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January 14, 2008 meeting minutes


Franklin County Commissioner Meeting
January 14, 2008 @ 9:00 A.M.
County Commissioners Public Meeting Room
Those present:
Franklin County Commissioner: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Franklin County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Thomas Wilson opens the January 14, 2008 Commissioners Meeting at 9:00 A.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.
REPORT Susan Jones, County Auditor reports that distribution of the 2007 taxes were distributed this past Friday. This week we hope to get the second part of the penalty program on and start working on the homestead credit rebates.
PROJECT Joseph Schmidt presented intentions for an Eagle Scout Project at the intersection of Kline Road and Fairfield-Causeway Roads. Mr. Schmidt is wanting to do a landscape at that intersection. Commissioners gave approval as long as it does not interfere with the site distance for traffic, he is also to check with Larry Franzman to make sure there are no issue with zoning.
A letter was presented for a Commissioners Representative to the Committee for Common Wage Construction for the School Project at Mt. Carmel Elementary School on January 29, 2008.
Eric Roberts moved to send Larry Franzman to the Common Wage Construction Hearing as Commissioners Representative. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson All in Favor. Motion carried.
PROJECT Eric Roberts reported on the modifications on the cold water piping for the air conditioning. The cold water piping failed its test. The initial price was $97,000.00 from Koch Mechanical. After asking Oberlies to review, the size of the piping was reduced, reducing the price to $87,421.00 plus the 10% markup with going through Bruns & Gutzwiller Construction. Eric said he has not talked to Derry Condon or Oberlies on the price, if it’s in line. Don VonderMeulen asked if we need to cut expenses in other areas or is there funding to cover it. Eric reported that there was $75,000.00 in Contingency, there was a savings of $31,000/$32,000.00 because of the Judge moving the court system out of the second floor and moving to the annex building. There is a little money left over from the interest from the bond, may need to look at Cumulative Capital Development money. The painters are following the drywaller. The boilers are due to be inspected and fired up on January 17th
REPORT Tom Wilson motioned to acknowledge the Treasurer’s Report dated December 2007, noted there is a $2.17 difference between the Treasurer’s Office and Auditor’s Office on the report. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, all in favor. Motion carried.
LETTER A letter was written to Historic Hoosier Hills saying there was appropriation approved by County Council in the 2008 Commissioners Budget. Commissioners signed letter.
REPORT Tom Wilson motioned to acknowledge the Clerk’s Reports dated November 2007 and December 2007. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, all in favor. Motion carried.
MINUTES Tom Wilson motions to approve the Minutes of January 7, 2008. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, all in favor. Motion carried.
CLAIMS Tom Wilson motions to approve Claims (dated January 14, 2008). Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, all in favor. Motion carried.
Don VonderMeulen mentioned he is working on defining the Snow Emergency Ordinance and will be getting it on the website.
Tom Ritz was present regarding Gross Error or Fraud by Area Plan Commission as it relates to the Zoning Text. Mr. Ritz repeated the same issues that were said at the prior Commissioners Meeting dated December 31, 2007 and January 7, 2008 regarding the proposed Comprehensive Plan and Proposed Zoning Text.
In regards to the Whitewater River Advisory Board he reported that there were 155 land owners along the Whitewater River. He wants the Whitewater River Advisory Board reinstated, and states along with half of the land owners along the river that still wants the board in place. Mentioned that it’s a five member board. Wanting to know how a permit was issued for Lohrey Camp to do a massive tree cutting on their farm. Mr. Ritz stated that George Hartman got the DNR Permit. The Kolb Camp near Goose Creek, somehow that passed without a Location Permit, he wants to see it. Mr. Ritz would like alcohol removed from the river, wants DNR in uniform, instead of in camouflage. The arrests are 20 to 1 compared to the arrest on the Lake.
RAILFENCE BRIDGES 110 & 111 – George had presented a Letter he had prepared to be signed and sent to Brenda Fox of INDOT requesting a two-year interest free loan from INDOT to be used to provide our local matching funds during the construction phase of this Federal Aid Bridge Replacement Project.
See Exhibit “A” & “B”
Tom Wilson motioned to sign Letter to INDOT for Interest Free Loan for Bridges 110 & 111 Bridge Replacements. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, all in favor. Motion carried.
