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February 26, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 2/26/07 @ 12:00 p.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Louis Linkel Eric Roberts Thomas Wilson Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
Executive Session (12:00 p.m.)
I. Discussion of appraisals for right of way bridge 100
a. Joe Gillespie – Gives Commissioners options
b. Commissioners instruct Joe to proceed with right of way
Those also present for executive session
Susan Jones, Secretary George Hartman, Engineer Eugene Stewart, Attorney Joe Gillespie, Surveyor
George Weaver Mrs Weaver
*Louis Linkel opens with pledge of allegiance (regular meeting 1:00 p.m.)
I. Drainage Board/Dare Ditch
a. Joe Gillespie – at our last meeting the Treasurer noted a dormant account. Refers to statute-asking that the funds
be moved to the Dare Ditch maintenance fund.
b. Rebecca Oglesby – $11,015.00
c. Louis Linkel – that is fine, but need some input (from property owners)
d. Joe Gillespie – did have one phone call from property owner in Bath and he was in favor of that
e. Bill Hass – under the understanding that if there was any maintenance it was to be added on to the tax statements
f. Joe Gillespie – when you do a project you always have a excess or deficit. In this case you have a excess. Instead
of having a future assessment made.
g. Rebecca Oglesby – if it is going to be a year or two I can put it into a c.d.
h. Joe Gillespie – we haven’t spent any money on it since reconstruction. We can either put this in a maintenance
fund or pay it back to the property owners.
i. Rebecca Oglesby – there has been over $2,000.00 in interest all ready
j. Thomas Wilson – all it will do in the future is saving Joe from going back to property owners and saying this is
how much each of you owe.
k. Joe Gillespie – there is 28 property owners. Roy Harvey Jr. has more the 60% of this drain
l. Louis Linkel – on down the road there is going to be some maintenance. It would be safe to put it in a c.d.
m. Gary Roberts – would like to see it go into a c.d.
n. Joe Gillespie – reads percentages for property owners (on file in County Surveyor’s office)
o. Roy Harvey Jr. – it is a lot of money to leave in there but I will go along with putting it into something that would
earn a little interest
p. Joe Gillespie – I think we should be ok for a year
q. Thomas Wilson – if that is ok with everybody we will put it into a c.d.
II. Bruns/Harvey Ditch
a. Joe Gillespie – at some point in the past our board was petititioned for a legal drain. Went through the hearing
process and it was approved. We hired a consultant, came to hearing to approve proportions and at that time there
was some disagreement. It continues to be a legal drain. Asked the property owners to come in here. Problem is
the board of commissioners paid a bill and we need to proceed with the project or something-it is hanging in limbo.
Several property owners; petitioner was Howard Bruns living trust and Gerald is here representing the trust.
b. Thomas Wilson – if I remember right we had all of that mapped out.
c. Joe Gillespie – we had proposed going down 300 feet from outlet
d. Gerald Bruns – do you think that is sufficient?
e. Joe Gillespie – that is why we are here
f. Gerald Bruns – don’t think we came down to the areas in that tile ditch
g. Joe Gillespie – we did a G.P.S of the entire area of 261.799. What would you like to see done?
h. Gerald Bruns – if you have a tile that size and you open the ditch up 300 feet
i. Joe Gillespie – there is enough grade there to clear itself. That is why the outlet was put
j. Thomas Wilson – I thought the problem was Gerald wanted out of the drainage area
k. Gerald Bruns – open drain has to be maintained or it will silt back in
l. Joe Gillespie – reviews plat with property owners
m. Gerald Bruns – or we could make the legal drain go to Farm Hill Rd. Roger Williams came out and done some
n. Joe Gillespie – I have put a lot of time in this and I am not willing to put any more time in this unless the property
owners are willing to commit.
o. Gerald Bruns – it would be cheaper
p. Carol Monroe – what do we do with the outstanding bill (already paid by Commissioners)
q. Eric Roberts – we are trying to decide on whether or not to proceed with project
r. Thomas Wilson – either way, someone will have to pay. Dale (Harvey) – you just have water that pools?
s. Dale Harvey – yes, I was wondering if we could more drained
t. Joe Gillespie – they would have a ridge that they would be going through
u. Dale Harvey – the old ditches are headed south west. the water is getting away; you can hear it trickling down in
there. Flip tape one
v. Thomas Wilson – the plan is going ahead and we are going to run this main tile and add in 4 to 5 areas for
w. Joe Gillespie – how far do (Gerald) you want the open ditch maintenance
x. Gerald Bruns – however long it takes to get the water to go down
y. Joe Gillespie – lets have a meeting.
