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May 5, 2008 meeting minutes


MAY 5, 2008
Those Present: County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Donald M VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opened the meeting in the 2nd Floor Commissioners/County Public Meeting Room with the Pledge of Allegiance.
WEEKLY REPORT Rebecca Oglesby, Treasurer, reported the Treasurer’s Office is now accepting credit card payments, via internet, phone, or in the office. She will be getting a notice in the newspaper. Susan Jones, Auditor reported that we are waiting on tax rates to be certified from the DLGF.
DUMP TRUCK BID Larry Kerr, Highway Mechanic Foreman discussed the different options available on the bids received for a new dump truck. Mr. Kerr recommended the Blust Bid with the Kaffenbarger truck bed. Bid met all specifications.
Tom Wilson made motion to accept the bid from Blust Motors with the Kaffenbarger truck bed, in the amount of $90,256.49. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in favor. Motion carried.
BUILDING Ed Hollenbach, EMA Director and Tracy Lightfield, E‐911 Director came before the Commissioners with a proposal to install Security Cameras at the Transmitter Radio Building. This building houses $180,000.00 worth of radio transmitters. The schools, public transportation and hospital also run off of the tower. The building is located at a remote site at the top of the County Park Hill. We have been working with Mobilcomm and they have the ability to install a camera system to monitor any activity that would be going on around the building. There are funds available in the Tower Maintenance Fund to pay for the security system. Ed and Tracy are asking permission to proceed with installing these cameras.
Don VonderMeulen made motion to move forward with the Security Cameras for the cost of $4,948.00. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in favor. Motion carried.
Rene Stivers, Economic Development Director came before the Commissioners, asking them to sign the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Lawrenceburg, backing the Economic Development Boards decision. Tom Wilson said there was a lot of question and public wanting to know how the Board arrived at this location, thought there were other pieces of property that would be better. It was said the Batesville Property price per acre was too high at $70,000.00 an acre. Rene said the members of the board were looking at several parcels of land, he had made phone calls and took back to the board, it was their decision. Rene said he backs the Board’s decision and it being the best for the County.
Jerry Harnishger – Who is going to be paying taxes on this piece of property. Rene – When the property is purchased, they will be paying the taxes. If someone looks at property, is it going to be leased, sold or what. Rene – Sold. Another option was to put in education center, the other start a building for a business to start a business. What kind of education. Rene – Adult Education, Skilled Trades. Bill Schirmer – Have financial interest in piece of property. Asked about the criteria for this location of this piece of property. Bill asked Rene for Copy of Minutes for the past 3 months. Rene said meetings are open to the public. This piece of property has been zoned Industrial since 1964, there is more property that surrounds this 49 acres. Brian Bauman, Representing Jeff Franks has several questions. Do Notices of Meeting get put in the paper. Rene – Public Notices of each Meeting is posted on Bulletin Board. John Estridge – Did not get a list of Meeting Dates of Economic Development Board Meetings. Rene said they have a set time, okayed when it started a year and half ago. Is there an option on the proposed property. Yes there is, the option is with the seller, not for the money. Judd McMillin – the Grant Application was made for this piece of property. Brian Bauman said there is 251 acres available on Golden Road at $20,000.00 an acre and is shovel ready. Bill Shirmer said he contacted Tom Steidel and he replied whatever is best for the County, he called it seed money. Doug Schuck, along with Diane and Doug said Mr. Shirmer tried to buy their property several years ago. Graf Concrete, Dave White, Fohl Construction had also contracted them, but it was not for Sale at the time when contacted. Did sell a piece to Sperry’s. Gene Copes – Who appraised the property? Rene – No, is was not appraised. Only piece of Industrial Property sold several years ago was sold at $18,000 plus an acre. Eric Roberts said the Grant Process would be the 1st year to purchase land. 2nd year to develop land. Eric said there were (3) Properties considered, Golden Road area, Bill Shirmer’s Property and the Schuck Property. Stanly Monroe asked why have an attorney present for Economic Development. Rene – said he and Sam have been personally attached by comments. Brian Bauman asked about crossing REX Pipeline to get utilities to this location.
