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January 29, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 1/29/07 @ 1:00 p.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Louis Linkel Eric Roberts Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
*Louis Linkel opens with pledge of allegiance and opens drainage board meeting
I. Brackney Ditch
a. Joe Gillespie – discussed Brackney ditch at the last meeting and going across Dorrel farm for about $30,000.00 if anyone has anything
to say, now is the time.
b. Dennis Lackey – is this an ongoing
c. Joe Gillespie – we have always had problems crossing this farm and the farm north of this one (north of Kolb’s grain set up). All of
this tile is 100 years (old) plus. When you repair something you never know when to stop. There is actually more to this ditch than
the main tile, there are three arms. I would like to get this to the railroad tracks.
d. Mike Condo – what is under Abbott Road?
e. Joe Gillespie – the old tile was put under the bridge and was blown out. We have repaired that. My plan is to hook on to the south
side of Abbott Road.
f. Leroy “Bud” Updike – how soon will you start on it?
g. Joe Gillespie – would like to start taking money in on taxes this spring. Has everyone had an opportunity to look at assessment and
recommend to approve
h. Eric Roberts – move to approve and go ahead with it
i. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
j. Joe Gillespie – still some maintenance on condo farm and you will see my guys on your guys’ farm.
II. Dare Ditch
a. Rebecca Oglesby – there is a dare ditch fund and nothing has been happening for two years and it is dormant $11,015.00. That is now
in a c.d. at Main Source Bank. It is my understanding the ditch is done. We need to disburse the money or put in into a maintenance
b. Joe Gillespie – it would be my recommendation to put it into a maintenance fund but it is up to the property owners. State board of
accounts and reads email from state board of accounts. In order to take this money from the bond fund I think we should have an
hearing. My plan was to notify dare ditch group. Becky has this in a 60 day c.d.
c. Rebecca Oglesby – it has been in there about a week so you will be ok
d. Joe Gillespie – we haven’t spent money on this since it has been constructed. Can we have a meeting in February
e. Susan Jones – February 26, 2007 at 1:00p.m.
f. Joe Gillespie – I will get a letter together and notify the property owners
III. Bruns/Harvey Drainage Area
a. Joe Gillespie – last year you paid a bill to Seig and Associates. We went through the process figuring how much run off/benefit each
property owner had. At that time there were property owners upset. It is still a legal drain. Tom is concerned about getting billed
paid by property owners. There may be fashions to resurrect this project.
b. Eric Roberts – if you move it up closer to liberty pike.
c. Joe Gillespie – that could be done. That makes the drainage area smaller. That shuffles percentages. We went as far down stream as
damage to tile was. There will be holes that will be his responsibility. 1:30p.m. on February 26, 2007. Suspect for $11,000.00 we
could hook into tile on bath road.
IV. Louis Linkel closes drainage board meeting and go into Commissioners meeting
V. Minutes (January 16, 2007)
a. Louis Linkel motion to approve minutes
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
VI. EMS Contract
a. Roy Rosenberger distributes contract for 2007. Do you have a copy of this?
b. Susan Jones – we have a copy we weren’t waiting on it to come back from you
c. Roy Rosenberger – we have two a.l.s. contracts. We have the North and West end covered.
d. Eric Roberts – you don’t have copies of contracts
e. Roy Rosenberger – not with me, other than that it is the same as it was last year. ($50,000.00)
f. Susan Jones – that amount would have to be changed to $45,000.00
g. Roy Rosenberger – last year it said $50,000.00, but since council said $45,000.00 we accepted it and will get along with the
$45,000.00 with no squabbles
h. Carol Monroe – did Tom (Wilson) look at it and Gene (Stewart)
i. Eric Roberts – and get us copy of
j. Roy Rosenberger – I’ll stop back by later about 4:00
k. Roy Rosenberger – stops back in at 1:44 with price change and gives copies of two a.l.s.
l. Louis Linkel – Tom (Wilson) called and he wants to look at contact, we will get it taken care of next Monday
VII. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #164 / Vine Street over Harvey Branch in Oldenburg
i. Last meeting talked about claim #4 for services provided for month of December. Steve Barth is here this afternoon.
ii. Eric Roberts – I read the contract and the way I understand it we are not responsible for your responsible for your mistakes and
I view this as your mistake and it says to be billed at regular rate not overtime work.
iii. Steve Barth – anything over 40 hours we get overtime. When we keep these the state will come in and audit us.
iv. Eric Roberts – believes the over head rate should not be calculated on overtime rate (according to contract).
v. Steve Barth – reviews contract-that is the way we have done it for 30 years
vi. Reviews contract – flip tape 1
vii. Questions railing not extending beyond wing walls
viii. Steve Barth – doesn’t believes it had to
ix. Carol L. Monroe – are your holidays figured as time worked
x. Steve Barth – yea
xi. Carol L. Monroe – questions drop off (off of wing walls)
xii. About five feet
xiii. Eric Roberts – motion for Louis Linkel to sign dredge permit sheets
xiv. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
xv. See photo
b. Bridges 110 & 111 / Railfence Road over Salt Creek and Harvey Branch Des. #0200725 and Des. #0500802
i. Correspondence – see attached
ii. Reducing right of way from 35 to 25 feet
1. Basically in front of the barn
2. Temporary 10 foot for construction
3. Eric Roberts – questions if well house is still used
4. yes
iii. Hoping for a summer letting
iv. Steve Barth – looking for August (letting). Depends on how money is at the state right now.
c. Phase one Bridge Inspection and Underwater Inspections
i. Claim from Farrar and Garvey
1. $14,760.00 for County and reimbursable for 80% – $11,808.00.
