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February 25, 2008 meeting minutes


FEBRUARY 25, 2008 @ 1:00 P.M.
Those Present: County Commissioners Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
County Auditor Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary Carol Westerman
Also Present: Allen Paddock Don Reiboldt Ted Young Joe Gillespie
Gary Davis Scott M McDonough Harry Graves Thomas Ritz
Sharon Bargo Cecil Bargo Anne A Brier David Siefferman
Michael V Peters Roy Hall Keith Heinlein Teresa Fledderman
Sharon Halcomb Dale S Harvey David Harvey Don Harvey
Dennis Lackey George Hartman Carla Austin Seth T Whitecotton
Danny Dorrel Cody Ritz Jeff Jones Art DeFossett
Michael Peters Gene Stewart John Graf
Tom Wilson opens the February 25, 2008 Commissioners Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
REPORT Susan Jones, Auditor reports that received the file back from vendor regarding the homestead credit rebate checks, our office is in the process of inserting information to the delinquent parcel, in which checks need to be made out to the County Treasurer and inserting the rebate amounts. Tom asked about the printing of the transfer books, this was faxed in and waiting to hear back from them.
Tom Wilson opens the Drainage Board Meeting
This is a Joint Meeting between Franklin County and Union County Drainage Board in regards to the Wm A Dare Ditch, Ted Young, Union County Surveyor called for the Public Hearing to request the continuation of the $20.00 per acre assessment. The legal drains lies both in Franklin County and Union with 1,000 acres in the watershed with 34% of it in Franklin County and the rest in Union. Joe Gillespie, Franklin County Surveyor reported 1,500 feet of tile have been replaced, have enough of funds to do 800 to 1,000 feet of the project and there is still a lot of work to be done. Tom Wilson asked if this includes the Harvey’s Property and Joe said yes, property is included and they have an assessment. The area of the pond on Don Harvey’s property is not. Alan Paddock, Union County Commissioner says the assessment needs to continue, project needs to proceed and the work on the drain needs to be continued. It was asked how long would the assessment continue and Ted Young replied as long as it takes to repair the ditch. The Property owners with the Wm A Dare Ditch who were present were in favor of keeping the assessment.
Tom Wilson motioned to continue the $20.00 per acre assessment for the Wm A Dare Ditch. Don VonderMeulen asked on length of the assessment and Joe replies 2‐years. Don VonderMeulen seconds Tom Wilson’s motion. Eric Roberts, Allen Paddock and Gary Davis, All in Favor. Motion carried.
ROAD At the February 19th Commissioners Meeting Covey Trace Road was approved to be incorporated into the County Highway System. Resolution 2008‐08 was prepared for signatures. Tom Wilson and Don VonderMeulen signed Resolution 2008‐08, incorporating Covey Trace Road in the County Highway System.
LEVEL I & II Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor along with Roy Hall, Dale Harvey, Teresa Fledderman, Danny Dorrel, Art DeFossett, and Michael Peters, Township Trustees were present to discuss the Level I & II Training. Sharon reported in the past the assessing for new parcels has been contracted out, that the Trustees did not do any of the pricing of new buildings. We have also been receiving information on eliminating Township Trustees. Roy Hall, Whitewater Township Trustee reported he and the other Township Trustees have received letters from DLGF insisting the Trustees be certified on Level I and Level II by the end of 2007. These classes are a 5‐day class to get certified. Sharon said in the past she had a letter that they didn’t need the certification since the pricing was being done in the office. Tom Wilson feels they don’t need to take the time and Sharon can’t get a clear answer. Don VonderMeulen asked if it would be beneficial for the Trustees to take these classes. Sharon said in the past she has a letter on file from the Trustees. Don asked that she get a letter in writing.
MINUTES Don VonderMeulen motions to approve the minutes from last week, with correction made. Tom Wilson seconds. Eric Roberts, All in favor. Motion carried. Tom Ritz questioned on page three the certificates for the alternates for the Whitewater River Advisory Board, they were not approved and signed only by Tom Wilson. Correction was made before Commissioners signed Minutes.
PAYROLL Tom Wilson motion to approve the Payroll. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor. Motion carried.
REX PIPELINE Received notices from the Department of Natural Resources in regards to the public hearing held on the Pipe Creek Stream with Walnut Fork near Oak Forest was terminated, since the applicant Rockies Express Pipeline, LLC emailed the DNR on February 13, 2008 requesting that the application be terminated since the project meets the exemption criteria contained in 312 IAC 10 which exempts qualified utility line crossing projects from the permitting provisions of the Flood Control Act provided the standards contained in Rule 5 General Licenses and Specific Exemption from Floodway Licensing, are satisfied. That there be any
deviation from the submitted information, or if work is proposed at the site in the future, the Department should be contacted to determine the potential permits requirements.
