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January 28, 2008 meeting minutes


JANUARY 28, 2008 @ 1:00 P.M.
County Commissioners Public Meeting Room
Those Present:
County Commissioners: Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Eric Roberts opens the January 28, 2008 Commissioners Meeting at 1:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Eric Roberts opens Drainage Board Meeting.
DITCH Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor reports he had mailed notices to the Property Owners within the Springfield/Brackney Ditch. He had presented site plan. Work has been going on within the Springfield/Brackney Ditch for the past 10 years commencing to the Dustin and Melissa Dorrel Farm. Joe stated there are a couple of issues, the one in particular is sometime in the past there was a pond in the center of the field on the Dorrel Farm, there are places where the laterals are going to cross this swale, the existing lateral is exposed. Eric mentioned it’s not going to work, Joe agrees. There are places to cross, proposes to run a sub‐main and tie in all this laterals, using a 9‐inch pipe. Joe asked the Kolb Brothers what they think. In the past the arms are hooked up by the property owner, the main line is put in and the hook ups are provided. Joe said this is a different situation, may cost an additional $1,000 to $1,500. Joe said he would talk to Dustin Dorrel; he’s not present at the meeting today. Joe feels that it’s not the property owners within the ditch to pay for his laterals. The other item is the site plan & specifications going to bid. There had been a $20,000. Assessment done in 2007, this was collected November 2007. Adam Henson had reported that Arm # 3 has a blow hole on the Laib Property, near Abbott Road and needs to be repaired and another on the Kolb Farm.
Eric Roberts moved to move forward with the Bid Process and repair the blow holes. Bids are due on February 19th. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Motion carried.
It was asked if Arm #3 is going to be replaced. Joe said yes, it’s still in the plans. Eric asked if the same assessment can be done each year to do an arm a year. Joe said yes it could be, to do an arm a year, but this would be up to the Property Owners within the ditch. Yes all the arms need to be replaced. We can schedule a Public Hearing to do an Assessment for Spring Tax Collection in May to keep the project going. A Public Hearing can also be schedule for February 19th. Bob Welsh asked if extending the open drain from the Kolb Property would that correct the drainage. The Kolb’s feel a lot of the problem will leave once the tile is replaced.
DRAIN Joe Gillespie presented a Notice of Hearing from Ted Young, Union County Surveyor regarding the William A Dare Ditch, a Franklin County‐Union County Joint Drain. Mr. Young is requesting a Public Hearing be set for Monday, February 25, 2008 at 1:00 P.M. in regards in the matter of continuing the annual $20.00 per acre annual maintenance assessment on the William A Dare Franklin County‐Union County Drain. Joe will send out to Franklin County Property Owners.
Don VonderMeulen makes motion that we schedule Public Hearing here on February 25th for the William A Dare Ditch. Eric Roberts seconds that. Motion carried.
AREA Joe Gillespie reported they have been working on the Stavetown Drainage Area. Joe had presented a Site Plan of the elevation shot along the ditch. Proposing the installation of a 30‐inch tile (showed Commissioners the location) that runs under US 52 – Old Blue Creek Road there’s a old head wall at the corner of Dick Schmidt’s lot. Dick Schmidt said he would give an easement, Joe said how are we going to build this. Don said we were going to ask Fayette Memorial to help. Need to put in a 36‐inch tile that would run under 52 and Blue Creek Road, there are 2‐24inch that comes from south and carries 70% of the flow. Joe said he had just finished the plan and the property owners have not seen it. We’re at the point where we need to get together with the property owners to review. This would be a joint project between the County, Town and Fayette Memorial Hospital. Joe will work on getting a meeting together.
