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January 16, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 1/16/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Louis Linkel Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
*Louis Linkel opens with pledge of allegiance
I. Lease One Leasing (Proposal for Lease Purchase of E-911 Equipment)
a. See attached
b. Marvin Ferkinhoff-presents proposal – if you decide to go ahead with this just sign this and have it forwarded it on to me
c. Eric Roberts – as far as early pay off
d. Marvin Ferkinhoff – there is not early pay off. You will still have to pay the interest. This is tax exempt. In addition to doing this,
our government
e. Carol L. Monroe – is there a minimum
f. Marvin Ferkinhoff – no
II. Motorola for Lease Purchase of E-911 Equipment)
a. Mark Baumhardt – Tracy called on Friday but the lease company was closed on Friday and Monday. I did find out that Motorola
Ohio requires that 800 megahertz of equipment would be required to go through the Motorola lease and the rest could go through
another lease. The county has the option if they had the money on hand they could purchase the megahertz and lease the rest. They
do offer more than one option, they have several options and I could re-quote that. This was all information I found out Friday and
b. Thomas Wilson – this says we would have equipment one year before we make a payment
c. Mark Baumhardt – yes that is one of the options. Do you have a preference how you finance (monthly, semiannually, etc?)
d. Carol L. Monroe – where is the money coming from? It depends on where the money is coming frome.
Eric Roberts – questions Tracy as to where money is coming from
f. Tracy Lightfield – don’t know (where money is coming from). 911 monies vary from year to year. We are getting a one time
disbursement of approximately $35,000.00.
g. Louis Linkel – if that money came in you could handle it
h. Tracy Lightfield – one year of it.
i. Thomas Wilson – if you take the salaries out of it you could do it
j. Tracy Lightfield – my salary and part time comes out of it everyone else comes out of county general.
k. Thomas Wilson – I don’t want to make any decisions today.
l. Commissioners – request Marvin Ferinhoff to do the same
m. Marvin Ferkinhoff – when do you want this?
n. Commissioners – Council can look at this
o. Susan Jones – questions how much was left in phone account last year
p. Tracy Lightfield – about thirty thousand
q. Louis Linkel – we will look over options to see how we stand
r. Marvin Ferkinhoff – what is your time frame
s. Thomas Wilson – it is something that is really needed
t. Eric Roberts – pretty quick
III. Equipment Marketing Co, – Total Patcher
a. Cliff Dickehut – we did a demo back in July (see attached book). We put your actual photos. When you put it down (for about $25.00
per ton) it is down. Eric (Roberts) you talked to some customers at the conference. We are going to save you approximately $50.00
per ton. You could pay for the patcher in 109 days. Tippecanoe County paid for theirs in five months. You are spending the money
now but not getting the performance we can do. Tom (Wilson), you know what it does.
b. Thomas Wilson – it works!
c. Cliff Dickehut – we do a lease program. If you do a five year lease you don’t make a payment for a year. The typical way to do this
is to put it into next year’s budget. You then get off the coal mix merry-go-round. With our repair method (think of the worst 10
areas in your district), then those areas are gone. By the time the payment comes do you will far saved the money. Put a quote in
along with references. It is just a way to change from temporary road repair to permanent road repair. Will even repair an area you
don’t have pavement.
d. Louis Linkel – you have got a good piece of equipment. We are interested.
e. Cliff Dickehut – do have any questions
f. Thomas Wilson – once you put the patch in you don’t go back
g. Cliff Dickehut – we are about 30 to 45 days out on machines. Everybody is jumping on board. Thank you for your time.
h. Eric Roberts – what is the price on the holding tank
i. Cliff Dickehut – $39,500.00.
j. Louis Linkel – we can use our distributor
k. Cliff Dickehut – a lot of customers use the distributors.
IV. Pen Products
a. Pam Friend – here to let you know we are here and to answer any questions and see if there is anything we can do to help you.
b. George Hartman – spoke with Laurie Johnson and Steve Dilk and there was a hold up since we only received one bid (Stella). They
wanted to make sure Franklin County received a comparable bid to other counties. Talked to Thomas Collins with Benton County and
he faxed his bid information and I put those together on a spread sheet and faxed it to Laurie Johnson and Steve Dilk. When Steve
called back, Stella price to use is a little higher. Of course we had a lot more warning signs.
c. Pam Friend – we would be happy to take the original quote and re-bid that
d. George Hartman – May 31st of this year the one year will be up on the quote. Federal and state highway want to know we are
comparable. They don’t want to have a variable price.
e. Louis Linkel – wasn’t the one (fist time bidding) bid higher then the grant
f. George Hartman – at this time there is not signed contract (see attached fax to Laurie Johnson). Reviews handout with
Commissioners. $15,000.00 Franklin County is committed to about the $500,000.00. Pen products would have been $12,000.00
under. We still have an ongoing bid that was accepted back in the spring. Flip tape one
g. Pam Friend – would like to get with the sheriff
V. Weekly highway engineer report, George Hartman
a. Ordinance for stop signs 2007-01
i. Louis Linkel motion to adopt 2007-01 (replaces 2005-22)
ii. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
iii. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
b. Bridge #164 / Vine Street Bridge over Harvey Branch in Oldenburg
i. Bridge railing sent to sub-contractor on Saturday-installation scheduled to be put in tomorrow
ii. Eric Roberts – questions who is responsible for stop sign?
iii. Thomas Wilson – town
iv. Adjustment for L.P.A. claim voucher (see attached).
