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February 12, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 2/12/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Louis Linkel Eric Roberts Thomas Wilson Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
Executive Session
I. Discussion of appraisals for right of ways on bridges #73/#94/#102
a. Joe Gillespie – gives Commissioners options
b. George Hartman – discusses concerns with Commissioners
c. Commissioners – agree to proceed with #73 and #94
Those also present for executive session
Susan Jones, Secretary George Hartman, Engineer Eugene Stewart, Attorney Joe Gillespie, Surveyor
*Louis Linkel opens with pledge of allegiance
I. Elected Officials/Department Head
a. Extended hours
i. Thomas Wilson – Eric Roberts brought up he would like to make the government more accessible to the
ii. Eric Roberts – the normal person’s work day is eight to five and understand we are on a budget here, but feel
one or two nights a week the offices would be open until 6:00. It would involve shifting hours.
iii. Thomas Wilson – we know the court is a whole different ball game. Is there a day a week where we could
stay open longer?
iv. Rebecca Oglesby – no, there is only two of us and we are going by the policy of setting the hours of 8:30 to
4:00 and everyone follows that except for one office
v. Angie Snyder – it is hard enough helping children with their homework and don’t want to take any more
time away from our kids and our families. Don’t know of a whole lot of other counties with extended hours
vi. Eric Roberts – Fayette County stays later on Wednesday
vii. Sharon Halcomb – years ago we were closed on Thursday and opened on Saturday and people still think we
are closed on Thursday.
viii. Angie Snyder – on flu clinic we were open on Saturday and we only had one or two people
ix. Rebecca Oglesby – if someone wants to call and I am working late
x. Eugene Stewart – Fayette County has night court
xi. Angie Snyder – would it cost more to heat the building?
xii. Thomas Wilson – not for one day a week or a couple of hours
xiii. Sharon Halcomb – if I am not the one working it, there are some things that can’t be done, or the same thing
for Brenda-we might try and do it but if we mess it up-sometimes we
xiv. Larry Franzman – if Brenda isn’t working and if those aren’t up to date then Brenda is aware of it and can
find it in a stack of paperwork.
xv. Thomas Wilson – this is what we wanted to hear from you.
xvi. Sharon Halcomb – if we have a doctor’s apt we have to take a day off, they will just have to take a ½ day
xvii. Thomas Wilson – all the Commissioners do is set the hours for the doors it is up to the elected officials/head
of office.
xviii. Cindy Orschell – agrees with what has been said. Has small children and also attends night class.
xix. Joe Meier – the most griping Larry Franzman and I get is that we don’t open early enough
xx. Eric Roberts – would that help you Larry Franzman
xxi. Larry Franzman – on inspection end of it in the summer it would
xxii. Eric Roberts – Joe (Meier) that would help you too?
xxiii. Joe Meier – yes
xxiv. Eric Roberts – would that be o.k. for the departments to shuffle schedule and leave the option open. Maybe
on those extended hours they could get more work done (with less interruptions)
xxv. Louis Linkel – it up the office
xxvi. Thomas Wilson – no problem as long as it doesn’t lead into overtime
xxvii. Rebecca Oglesby – don’t want to get a time clock due to it making everyone hourly
xxviii. Thomas Wilson – don’t agree, it is just a way to verify what time you come in
xxix. Sharon Newkirk – thinks all offices should be the same hours
b. Snow Emergency Confusion
i. Sandy Baxter – a lot of people don’t understand the level two and what to do when it is lifted (coming into
work, etc.)
II. Snow Emergency – EMA Director, Ed Hollenbach
a. Ed Hollenbach – 1999-24. This ordinance has gotten around and Cincinnati wanted me to explain. Gene Stewart
has a level 4 emergency that was never passes. Would like to legislate that this get passed. If we could enact the
level 4 emergency and prepare a dispatch for communications. Would like to see the new one have a text box
underneath each level. It would be much better to the community. Had to go to Greensburg and get someone’s job
back but could not get a person’s job back from due to him living on a state road.
b. Eric Roberts – do most counties have three?
c. Ed Hollenbach – three is the basis. Reviews the proposed four level system.
