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March 17, 2008 meeting minutes


MARCH 17, 2008 @ 9:00 A.M.
Those Present: County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opens the March 17, 2008 Commissioners Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
REPORT Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor reported that Real Estate values had been given to the Auditor’s Office and are balanced. Homestead Credit Rebate Checks have been mailed. Susan Jones, Auditor reported we are still working on putting on exemption, since the rebate checks went out have been receiving phone call pertaining to them. Approximately 250 of the Homestead Credit Rebates had been returned, we are working to get these back out in the mail. Don VonderMeulen asked Sharon, the changes that Legislature has made, how will that affect the County. Sharon said she did now know said she had tried to stay up with the changes proposed during the session, but changed daily.
INTERNET Barry Bailey of RBSK printed out what the different speeds options that had been proposed a few weeks ago by Verizon. At present the County Internet provider is Citadel, which is wireless. Barry explained it is better to have the wire instead of the wireless. Enhanced Telephone Communication (ETC) had talked to the Commissioners several months ago, but it won’t be until late summer when that service will be available. Barry had recommended the option that would cost $79.00 a month, plus a set up charge of $99.00, but there is a rebate on the $99.00 at this time. Each location would also need a modem at each site. The service would be 5 to 6 times faster, than what you have now. It is proposed with a 1‐year contract, with (2) connections at the courthouse (1) for election and other for the rest of the building), (1) for the Government Center, (1) for the Sheriff’s Department and (1) for the Highway Department. Barry said this could be set up in a month, with no downtime. Commissioners asked Marlene Flaspohler what she thought; she was in favor in going with Verizon.
Don VonderMeulen made motion authorizing Barry Baily to price (5) modems, (4) High Speed & (1) Low Speed for the Highway Department). Eric Roberts seconds. Tom Wilson, All in favor. Motion carried. Barry will work out details and get back with the Commissioners with a final price.
Marlene Flaspohler, County Clerk presents the 2008 Precinct Polling Places for the Primary and General Elections. Brookville 2 Precinct had been changed to Emmanuel Baptist Church. The rest are the same.
Don VonderMeulen motions to approve the Polling Places for the Primary and General Elections. Tom Wilson seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Don VonderMeulen mentioned at the last election, some of the poll workers did not know where the 50 foot shoot was in keeping election materials away from the polls. Marlene said that is explained to the poll workers at the training sessions, but will go over it in more detail. Would also check in getting 50 foot rope for each precinct to measure the distance.
DRAIN Dick Schmid property owner within the Stavetown Drainage Area said he was not happy with the deal proposed last week. This is a temporary fix. The retention pond is a mud catch basin. The retention pond is to release water at a slow release. This past Monday evening they are putting in a drain tile that is as big as what you’d had proposed to put in. Then there’s the no permit issue. Eric Roberts asked if Joe had talked to Dave Montgomery with the Hospital Project. Joe said he had left messages, he has not responded. Eric asked weren’t they going to expand the retention pond. Joe replied, they haven’t done work on the retention pond yet, they have put in a large pipe. The Commissioners asked that Joe get with Dave Montgomery, if something isn’t done in a week, the project will be put on hold. Rene Stivers said the Town isn’t responsible for all of Mr. Schmid’s problems, this is something we all need to work together to resolve.
NEW BY‐LAWS Rene Stivers, Director of the Franklin County Economic Development presented a new set of By‐Laws of the Franklin County Development Corporation. Rene went over some of the changes. First being in Article IV Board of Directors, Section 1. Authority Number. The governing body of this Corporation shall be the Board of Director’s, who shall consist of (6) persons who shall be elected by the Voting Membership at each annual meeting and one (1) person who is appointed by the Franklin County Commissioners. The Board of Directors shall at all times consist of seven (7) members. The second is being Article VIII, Section 2. All actions taken by the Director, the Board of Directors, any Committee, Officer, Member or any agent acting on behalf of the Franklin County Economic Development Corporation shall be made in furtherance of the Franklin County Comprehensive Plan. Neither the Director, the Board of Directors, a Committee, Officer, nor Member of the Franklin County Economic Development Corporation shall have the power to exercise eminent domain.