Scott McDonough – What would it take to bring property to be used for Industry, Infrastructure. It was said the Schuck Property is all usable, as is J & J Property. The Shirmer Property has limitations. Shirmer’s has all qualities with the exception of sewer and he has letter from North Dearborn Sewer, also has the support from the Governor to bring septic across the County Line. Sam Schuck replied in reference to Utilities, a small water line goes to it, has a large aqua under it. Sperry’s work off of a septic system and in the past employed 250 employees. Jerry asked do we have anyone interested in the piece of property. Rene – had a call last week from Ohio to relocate in Franklin or Dearborn County, it employees 40 people. Was in North Vernon and spoke to Region 9 and they had the same company wanting to relocate.
Jim Suhre quotes several items from the Comprehensive Plan on pages 104 & 105. Jim Suhre also mentioned a truck terminal, that would be a skelton crew. Also on page 87 – U.S. 52 South of Brookville, traffic is congested. New development should be limited. Harry Graves – asked Eric is Ed Roberts was a relative. Eric said yes, everyone on the Board knows it. With the subject of bringing septic across the line, everyone within 300 feet would also need to hookup. There are several other issues in St. Leon that have not hooked up yet, has that been addressed. Sam Schuck said Tom you signed the letter of support, why didn’t you check into it more. Tom read the Letter was dated March 20, 2008 for Letter of Support signed by Board of Commissioners, in that letter a location was not stated. Harry Graves is questioning the appointments. Was the Economic Board appointed by the Commissioners. It was asked what the criteria to set on the Board. Rene – The Original Board was set up as Business Representative, Bank Representative,
Town Representative, Industrial Representative, Education Representative, and the County Surveyor, there are Seven Members to the Board.
Gene Stewart, County Attorney reported that he had talked to Joe Votaw, Lawrenceburg City Attorney and he said as long as it was for land, It wouldn’t matter, they would agree to it. Gene did not talk to Tom Steidel to follow up on that. Judd McMillin feels before we take that avenue, we would need to check. We don’t want to lose the funding. John Estridge asked if there was a time restraint on signing of this document with the City of Lawrenceburg. Judd McMillian there is a restraint with the property owner, which expires June 16th.
Tom said last week the motion was made Eric and Don seconded it. Actually that all the Board needed to pass this to buy this piece of property, it don’t have to be an unanimous decision. Tom asked Gene if that was correct. A motion was made and seconded. Eric voted yes and Don voted yes. Tom said no. Tom said if they want to change the motion, then last week’s motion would need to be rescinded.
Eric Roberts moved that we sign this and turn over back over to the Economic Development Board for reconsideration. If they want to reconsider they can reconsider, if they want to stand by their decision they can. Eric rescinded this motion.
Don VonderMeulen made motion to have Eric Roberts sign the Interlocal Agreement with Lawrenceburg in place of Tom Wilson. Eric Roberts seconds the motion and it still goes back to the Board. Motion carried.
Interlocal Agreement was prepared by City of Lawrenceburg. Judd McMillin said he would reconstruct signature page for all (3) Commissioners name.
GRAVES He has question about claims, one of them McMillin in regards to this ongoing thing. Wants clarification on what just happened. Have question on whether the Economic Board was ever properly appointed to start with. You just sent it back to the Board, that he has question about, if this is a legal board. Don said the Interlocal Agreement was between us and the City of Lawrenceburg. The Grant was applied for and required the Interlocal Agreement by Economic Development Board. Harry is asking if the Economic Development Board was properly appointed. Gene Stewart advises that the Board has been properly appointment and if Harry wants to challenge that through court proceedings, he could do so through the Judicial System.
Harry said he is still waiting to get a certified copy of a zoning test. Asked to whom I get this from. Don said they had tried to give him a copy of 1989‐2. Asked if this was certified by County Auditor, it was certified by the Board of Commissioners. Harry said he has looked at this document and feels it is fraudulent. Tom Wilson said noted.
WEEKLY REPORT RAILFENCE ROAD BRIDGE 110 & 111 – George Hartman, Highway Engineer reported that Brandi Fischvogt of INDOT had called and said the request of transfer of surplus funds from Bridge 110 were approved. The distribution of $486,823.20 has been transferred to the bridges as requested by letter dated April 7th signed by Board of Commissioners.
