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February 5, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 2/5/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Louis Linkel Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
*Louis Linkel opens with pledge of allegiance
I. E-911 Surcharge
a. Tracy Lightfield – asking to raise 911 surcharge-see handout. It was assumed the maximum was $1.70 and sometime ago it was
changed per Indiana code. Our maximum surcharge is $2.40. In ‘92 911 surcharge was established and has only been increase by
$.20. By that time the fund had already dwindled. Verizon has shown where the land lines have greatly decreased in the county
where people are using cell phones. Cell phones are charged only $.50 per phone. Asking the county commissioner support in raising
the 911 surcharge. If the 911 funds are going to be used for 911 then something has to be increased.
b. Thomas Wilson – things were paid out that shouldn’t be-salaries, etc.
c. Tracy Lightfield – our circuits went up $30.00/$40.00 dollars per circuit not cents
d. Thomas Wilson – on the new radio the phone lines won’t be needed?
e. Tracy Lightfield – right. Cell calls are the majority of 911 calls that we receive. Cell phone distributions are based on population.
f. Thomas Wilson – we are talking $.70 to the average phone line.
g. Tracy Lightfield – that is not a whole lot when that is set aside for 911. My Rumpke bill went up more than that with a fuel charge.
h. Thomas Wilson – we are talking two cents per day
i. Louis Linkel – council makes the decision
j. Eric Roberts – lets send it on to council. A lot of this money is going to come from businesses with multiple phone lines.
k. Tracy Lightfield – no one is exempt, we pay it on our phone lines
l. Louis Linkel – everyone is in favor of it.
m. Thomas Wilson – take it to council
II. Radio’s
a. Eric Roberts – have you ordered the equipment
b. Tracy Lightfield – yes, Carol (Monroe) signed the paperwork last week and have forwarded it on to Motorola. Sometime today I
should have that information
III. Outside selling in Metamora
a. Al Payette – June 9 (2007) is the date for the red hat ladies to come into Metamora. They have already rented some buses to come.
Requesting that merchants could have outside selling-not for vendors coming in. Hopefully this will be the first of many-years to
b. Thomas Wilson – what kind of outside sale are we talking? Just the shop owners?
c. Al Payette – yes. Has a church group coming. Where will they be allowed to be at? Would be nice to have entertainment throughout
the town.
d. Larry Franzman – the code allows this to take place with the Commissioners approval
e. Al Payette – is it possible to have a raffle?-with ½ going to lions club.
f. Eric Roberts – believes you should have a permit. Believes by law you are required to have one-Indiana gaming commission.
g. Al Payette – there is a couple pieces of land (available)
h. Larry Franzman – this is just for the merchants in Metamora
i. Thomas Wilson – this won’t be a yard sale
j. Al Payette – a lot of us would like to get rid of some merchandise we have had for a couple of years.
k. Thomas Wilson – just worries me that everyone in town would start setting stuff out through town.
l. Louis Linkel – don’t think it is a problem, but not sure about the raffle.
m. Al Payette – just some ideas. They already have it posted on
n. Thomas Wilson – you would be the one coordinating it
o. Al Payette – yes, but I want everyone in town participating. There are 165 already planning on coming in. Hoping this would be the
first of many years to come.
p. Thomas Wilson – I like the gospel singing
q. Larry Franzman – are there any other things that day?
r. Al Payette – a poker run at the Hearthstone. Didn’t want to go too much into the summer because of the summer heat.
s. Larry Franzman – just want to make sure the EMS would be able to be on stand by
t. Louis Linkel – I am going to vote for it
u. Thomas Wilson – hate to get in to the outside selling.
v. Larry Franzman – this is just for one day-and not next year.
w. Al Payette – a lot of us have merchandise in our stores for the last 2/3/4/5 years.
x. Eric Roberts – let them try it.
y. Louis Linkel – the more people that come the better for Metamora
z. Al Payette – if they have a good time they will go home and tell their family and friend.
aa. Eric Roberts – maybe limited to one or two tables.
bb. Al Payette – this could be a real good thing for Metamora. We can put it on our website.
cc. Louis Linkel – you have the Commissioners consent
dd. Thomas Wilson – can you get something in writing (from the land owners on the entertainment)
IV. Letter to council on historic Metamora
a. Thomas Wilson – we are sending an official letter to the members of the board that we officially disbanded the board
V. Right of Way
a. Joe Gillespie – have received the appraisals back-102/173/ and 3 parcels on Blue Creek Road I have received two of those back. One
of those has a well. Would like you to schedule an executive session so that I may continue. I talked to John Graf with Barth Friday
to see if we could amend the right of way.
b. Louis Linkel – the 12th at 8:30.
VI. St. Mary’s Road/cemetery drainage problem
a. Thomas Wilson – they are still concerned about water problems – they are worse now. Maybe we could put a bigger pipe in
b. Eric Roberts – would they want to reapply?
c. Joe Gillespie – if we are going to reapply we should have our grant writer at the meeting. They could repair the tile that crosses the
cemetery., but that is not going to fix the problem. The cemetery has been opposed to upgrading that
d. Louis Linkel – we need to get together and set up a meeting
e. Joe Gillespie – 2:00 at our next drainage/ditch board meeting.