2. Phase one is 65% complete and underwater is 100% complete
3. Eric Roberts – move for Louis Linkel to sign bridge inspection
4. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
d. Bridge #71 / Mid Road over Walnut Fork East of South Pocket Road
i. Narrow bridge
ii. Hole developed through one of the web sections (interior by west abutment)
iii. Load grading not completed yet
iv. See (2) photo’s of east and west abutments
v. Can cost be justified
vi. Louis Linkel – concerned about cum bridge (fund) and see how we stand on money
vii. Measuring face to face of abutments it is less than 20 feet (required to be in bridge inventory)
e. Gobblers Knob Roadway slide area
i. Slide developed
ii. See photos (2)
iii. A lot of water flowing down in road ditch
iv. Culvert crosses under the road
v. Water getting down into road base
vi. Water saturation is a major contributor of this problem
vii. Addition of culverts here and a French drain would be very beneficial
1. Looking at 100-120 feet of French drain
viii. Louis Linkel – maybe this a job we can do ourselves
ix. You need a tack-hoe to get down to this excavation
x. In neighborhood of $8,000.00 to get a contract
xi. Louis Linkel – money is going to be tight.
xii. Culverts would be beneficial and wouldn’t be that costly
f. River Road slide area – southeast of Highland Center Road
i. See photo
g. Stone House road – Roadway/Stream embankment slide area east of the area stabilized last year with F.E.M.A. assistance
i. See photos (4)
ii. Project last year funded with F.E.M.A. funding
iii. Putting in small gravel now and it is not doing any good
iv. Culvert in photo shows in poor condition and would be a good candidate for a railroad tank shell when money becomes
h. Whistle Creek Road Roadway slide area east of Salt Creek
i. See photos (2)
ii. Water saturation soils in right hand road ditch
iii. Candidate for a French drain
i. Bridge #55 / Blue Creek Road over Whitewater River
i. See photo
ii. When water gets down and we can afford it we need to get down there-it is causing underwater scarring
j. Levee Road
i. Louis Linkel – states river is changing
VIII. Indiana Brownfield Program
a. Susan Harrington – reviews fact sheet (see attached). Reviews power point presentation (see attached). Reviews financial incentives
(see attached). tape 2 We encourage partnerships. This is one place the state is here to help.
b. Louis Linkel – thanks Susan for coming in
c. Eric Roberts – we might have a spot we would want looked at
d. Susan Harrington – just email or call me
IX. Cost Allocation Plan
a. Charles Malinowski – earlier with Carol (Monroe) went over information of reimbursement. Given essential information for bond
report and the 115 pages or so are on the c.d. in the back. Put together a comparison sheet. (-see attached-reviews). $29,000.00
increase for county general. The study I prepared for you is about $1,400.00 for about $50,000.00. Distributes summary of 2006. I
lowered my fee 25% for one year option and 30% for a three year option.
b. Eric Roberts – move to have Louis Linkel sign for the three year
c. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
X. Ordinance 2007-02 (replaces Ordinance 2003-18)
a. Eric Roberts move to accept
b. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
XI. Officials Bond (Melvin Wilhelm and Rebecca Oglesby)
a. Eric Roberts move to accept bonds
b. Louis Linkel seconds the motion
XII. Hepatitis B
a. Susan Jones – Angie (Snyder) would like to know if we gave fire dept. could they pay for the vaccine. (calls Angie into meeting)
b. Eric Roberts – notify them you can get it in but you will charge them for it. Flip tape 2
c. Angie Snyder – questions if we could pay for health dept
d. Eric Roberts – we will pay for health dept.
XIII. Payroll
a. Eric Roberts – move to approve payroll with correction to dog catcher and Rick Gill signs it
b. Louis Linkel – seconds the motion
XIV. AFLAC open enrollment scheduled for January 30, 2007
a. Susan Jones – they will be in the Hamilton room
XV. Claim for Barth and associates (from above)
a. Louis Linkel motion to sign
b. Susan Jones – Eric’s point is it is there mistake not ours
XVI. 2006 Encumbrances
a. Louis Linkel motion to sign
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
XVII. Meyer Najem
a. Susan Jones – received an independent audit
b. Louis Linkel – have Tom (Wilson) sign/look at it when he gets back
XVIII. Adjourn
a. Louis Linkel motion to adjourn
b. Eric Roberts seconds the motion
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor Charles Malinowski Betty Updike Leroy Updike
David Kolb John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Mike Kolb Mike Condo John Kolb
James Ballenger Rebecca Oglesby, Treasurer Dolores Welsh Bob Welsh Ken Dorrel
George Hartman, Engineer Susan Harrington Eugene Stewart
Approved 02/05/07

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