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Jun 2, 2008 meeting minutes


JUNE 2, 2008 @ 9:00 A.M.
Those Present: County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opened the Meeting in the 2nd Floor Commissioners Public Meeting Room with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Bob McCreary, Franklin County Resident, Lobbyist in Indianapolis and State Board of Trustees and Chairman of Economic Development Projects. Since Honda started at Greensburg and been at the site since it started representing his client. Some knowledge on Industrial Development. 1) Location of where to potential to develop, if you think a company will come down to US 52, companies are looking for property close to the interstate. Franklin County is in dire need of money, if we don’t get new Economic Development, new taxation in this County. Commissioners, we’re all going too tired of raising taxes. If we don’t act responsible and pick the right location. You are not going to get any company of any size to come into this County. He doesn’t know where exactly the location is on US 52. It’s about location of a Company that is entering county and doing business, wants close access to the interstate. He has read in the paper numerous times on the US 52 location; don’t know who owns the ground, makes no difference. It’s the matter of location, when a company coming into your County, in this State, building roads and access to the interstate. Gas prices, in his opinion will go to $5.00 a gallon, diesel even higher. If they look at a location of US 52 you lost, they are looking for property close to the interstate, not going to drive that big hill down to US 52.
2) Job Description of the Economic Development Officer, don’t know what the job description, would like a copy of the job description. He asked Don VonderMeulen for a copy. Don said to go to the Economic Development Office and request one from Rene. It was said you don’t have one. Don said that was put in place before his time, but would get a copy. How much time does he spend out of state, with other companies, component parts business of Honda is going to be bigger than Honda itself. Honda has 2,500 employees hired. We have a change to get jobs into Franklin County. Mr. McCreary has no interest in any of the places; it’s the matter of business and matter of technology, its matter of the two. Don’t know what the problem here is, we got to look at this at a business stand point, and the County’s stand point. We have good opportunity.
Don VonderMeulen stated on June 19th is the next Economic Development Board Meeting and encourages Mr. McCreary to attend and talk to them; they are the one’s applying for Grants. Mr. McCreary said he will be in Chicago. You need to go to them they are not going to come to you.
Cathy Pelsor, Public Transportation Director presented their 2009 Intent for Funding Application.
Don VonderMeulen made motion to sign Intent to Apply for 2009 Funding. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
MID ROAD BRIDGE 71 – George Hartman, Highway Engineer reported that the contractor has mobilized to the project site and started work to remove the existing structure. Traffic will be detoured around the road closure for two weeks more or less, depending upon weather and rate of construction progress. George has prepared an estimate of project quantities and estimated total cost. George also presented copies of the contract plans for the Commissioners Signatures. The bridge rail estimate from the supplier should be available today. Title Sheet for the plans was signed by the Board of Commissioners on the 6th day of June, 2008.
PIPE CREEK ROAD BRIDGE 48 – George reported that INDOT’s Office of Environmental Management has forwarded the Section 106 Effect Finding Documentation to FHWA for review and approval. George had spoken to Curtis Bradburn, Geotechnical Engineer with Earth Explorations and was told INDOT is currently revising specifications for Gabion (baskets) walls.
HISTORIC BRIDGE INFORMATION – George had received a fax last week from Clark-Dietz Engineers a listing of Franklin County’s Historic and Non-Historic Bridges. The report was prepared by Mead Hunt Company, Consultants for INDOT on this project. Don Dunaway also called last week to discuss these bridges. Don has concerns on a bridge that sets on the Franklin/Decatur County Line Road. The bridge is in need of repair. One of the wing walls had fallen.
COUNTY LINE ROAD – George has spoken to Officials from Decatur County and they would like to develop an Intergovernmental Agreement defining maintenance responsibility for roads that set on the County Line. Decatur County is also in the process of placing new road signs. Once agreement is prepared and approved by both County’s it would then be signed by Board of Commissioners in Decatur County and Franklin County.