FEDERAL AID BRIDGE PROJECTS QUARTERLY REPORTS – A Letter was prepared to be signed and sent to Brandi Fischvogt of INDOT in accordance with INDOT’s request on November 27, 2007 meeting discussing Franklin County’s Federal Aid Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Projects updates and LPA Quarterly Reports. See Exhibit “C”& “D”
Tom Wilson motioned to sign Letter to INDOT. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, all in favor. Motion Carried.
CUM BRIDGE FUND SPREADSHEET FOR FEDERAL AND LOCAL BRIDGE PROJECTS – George presented a Spreadsheet for Federal and Local Bridge Projects funded with Cum Bridge Funds for the years 2008 through 2014, this is based on receiving $500,000.00 a year. George also mentioned that this also includes paying a consultant for Bridge Inspection Phase I & II.
2008 CULVERT PIPE ORDER – Permission is requested to order culvert pipe for culvert replacements this upcoming year. George presented a spread sheet on various size pipes that is needed totaling $18,214.50. George will get a copy to Hollie to check where this would be paid from.
LETTER REGARDING COVEY TRACE ROAD – Larry Franzman had been prepared a Letter stating the Road Name Signs are on the same post as the Stop Signs. Don VonderMeulen stated that Howard Hughes had researched at one time and this is legal, but Don feels this is not a good idea. Tom feels it’s too distracting. Eric feels they could be in subdivisions, but not one that intersects with a main roads.
JOHNSON FORK BRIDGE 100 – George presented a Letter that he had prepared addressed to Brenda Fox of INDOT in regards to the LPA Claim for payment to Consultant for the additional 14 days for work on Bridge 100.
See Exhibit “E” & “F”
Tom Wilson motioned to sign letter to INDOT. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, all in favor. Motion carried.
Eric reported that he had talked to Jason Bunselmeyer in regards to Johnson Fork Bridge 100 and Vine Street Bridge 164. On Bridge 100 the Contractor installed the riprap wrong and is needed to be redone. We hired and Construction Engineer to watch this job, but the mistake was caught by INDOT during their inspection. The riprap still has not been corrected. On Bridge 164, we are still receiving claims; the contractor has not closed out the project.
GRAVES Harry Graves asked about the proposed Code, everything he had downloaded, it has changed and what revision was read. Don explained there were corrections. The document on the web site is most recent and should be the one there tonight. Mr. Graves feels the Planning Commission is giving false information. What is the Deed of Dedication? How is the public to know what version?
A letter was presented requesting the $500,000.00 from the City of Lawrenceburg Riverboat Revenue Sharing for the year 2008.
Eric Roberts moved to sign the letter to the City of Lawrenceburg for the $500,000. Tom Wilson seconds. Don VonderMeulen, all in favor. Motion carried.
PAYROLL Tom Wilson motioned to approve Payroll. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, all in favor. Motion carried.
CENTER Don VonderMeulen stated he had talked to Dale Maxie this past week. The Air Conditioning Units were discussed and Don is asking were the $135,000.00 needed for the two units are coming from. Tom said the Commissioners had asked for that funding during the Budget Hearings. Will need to check out.
& NEFF Andy Pickell of Beam, Longest & Neff had introduced himself and his Company. Mr. Pickell mentioned having issues on starting new Federal Aid Projects. Stated if you decide to go forward, there would be no charge in putting the application together. There was no call for new projects last year, could be a couple of years before they have another call. You can still apply for projects, without any costs. A Notice to Proceed would have to come from the County, before any cost would occur. This is also the time to ask for additional funding for an existing project, if added funds are needed. Andy asked if he could set up a meeting with the three Commissioners and Tom Wilson said No, that can’t be done. Eric said to call Carol in the Commissioner’s Office at anytime to get on the agenda.
ADJOURN Tom Wilson motion to adjourn. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, all in favor. Motion carried.
Those Also Present: Joe Gillespie, Surveyor George Hartman, Highway Engineer
Eugene Stewart, Attorney John Estridge, Brookville News
Seth Whitecotton, Connersville News Examiner
Joseph Schmidt Lisa Schmidt Benjamin Schmidt
Tom Ritz Randy Ritz Cody Ritz
Harry Graves Omer Prickel Marty Hon, E&H Bridge
Andy Pickell, BLN
__________________________________ _____________________________________
Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson ATTEST:
_________________________________ _____________________________________ ________________________
Eric Roberts Eric Roberts Susan Jones ________________________________ _____________________________________
Don Vonder Meulen Don Vonder Meulen

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