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July 30, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 07/30/07 @ 1:00 p.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Don Vonder Meulen Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
*Thomas Wilson opens meeting with pledge of allegiance
I. Weekly Update on Taxes
a. Thomas Wilson – Carol, no news?
b. Carol L. Monroe – no
II. Ordinance 2007-13 (Service Charge for Dishonored Checks)
a. Thomas Wilson – reads ordinance
b. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to pass ordinance 2007-13
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
III. Road Between Franklin Church Road and 101 (Waterson Driveway)
a. Paul Dobbs –used that road for years and school bus uses the road. There are mail boxes on the road. All of the
sudden they are blocking the road and putting up no trespassing signs.
b. Thomas Wilson – have we maintained the road?
c. Paul Dobbs – as far as I know
d. Hollie Sintz – thinks school called several times last year and Chester (Ball) told him it was not (County Road)
e. Judy Thackrey – from what we understand the county has been maintaining that road
f. Thomas Wilson – Eric will check with Forman and get back with you
g. Continued below
IV. Cemetery Commission Certificate
a. Larry Franzman – it was brought to the attention at one of the A.P.C. (Area Plan Commission) meetings to have
them sign off for one of the cemeteries. I followed through on that. Reads Certificate (see attached). Have a place
for cemetery commission to sign
b. John Estridge – we approved it at our meeting. Whoever is president can sign it. Everyone thought it was a good
c. Larry Franzman – reviews code
d. Thomas Wilson – motion to move forward
e. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
f. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
V. Ordinance 2007-15 (Use of Fireworks and Penalties for Violations)
a. Larry Franzman – when Gene (Stewart) wrote this it said common but the legislation says consumer. Special
needs to come out. Special fireworks are completely governed by the state and fire departments. This does not
effect the agreement we have with Mr. Lynch.
b. Thomas Wilson – who is the enforcing agency?
c. Larry Franzman – would assume it would be Sheriff Dept and specials would be Fire Marshall
VI. Galway Acres Subdivision Roads (Welch Dr. and Galway Court)
a. Larry Franzman – reads letter (see attached) We had some questions and concerns in the past and Chester, George
and I have went out.
b. Continued below
VII. Economic Development
a. Larry Franzman – had Renée (Stivers) put in for 15/16 dollars but it did not go through. If I need help advertising
(comprehensive plan text) how do I go about this?
b. Thomas Wilson – I am sure we would have some advertising money somewhere. We will find money for
VIII. Ordinance 2007-14 (F.C. Health Dept. Fees for providing Birth and Death Certificates)
a. Eric Roberts – reads ordinance (see attached)
b. Thomas Wilson – motion to adopt ordinance 2007-14
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
IX. Complaint of Accident on St. Mary’s Road (July 17, 2007)
a. Don Vonder Meulen – reads letter from Daniel Meyer (see attached) Crash report indicated unsafe speed was
primary cause and then has environmental causes/road surface.
b. Thomas Wilson – our insurance co said they have to turn it into their insurance. Whatever decision we make will
set precedent. We need to wait until gene gets here
X. Use of Courthouse Lawn for St. Michaels Fund Raiser (September 21, 2007)
a. Susan Jones – it is to raise money for the 8th grade trip.
b. Thomas Wilson – motion for St. Michaels to use lawn provided it is after 4:00 to allow for construction
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XI. Letter from Trey Kidwell’s Family (Old State Road 101)
a. Eric Roberts – I think our option is to put up a sign you are leaving Franklin County maintained road
b. Thomas Wilson – we have one at five points (flip tape one)
c. Don Vonder Meulen – my son works at Kents Harbor and he said it is next to impossible to make that mistake
now. Doubt having that sign will keep someone from driving to the lake.
d. Dustin Glisson – it is not a Franklin County problem at all.