Don VonderMeulen reported he had received phone calls from Residents of Walnut Fork Road and they would like for Walnut Fork Road to be renamed East Walnut Fork Road and West Walnut Fork Road. Deliveries to residents are being delayed, as delivery drivers don’t know that Walnut Fork Road is off of Pipe Creek Road and also S R 229. Joe Gillespie has talked to George Hartman; the issue from residents is changing these
addresses. Joe suggests having a Public Hearing. E-911 can be changed easily. Tom Wilson suggested that the residents be notified of the Public Hearing that has been set for Monday, June 30, 2008 at 1:30 P.M.
Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor reported that he had been contacted by Dick Schmid property owner in the Stavetown Drainage Area wants a time line for when the County will start the project. He has been contacted by the Hospital for additional dirt be hauled to his property, he had already received some, but don’t want to take any more. He had already received some to use as fill for project and there is nowhere else to dump it, until it is leveled out. Eric feels the pipe can be ordered this week.
The Franklin County Health Department requested that the Ordinance concerning Tattoo Parlors and Body Piercing Facilities be amended, since there was a case of Hepatitis reported. Added to the Ordinance is Section 14. Services to Minors. No service be provided to any person under the age of 18 years, without the written consent of the person’s parents or legal guardian and signed in the presence of the operator. Also said parent/guardian must stay with minor during the entirety of the tattooing or body piercing process.
Tom Wilson made the motion to sign Ordinance 2008-15. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
CLAIMS Tom Wilson made the motion to approve the claims (dated June 2, 2008). Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Eric Roberts moved to sign LPA Claim #3 for Bridge Signage Replacement for ($31,714.58) Reimbursement for the Sign Replacement Project. Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
BILL SCHIRMER reported at the Economic Development Corporation meeting on that Monday, he thought there was going to be an opportunity for open discussion and have public input at that meeting, but did not happen. Only had three minutes to speak. Did not get to give his presentation. The way he understands it now that three County Commissioners have to agree a particular location. Bill asked this to Jud McMillin. Jud said he disagrees with this; these three County Commissioners have to agree on what the Board decides on which location, not their position to decide on the location. It’s the Board decision. After questioned being on who Jud McMillin was by Harry Graves and Brian Bauman. Mr. McMillin introduced himself as Jud McMillin, presenting Economic Development Corporation. The only thing going to clarify, the way the structures been set up, it’s not the County Commissioners job to select location. The Board has applied for the grant; the Board then is awarded the grant. The Board’s job to select a location, it is the County Commissioners job to make determination on whether or not they were approved the grant money for the particular location of the Board’s decision. Bill Schirmer stated that he was informed on Friday a week ago down in Lawrenceburg that the Mayor and Tom Stidell that it does not have to be that specific location. McMillin – That is correct, it’s not the Commissioners job, the Board decides on a location. Schirmer – If these three Commissioners say we a specific location, Golden Road or State Road 1, and they bring back to the Board that they agree to State Road 1 and then the Board could reevaluate or look into it. Don’t understand where the Economic Board is linked into this at this point in time, I know originally were, but determined now, according to Stidell. The Board of Commissioners has to reach a location, but not this specific for that location. McMillin – Location is secondary to the Board approving the grant. It’s the Commissioner Job is to approve the grant or not. The Board has come in here saying we applied for the grant, the grant has been awarded subject to your approval. We would like for you to approve the Grant, now this is what we want we’re going to do with it. No your accretion that the three of them can set down and come up with a location and this is what we would approve of, here is what we would want you to reconsider and take back to the Board, but there are numerous other legal repercussions that could follow that, given the contractual obligations that have been already been entered into. Schirmer – You already paid $100.00. McMillin – No have not. Brian Bauman – You are a private corporation, correct. McMillin – Yes that’s correct. Bauman – Why do you need these guys approval if you are a private corporation? McMillin – That is what the description of the entity has dictated. Bauman – So the contractual obligation would bring you and the Board or who ever signed that contract, not the