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July 28, 2008 meeting minutes


JULY 28, 2008 @ 9:00 A.M.
Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room
Those Present: County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
ROAD Lester Charles, Resident of Indian Creek Road reported approximately 200 feet from St. Mary’s Road on Indian Creek Road a gentlemen cut a tree and left it in the ditch line. The County can’t mow the grass and weeds. Mr. Charles has concerns as a safety issue, have been near head on collusions and with school starting in the next few weeks. Mr. Charles said he has talked to the property owner to clear the tree away and he is saying he is afraid the County Road will encroach onto his property if he removes it. The Commissioners said they will have Brian DeFossett, District Two Foremen check it out.
REPORT Susan Jones, Auditor reported all Tax Bills are printed and a majority of them are stuffed. The Treasurer’s Office will be finishing them this week.
SYSTEM Eric Roberts reported he had received interest quotes for $40,000.00 Loan from FCN Bank, MainSource Bank and Bath State Bank for the purchasing of the New phone System. Fixed Rate to be paid off in 5‐years.
FCN Bank 4.25% MainSource Bank 4.75% Bath State Bank 4.95%
Tom Wilson motioned to approve the Interest Rate of 4.25% from FCN Bank for the New Phone System and have Eric Roberts work with FCN Bank in securing the loan. Eric Roberts seconds. Motion carried.
SETTLEMENT The County had received a Fax from Dave Gillay of Barnes & Thornburg in regards to the EPA Settlement. The Federal Court has approved the Consent Decree in the Laurel Stone Church Road Superfund site. A copy of the court’s July 22, 2008 Order Entering the Consent Decree was provided. Franklin County’s first payment of $100,000.00 is due on August 21, 2008. Mr. Gillay is coordinating with the ODJ on payment instructions and where we must send notice of payment. Also working on a letter with a schedule of subsequent payments the County is required to make under the terms of the Decree.
Judge Cox explained HB1001 that the State had overhauled the guidelines for the cost of Juveniles that had been effective July 1, 2008. The State is to be responsible for Juvenile Cost for only those that qualify for public assistance. Any other placement would be the County’s Responsibility.
PROJECT Judge Cox reported that several people have asked if there is going to an Open House. There is still some lighting that needs to be installed, estimates the project to be 98% complete. Will look at mid September for the Open House, need to have the Contractor’s, Engineers and Officials from the City of Lawrenceburg that had provided the River Boat Grant for the project to be completed. Tom Wilson and Carol Westerman have been working on a plaque. The Judge wanted the Commissioners Approval to start working on an Open House. Approval was given. The Judge will decide on a date and get back with the Commissioners.
MINUTES Eric Roberts moved to accept the minutes of July 21, 2008. Tom Wilson seconds. Motion carried.
BRIDGE INSPECTION PHASE I – George Hartman, Highway Engineer submitted LPA Invoice Voucher No. 10 in the amount of $1,710.00, 80% Reimbursement is $1,368.00. The inspection on Fairfield Causeway Bridge 144 has been completed.
Eric Roberts moved that Tom Wilson sign LPA Claim Voucher for Bridge Inspection. Tom Wilson seconds. Motion carried.
REX INSPECTION ENGINEERING SERVICES – Tom Wilson asked George if he had heard anything from any of the Engineering Firms for Engineering Services in regards to REX. George had not. Joe Gillespie said he had heard from Clark‐Dietz and they are interested. Eric Roberts said we don’t know the scope of work or a timeline and Clark‐Dietz doesn’t either to know what to charge. We will need to get an hourly rate. Joe will get in touch with Clark‐Dietz and have them at the next meeting. Eugene Stewart will pursue REX Officials and get a timeline.
PIPE CREEK BRIDGE 48 – George had submitted a Progress Report and Invoice for Pipe Creek Bridge 48. Invoice amount is $33,232.00; the total for Engineering Services Fees is $145,950.00. The Field Survey, Bridge Inspection & Report and Soils Investigation Survey are 100% Complete. The Design is 90% Complete and Environmental is 78% Complete. Tom Wilson asked about the Right‐of Way. George replied will need to talk to Joe Gillespie. George presented information for the painting of the Steel Truss Bridge from a Rust‐Oleum Company. Joe Gillespie reported that the Legal Descriptions are done for the Right‐of‐Way, still needs to be re‐staked. The Appraisals are set to be done. There are (3) Property Owners, foresees no problem in obtaining the right‐of‐way.
FAIRFIELD CAUSEWAY ROAD BRIDGE 144 – George had also mentioned Bridge 144 to Dave Ashley of Rust‐Oleum Company and provided information to him and would be also a good method of painting this structure.
VINE STREET BRIDGE 164 – George had received a Copy of a Letter from the Department of Natural Resources that had been sent to Oldenburg Town Council. There were to be a number of trees planted at the Vine Street Bridge Project Site in regards to the Application in a Floodway submitted by Howard J Barth & Associates. The number of trees that had been required has not been planted as originally specified.
BLUE CREEK ROAD BRIDGE 94 ‐ Joe Gillespie, Surveyor reported that the Right‐of‐Way has been amended and has been re‐staked. The Appraiser had reviewed last week and waiting on report.
MID ROAD BRIDGE 71 – George reported that they are still waiting on Verizon to relocate there telephone pole. No date has been set for work order.
FEMA DR‐1766 – George will be meeting with FEMA Officials on Flood Damages done to County Roads on Wednesday, July 30th.
SESSION An Executive Session set for Monday, August 11, 2008 at 8:00 A.M. in regards to Personnel. Dale Maxie, Sheriff will in attendance.
PAYROLL Eric Roberts moved that they approve Payroll. Tom Wilson seconds. Motion carried.
Susan Jones, Auditor reported that the State Board of Account has asked about the GASB 34 Value of Infrastructure in regards to bridges, culverts and roads in Franklin County. It was suggested that George get in touch with the Wayne County Highway Department and talk to Tim as to how they determined the value of their infrastructure.
ADJOURN Tom Wilson motioned to adjourn. Eric Roberts seconds. Motion carried.
Others Present: John Estridge Michael Moore Scott McDonough George Hartman Jay Shullman
Luster Charles Monica Yane Judge Cox Joe Gillespie Eugene Stewart
____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen

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