Tom Wilson asked what qualifications are for the (7) members. Rene said none, but should own property and live in the County and have some kind of business background. The (6) members would be elected by the Board, they can be nominated by the committee, write letter to Board of Directors and give their intention to run for the Board of Directors. Tom asked if the Commissioners would have some say on the Board. Rene asked to be put on the agenda for next week’s meeting and bring Judd McMillin to explain the proposed by‐laws.
SUPPORT The Town of Brookville is asking the Board of Commissioners for a Letter of Support for obtaining grant funds from the City of Lawrenceburg. The town is proposing a water/sewer system project along Main Street. A comprehensive plan study had been done and has identified critical areas that need to be implemented.
Eric Roberts moved to sign Letter of Support for the Town of Brookville for another Water/Sewer Project. Tom Wilson seconds. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor. Motion carried.
ROAD Marty Brunner, Property Owner on Heppner Road had requested at last week’s meeting to extend Heppner Road 300‐400 feet. Tom Wilson acknowledged the road was an old County Road; maintenance on the road had been abandoned in the 1970’s. It has been the County’s policy for the past several years, not to extend these dead end roads. There have been a lot of developers in the county coming to extend these roads. Mr. Brunner would like to obtain (2) building lots. The Nobbe’s did want to build a house and would be put in their deed for (1) house only for at least 20 years. It was said he can go before the Area Plan Commission for a variance to allow another piece to be sold off. The Commissioners recommend to get a Special Exemption/or Variance and them to upgrade Heppner Road as a private drive. Mr. Brunner asked what text you go by. Tom said the 1989 text with the added ordinances. Larry Franzman was asked what direction to go, Larry replied that they would need to apply for a variance, then questions and this would also be the boards question, who would maintain road, there would need to have some kind of maintenance agreement in place between affected property owners.
PIPE CREEK BRIDGE 48 – George Hartman, Highway Engineer reported that the Field Check Meeting for this project was held at the project site this past Wednesday, March 12th at 10:00 A.M. The proposed project work was reviewed to determine the need for modifications and plan changes. It was determined that soil borings will need to be done. We will need to have Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor get in touch with the property owner near Snail Creek Road and abandon the entrance at the southeast corner of the bridge. Utility Lines will need to be relocated. The consultant will contact the Franklin County Historian to get a recommendation on the proposed color of paint for the steel truss bridge. It was said they thought the bridge was originally green.
VINE STREET BRIDGE 164 – George had presented a copy of a Certified Letter that had been received from DNR dated March 6th, 2008. DNR Staff had recently completed a compliance inspection for the Wine Street Bridge 164, bridge replacement project. George had prepared a fax letter to John Graf and Drew Barth of Howard J Barth & Associates to coordinate completing all mitigation work required by the permit in regards to tree planting for the project. John Graf responded by saying it was the Town of Oldenburg responsibility for the tree planting and seeding. John will get with the Town of Oldenburg to get this work completed.
FEDERAL AID BRIDGE PROJECTS – George had received a phone call from Steve Flores of INDOT, this past Friday. He wants to know the status of the Right‐of‐Way for Blue Creek Road Bridge 94. In order for the bridge project to stay on schedule the right‐of‐way for the project must be certified by May 1, 2008 for a November 2008 bid letting. Eric said we need to modify the project to the mail box and widen a little bite. The Fasbinder’s had agreed to give 3 to 5 feet on his side for the construction of a shorter project, but nothing had been agreed for the other side of the road. The County Highway Employees would need to get their work done on the project, and then John Graf would need to modify plans. If right‐of‐way is not acquired by May 1st for the project it would be backed up 18 months. Eric asked that George and Joe look at plans and get elevations to get base set and then blacktop. Then John Graf can modify plans. Joe will call Dave Currens.
Joe Gillespie had reported that the deeds have been recorded for Right‐of‐Way for the Enochsburg Covered Bridge 73 Rehabilitation Project. Will be getting ready for the Right‐of‐Way Audit. Jim Barker has received the right‐of‐way plans. There should be a bid letting this year.
