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July 9, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 07/09/07 @ 9:00 p.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Don Vonder Meulen Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
Thomas Wilson opens meeting with pledge of allegiance
I. Weekly Property Tax Report
a. Carol L. Monroe – received 1782 notice and I am being told that the Health and Park will need an additional
$20,000.00 in order not to be in the red at year end due to rates being reduced.
b. Thomas Wilson – will this effect the other funds?
c. Carol L. Monroe – I am being told it will not
II. Cemetery
a. Eric Roberts – Pat Smith approached me about a cemetery on Elkhorn estates on Snowhill Road West (across from
Seeley Road). It has four plots. Our subdivision process-should the cemetery board be notified so that they may
do some research.
b. Larry Franzman – you cannot develop within 150 feet of a known cemetery
c. Joe Gillespie – there is a law you cannot develop within a 100 foot set-back
d. Eric Roberts – we are sending it to the health dept., soil and water, why not the cemetery board?
e. Joe Gillespie – do believe we should do that
f. John Estridge – that is a good idea, no problem
III. St. Peters Catholic Church (waive permit fee)
a. Larry Franzman – received a fax from Jerry Back. Told him it was a 250 fee and he asked me to take it to you to
waive fee. This is just for the inside of the church (take out the stairs to change into rail road, etc)
b. Eric Roberts – move to remove permit fee
c. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor; how many hours/dollars are involved in this (for your office)?
e. Larry Franzman – four or five trips/around $200.00. Don’t feel bad about doing this-it is supporting our
IV. Contract for Cemetery Maintenance
a. Thomas Wilson – bid for cemetery commission and mileage.
b. Susan Jones – don’t understand. Can Commissioners give permission to board to sign contracts?
c. Carol L. Monroe – I will have to find out
d. Thomas Wilson – we will go ahead and approve it. Don’t know why you guys can’t do this in future. $50.00 plus
V. Permits for Metamora
a. Larry Franzman – on the three applications, they look like everything will be alright
b. Don Vonder Meulen – make motion to approve applications
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
VI. Stayin’ Alive Grant
a. See attached
b. Don Vonder Meulen – motion for Thomas Wilson to sign grant
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
VII. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road over Tributary of Johnson Fork North of Snowhill Road Covered Bridge
i. See photo
ii. Would not anticipate any additional charge
iii. See pay estimate from Howard Barth and Associates (up through June)
iv. Will begin work on the bridge itself fairly soon
b. Bridge #144 / Fairfield Causeway over Brookville Reservoir
i. Have a draft copy of latest inspection-see attached
ii. Carol L. Monroe – have we received a copy of the agreement they referred to last week in their letter?
iii. Will get with the real estate division
iv. Looking at a rehabilitation project with this
v. The steel is starting to show some signs of rusting
vi. Substructure is in good condition
vii. See excerpt of inspection
viii. Sufficiency rating here is 82, but once project gets going it has a tendency to go down
ix. It is a big structure and needs to be watched
x. Thomas Wilson – as far as I know and with the Commissioners for us, we accept the driving surface. I
would still like to see the corp. paper work
c. Culvert No. SP-3101 / Big Cedar Road – 0.5 miles south of Grant Road / Springfield Twp. Section 31
i. Chester (Ball-Forman) had request from property owner
ii. See photo & diagram
iii. Structure is in curve
iv. Thinking of using rail road tank shell
1. would provide a much more wider road way surface
2. Eric Roberts – could you put the shells in deep enough not to raise road?
a. would have to break concrete and lower it
b. would get a good eight inches
c. would need to take step to insure no scaring
3. other question would be contractor wanting more to lower it (flip tape one)
v. Thomas Wilson – don’t know why would want it due to 36 year life expectancy
vi. Just a narrow road way
d. Bridge Inspection Phase I (2006) / Project No. Br-NBIS (578)
i. Kevin Loiselle sent c.d.’s for us to review (on file in Commissioners office)
ii. We do still post our structures at 16 ton
1. we are not required to do that
2. required to do it at 15 ton
iii. Thomas Wilson – motion to sign letters to schools showing weight limits (see attached)
iv. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
v. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
VIII. Courthouse Construction Debris
a. Eric Roberts – do you (George) have an idea where we can put it/stock pile it?
b. George Hartman – as long as it is clean
c. Eric Roberts – yes. There might be two/three truck loads
IX. (old) 101 signs
a. Eric Roberts – is it our responsibility to put road end/no outlet signs on our stretch of the road? The Union County
Commissioners don’t feel it is their responsibility to put signs
b. Eugene Stewart – it is not the duty of the county, it is discretionary
c. Eric Roberts – my feeling is the no outlet sign should be at the last available road
d. Hollie Sintz – there is a meeting at the Mounds today to discuss this
e. George Hartman – the agency that maintains the road is the agency that puts up the signs
f. Don Vonder Meulen – if we put a sign will we be assuming any liability?
g. Hollie Sintz – Union County snow plows it
h. Eugene Stewart – you can carry these arguments to the absurd. It get unreasonable to a point
i. Eric Roberts – I don’t want to put a sign up; and that show we accept some type of responsibility
j. George Hartman – I would be cautious of starting a new practice at this point. Would want Gene (Stewart) to be
comfortable with whatever we do
k. Eugene Stewart – the issue is duty; and I don’t see a duty. In order to cure this-would be to put a barrier up at the
end and we cannot do that.
X. Fireworks Ordinance
a. Eugene Stewart – how big do you want to go? The State has set dates and hours that you cannot do anything
b. Thomas Wilson – mainly what I was after was the hours. We need to accept the state’s guidelines for our Sheriff.
c. Eric Roberts – can’t the sheriff enforce a state law
d. Eugene Stewart – yes; it is a class a misdemeanor. But if you adopt it you can have the fines go to the county
e. Susan Jones – who would you go after; the owner or the one letting them off
f. Eugene Stewart – the one setting them off.
g. Thomas Wilson – we just don’t want people who have to get up and go to work be up all night.
h. Eugene Stewart – let me put together three or four of them
XI. Dog barking complaint
a. Don Vonder Meulen – had a call from a citizen about neighbor’s dog barking all night long.
b. Eugene Stewart – found an ordinance dated July 20th of 2004 (2004-10). 1st (offence) – written warning with $25.00
fee thereafter. Enforced by sheriff or small animal control officer
XII. Bristo vs. Sheriff
a. Eugene Stewart – federal court dismissed his complaint; we will see what happens next.
XIII. Highway Report
a. Hollie Sintz – distributes information to Commissioners (see attached) (tape 2)
b. Don Vonder Meulen – questions with our money how long it takes to make complete circle of district
c. Thomas Wilson – ten years
XIV. Minutes (July 2, 2007)
a. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to approve
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XV. Three Year Plan for E.D.I.T.
a. See attached
b. Thomas Wilson – motion to sign plan
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XVI. Adjourn
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to adjourn
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary George Hartman, County Engineer Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director
Carol Westerman Sharon Halcomb, Assessor Mike Selke, News Examiner Hollie Sintz
John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Brent Roberts John Graf Eugene Stewart, Attorney
Marty Hon
To be approved 07/16/07

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