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February 11, 2008 meeting minutes


FEBRUARY 11, 2008 @ 9:00 A.M.
Those Present: County Commissioners: Tom Wilson Eric Roberts Don VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opens the February 11, 2008 Commissioners Meeting at 9:10 A.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.
REPORT Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor and Susan Jones, County Auditor was present for the Weekly update of Taxes. Sharon reported that she had talked to Rebecca Oglesby, County Treasurer and the Homestead Rebate checks should be in the mail by the end of the Month. The Personal and Real Estate Values have been shifted to the Auditor’s Office and in the process of balancing. Sharon said her office are currently working on the Sales Disclosures and are up to date.
INSURANCE Emily Blades and Bill Vankirk of Main Source Insurance request putting in a proposal for the County’s Property Liability Insurance Renewal later this year. It was suggest they contact the Commissioner’s Office this summer to get the necessary information needed to put in a proposal.
DISTRICT Sandy Baker reported that the Board is wanting to issue special permits to vendor on Canal Days and Special Events, such as a $25.00‐$75.00 to be sold to food vendors and other vendors that set up to offset Metamora’s Sewer Bill by 1/3. There are approximately 1600 vendors that set up for Canal Days. Tom Wilson had talked to Gene Stewart, County Attorney on the legality of issue these special permits.
CELEBRATION George Gillman, Chairman of the Brookville Bi‐Centennial is requesting permission the use of the Courthouse Step as a staging area for the celebration, and use of Courthouse Lawn. Historic Main Street Night is set for June 20, 2008 will start the celebration with activities throughout the week ending with following weekend with the Canoefest Races and Parade. Looking to have 5,000 to 10,000 people in town for the event, talked to the police departments and public transportation for shuttle services. Tom Wilson stated that Main Street is a State Highway, George said they had talked to INDOT and are filling out an application and have also talked to the Town Police. We will need access to electric for a band to set up on June 20th.
The Board of Commissioners gave permission for the use of the Courthouse Steps and Lawn and to get with Doug Flaspohler for the electric.
AGREEMENT Received a Service Agreement from HVC/Aqua Science, LLC out of Columbus Ohio for a Water Treatment Program for the Condenser Water System at the Government Center. Tom Wilson reported he had talked to Doug Flaspohler and they are currently working on the system at the Government Center to regulate the chemicals in the HVAC System. Will check into doing both the Government Center and Courthouse and sign Agreement for both buildings next week.
PURCHASE Received (2) Appraisals for the Land in regards to the VFW Land Purchase, they are as follows: Davis Real Estate $2,500.00 and Campbell Appraisal Service $2,750.00, this is the appraisal for the whole piece of property. Will need to set a public hearing date for the selling of this piece of property. The VFW had asked the State Cemetery Association for a 50 foot setback for the septic.
Had received a copy of a email from Don Dunaway, President of the Cemetery Commission in regards to the Infirmary Cemetery, that he had talked to Randy Johnson, who lives across the road from the Conservation Club and his family had moved there in 1961 and there were more stones than there is now, these were west and north of the present cemetery.
Tom Wilson asked if the VFW was drilling a well for water, Joe Gillespie said he was not sure. Was asked if this property was in the flood plain, Joe said it’s not classified as a floodway.
There are (2) issues regarding the sale of this property, the state approval for the setback for the septic system and the other are there more graves outside the cemetery boundaries. Don VonderMeulen asked if it can be determined if there are more graves. Joe recommends that they talk to an archaeologist, need an expert opinion. Tom Wilson said the County is not paying for this.
BOARD The Appointments for the Whitewater River Advisory Board were discussed, still waiting to hear from one of the person to see if they want to set on the board. Will appoint board next week.
Eric Roberts will attend the Soil & Water Meeting on February 20th and give the Oath of Office for the Board Members.
REPORT Eric Roberts reports that the Courthouse Project is on schedule, the wood work is being installed. A tree a fell down and a surge sparked hitting a heating unit on the second floor, waiting a report on that.
CENTER Don VonderMeulen reported that Doug Flaspohler is working on getting quotes for the replacement of the Air Conditioning Unit for the Security Center.
