – will look over it
c. Cathy Pelsor – it needs to be signed now and be to I.N.D.O.T. by Friday
d. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to have Thomas Wilson sign
e. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
f. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
IV. E.P.A. Determination on Ability To Pay
a. Thomas Wilson – talked to David Gillay and the Dept. of Justice has made a determination and we will get that
determination on Friday at three in a conference call
V. Ordinance Restricting use of Fireworks
a. Thomas Wilson – we don’t have the ordinance yet. Gene (Stewart) is out of town and when he gets back we will
get it.
VI. Treasurer’s Report (July 2007)
a. Thomas Wilson motion to acknowledge
b. Eric Roberts-seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
VII. Minutes (August 6, 2007)
a. Eric Roberts motion to approve
b. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
VIII. Construction Administration Services (Lamson & Condon)
a. Eric Roberts – a couple weeks ago Mr. Condon told us he left the construction administrative cost out of the
contract for the courthouse. We are obligated to pay him for his duties during the construction phase. $840.00
(eight hundred forty dollars) for each job site visit/hour at office=$85.00 (eighty-five dollars) – per hour/$50.00
(fifty dollars) for any secretarial. And we will still have reimbursable expenses such as mileage, phone, etc.
b. Don Vonder Meulen – did you talk to Gene about this?
c. Eric Roberts – I read the contract and he does have it well marked that it is not in there. He snowed us. My guess
is it is going to cost us twenty/thirty thousand extra for his service. He will have to be here at least once per month.
I am not blaming Bob (Brack), I am blaming Derry Condon-he knew exactly what he was doing.
d. Susan Jones – I am not an attorney to interpret contracts
e. Eric Roberts – I will do my best to limit his visits. Mileage is pretty much set
IX. Weekly Highway Report
a. Hollie Sintz – reviews report
b. Don Vonder Meulen – how much as fuel cost went up?
c. Hollie Sintz – it didn’t go up that much. In the appropriations, you are pretty well broke. Without the budget
being approved, can’t go for additionals. (flip tape one)
X. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road North of Snowhill Road Covered Bridge
i. See photo (two)
ii. Two railroad tank shells from temporary have been removed
iii. Will hold onto claim #4 (80% of that will be reimbursed from (I.N.D.O.T.)
iv. See fax
b. Johnson Fork Road / North of Snowhill Covered Bridge
i. Ideal time to do work with road being closed to traffic
ii. Structure one (Culvert No. WH-2203)
1. See photo and report
2. Maybe two loads of fill
3. Hollie Sintz – it would have to come out of your black-top money
4. Time is of the essence
iii. Structure two (Culvert No. WH-2202)
1. See photo and report
2. This would be the last 48 inch in diameter that we have
c. Programmatic Sign Improvement Project / Federal Aid Hazard Elimination and Safety Funds (Des. No. 0501216)
i. Hoping for this Wednesday for training
ii. Probably would want to give utilities and invitation to this as well
iii. See cost plan
iv. Keith Bias (WTH) will provide a worksheet/form for each sign
1. that information will be helpful
v. The reimbursable rate (we will have to keep a daily log) will be based on cost of each specific sign
vi. Don Vonder Meulen – do we have a list ready to order-should we place an order now
vii. Hollie Sintz – yes, he needed a two week notice
viii. The road name signs are going to be more time consuming
d. Cedar Grove speed limit
i. Eric Roberts – they want to lower it to 25mph
ii. From Franklin County’s standpoint, maybe you would want to put an advisory sign. Maybe Cedar Grove
themselves can do it.
iii. Eric Roberts – they want the hill to be lowered
e. Bath Speed limit (request)
i. Eric Roberts – have some complaints and think we can lower it to 30mph without a study
ii. Thomas Wilson – we had a study
iii. Eric Roberts – as we go by each township we need to revisit the speed limit
iv. Thomas Wilson – maybe put rumble strips through town
XI. Blue Creek Bridge #94/ Blue Creek Road over Blue Creek
i. John Graf-met with I.N.D.O.T. and they did not know how to handle the shorting of the job. They are
supposed to get back with me. Hopefully I will get that by the middle of next week. At this point all we
have been able to do is make the corrections to the driveway.
ii. Thomas Wilson – do they understand why
iii. John Graf – they are of the opinion that you condemn the ground
iv. Thomas Wilson – the State will in a heart beat
v. John Graf – yea, that is standard procedure. The people of Seymour have never had to deal with this before.