Commissioners. McMillin – not going to give out legal advice here regarding my client in public forum. Bauman – Asked if McMillin had a contract with the Commissioners. McMillin – No. Schirmer – Just want to make sure that Tom Wilson does not have to agree to the State Route 52 location, he has the ability to agree any location, just means three guys have to agree to a location. McMillin – None of the Commissioners have to agree to any particular location, location is not what they are here to agree on. There here to strictly to agree on whether or not they will approve the grant, that is there only concern. Roy Hall – You said they are here to approve the grant, but the committee you are representing is the one says where the location of where the grant monies to going to be placed. McMillin – That is correct. Hall – So they approve the grant 100%, then you’re the one who decides where the grant money is going to be placed. McMillin – It’s already been decided that, that’s what had been submitted. Schirmer went on to give his presentation that he had wanted to do on that Monday. Showed the location of State Road 1 Property, traffic count information, showed road for both locations. Letter written by Rene Stivers and himself to the St. Leon Sewage for sewage, also where they were on agenda at the Dearborn County Sewer District. State Road 1 property was planned for Industry, approximately 60 acres available. Showing that he and Rene were marketing State Road 1 property for Industry. Have been involved in Comprehensive Plan meeting on Thursday for bring new development in Franklin County. Planned Open
Industrial, development should be guided by water and sewage. Schirmer is hoping the three County Commissioners ask the Economic Development Corporation Board to reconsider the location. Price of property could be renegotiated and was never given the chance to. Mr. Schirmer is offering the house and buildings that are located near property to allow the Economic Development Corporation to sell to make money to add infrastructure, if they would consider setting down and talking to him. Sam Schuck, One of the Property Owner of U S 52 Property that Economic Development Corporation has opted to purchase, stated that one comment he is going to make and believe me for what I am saying. Considering everything we have been going through, because of this. We are in procession of an offer to purchase from the Economic Development Corporation. If this money comes from Lawrenceburg, we fully expect for this offer to be honored. Schirmer – In regards to the point that Sam just said, was the option to purchase was attached to $100.00 and have the option to re-up in six months. McMillin- There is a difference between an option and an offer. The option is tied to the $100.00. The offer is tied to the grant. Don VonderMeulen – About a year ago he and Eric were out on an outing that we were granted monies for the Courthouse Project, almost didn’t get that money. Because it didn’t fit the criteria for Economic Development. So he started to attend their meeting so we could get a grant that would fit there criteria for Economic Development and apply for grant that would fit development. Don said he had sat in on these meeting the last couple of months and listened to discussion on the property’s that are available, these people are businessman and they know the location important. Made a point to make a trip down to St. Leon for sewage for Bill’s property. The Board had to choose something before the deadline; it had to be a property that was available for them to put it on a grant application. He supports the Board and their decision of the property’s that were available to them for the date the application need to filed. It would be very sad to tell Lawrenceburg to keep their money. Need to support the Board. Tom Wilson asked Jud McMillin if the Board would entertain any changes. Don said he had gone to Lawrenceburg on Friday and spoke to the Mayor and Mr. Stidell and they told us to go back and decide if we want the money or not. They told us that they are not going to let us mess up there situation they have down there, if we cause them problems. We will not get a nickel now or ever. Tom Wilson said they told him different. We are eligible for grants, just like the other counties. McMillin – answering Tom’s question, would the Board consider, understanding the Board’s is a completely private organization and organization now without funding at this point. Understanding the statement previously made by Mr. Schuck, about the contractual obligation that had been entered into. The advice is largely contingent upon what the legal repercussions would be if the Board would make a different decision if the grant money’s would come in the passion of the Board and if property is directed elsewhere. VonderMeulen – That when they were in Lawrenceburg on Friday, Mr. Stidell suggested that all parties get together and work this out. McMillin – That would be well advised. Gene Copes – asked question, but could not make out his question that he had asked.