Also notice received a Notice of Prehearing Conference scheduled for March 3, 2008 at 10:00 A.M. to take place at the Greensburg Public Library. The Franklin County Drainage Board has filed a request of administrative review with the Division of Hearings of the Natural Resources Commission, in regards to in the near vicinity of proposed crossing of the Whitewater River Basin and there are (4) municipal water companies that provide water to the citizens of Franklin County. The Franklin County Drainage Board feel that an infrastructure failure would severely and permanently impact the whitewater river basin by any spoliation and/or contamination of the whitewater river aquifer. The Franklin County Drainage Board will be attending the Prehearing Conference on March 3rd.
Eric reported he had gone to Connersville to meet with Mike Pence last Friday, and was put in contact with his chief of staff. He was aware of the Rex Project, not sure federal law trumps state laws, that state laws are followed on this project, which would include local law.
Eric Roberts has the names of his other (2) Appointments to the OC Committee, they are Glenn Williams and Roger Boomer. Joe Gillespie reported that there will be an OC Committee and CIC Committee Meeting on March 5th at 7:00 P.M. in the Public Meeting Room at the Government Center. Letter have been sent out.
BRIDGE 110 & 111
George Hartman, Highway Engineer opened the Proposals for Construction Engineering Services for Railfence Bridges 110 & 111. They are as follows:
Butler & Fairman
Farrar & Garvey/Clark Dietz Engineers
Wessler Division & Associates
Strand Associates, Inc.
Howard J Barth & Associates
RQAW Consulting Engineers
Janssen & Spaans
George went over procedures to select consultant, will need to develop a list of firms that had responded and submit to Bob Winslow at INDOT Seymour’s Office and they in turn submit to Central Office. INDOT will then submit scoring sheets to the Board of Commissioners for when they go through the process to evaluate the qualifications of all firms.
JOHNSON FORK BRIDGE 100 – George Hartman, Highway Engineer submitted a letter that had been sent to Wayne Jester of Milestone Contractors by John Graf of Howard J Barth & Associates in regards to a piece of concrete that had been uncovered by all the recent rainfall pertaining to the relocation of a water line. The Franklin County Water Association showed the water main in the affected area having only one foot of cover, instead of the four feet required by the contract. Also a private drive will require additional investigation and/or repair. Milestone Contracting is responsible for repair of these latent defects in accordance with section 107.23 of the Standard Specifications. They are to contact Steve Roemer of the Franklin County Water Association to schedule the repairs.
FEDERAL AID APPLICATIONS – George Hartman had submitted copies of FA 3 Applications for Enochsburg Covered Bridge 73, Pipe Creek Bridge 48, Snow Hill Covered Bridge 102, Railfence Road Bridges 110 & 111, and Blue Creek Bridge 94 for additional funding and Duck Creek Bridge 10 for a new project to be added to the Federal Aid Funding List.
SIGN IMPROVEMENT PROJECT ‐ George had received a call from Steve Flores of INDOT that they had not received information that he needs to check on newly installed signs in Franklin County, this required information must be provided to INDOT as soon as possible. George had provided a project schedule.
2008 CULVERT ORDER ‐ George reported he had placed the order for culverts on January 23rd, these still have not been delivered. Also Bob Giddens, Sales Representative for advanced Drainage Systems would like to schedule a meeting to provide training to the Highway Department for proper installation of culverts. He is available for the training session on March 6th or 7th. The Commissioners gave approval for the training session.
RAILROAD CROSSING UPGRADES ‐ George had reported that there are several railroad crossing in Franklin County that are in need of upgrade and repairs because of the Honda Plant in Greensburg opening, there will be 2 to 3 trains per day crossing our County Roads. There is concern of public safety, there is a lack of awareness of Rail Traffic in Franklin County. The Highway Department will need to make sure the advanced warning signs are properly placed and in good condition. The locations are South County Line Road and Three Mile Road, also information on any complaints about ballast falling to the road from the Overpasses on South Pocket Road and Underpass Road. Eric asked if they are willing to put up lights and can we request them, the rail company to do the upgrades since they are increasing the rail traffic. George will find out and can submit application for grant funding.
Keith Heinlein, Property Owner purchased property on the dead end of Pipe Creek Road is requesting portion of road to be vacated. He is having issues with poaching. Also asked if the road could be ditched, the road is washing out real bad, there is no ditch, and the water is running down the center of the road. Don VonderMeulen said he will get with the Highway Foreman. On the Vacation of Portion of Pipe Creek Road he was told to get with Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor, a survey of the area would need to be done and if there are any property owners that adjourn, they would need to be notified. A Public Hearing would be set.
GRAVES Harry Graves presented a letter to the Commissioners, (did not receive a copy of the letter) removing his name from the CIC Committee. Also sent an email to the Board of Commissioners. Has an issue with proposed Zoning Code that needs defined. Keeping track of issues that are going on in County on a website. Who do I discuss documents that are currently on web site. Tom Wilson suggests setting down with Harry and discussing these issues. Don VonderMeulen also said he would set down with Harry and go over his issues.
ADJOURN Tom Wilson motion to adjourn. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, All in favor. Motion carried.
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
ATTEST: _____________________________________
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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