It was reported that everything is at INDOT for the Rialfence Road Bridge 110 & 111 Project. Steve Flores said that he will try to complete reviewing the plans that have been submitted for the project, so a bid letting date could be earlier than September 2008 can be scheduled.
Steve Flores of INDOT had also asked about the Snow Hill Covered Bridge 102 Project. It is still at a standstill.
SIGN IMPROVEMENT PROJECT – George had received information that the information on the installed traffic signs has not been submitted to Steve Flores and Jason Bunselmeier as required. Hollie had reported to him that Keith Bias from WTH has not been in the Highway Office to work on the GIS Mapping as needed so information can be sent to INDOT. George also reported the County will be getting a letter from Stello Projects extending the bid price. Also the sign order will be completed today for our bridges postings. George had been in contact with Brian DeFossett, District 2 Foreman to pick up the signs.
STATE HIGHWAY BRIDGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT ON US 52 OVER BUTLER RUN – The preliminary field check meeting had been scheduled this morning at 10:30 A.M. at the project site.
REX PIPELINE – George reported he had made copies of the documents that had been given to the Commissioners at the last meeting to the Three Highway Foreman’s, Highway Office, Area Plan Office and Surveyor’s Office.
TO REX Greg & Lee Orschell had presented a copy of letter in which they had responded to Certificate of Approval #FW‐24514 in regards to the proposed construction of the REX East 42’ natural gas pipeline though Franklin County Indiana, they have some concerns with the proposed route.
MEMBER Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director reported that Don Williams, the Commissioners Appointment to the Area Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals cannot set on the Board Wednesday Evening. Has recommended that the Commissioners appoint Bill Shirmer to the Board as a Temporary Board Member.
Tom Wilson made the motion for Bill Shirmer to be a Temporary Board Member to set in for Don Williams, if absent. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor.
The Board of Commissioners has received a Letter of Support from Ripley County Commissioners regarding REX Pipeline.
Don VonderMeulen mentioned that Cody Ritz had questioned amendments.
IMPACT FEES Had contacted the State Board of Accounts regarding the proposed Impact Fees for the Metamora Regional Sewer District Board. These impact fees would have been needed to be included in the Rate Ordinance at the time it was established. A study would have needed to be done. This is something that the Metamora Regional Sewer District Board Attorney would need to check into. These Impact Fees would not be something the County would get involved with.
GRAVES Harry Graves presented a letter requesting information in order to update his Codicil to his will, he had been asking the following questions: Questions are as follow:
What was the date that the current zoning ordinance, if any, signed and passed?
What was the Ordinance number, if any?
Do the commissioners have a signed copy of the Current zoning text if any that can be “certified”?
From whom can I get a signed copy of the current zoning text if any, “certified”? I need this to complete my “codicil” to my last will.
Signed Harry D Graves
Don VonderMeulen reported he will answer and give answers to Harry Graves at the next meeting.
REPORT Tom Wilson made motion that we acknowledge the Treasurer’s Monthly Report dated February 2008. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
MINUTES Tom Wilson made motion to approve the March 10th Commissioners Minutes. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
ADJOURN Tom Wilson made the motion to adjourn the Commissioners Meeting till 1:00 P.M. Eric Roberts seconds. Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
RECONVENED Meeting at 1:00 P.M. to discuss strategy in regards to the Public Hearing to be held on Wednesday, March 19th for the Special Exception that REX had applied for.
ADJOURN Tom Wilson made the motion to adjourn. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor.
Others Present: Sharon Halcomb George Hartman Joe Gillespie Seth Whitecotton Carla Austin Dick Schmid Richie Schmid Marty Brunner
Connie Brunner Harry Graves Stanley Monroe Scott McDonough
Larry Franzman Lee Orschell Greg Orschell Rene Stivers
Marlene Flaspohler Mike T Schwab Barry Bailey Diane Raver
Jeremy Weber Cody Ritz Gene Meyer
________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
ATTEST: _________________________________________
Susan A Jones, Auditor Franklin County

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