BRIAN BAUMAN with everything that is brought up and picking a piece of property, if this is truly is best piece of property your new Commission will come to that conclusion. Why are we so afraid to put in a group that would be accountable to you guys? If this is the best location these gentleman will declare it the best location. Harry Graves – this is the process that Union County had gone through and there was a resolution that the Union County Board of Commissioners authorizing the submission of grant applications. Did you give the supposed Economic Development Corporation any right to make an offer or anybody? Bauman – Why would you want a corporation that is not accountable to you guys, why would you want that Eric? Graves – This Economic Development Corporation as they call themselves occupies space down there, we pay their rent, and we have no contract with them. Bauman – Why are you so opposed to a new Commission, appointed by the County Board of Commissioners, County Council and Town of Brookville? Wilson – said we don’t have to ask for their Articles of Incorporation, County Council would not have to fund them. It would be the proper thing to do, it could be the same membership, but have some accountable and be tied to the County and not be a private organization. VonderMeulen – This maybe something that we ask Gene Stewart on Monday. While the people are here, we can have the people here to answer these questions for us. A lot of questions get ask, that we don’t know the answers to. There may be some very good reasons on why the things are set up as they are right now. Roberts – The question, before we do something else, let’s find out how other places do these things. Jennings County is very strong; see what Decatur County and Dearborn County are doing with their improvements. The City of Batesville has their own Economic Development. Are they commissions or corporations? Is there Governmental accountability. Karla Bauman – There is, she had worked for the one in Batesville. Roberts – Is it a commission or corporation. K Bauman – It’s a commission. Roberts – Before we go down another wrong avenue, we need to look at it. Wilson – Even if I make a motion and it’s tabled for a week to check with other’s to see how it’s done. Roberts – Do we throw out everything that this Corporation has done. Dennis Kolb – is there a clock ticking on that grant money. It was said 30 days. There was more discussion between Brian Bauman, Bill Schirmer and the Commissioners, along with others attending the meeting on this issue.
Don VonderMeulen suggests that the Commissioners meet with the Economic Board Monday at 5:00 P.M.; The Board of Commissioners would reconvene their meeting from the morning at 5:00 P.M. Don reason to have the meeting is to have everyone in one room to hash this out and resolve. Tom – don’t have any problems with it, but feels it won’t settle anything, would be more than happy to do it. Tom – if we don’t accomplish anything, I would like to make a motion to form our own Commission by IC Code and asked that Council not fund the Private Corporation.
HARRY GRAVES showed copies of Union Counties Resolution to make an offer for a grant application. Eric feels this is a Resolution and is no different than a Letter of Support. Talked about the Economic Development and the Interlocal Agreement. Had asked previously for copies of documents and still has not received them. Asked Rene for Documents and has not been able to get them. Wanting to know who prepared the Interlocal Agreement document. Harry says he has two hats on, because this is the way Rene Stivers comes to you. He come to you as Economic Director, he either appointed or hired him, he’s an employee. He comes before you does he switch the hats back and forth. Said Mr. Stewart is the same way sits in the audience and made comments in regards to the Economic Board Corporation. He said they were a valid corporation, he is the one who prepared the documents, he is the one who gave them the bylaws. You in turn, sent for request of advice from him, he is for this corporation that has no legal ties to this County. Tom says what you are saying they should stand up and identify themselves. Harry – yes they should. Mr. Rene Stivers stood here asking to
change the bylaws, which their bylaws at the time clearly said they don’t have to ask you to change their bylaws. Eric – that shows they are working with good faith with the County. You are exactly right, they can change their bylaws to say anything they wanted and not ask for out permission. Harry – by rights you need to have a contract for them to be in this building. Do you have a document that says their address is for down stairs? This went on to more discussion with Bill Schirmer and Harry Graves.
BILL SCHIRMER wanting on record to make sure known that anyone of you guys that have interest in walking his property can do so, just give him a call.
PAYROLL Don VonderMeulen made motion to approve payroll. Tom Wilson seconds the motion. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
MINUTES Don VonderMeulen made motion to approve the Minutes (May 27, 2008). Eric Roberts seconds the motion, with one correction, name change Todd Raible instead of Tom Raible. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion Carried.
MULCH Don VonderMeulen reported on the mulch project. Made suggestion that maybe we could work together with the Town of Brookville on the same property site that they would continue to provide location and man power. It cost $1,000 each time the grinder is brought to sight. Rene Stivers will take back to the Board. It was suggested that we check into other options to grind the materials.
ADJOURN Tom Wilson motioned to adjourn. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Don VonderMeuelen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
OTHER PRSENT: Robert McCreary John Estridge Joe Gillespie Dennis Kolb Brian Bauman
Karla Bauman Harry Graves Scott M McDonough Bill Schirmer Roy N Hall Stanley Monroe Sam Schuck Eugene Copes Gene Wilson Jimmy Allen
George Hartman J R Stivers Jud McMillin
_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
ATTEST: ______________________________________
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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