CLAIMS Eric Roberts moved to approve the Utility Claims (dated February 11th). Tom Wilson seconds. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor. Motion Carried.
MINUTES Don VonderMeulen made motion to approve the Commissioners Minutes of February 4th. Tom Wilson seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
PIPELINE Received a letter from the Area Plan Office, stating that the Rockies will not be filing a special exception for a hearing on the 25th of February scheduled for 4:00 P.M. at the old high school gym. Rockies Express is proceeding on the assumption that they will obtain a regulatory status as a utility and be exempt from the procedures required by local zoning. If the Commissioners would like to have Rockies answer any specific questions they should contact, Jason Wishmeyer. Jason in turn will contact the proper personal and attend a Commissioners meeting for that sole purpose.
Eric replied that the County needs to prepare a document to Rex with concerns and needs. Is this something we need to look at outside sources for an attorney or engineering firm that has worked with this type of project. Rex would need to be required to file for a road cut permit for every road that is being cut. Some kind of seasonal weight limit needs to be put on during the wet season, for the heavy equipment they will be using our county roads. Need to know the routes they will be traveling. Don suggested that each of them come up with a list of concerns and have Gene Stewart involved, along with Joe Gillespie and Larry Franzman.
DITCH Joe Gillespie reported that (5) contractors are looking at the proposed Brackney Ditch Project and (2) of them have concerns on the fields that are chisel plowed and being so wet. They would prefer to do the project in August, when it is dry. Joe’s recommendation that the Contractors be done by April 10th. Will discuss further at the Bid Opening at the next meeting.
RAILFENCE BRIDGES 110 & 111 ‐ George Hartman, Highway Engineer reported that he had received a phone call from Becky Walters of INDOT’s Affirmative Action Office. She confirmed that the DBE Goal for the Construction Engineering required for this project will be zero percent. George had provided this information to Bob Winslow in INDOT’s Seymour Office. There are (5) Engineering Firms that had called on the project concerned that the notification for Construction Engineering Services and Inspection that the link on the website cannot be found. George had left messages with Brandi Fischvogt and Bob Windslow concerning this problem. Since INDOT requires a (2) week notice, he is recommending that the due date be changed from February 19th at 10:00 A.M. to February 25th at 2:00 P.M.
POSTING OF WEIGHT LIMITS ON BRIDGES – George had reported that Districts 1 & 2 have posted signs and taken photos for the list bridges that needed weight limit signs. District 3 still has not completed. (George supplied list) The FHA will hold Federal Funding if not in compliance in posting these signs.
INDOT PROJECT US 52 BRIDGE REPLACEMENT – George had spoken to Tony Cox with INDOT regarding the proposed project to replace the US 52 Bridge on the North End of Brookville. INDOT will be scheduling a preliminary field check meeting. It was asked if Butlers Run was a Legal Drain. Checked with Joe Gillespie and it is not a Legal Drain and Franklin County does not require a permit.
BRIDGE 164 John Graf of Howard J Barth & Associates presented final documents in regards to the Oldenburg Vine Street Bridge 164 Project. Presented Report of Contract Final Inspection and Recommendation for Acceptance that needs Commissioners Signatures. The paper work has been completed and has been in the Seymour Office for review for some time now.
Tom Wilson made motion to sign Report of Contract Final Inspection and Recommendation for Acceptance for closeout. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
BRIDGE 100 John Graf reported that there is a little more work needs to be done at the Johnson Fork Bridge 100 location. A water line needs to be lowered, the wrong elevations were used to determine the depth.
BRIDGE 48 Kevin Loiselle, Engineer for the Pipe Creek Bridge 48 Rehabilitation Project gave a project update. The Bridge Inspection Report submitted to INDOT on January 30, 2007. Final design can begin upon approval of the Bridge Inspection Report. The steel grid deck alternative was not included in the Inspection Report because it was not part of the Section 106 review by the consulting parties. The consulting parties reviewed the concrete deck and a “no adverse effect” finding was issued through the Section 106 process. Section 106 finding was issued on June 16, 2006. INDOT was asked if the final design and purchase of right‐of‐way could proceed with the concrete deck and at the same time go through the Section 106 process to include the steel grid deck as an alternative. They said no. The Section 106 with the option to use a steel grid deck needs to be completed prior to proceeding with final design and purchase of right‐of‐way. This is due to the SHPO’s opinion and the change in the deck material will result in a finding of “adverse effect”.