1. they left labor out
2. went back and recovered labor
3. $27,893.63 with 80% reimbursable
4. anticipates last invoice at the end of this month
v. Typically the state runs behind on reviewing the figures.
vi. Eric Roberts – if contractor went over don’t want to pay extra.
vii. Can hold off if you want to
viii. Susan Jones – do you want it itemized after December 1
ix. Eric Roberts – yes
x. Will hold off until next meeting (in two weeks)
c. Bridge #110 and #111 / Railfence Road over Salt Creek and Harvey Branch
i. Talked to John Graf and he is will to address questions raised.
ii. See attached letter to Mr. Linkel dated Jan. 8, 2007
iii. Joe (Gillespie) has been working on it
iv. Louis Linkel – questions if any right of way problems
v. Joe Gillespie – don’t think so
vi. Thomas Wilson – can we push the appraisers
vii. Joe Gillespie – they have only been hired for about a month, but I can give them a call
viii. If cum. bridge didn’t have the money do we want to try for another interest free loan
ix. Louis Linkel – might have to. Might be a good deal.
d. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road over Stream North of Bridge #102 (Snow Hill Road)
i. Bid letting scheduled for February 7
ii. Large volume of earth there to be cut
iii. Completion date of August
e. Bridge #71 / Mid Road over Walnut Fork East of South Pocket Road
i. Dale Narwold concerned about load capacity
ii. See attached handout bridge #0071
iii. Considered narrow/one lane
iv. Stone abutments there
v. Pole rusted through web on forth beam
1. ten original beams
vi. Recommending with latest inspection to replace beams and decking
vii. Will have a weight limit with new inspection
viii. Maybe need some tuck pointing
ix. No stream scaring
x. One wing wall has a crack
xi. Putting new beams and deck would be less than replacing substructure
xii. Timber deck with asphalt surface
f. Flooding (over the weekend)
i. Goblers Knob
1. Eric Roberts – Chester (Ball) has marked it and it is down to one lane. Not too far off of one (tape two)
VI. Minutes (January 2, 8, 2007) – and change to December 26, 2006
a. Louis Linkel motion to approve
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
VII. Senior Housing Project
a. Ken Nelson – would like to revisit this again this year. Will be receiving a letter some time this week.
b. Thomas Wilson – will you be going to council and asking for an abatement
c. Ken Nelson – we will try to do that.
VIII. Appoint for Board of Zoning Appeals (four year term)
a. Louis Linkel motion to appoint Drusilla Masters to Board of zoning appeals
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all favor
IX. Report for 4th quarter Reimbursement for Public Transportation
a. Louis Linkel motion to sign reimbursement
b. Thomas Wilson seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
X. Government Center Change Order No. 2 from Meyer Najem, Inc.
a. Thomas Wilson motion to sign change order
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
c. Louis Linkel all in favor
XI. Payroll
a. Thomas Wilson – the accounts are right, money in the accounts and the required salary ordinance match
b. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts all in favor
XII. Prevailing wage public school corp.
a. Louis Linkel motion to appoint Eric Roberts
b. Thomas Wilson seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts all in favor
XIII. Gates
a. Doug Flaspohler – distributes quotes. Scotts is the cheapest
b. Thomas Wilson motion to take Scott
c. Eric Roberts all in favor
XIV. Clerk and treasurer report (flip tape 2)
a. Thomas Wilson motion to acknowledge
b. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts all in favor
XV. Phone in conference room
a. Susan Jones – Carol (Monroe) had mentioned needing a phone in the conference room for the State Board of Accounts and the
b. Carol L. Monroe – half of the phone calls we receive are for them
c. Commissioners – they can have it if they pay for it
d. Carol L. Monroe – they won’t
XVI. Adjourn
a. Louis Linkel motion to adjourn
b. Thomas Wilson seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary Cliff Dickehut Pam Friend George Hartman, Engineer
Marvin Ferkinhoff Don Vonder Meulen MarkBaumhardt Tracy Lightfield
Ken Nelson John Estridge, Whitewater Publications
Approved 01/29/07

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