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October 1, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 10/01/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Don Vonder Meulen Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
* Thomas Wilson opens with pledge of allegiance
I. Weekly Tax Report
a. Rebecca Oglesby – the ball is in my court; the girls are now working on country wide. We did have some glitches.
Once we get the lenders done; we can get the personal homeowners
b. Thomas Wilson – will we make the Nov. deadline?
c. Rebecca Oglesby – we should; I just want to wait a few hours on first American. Then we are going to go ahead
and run.
II. Public Health Emergency Plan
a. Christa Walls – completed the plan for the county (how the county would respond if there were a massive disaster).
I would like to have it back in a week.
b. Thomas Wilson – would you coordinate with Ed (Hollenbach)?
c. Christa walls – yes. Main points are Commissioners are responsible for contacting the state. You would be part of
the contact team.
d. Don Vonder Meulen – would the health department initiate anything?
e. Christa walls – most likely we would receive the first contact
f. Don Vonder Meulen- is it the commissioners responsibility to approve this?
g. Christa walls – I need your approval
h. Thomas Wilson – is this like other counties
i. Christa walls – yes, we are in region nine and I have been in contact with other counties
j. Eric Roberts – questions hospitals in Cincinnati
k. Christa walls – there are already in the network and will be activated
III. Petition to Vacate Portion of Co. Line Road
a. Joe Gillespie – road lies west of one. Talked to Dennis Kraus Jr. (Dearborn County Surveyor). If you want to
proceed I told him I would notify him and the Dearborn county commissioners. I have contacted all adjacent
landowners except the one in the trust.
b. Thomas Wilson – motion to continue with vacate
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
e. Thomas Wilson – Nov. 5 have a public hearing
IV. Emergency Proclamation Open Burning Ban
a. Don Vonder Meulen – the solid waste district encourage counties to have an ordinance regarding open burning. In
our discussion with this burn ban, I contacted Tom Perroti and he is going to get a sample ordinance for us to look
b. Thomas Wilson – last year we were going to work on the snow emergency
c. Eric Roberts – thought I heard from Ed that the state is going to initiate a state wide.
d. Thomas Wilson – the burn ban is still on
V. Council on Historic Metamora
a. Thomas Wilson – we did receive minutes from September 27.
VI. Minutes (September 24, 2007)
a. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to approve
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
VII. Claims (October 1, 2007)
a. Thomas Wilson – that number is getting a little big
b. Susan Jones – all of those signs should have never been ordered when they were ordered
c. Don Vonder Meulen – how long will it take to go through the first load of post
d. Hollie Sintz – no idea
e. Thomas Wilson – I am going to deny this until we get it adjusted.
f. Eric Roberts – pay for all of the signs and half of the post
g. Thomas Wilson – motion to approve claims except for Stello products and it can be adjusted and re-submitted
h. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
i. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
VIII. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #94 / Blue Creek Road over Blue Creek / Des. No. 0088440
i. I.N.D.O.T. scheduled for letting in January and some issues came up; may need to move back some
ii. Joe Gillespie – submits worksheet to Commissioners (on file in Surveyors office)
iii. Eric Roberts – questions project
iv. Thomas Wilson – the county is going to have to do their part before the federal aide
v. Eric Roberts – let us try and build the road
vi. John Graf – we will put in on the back burner until you make a decision
b. Bridge #110 / Railfence Road over Salt Creek and Bridge #111 / Railfence Road over Harvey Branch (Project No.
BRO-9924 (008)
i. Don Vonder Meulen – how much will come out of cum bridge
ii. John Graf – it generally cost you about 15%
iii. About $260,000.00
c. Bridge #73 / Enochsburg Road (Stockheughter Covered Bridge over Salt Creek Rehabilitation Project) / Des. No.
0101357 / Project STP-9924 (10)
i. Joe Gillespie – the right of way has been cut in half.
ii. Cross slope/approach is steeper now; hopefully not an issue
d. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road North of Snowhill Road Covered Bridge
i. See photo
ii. Rain last week; lost some time
e. Bridge #21 / Park Road (Previously Called Silver Creek Road)
i. See photo
ii. Brian (Defosset-Foreman) asked for pricing
1. see fax
2. Don Vonder Meulen – is metal grid decking A.D.A. approved?
3. don’t know
4. Thomas Wilson – can’t we just put on bridge decking?
5. yes, could probably do that
6. Eric Roberts – what is the load limit
7. seven tons
iii. 2006/2007 Bridge Inspection
1. See fax
iv. H.E.S. (Hazard Elimination and Safety Fund Project for Programmatic Sign Improvement) / Project No.
992400C5 and Des. No. 0501216
1. Software being installed later this week from I.N.D.O.T. (tape 2)
v. English Hill Road (Traffic Study)
1. Chester (Ball) and I met with rep.’s from southeastern Indiana. When got counters back to their office
there was a malfunction with the data.
IX. Vacate Portion of Fields Road
a. John Kellerman – here today to file petition to vacate portion of Fields Road. There is one other person who
commonly uses that portion of the road. Just met Mr. Fields today and don’t think it is proper to have a discussion
today; just to file the appeal.
b. Thomas Wilson – asks for clarification on petition; clarifies that all we can act on is what is petitioned.
c. Harold Fields – if we don’t get this one we will be back
d. Thomas Wilson – we need to have a public hearing within thirty days; October 22 at 1:30 p.m.
X. Advertisement 2008 Supplies
a. Don Vonder Meulen – I.M.I. would like us to be fair on what ever we do.
b. Eric Roberts – maybe cubic yards could be bid at different time
c. Thomas Wilson – then it defeats the purpose; if the contractor uses someone else, we can’t help that. This is for
the projects we (the county) do.
d. Don Vonder Meulen – are you suggesting we change the wording to indicate we will use the lowest bid whenever
possible and on the larger bids we will need to evaluate the bids and conditions?
e. Thomas Wilson – yes.
f. Eric Roberts – yes.
g. Carol L. Monroe – should any of this be talked about with George (Hartman) or Gene (Stewart)
h. Thomas Wilson – we could talk to Gene (Stewart)
XI. Sheriff Salary Contract
a. Thomas Wilson – lets talk to Gene (Stewart)
XII. Adjourn
a. Thomas Wilson motion to adjourn
b. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones Carol Westerman George Hartman, County Bridge Engineer
John Graf Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director John Estridge, Whitewater Publications
Ed Hollenbach, EMA Director Diane Raver, Herald Tribune Seth Whitecotton, News Examiner
Christa Walls Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor Rebecca Oglesby, County Treasurer
Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor
Approved 10/09/07

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