MID ROAD BRIDGE 71 – George reported his had placed the order for the (2) Railroad Tank Shell Cars and had received acknowledgement from Gateway Pipe & Supply. They will be coordinating delivery of the pipe on either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The County Highway Employees will need to do some work on the elevation and bridge rail will need to be installed.
UNDERPASS ROAD CULVERT NO. RA‐2401 – The concrete fill material over the arch inlet on the upstream end of the structure is deteriorating. It will be necessary to close the road for a day to excavate down to replace the concrete fill. We will need to contact the Batesville Wastewater Treatment Plant notifying them of the closing.
U.S. 52 BRIDGE REPLACEMENT OF BULTERS RUN – George presented a letter that had been requested for the addition of a sidewalk to the bridge plans for the replacement of the U.S. 52 bridge replacement. The letter is recommending that the new bridge include a sidewalk for pedestrian’s access to the areas adjacent to this improvement project. The sidewalk is important for public safety and future development.
STOP SIGN AT STONE CHURCH ROAD AND SHADY LAKE ROAD INTERSECTION – Don VonderMeulen asked George’s recommendation on a 3‐Way Stop at the Intersection of Stone Church Road and Shady Lake Road. George will get with Brian Defossett, District Foreman to check out and make recommendation.
PROGRAMMATIC SIGN IMPROVEMENT PROJECT – The signed Contract Renewal for the Purchase of Materials through April 30, 2009 for the Programmatic Sign Improvement Project was faxed to Todd Zeller of Stello Products on April 28, 2008.
FRANKLIN COUNTY Jay Shula and Kevin Bunger of Cleves Connections presented to the Board of Commissioners a Proposal for new phone system for Franklin County to be done in phases. Mr. Shullan proposes (5) phases. The first being the Installation of new phone system on 2nd floor of courthouse for newly remodeled areas. This will be an Allworx 24X with 8 CO lines and 13 phones. This will support the existing copper phone lines while beginning the switch over to the new phone technology. Costing $6,995.00, which would be the initial phone system installation. The second phase would be a T‐1 from Verizon installed in courthouse. 2nd floor phone numbers to be ported to T‐1‐ DID numbers. All office phones to be switched out to Allworx Phones. Remainder of copper phone lines in courthouse ported to T‐1 as DID numbers, costing $8,860.00, with an overall savings of $337.00 a month. The 3rd phase being the installation of radio link between courthouse and government center. Install Allworx Phones in Government Center. Port copper lines to T‐1 as DID numbers in courthouse (government center), costing $16,798.00, with an overall savings of $772.00 a month. Phases four and five would be adding the Sheriff and 911 Center Office Phones (not CML) to phone system using additional wireless bridge site off of system installed in phase three, costing $11,354.00, saving $772.00 a month. The fifth phase being the installing of phones in 911 backup trailer costing $2,788.00. Total cost of the system for all phases is $46,795.00 with a total savings of $2,026.00 a month.
Tom Wilson motioned to proceed with phase one. Eric Roberts seconded the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Phase two was discussed; this is contingent on County Council approval of funds.
PAYROLL Tom Wilson motioned to approve the Payroll Claims. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried.
MINUTES Tom Wilson motioned to approve the Minutes of April 28, 2008. Eric Roberts seconds the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor. Motion carried.
ADJOURN Eric Roberts motions to adjourn. Tom Wilson seconds the motion. Don VonderMeulen, All In Favor. Motion carried.
Others Present: John Cookendorfer Roy N Hall Bill Schirmer Jeff Jones Tracy Lightfield
Scott McDonough Jerry Harnishger Stanly Monroe Gene Wilson Arthur DeFossett, Jr.
Joe Gillespie Don L Binney Brian Patterson Brain Bauman Eugene L Copes
Douglas J Schuck Samuel J Schuck Diana Schuck Ed Hollenbach Mike Vest
Cassie Schirmer Sharon Mortashed K. Narren Jim Suhre Jud McMillin
James Rene Stivers John Estridge George Hartman Kevin Bunger Jay Shullan
Seth Whitecotton
____________________________________________________ _ ____________________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
_____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
_____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
ATTEST: _____________________________________________
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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