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March 5, 2008 meeting minutes


Report of the 03/05/08 Meeting of the OC/CIC
In the presence of approximately 40 citizens of Franklin County the
Organizational Committee for the Citizens Input Committee met in the
Commissioner’s room at the government annex at 7pm.
The 15 members elected ; chairperson Dave White, vice-chairperson
Gary Wolf, treasurer Jim Suhre, and secretary Margaret Fain. In
order to establish as quickly as possible the subcommittees and also to
listen to speakers who are experienced in the field of Zoning , the next 3
meetings will be held weekly. Thus on Thursday March 13, 20 & 27
,2008 at 7pm all citizens are invited to attend as many of these meetings
as possible at the above stated site.
In order to be as public & as transparent as is possible the meetings of
these groups will be advertised in the local papers and on local radio
stations. Signup sheets will be circulated for names & e-mail addresses
or phone numbers. ALL citizens are welcome.
The goal is for subcommittees to focus on specific areas of the zoning
code and then report back to the whole CIC in order to get as closely as
possible to what the community wants to see in the code. Your
cooperation and involvement will help get this job done before the end
of 2008 as resolved by the Commissioners.
At the meeting on the 27th there will be an opportunity for the OC to reorganize
the officers if desired or needed. To contact any member of
the OC, the Commissioners or Joe Gillespie the Surveyor can provide
you names and numbers.

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