REPORT Susan Jones, Auditor reported the penalties have been corrected and the Treasurer’s Office is currently posting taxes paid after the November 13th tax due date. The next step is getting the rebate checks out. Sharon Halcomb, Assessor reported her goal is to get the Real Estate and Personal Property to the Auditor’s Office on Friday. Don asked if there is a check off list that you follow and would that help him know if we are on track getting the tax bills out. Yes there is and Sharon said we are working real hard in having two installments of taxes. Susan reported that Becky Oglesby had presented a letter reporting the total of $380,065.31 as the amount of interest earned on all Accounts/CD’s for Franklin County in 2007.
BISHOP Richard Bishop, Concerns on Proposed Zoning Text feels we don’t need new zoning laws, he had served on the Board. Says 90% of the people in this County don’t know the existing laws on the books today and can’t enforce the laws today. Why create laws we can’t enforce and why make them for lawyers. He had read through the new laws, he might suggest that the old law on subdivision, take that out and put in what the new law says, that would affect the future. He would do the same with the campground and mobile home end of it, that should be done through the board. Should keep it to the minimum. Mr. Bishop went on to talk about campgrounds and when he had once owned one. Talked about the County Park, how restrooms were approved and the town septic. Talked about signage and the County Park Rates on State Signs. That’s why you don’t want to make it too complicated; you can’t enforce the laws now. He said the County and State put him out of business, because he could not compete. Asked if the County makes money on the park, suggest they have the same rate as the State Rates. Mr. Bishop and Eric and Don went on to discuss on how the Zoning Text and Comprehensive Plan came to be.
Dennis Kraus, Surveyor presented Highland Subdivision, developed by Janet Marie McKendry, Owner of property located at the Northeast Corner SE ¼ NW ¼ Sec 19, T8N R2W in Highland Township at the end of Weatherman Road off of Prophet Road. The subdivision has been presented to the Soil and Water for approval. The Plan is presented for drainage approval by the Drainage Board. Joe Gillespie states the drainage pattern has not altered and gives recommendation for approval. Joe reads certificate that needs to be signed, that it was determined at that time that this proposed development does not alter the surface water drainage pattern, that the after development run‐off does not exceed the before development run‐off and that the water that sheds from a new structure will exit the property as it did prior to development.
Don VonderMeulen makes the motion to sign off on subdivision. Eric Roberts seconds. Motion carried.
SUBDIVISION Dave Siefferman, Developer of Covey Trace Subdivision and has requested that the roads in the subdivision be put in the County Highway System. Larry Franzman presented to the Commissioners a letter to be signed stating the areas that still need to be corrected. The stipulations are stated that the gravel needs to be smoothed out that had been placed on the two foot berm. The sign post needs to be galvanized instead of steel and driven only to a 7 ½ feet minimum. The third item discussed was the cutting out of a 30‐inch section of a private driveway so that a transition area will be left between the roads asphalt edge to the start of the concrete driveway on dedicated right‐of‐way of Covey Trace Subdivision. The road is in good shape. Eric Roberts and Don VonderMuelen signed letter.
REPORT CANAL STREET BRIDGE 18 ‐ George Hartman, Highway Engineer reported that Jim Wendel and called him in regards to replacing Canal Street Bridge 18 over Duck Creek with a clear span (one span steel truss bridge that would be moved from another location. He indicated that a two lane bridge would be preferred. George mentioned that Don VonderMeulen had attended a meeting in Metamora that included a discussion about replacing the existing bridge with a single span historic bridge. The existing bridge is a three span timber bridge that was constructed in 1986. The timber piers collect drift materials that block the stream channel. Eric feels the bridge is good enough to make the necessary repairs. That there are a lot of other bridges in the County that need to be replaced.
CULVERT PIPE ORDER – George had presented the revised culvert pipe order per Eric’s recommendation. The culvert pipe order totaling $18,769.50 was faxed to CPI on January 23rd.
FEDERAL AID PROJECTS – George presented a revised spread sheet for the Federal Aid Projects that need additional federal funding for five of the six bridges. INDOT is currently accepting applications for the additional funding needed for these projects. Applications are due by February 21st, Brandi Fischvogt of INDOT has the Application and Score Sheet that must be completed.