VII. Ordinance 2007-03
a. Thomas Wilson – in December Commissioners made a motion to rectify term for commissioner in district 2-reads ordinance with
b. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion; the AIC said the holdover office has never been illegal.
c. Thomas Wilson – it was done back in the 60’s to keep from having two commissioners come in on board
d. Eric Roberts – all in favor
VIII. Amendment to handbook
a. Louis Linkel – we are going to make an amendment to correspond with what we are doing-reads amendment
b. Eric Roberts – do we want to change this to 80 hours in a two week period.
c. Carol L. Monroe – believe we have to stay with the 40. You are making the holidays days worked for only two departments?
d. Thomas Wilson – for one-highway. Don’t agree that if you have a holiday you should get another day off. If a holiday falls on a
Monday, do they get another day off?
e. Louis Linkel – agree should not have another day off
f. Susan Jones – Carol (Monroe) how do you do it in your office
g. Carol L. Monroe – like the transfer station, the holiday is considered a day worked.
h. Thomas Wilson – amend 911 to 80 hours in two week pay period
i. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
j. Louis Linkel – all in favor
k. Eric Roberts – move to making county highway overtime as those hours for which compensation is made in excess of 40 hours
l. Thomas Wilson – second the motion
m. Louis Linkel all in favor
IX. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Contract with I.N.D.O.T. for H.E.S.
i. Louis Linkel – the money bothers me; how much of a turn around would there be?
ii. Thomas Wilson – it is $500,000.00 and is not costing us a dime
iii. The county can’t do anything to change that, just be prompt in turning the claim in
iv. Price for Stella is good until April of this year
v. Thomas Wilson – we have 720 calendar days to complete it.
vi. One thing we should do fairly quickly is get training for highway employees.
vii. Should order some manuals and traffic control devices
viii. Thomas Wilson – how do we verify that the service has been done
ix. WTH can come out (more costly) or the highway has a digital
x. Thomas Wilson motion to sign
xi. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
xii. Louis Linkel all in favor
b. Bridge #38 / St. Mary’s Road over Wolf Creek at Pumphouse Road and Wolf Creek Road Intersection
i. Distributes plans and specs-see attached
ii. Bid letting Monday 26 of February at 1:30p.m.
iii. Distributes contract and bond
iv. Idea is to widen St. Mary’s Road as you go up the hill
v. Initial discussion-property owners were agreeable
vi. Will be ok with Hoosier hills water line
vii. Need for contractor to be cautious
viii. Eric Roberts questions if we put a load limit on detour
ix. Good point – may want to do that for through trucks to keep heavy loads out
x. 40 days on construction
xi. Louis Linkel – motion to advertise for bridge 38
xii. Thomas Wilson seconds the motion
xiii. Eric Roberts – all in favor
c. Bridge #73 / Enochsburg Road Covered Bridge over Salt Creek Des. No. 0101357
i. Commissioners signed title sheet in march of 2005
1. INDOT moved and the original plans were lost
2. commissioners need to sign new title sheet
d. Bridge #164 / Vine Street over Harvey Branch in Oldenburg Des. No. 0088450
i. Final meeting last Friday
ii. Maybe some rail on the wing walls (are needed)
1. maybe it could be something the town could do
iii. liquidated damages
1. State made decision that it would go up to December 15
2. Federal highway did not want to charge
e. Bridge #110 & #111 / Railfence Road over Salt Creek and Harvey Branch
i. Susan faxed me letter from INDOT – see attached
f. Total Patcher
i. See quote handouts (3)
g. Chip spreader
i. Louis Linkel motion to advertise
ii. Eric Roberts seconds the motion (tape two)
iii. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
X. EMS Contract
a. Eric Roberts – Roy Rosenberger called me and Fayette memorial has signed
b. Thomas Wilson – they changed it a little bit
c. Eric Roberts – questions what was changed
XI. Minutes (January 29, 2007)
a. Louis Linkel motion to approve
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – abstains
XII. Metamora Block grant cf-04121
a. Susan – opened letter, grant was deadline of December 31, 2006 and was extended to April 30, 2007
b. Thomas Wilson – would like them to come in and give update (on project)
XIII. EMS 2007 contract
a. Louis Linkel motion to accept
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XIV. Claims
a. Louis Linkel motion to approve
b. Thomas Wilson seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts –all in favor
XV. Proposed Development Summary for Brookville Lake Senior Housing
a. Thomas Wilson – motion for Louis Linkel to sign
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
c. Louis Linkel – all in favor
XVI. Meyer and Najem Corp’s Examination of Financial Statements Verification
a. Louis Linkel motion for Thomas Wilson to sign
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XVII. Invitation for bid publication for Franklin County Courthouse
a. Eric Roberts – move to advertise for bids on courthouse elevator, heating and air and interior renovations
b. Thomas Wilson seconds the motion
c. Louis Linkel – all in favor
XVIII. Adjourn (flip tape 2)
a. Louis Linkel motion to adjourn
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary Don Vonder Meulen Tracy Lightfield John Cookendorfer
Al Payette
Approved 02/12/07

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