z. Thomas Wilson – Joe don’t want to put any more time and effort if we aren’t going to do anything
aa. Joe Gillespie – if we cross a lateral that is the land owner responsibility to hook onto the lateral. I hope we could
agree on some kind of proportions (in regards to the bill).
bb.Susan Jones – March 26, 2007 at 1:00 p.m.
cc.Thomas Wilson – we are agreeing we are going to agree on something
III. Maple Grove Drainage Area
a. Joe Gillespie – I sent the notices out. Tom (Wilson) asked me to get something together
b. Louis Linkel – Renée (Stivers) agrees it should be put back in (grant process)
c. Thomas Wilson – when you (Butch Nobbe) and I talked the other day we said to try and get something together.
What is your proposal?
d. Sam Schuck – the town of Brookville intends to reapply for the grant. If we don’t get it this time we will reapply.
Very hopeful this time. Feels that is the best was opposed to a county drain and the taxpayers paying for it. There
is some subdivisions that would tie into it. Mr. Summey has added several businesses over there. There is a lot of
potential; it is just making them understand it. Why it didn’t happen I don’t know, I think we need to try again. If
we apply again and nothing happens, maybe the town of Brookville will have to share the cost with the property
owners but feels we need to exhaust all options.
e. Butch Nobbe – we don’t want it to go away like it did 12 years ago
f. Sam Schuck – we may have to scale down the project, but to go with a public drain you will have to pay for all of
it. The town has already repaired the existing drains. According to our street superintendent it is better. The
problem is it is only a 7/8 inch drain. It was put into there for agriculture and now with the paving, gravel, roofs,
etc. with 100% run off it is a lot.
g. Marvin Ferkinhoff – why don’t we just replace the tile
h. Rob Hofer – Talked to plot owners and they don’t like the idea of going through the cemetery
i. Sam Schuck – it is a very sensitive area. Mr. Gillespie estimate from last year is considerably bigger than what we
have now $141,875.00 (of which the town and property owners each agree to pay 10%). Also option of going
along St. Mary’s Road. It would be late summer, fall before we found out if we got the grant. This goes all the
way down to the river
j. Louis Linkel – it would be a permanent fix
k. Sam Schuck – that is the best fix-a permanent fix. Would like another letter from the new Commissioner
l. Eric Roberts – you got it
m. Butch Nobbe – the body shop is hurting the worst, it is killing the body shop
n. Louis Linkel – go out of drainage/ditch meeting
I. Open Bids for Bridge #38 St. Mary’s
a. Contractor bid for a lump sum amount. Franklin county supplying all materials
i. Classic Home Construction = $27,940.00 (5% bid bond)
ii. Dave O’Mara Contractor Inc. = $165,292.10
iii. Ballenger Bulldozing = $48,000.00
iv. DDK Construction Inc. = $85,995.60
v. RL Vuckson Excavating = $88,526.80
vi. Linkel Co. = $43,250.00
vii. Kruthaupt & Anderson Excavating = $39,900.00
b. Louis Linkel – looks like everything is in order on Classic’s; motion to award it to Classic Home for $27,940.00
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
e. (Gary Davidson) How soon could you start/get performance bond
f. Gary Davidson – 10 days
II. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge # 110 and #111 / Railfence Road over Salt Creek Des. No. 0200725
i. Public notice sent out (see attached)
ii. Correspondence from Army Corp. of Engineers (see attached)
1. Compliance cert has to be signed after project is completed
2. Permit in effect until Dec. 15, 2009
3. Several pages on file in commissioners office
b. Bridge #48 / Pipe Creek Road Bridge Rehabilitation over Pipe Creek Alley Ford Steel Truss Des. No. 0201280
i. Correspondence from Farrar, Garvey and Associates (see attached)
ii. Deck will be replaced
c. Bridge #71 / Mid Road over Walnut Fork, East of South Pocket Road
i. Load rating has decreased as a result of deterioration of steel beams – down to 15 tons
ii. See report (2)
iii. Sufficient rating down from 78.41 to 59.20
d. Programmatic Sign Improvement Project (H.E.S)
i. Tod came to the meeting a few weeks ago and Commissioners asked about warrenty (see attached)
ii. All (except for stop) are 3m = 10 year warrenty tape 2
iii. Stop signs-specs call for diamond cube which is a 12 year warranty
iv. Keith (Bias) is here today from WTH and has copies of follow up (two options)
1. Office work/Franklin County would have to photograph and establish G.P.S location = $22,990.00
2. WTH go out into field and take photographs and G.P.S location = $47,760.00
3. WTH could furnish the county with the G.P.S to take into the field and Keith could come down
periodically and get the information and enter it into the new layer/sign inventory
v. 720 calendar days allowed to complete this work
vi. Reimbursement is based on the county
vii. As work progresses there is a need to document that and each sign will have a specific number
viii. Will need to have some software put in place
ix. Reimbursable up to $500,000.00
x. Keith Bias – it is not really software, it is just data we will pull to put into spreadsheets.