d. Sharon Newkirk – watching 9 or 12 last week and it was not on
e. Tracy Lightfield – whoever declares the emergency needs to notify. If we had reverse 911 we could shoot it out to
f. Louis Linkel – level one is nothing but advisory
g. Thomas Wilson – what are we going to do tomorrow? Stick with level one and level two
h. Ed Hollenbach – on a legal basis believes we have to stay on a legal basis
i. Thomas Wilson – who is responsible for notifying the media, courthouse, sheriff, etc.?
j. John Estridge – what is the policy for government offices
k. Thomas Wilson – level II it is closed. It is tough enough to work those roads with no traffic. Flip tape 1
l. Thomas Wilson – if we go to a level two tomorrow, the courthouse and annex will be closed.
III. EMA Updates
a. Ed Hollenbach – informs commissioners there are things coming we will meet on sometime in the future
IV. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road over Tributary to Johnson Fork Replacement Des No. 9785390
i. Bids received last week by I.N.D.O.T.
1. Milestone Contractors = $ 851,000.00
2. McAlister = $ 880,604.00
3. Calumet = $ 971,890.00
4. Sumesis = $ 980,350.00
5. Dave O’Mara = $ 981,559.00
6. Beaty = $1,049,882.00
7. Force Const. = $1,147,011.00
8. Dohman = $1,350,000.00
ii. Reconstruction meeting scheduled for next Monday
1. Eric Roberts – that is a holiday
iii. Construction date of March 12
iv. There will be a detour in affect
v. Thomas Wilson – does this include removal of big tubes
vi. Yes, railroad tank shells will be removed
b. Bridge #164 / Vine Street over Harvey Branch Des. No. 0088450
i. Steve Barth requesting a supplement (see letter and claim)
1. cannot be paid until I.N.D.O.T. responds
ii. Eric Roberts – states they have worked days that the contract states they are not to work (during
thanksgiving and Christmas holidays)
iii. Kind-of surprised to see it was this complicated. Thought it was a fairly simple project
iv. Thomas Wilson – if the state is saying this is the cut off date, shouldn’t that be the cut off for the engineer.
v. Louis Linkel – maybe we should wait until Steve (Barth) comes in
vi. Eric Roberts – the bridge is complete now they have all of these solid forty hour weeks.
vii. They have to prepare the final report. Steve (Barth) could better explain those hours worked.
viii. They are trying to get the traffic open to traffic
ix. Louis Linkel – put that on hold
c. Bridge #38 / St. Mary’s Road over Wolf Creek at Pump House Road and Wolf Creek Intersection
i. Eleven contractors have picked up the plans
ii. Met with utilities on job site
1. telephone pole needs relocated and they will take care of that
iii. have gotten signatures from half of the property owners
d. Slide on Stone House (Previously named Giesting Road) Road
i. Rated in poor condition
ii. Concern with slide and 11 ½ foot structure with no railings or markings
iii. Eric Roberts – could you put a rail car in there?
iv. Yes
v. See quote from Gateway pipe and supply, inc. and 3 photo’s / and printouts
vi. Thomas Wilson – check with Hollie (Sintz) and see if there is any money
vii. Eleven feet down from road surface-an excavator would be nice
e. H.E.S. Programmatic Sign Improvement Des No. 0501216
i. Have to wait for signed contract to come back
ii. As it stands, contract prepared was from bid submitted and it was a one year bid
V. Sign Improvement Project, Todd Cellers of Stallo Products
a. Todd Cellers – basically here today just to introduce myself and we currently have bid for the sign project here in
Franklin County. All of our material adhere to the Indiana Highway standards. Distributes information to
commissioners and reviews product with commissioners. We are prepared to roll this bid into another year if need
be. If you re-bid this cost will go up
b. Thomas Wilson – when you say roll it over you mean keep it at the same price
c. Todd Cellers – absolutely. We have bought a lot of the materials ahead of time. Prices have already went up over
d. Thomas Wilson – questions life with sun, etc.
e. Todd Cellers – ten to twelve years. You will be one of the best signed counties in the state of Indiana. If you have
anything for me just call me anytime.
f. Thomas Wilson – appreciate you coming in.