LIST OF BRIDGES THAT MUST BE POSTED – George had also presented a List of (17) Bridges that Must be Posted regarding the Posting of Weight Limit. District One has their bridges posted. Districts Two and Three still need to do theirs. Photo’s need to be taken for proof of the postings. Eric suggested that the District Foreman look at the current sign inventory to post the needed signs.
The bridges that need to be posted are as follows:
Stone Church Road Bridge 25 16 Tons
Harvey Branch Road Bridge 35 16 Tons
Silver Creek Road Bridge 46 16 Tons
Levee Road Bridge 49 16 Tons
Oxford Pike Bridge 52 16 Tons
Urban Road Bridge 67 16 Tons
Mid Road Bridge 71 15 Tons
Enochsburg Road Bridge 73 3 Tons
Saw Mill Road Bridge 75 16 Tons
St Marys Road Bridge 81 16 Tons
Pipe Creek Road Bridge 82 16 Tons
St Peters Road Bridge 88 16 Tons
Highland Center Road Bridge 89 16 Tons
Blue Creek Road Bridge 93 16 Tons
Snow Hill Road Bridge 102 3 Tons
Sunman Road Bridge 124 16 Tons
Water Street Bridge 163 16 Tons
2009 APPROPRIATION REQUEST FOR FEDERAL PROJECT GRANT WITH MIKE PENCE, U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. George had reported that Don VonderMeulen has completed a request for Yellow Bank Creek Low Water Crossing for Yellow Bank Road and Bushy Road. George asked that a second application a Programmatic Project be submitted to replace low water crossings in Franklin County. The list would be based on the small structure culvert inventory.
MINUTES Minutes were not approved as Don has questioned on who has made the motion regarding the motion supporting Joe Gillespie’s motion from the January 14, 2008 Public Hearing. Will need to listen to tape of January 22, 2008 Commissioners Meeting. Don feels as he had made the motion instead of Tom, and Tom had seconded and Eric all in favor.
PAYROLL Eric Roberts moved to approve the payroll. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Motion carried.
TOM RITZ Tom Ritz mentioned that in 2004 he had presented a letter dated April 26, 1999 that it had been left out of the minutes and the Commissioners made a motion to put it back in and he had recently checked and it’s still not in. In 2004 they had put it in, it needs to be put in 1999, in iconological order. Also in 1999 there was a steering committee and he would like to have that list.
Tom is also questioning the EPA Law Suit and the $350,000.00 Settlement. Said he didn’t know anything about this. Questions the settlement on what was paid to attorneys and who the insurance company was at that time.
Tom also has concern on the Franklin County Park as Mr. Bishop has, states they are serving alcohol, not the County serving, they are letting the campers take alcohol in there, it’s one of the rules no alcohol in there. It had been at one the time it was the poor farm donated to the County with strict guidelines and one of the most important rules was no alcohol and people are turning their backs on it. Also the VFW is wanting some ground and there is now alcohol allowed. Tom is also questing the fees the park charges and they need to live within their budget.
Tom then questions the number of pages in the Comprehensive Plan, is 52 pages. They put in there dedicated right of way, has been asking who put that in there. Don tries to explain the dedicated right of way. Then discuss the subdivision code. Then brings up the entertainment tax, that he had brought this up before. Then said Eric brought up the health and safety of the people with septic systems. Went on from discussing one topic to another.
ADJOURN Don VonderMeulen motions to adjourn. Eric Robert Seconds. Motion carried.
Those also present: Richard CBishop Seth T Whitecotton Thomas Ritz
Claire R Laib Delores Welsh Bob Welsh
Mike Kolb Dave Kolb Dennis Lackey
Don Lackey John Kolb Adam Henson
Larry Franzman Dave Siefferman George Hartman
Donavan Estridge
_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
Susan A Jones, Auditor

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