xi. Will probably have to have a preconstruction meeting with I.N.D.O.T. and training
xii. Need to acquire some new manuals from traffic control (ours is from the 1980’s)
e. Subdivision – Autumn Oaks
i. Thought he (Brian Metz) would be faxing some information but have not seen anything
ii. Reviews
iii. Larry Franzman – he used a poxy material but it appears he didn’t cover all of the joints. That is what is
holding his road from becoming the county road. Something is going on with that poxy, it is letting stuff
come down through the joints.
iv. He indicated he put a reinforcing steel across joints.
v. He has a few things to do before he gets it where it needs to be
vi. He was to provide some correspondence to the county
III. WTH Proposal for Zoning Maps
a. Larry Franzman – asked for this about three months ago from Keith. Trying to find monies for this-this would be a
zoning map we could print out. It would be a $1,500.00 fee. Here we could have a zoning map created on a layer.
I could use any help to pay for this
b. Louis Linkel – why don’t you go before council?
c. Larry Franzman – I will. I thought this would be the place to start first to let you know what I am looking at.
d. Eric Roberts – you have our blessing if you can get it from council
IV. D.N.R. report on Lower Jim Run on Duck Creek
a. Larry Franzman – a private individual built a bridge and it has to have a permit through the D.N.R.
b. Thomas Wilson – he done that to get back to his house
c. Larry Franzman – yes, he has to work with them (D.N.R)
V. Southeastern Equipment co.
a. Don Miller – we are here to talk about the chip spreader and ask questions so that we can give you the best possible
b. Paul Behl – this is very uncharacteristic of us and in no way do we mean any disrespect. We hold a lot of passion
for chip and seal. The concern is why we asked to be heard was when we got the bid speck chip spreader – we are
looking at the spread pro. Practicality – I never wanted to operate this machine. What we have put together we
might be speaking out of terms (because of possibly the manufacture stopping production). When it comes to the
chip and seal, we are heroes. as you look over bids, you want two people (chip and seal). With an etana iron, you
have two-one for each hopper. Now for us trying to sell-no one want so sell by slamming the competition. We
may be sitting here talking about something we know nothing about if they come out with a new model. We have
our cell/home phone numbers-don’t sit there for thirty minutes trying to figure it out, call us. Despise the eleven
foot-like the full width. We did not come here to fight for our machine as we did to show the differences. We bid
with 210 with option 240 diesel. With hills when you are pulling the truck.
VI. Minutes (February 20, 2007)
a. Louis Linkel motion to approve
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor flip tape 2
VII. Maple Grove Drainage
a. Susan Jones – received letter from property owner wanting to know cost
VIII. Contract for Extension/Purdue
a. Susan Jones – received contract and it was $5,000.00 short. Carol (Monroe) did some research and the Judge
committed $5,000.00
b. Carol L. Monroe – in September (Council meeting) he stated it would come out of user fees and be credited toward
Project Lead
c. Commissioners – hold until money in place
IX. Payroll
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to approve payroll as soon as everyone signs it
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Louis Linkel – all in favor
X. Resolution 2007-05
a. Louis Linkel – motion to pass ordinance (reads ordinance) changing hours to 36 hours per week (regular hours m-r
and four hour on Friday)
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – nay
d. Louis Linkel – we have to get out there and take care of the roads and have to do with the least pain. There won’t
be any part time help for mowing.
XI. Adjourn
a. Louis Linkel motion to adjourn
b. Thomas Wilson – disheartening of all the projects that is needed and we don’t have the money.
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary George Hartman, Engineer Don Harvey Dale Harvey Mike Bries
Roy Harvey Bill Haas Edith Haas Gary Roberts James Ballenger
John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Donald W. Miller, Southeastern Equipment Co. Robert Hofer
Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor Eugene Stewart, County Attorney Keith Brias, WTH Richard Vuckson
Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director Sam Schuck, Town of Brookville Ralph Lohrey Don Lohrey
Virgil Nobbe Dale Nobbe Marvin Ferkinhoff Yvonne Wells Rob Hofer
Approved 03/05/07

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