VI. Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District
a. Tom Perroti – constructing re-use centers and looking at constructing on in Franklin County with a section closed
off for refrigerated appliances. The district requires we get formal approval from you since it is on your site and
that we will be taping into your electrical system. The money for this facility has not been appropriated at this time
the additional hearing is this Thursday. I am here to request you sign the form.
b. Thomas Wilson – have you built any yet?
c. Tom Perroti – Ripley County has been let. I would ask you give us contractors to send the plans out. Jennings
County would be the second one to be constructed.
d. Thomas Wilson – the district is actually footing the bill?
e. Tom Perroti – yes. This is for appliances, books, etc. that would still have a working life.
f. Louis Linkel – make a motion we sign this
g. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion. Is clothing included?
h. Tom Perroti – it can be. If the district were willing of paying the difference would you be willing to lower the cost
of tires.
i. Thomas Wilson – yea, no problem. During clean up we have truck loads (of tires). Tape 2
j. Eric Roberts – all in favor
VII. Preconstruction meeting of courthouse
a. Susan Jones – Gary Condon called and wanted to know if we should postpone meeting from Wednesday to Friday
due to snow storm coming in Tuesday.
b. Commissioners – meeting postponed to Friday
VIII. Holiday Definition
a. Thomas Wilson – if the holiday falls on a Monday do you get another day off
b. Louis Linkel – not according to our handbook
c. Eric Roberts – no
d. Carol L. Monroe – You just need to decide if a holiday is considered a day worked or not – we are following the
precedent that has been set. Are you declaring a holiday a working day or a non-working day
e. Thomas Wilson – will check with Gene before we make a decision
f. Susan Jones – next year the auditor’s office will go back to the regular hours of 8:30 – 4:00.
g. Sandy Baxter – what does that mean for presidents day-does everything stay the same
h. Thomas Wilson – just stay the same
i. Vicky Neeley – we just don’t want to be cheated.
j. Thomas Wilson – we wouldn’t make that retroactive.
IX. Lake Santee Regional Waste District Board Appointment (Bill Pearsey)
a. postponed
X. Minutes (February 5, 2007)
a. Louis Linkel – motion to approve minutes
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Susan Jones – asked for a copy of Fayette memorial contract and I don’t have it yet.
d. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XI. Utility claims
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to approve with public transportation
b. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
XII. Payroll Claims
a. Thomas Wilson – it would be nice if everyone could go over their payroll voucher with Marilyn (Miller-payroll
deputy) when they drop it off/before they leave.
b. Commissioners agree to give bereavement for grandparent-in-law
c. Eric Roberts move to approve payroll and don’t have coroner payroll
d. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
e. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XIII. Franklin County Convention, Recreation and Visitors Commission (Letter regarding lodging representative
appointment and restaurant representative)
a. Thomas Wilson Mary Ann Hart for Lodging Representative and Natasha Kellerman for Restaurant Representative
b. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
XIV. Radio’s for 911 quote flip tape 2
a. Susan Jones – are you going for a loan or a lease
b. Eric Roberts – a loan
c. Susan Jones – how are the payments going to be made
d. Eric Roberts – ½ out of cum cap and ½ out of 911.
e. Thomas Wilson – I was under the assumption this was ordered
f. Eric Roberts – it is
XV. Adjourn
a. Louis Linkel motion to adjourn
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XVI. Louis Linkel reconvenes
a. Thomas Wilson motion to also approve claim for T & J Sound Productions with utilities
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
c. Louis Linkel – all in favor
XVII. Adjourn
a. Thomas Wilson motion to adjourn
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Louis Linkel – all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary George Hartman, Engineer Mel Wilhelm, Prosecutor Sharon Newkirk
Brian Campbell Angie Snyder Joe Meier Diane Turney Larry Franzman
Cindy Orschell John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Rebecca Oglesby Dale Maxie, Sheriff
Sharon Halcomb, Assessor Marlene Flaspohler, Clerk Hollie Sintz Don Vonder Muelen
Renee Stivers Joe Gillespie, Surveyor Doug Flaspohler Sandy Baxter
Marilyn Miller Tracy Lightfield Vicky Neeley Tom Perotti
To be approved 02/20/07

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