This has been dumped in their lap
XII. Bridge #100/ Johnson Fork Road North of Snowhill Road Covered Bridge
i. John Graf – Friday, hopefully will be setting meetings. We had a couple of change orders here. We
encountered some rock in the project. $1,410.00 was the charge for the excavation (change order #1). In
addition there were some soft spots that needed taken out=$6,509.60 (change order #2). These require your
signature and go on to the state for their signatures.
ii. Eric Roberts – questions why they didn’t know rock was there
iii. John Graf – at the time when the old bridge was taken out, it would have been part of the project. Part of the
arch foundation was left and it too will have to be removed. That is not in this change order. All that is in
this one is what is cost to have the equipment bought in.
iv. Don Vonder Meulen – Motion to approve
v. Thomas Wilson – Seconds the motion
vi. Eric Roberts – All in favor
vii. Thomas Wilson – will be 2008 before we build a bridge?
viii. John Graf – yep
b. Prescription Program
i. Thomas Wilson – (see attached) people are using this-it is free to the residents.
XIII. Clerk Report
a. Thomas Wilson – motion we acknowledge clerk report
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XIV. VFW (Letter of Intent for 115 East 4th Street)
a. Thomas Wilson – VFW desiring to purchase property (donated to county in 1976)
b. Eric Roberts – VFW contacted Renée Stivers. They have outgrown their current spot. I suggested the old senior
citizens building. Right now we are using it for storage. We are looking into whether or not we can transfer that
into a non profit
c. Thomas Wilson – I was under the impression that it was donated to the county
d. Eric Roberts – I looked up the deed and there is nothing that says it would stay in the county.
e. Thomas Wilson – I understood that is was the intent that it would stay in the county
f. Angie Riffle – school uses it
g. Eric Roberts – (and) antique tractor. Don’t see where the county is benefiting from keeping it.
h. Thomas Wilson – as long as we have room for the AA meetings
i. Eric Roberts – we should have room in the courthouse annex
XV. Extension office
a. Angie Riffle – the extension office is needed to lease a copier and asking the commissioners to sign lease
agreement on behalf of the extension office.
b. Eric Roberts – how much
c. Angie Riffle – approximately $111.00 per month. We are going to save $25.00 per month by leasing
d. Thomas Wilson – motion Eric Roberts sign lease
e. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
f. Eric Roberts – all in favor
XVI. Air Conditioner at County Jail
a. Thomas Wilson – another coil went out on air conditioner. We are gong to have to do something. It was seven
thousand last week and four or five thousand this week. Maybe if Council would adopt this tax-I don’t know. I
told him to sign the ten year agreement (for surge protection) for about $2,100.00. It is killing Cum. Cap.
b. Don Vonder Meulen – My concern is not spending a lot of money and not gettingc.
Eric Roberts – a contractor will tell you how much to repair and to replace and an engineer will dream-possibly a
whole new concept
d. Thomas Wilson – we need something that is going to last. The system Ludwig is proposing is a whole new
e. Don Vonder Meulen – I have seen some pretty innovative ways for heating and cooling
f. Thomas Wilson – we are going to have to do something, we are getting nickel and dime “ed” to death
g. Eric Roberts – the girls in dispatch have been complaining of the air quality. Every time a diesel goes down Main
Street, they smell it.
XVII. Payroll
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to approve payroll with Rick to sign his
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
d. Thomas Wilson – hopefully what is submitted is truthful and lawful
XVIII. Comp. Time
a. Don Vonder Meulen- at the class we went to I believe the first deputy does not receive comp but everyone
underneath does. (flip tape two)
b. Eric Roberts – everyone is different
XIX. Contract on Voter Equipment/Software
a. Thomas Wilson – I was going to ask Marlene about that.
XX. Adjourn
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to adjourn
b. Eric Roberts- seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen- all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary Carol Westerman George Hartman, County Engineer
Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor Jessica Bunyard, News Examiner Hollie Sintz, Highway Administrator
John Cookendorfer Cathy Pelsor Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor
Angie Riffle
To be approved 08/20/07

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