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July 7, 2008 meeting minutes


JULY 7, 2008 @ 9:00 P.M.
Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room
Those Present: County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance
REPORT Susan Jones, Auditor reported that the taxes are calculated and they are working on the abstract to be submitted to the State Auditor’s Office for approval.
METAMORA Connie Ragle asked if the Commissioners Council for Historic Metamora Board was going to be reinstated. Don VonderMeulen said there are nominations being taken at this time for the openings that are on the board, so if anyone wants to be on the board they can put their name in. Tom Wilson reported that as to the Board being reinstated, no, it’s just an advisory board.
Steve Collier said he had received a letter on drainage issues, had not heard anything. Don VonderMeulen said there was a problem with the drainage near the fire department, but had been corrected, there was a pipe that was not working and that had been fixed. Joe Gillespie will be doing elevations on Main Street to determine what to do to correct the drainage issues on Main Street. Eric Roberts mentioned looking to install pipe that will drain into the canal, but will need DNR Approval from the State. Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor talked to Jay Dishman, DNR and the Canal and Railroad is on the National Registry, he sees the problem and would work with the County, but would require State Approval. The elevation on Main Street from east to west is 700 feet, this would also include the DNR Parking Area that is also higher than the sidewalks and would require grinding. Joe reported that there is one culvert pipe on the other side of the canal that is running into the canal. Dorothy Enderle reported on the end of the Canal that is near the Fire Department, at one time there was a drain, that property owner had covered up the drain when he paved the road. Joe will check out.
GRAVES Harry Graves asked if there were any answers regarding his questions from last week’s meeting. Gene Stewart said he had talked to Rene’ Stivers and in regards to the Economic Development Corporations address, that is being address and will be taken care of. With regards to the audit request, that is being taken care of. The State Board of Accounts is doing the audit.
Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor reported he had talked to Bob Bane of Walnut Fork Road and he poled everyone on his end of Walnut Fork Road and no one wants the road name changed, but East Walnut Fork would be acceptable. Joe did not talk to anyone on the West End of Walnut Fork Road. The West End sets in Metamora and Salt Creek Townships and the East End sets in Metamora Township. Don VonderMeulen asked George Hartman if it would be improper to change of Walnut Fork and not the other. George said to change the East End to East Walnut Fork Road and see what happens.
Don VonderMeulen made motion to change the East End of Walnut Fork to East Walnut Fork Road and leave the other end (West End) Walnut Fork Road. Tom Wilson seconds the motion. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
BRIDGE 48 Joe Gillespie also reported that he had started the acquisition stage of acquiring the Right‐o‐ Way for Pipe Creek Road Bridge 48 and are staking the Right‐of‐Way.
Joe reported that they should be receiving the culvert pipe today for the Stavetown Drainage Project.
BRIDGE 94 Joe had also reported that they will be re‐staking the Right‐of‐Way for Blue Creek Bridge 94. The Fasbinder’s requested they would like to see the right‐of‐way.
AGREEMENT Eric Roberts had asked if Gene had reviewed the Utility Permit Agreement that had been presented by REX. Eric said they had deleted a lot of things from the Agreement, but also added some good things. Eric has concern with one Utility Company selling to another Utility. Gene Stewart said the Property Owner would need to deal with this concern. Eric has concerns with the road cuts proposed on the County Roads and if permit fees should be implemented. Gene said need to discuss and to get permit fees established.
METAMORA MAIN STREET ‐ George Hartman, Highway Engineer he had spoke to Mark Richardson of Paul H Rohe Corp in regards to options of lowering the pavement on Main Street in Metamora. Mark is checking with Jurgenson Company about a core drill to take samples on pavement depth. He said a milling machine would cost approximately $6,000.00 a day, plus $1,800.00 a day for trucks and clean up. The County’s 2008 Bid Price for milling with recycling is $2,600.00 a mile for a 18ft wide roadway. Joe Gillespie is estimating 6 inches of pavement.
RAILFENCE ROAD BRIDGE 110 & 111 – George reported that the County had received a letter from INDOT dated June 24, 2008 approving our request for an interest free loan for the Railfence Road Bridge 110 & 111 Bridge Replacement Project. The letter has six specific items that relate to the conditions of the loan. There is a Local Development Credit worksheet that defines the amount that will be included in the State/LPA Construction Agreement. This letter must be signed and returned to INDOT to concur with the loan conditions prior to final process of the loan application. INDOT will send a Loan Document prior to the September 4, 2008 letting date. Franklin County must proceed to appropriate $309,903.00 ($200,000.00 of this would be the interest free loan and $109,903.00 from County Funds), plus Construction Engineer Fees through Count Council at this time so
there is no delay in the project. Eric Roberts has reservations in accepting the interest free loan; why not use funds available in the Cumulative Bridge Funds.
Don VonderMeulen made motion to sign the letter of Acceptance of the Interest Free Loan today. Tom Wilson seconds the motion, pending funding is in place. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
INDOT 2nd QUARTERLY REPORTS – George had reported that he has the Quarterly Reports for Federal Aid Projects that need to be signed. Reports are for Bridges 110, 111 and 94 for Bridge Replacement Projects, and Bridges 73, 48 and 102 for Bridge Rehabilitation Projects.
Eric Roberts moved to sign the cover letter and Tom Wilson to sign the individual report forms. Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
BRIDGE INSPECTION PHASE I – George reported that Phase I of the Bridge Inspection is now complete. Presented LPA Claim No. 9 for Professional Services in the amount of $896.00 ‐ 80% Reimbursement $716.80.
Eric Roberts move for Tom Wilson to sign LPA Claim for Bridge Inspection. Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
BULL FORK BRIDGE 36 – George had presented photos of Debris that had collected under Bull Fork Bridge 36, due from all the heavy rains and flooding. There is also a gravel bar forming in the channel downstream from the bridge. Tom Wilson said we usually take care of removing the debris ourselves.
HARVEY BRANCH ROAD ROADWAY EMBANKMENT – George reported he had received a phone call from Arthur Reynolds regarding a large gravel bar that has formed on the west side of Salt Creek, just North of Bull Fork Stream. High velocity of water from Bull Fork had been undercutting the embankment for Harvey Branch Road and building a gravel bar that is forcing Salt Creek it’s East Bank and Harvey Branch Road. Mr. Reynolds grants permission for the Franklin County Highway Department to use his access road to this area. The Governor has allowed stream work at this time, the gravel bar could be moved east along the embankment by a dozer and materials hauled could be placed to protect the embankment.
Eric Roberts moved to sign the corrected LPA Claim No. 4 for the Sign Improvement Claim for Reimbursement, correct amount $55,949.75. Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
CLAIMS Tom Wilson made motion to approve Claims (dated July 7th). Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
MINUTES Tom Wilson made motion to approve the Minutes of June 30, 2008. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
ADJOURN Tom Wilson motioned to adjourn. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Others Present: John Cookendorfer Harry Graves Stanley Monroe Eva Fuchs Connie Ragle
Steve Collier Betty Riddle Dorothy Enderle Scott M McDonough Gene Stewart
George Hartman Price Cox Joe Gillespie, Jr. Pat Romas Dorfmueller
____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
____________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
ATTEST: _____________________________________
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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