The next step is preparation of the preliminary plans and hold a field check. The preliminary plans for the field check are ready, will be leaving a set of plans for George, Commissioners and Joe Gillespie for review. The proposed bridge rehabilitation with a concrete deck will have a live load capacity of 25 tons for a HS truck and 22 tons for a H truck. This deck system has 10‐10” stringers at 22” spacing. The bridge will not have to be posted. If the bridge is rehabilitated with a steel grid deck the live load capacity would be 38 tons for an HS truck and 21 tons for an H truck. The deck system has6‐10” stringers at 38” spacing. A field check will be scheduled in 3‐4 weeks, will be inviting utility, soil consultant and INDOT. Submit the preliminary plans to INDOT
for approval after the Inspection Report is approved. Anticipated date for approval of the inspection report is March 10, 2008. Anticipated submittal date for the plans is March 22, 2008.
Next step after approval of preliminary plans and the field check is final plans and purchase of Right‐of‐Way. Anticipated approval date of preliminary plans is May 15, 2008, for final plans is June 30, 2008. The Right‐of‐Way plats and description, appraisals and buying is not part of our contract. Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor will be doing the Right‐of‐Way, he can begin the Right‐of‐Way plats, descriptions and appraisals now. Offers cannot be made until after a Right‐of‐Way scooping meeting with INDOT and the Inspection Report is approved.
Estimated Construction cost is $830,000 for the concrete deck option. The estimated cost with the steel grid deck is $765,000.00. Discussed the deck alternatives.
George reported that Jim Barker of Barker Engineering is in need of a copy of the Right‐of‐Way Plans for the Enochsburg Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project. We had discussed making the permanent right‐of‐way smaller and was waiting on Jim Barker is design. Joe Gillespie reported that he had made the amended and plans were sent to Mr. Barker. Joe said a meeting is scheduled with one of the property owners this week in acquiring right‐of‐way.
COMMITTEE Don VonderMeulen presented a proposed Resolution for Establishing the Citizens Input Committee for Zoning Reform, Don reads.
The Citizens Input Committee for Zoning Reform, “CIC”, is hereby formed and given the follow directive: Participation in the CIC is open to all Franklin County Residents who are interested in zoning reform.
The motion that was approved by the Franklin County Area Plan Commission on January 14, 2008 and affirmed by the Franklin County Commissioners on January 22, 2008 will be the mission of the CIC.
Review the proposed ordinances, paying special attention to the public concerns raised in the public hearing, and review and amend the current existing zoning code.
Rewrite the proposed ordinance in plain and simple language.
Present the revised ordinances to the Franklin County Area Plan Commission in the calendar year 2008.
The CIC will maintain an open dialog with the public to insure transparency and encourage the participation of interested citizens.
The CIC may solicit facilitators to assist in the process.
The task of organizing the CIC to accomplish its mission will be assigned to the Organizational Committee.
The Organizational Committee, “OC”, will consist of nine members who will be appointed by the Commissioners.
The CIC and the OC will follow the law of the State of Indiana and defer to the Commissioners questions regarding funding or scope.
The Commissioners will support the efforts of the CIC to successfully complete its mission.
Don also read off a list of Qualifications for the Organizational Committee Members:
Must possess the ability to work in a group environment. (Good listeners)
Must have the skills to communicate effectively. (Verbal and written forms)
Must realize that their personal concerns about zoning policy are no more important than the concerns of any other citizen.
Must have a significant amount of time to give to the effort.
Must have internet connection and an email address.
Must be able to set aside their personal concerns about zoning so that the citizens of the county will feel that their voices are being heard.
The overall OC membership should command the trust and respect of most county citizens.
This brought up discussion of the number of OC Members there would be appointed. Discussed a committee of 13 / 15 with Joe Gillespie being the Commissioners liaison. Don will revise resolution with 15 members plus Joe Gillespie, and add list of qualifications for the OC Committee and bring to the next meeting for approval. Each Commissioner will also contact (5) members each to be appointed to the OC Committee and also make the appointments next week. Eric Roberts also feels the OC Committee should read the Comprehensive Plan and understand it.