XII. Minutes (July 16, 2007)
a. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to approve minutes
b. Thomas Wilson – second the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
XIII. Bid for Salt
a. Eric Roberts – move that Tom sign bid quotes from Cargill
b. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
XIV. Road Between Franklin Church Road and 101 (Waterson Driveway)
a. Hollie Sintz – spoke with Chester (Ball) on phone and it is not a county road
XV. Hollie Sintz, Highway Clerk Weekly Report
a. Thomas Wilson – how do we stand on equipment repair?
b. $15,000.00 for the rest of the year
XVI. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road over Tributary of Johnson Fork North of Snowhill Road Covered Bridge
i. See photo (2)
ii. See claim
1. Don Vonder Meulen – do you review the claims to make sure they are in line or is that what Eric
Roberts does
2. we review them (calls Barth to question mileage)
b. Bridge #94 / Blue Creek Road over Blue Creek
i. See claim
c. Stone Church
i. See handout
d. NBLS Bridge Inspection
i. See invoice/voucher (tape two)
1. Eric Roberts – move for Thomas Wilson to sign LPA claim
2. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
e. Bridge #48 / Pipe Creek Road over Pipe Creek-Alley Ford Steel Truss Bridge
i. See letter
XVII. Galway (continued)
a. Joe Gillespie – we have several subdivisions that are in different stages of approval. Earlier in the year we met at
Autumn Oaks subdivision and Brian Metz wanted a letter specifying what we wanted done. Larry and I have
talked about this and we want to know how you feel about that. Brian doesn’t want to spend any more money if he
you are not going to accept his road.
b. Larry Franzman – since ’94, we have always let contractors believe if they bring it up to standards they could
petition and it would become a county road.
c. Thomas Wilson – I don’t think we need any more roads in our system
d. Eric Roberts – I don’t either, we only have twenty-six/twenty-seven hundred dollars per mile (budgeted)
e. Thomas Wilson – we will still receive money from the state but we still have the same amount of people etc.
f. Susan Jones – you have some subdivisions that have been working on this thinking you are going to take the road
g. Thomas Wilson – maybe in 2009.
h. Larry Franzman – that is fine, we just need to do it in writing; maybe change the new text.
i. Thomas Wilson – It is something we can look at. In larger cities it is something that is more common.
j. Larry Franzman – this conversation gave me some insight as to how the commissioners feel about the county
roads. (flip tape)
k. Thomas Wilson – George Hartman, how do the other areas handle impact fees?
l. George Hartman – Well, it just depends.
m. Andy Pickell (Project Coordinator for Beam, Longest, and Neff) – A limit is set on the number of units like five
houses/lots then the Impact monies kick in. It is about a year long process.
n. Eric Roberts – the money would go towards cum. bridge?
o. Andy Pickell (Project Coordinator for Beam, Longest, and Neff) – It would go towards extension of dead end
roads, blister packs, it is not a pick and choose situation. It is very direct way to use the funds
p. Eric Roberts – do we check with I.N.D.O.T.?
q. Andy Pickell (Project Coordinator for Beam, Longest, and Neff) – They will not tell you the specifics.
r. Eric Roberts – who then?
s. Andy Pickell (Project Coordinator for Beam, Longest, and Neff) – You’re best to start with DLGF. You are talking
about not accepting new roads; this will be the same thing.
XVIII. Clerk Report (June 2007)
a. Thomas Wilson – acknowledge that we received
b. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
XIX. Payroll
a. Thomas Wilson – called Dale and he said there is a statute and everyone was notified in March of this
b. Carol L. Monroe – according to IC 36-2-5-13 “the compensation of an elected county officer may not be changed
in the year for which it is fixed.”
c. Continued below
XX. Bond for Highway Engineer
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to sign bond
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XXI. Payroll (continued)
a. Don Vonder Meulen – could we wait one pay period and see what is going on?
b. Thomas Wilson – maybe Dale could get with the sheriff association
c. Eric Roberts – move to approve payroll with Dale’s payroll being the same as it was the first of the year
d. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
e. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XXII. Larry Weldishofer = (County Line Road-East of Glob Road)
a. Larry Weldishofer – Questions putting a no outlet sign/road closed. Was woke up at three in the morning to move
my truck
b. Eric Roberts – we can’t put a road closed signed up unless we close the road. Do you want us to petition to close
the road
c. Larry Weldishofer – yes, after my house back to the dead end road
d. Thomas Wilson – the county hasn’t maintained that for fifty years or better. Suggests putting up a gate and only
property owners have a key
e. Joe Gillespie – I would need to research it. I think I can go through my inventory and see if that road has been
vacated or just abandoned for maintenance
XXIII. Adjourn
a. Thomas Wilson – motion we adjourn
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
Don Vonder Meulen – Thomas Wilson accepted this award in recognition of this building and use of the courthouse annex
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary Carol Westerman Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director
Dustin Glisson Paul Dobbs Judy Thackrey Jim Thackrey
John Estridge, News Examiner Joe Gillespie, Surveyor Larry Weldishofer
Andy Pickell
To be approved 08/06/07

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