TILL 1:00 P.M. Meeting adjourn till 1:00 P.M.
Joe Jarzen of Historic Landmark Association along with members of INDOT, DHPA and HLFI came before the Commissioners is discuss the Snow Hill Covered Bridge 102 Rehabilitation Project. Kevin Loisell of Farrar & Garvey presented a Project Status for the project. In year 2001 the Field Study was completed. Began the Section 106 Consultation. Preliminary Plans prepared. Met with George Weaver and George Hartman to go over proposed alignment of west approach. Sent preliminary Right‐of‐Way plans to Joe Gillespie for staking so George Weaver could see layout of proposed Right‐of‐Way. In 2002, the Field check with Utilities, Franklin County and INDOT were held. SHPO reviewed preliminary plans and raised questions about the sprinkler system and replacement of siding. In 2003, Farrar Garvey sent reply to SHPO regarding the sprinkler and siding replacement. Amount of siding to be retained at 20%. SHPO says that replacement of 80% of siding is an adverse effect. FHWA issues adverse effect finding. Public Notice is advertised to receive comments of finding. Meeting with consulting parties (Sue Ferris, Jim
Cooper, Wayne Goodman, Gary Schlueter) to discuss proposed repairs. They were more concerned with the proposed deck, replacement of the wrought iron verticals and the amount of lower and upper chord members being replaced than the siding. The proposed deck system consisted of transverse timber decking with longitudinal timber runners on glue‐laminated stringers spanning between glue laminated floor beams. All of the wrought iron verticals were proposed for replacement. In 2004, another meeting with consulting parties is held to review the revisions to the proposed rehabilitation to accommodate the concerns of the consulting parties. Dowel laminated timber deck panels spanning between the glue‐laminated floor beams are proposed. All the original wrought iron verticals will be kept except the ones at the middle of the bridge, which are too small to carry the proposed 16‐ton load. The amount of upper and lower chord members to be replaced is reduced epoxy injection repair to cracked members. Additional revisions are made regarding the tension splice blocks in the lower chord. The plans are submitted to the consulting parties again. Jim Cooper approves of the proposed rehabilitation details. We submitted revised plans to SHPO and letter from Jim Cooper asking that the “adverse effect” opinion be reversed. SHPO still is of the opinion that the loss of 80% of the siding is an “adverse effect”. FHWA, SHPO, INDOT and the Franklin County Commissioners sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA). The mitigation measures in the MOA state that the Franklin County Commissioners will reinstall salvageable siding at the portal ends of the bridge. The categorical exclusion is approved. Project proceeds to public hearing. In 2005, Public Hearing is held at Franklin County High School. Certification of Public Hearing Requirement and Socio‐Economic, Ecological and Environmental Evaluations by INDOT. The issue of obtaining right‐of‐way from George Weaver is discussed at the Commissioners Meeting. Commissioners state that they will not condemn George Weavers property a second time. They filed a condemnation to obtain property needed for the Bridge 100 Project. Kevin presents copy of MOA to the Board of Commissioners.
Project with discussed with officials and was stated cannot see having a 12 foot approach to a one lane bridge, they would look at project again, if revised right‐of‐way plans were provided.
PAYROLL Don VonderMeulen made motion to approve Payroll. Eric Roberts seconds. Motion carried.
ADJOURN Eric Roberts made motion to adjourn. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Motion carried.
OTHERS PRESENT: Seth T Whitecotton Thomas Ritz Bill Vankirk Emily Blades
Scott McDonough Harry Graves R George Gillman Carla Austin
Joe Gillespie Sharon Halcomb Ron Schnecker Bill Dickhaus
Cody Ritz Jeff Jones Kevin Loiselle George Hartman
Robert Swininger Stanley Monroe Jim Suhre Gene Wilson
David Siefferman Patrick Carpenter Mary Kennedy Joseph jarsen
John Carr Sue Ferris
_______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
ATTEST: _______________________________________
Susan A Jones, Auditor Franklin County

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