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October 15, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 10/15/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Don Vonder Meulen Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
Thomas Wilson opens meeting with pledge of allegiance
I. Weekly Property Tax Report
a. Rebecca Oglesby – in about two days will have everything stuffed. Two days to put postage on. There are some c.
of e.’s that need to be done. There is a bunch of stuff that needs done
b. Carol L. Monroe – c. of e.’s don’t have to be done before they are mailed
c. Rebecca Oglesby – they should be out by next week. They have to be out 15 days. They didn’t pay taxes in
d. Sharon Halcomb – today is the deadline for extensions.
II. Compliance for County
a. Sharon Halcomb – 2003/2004 personal property is just about done.
b. Thomas Wilson – we will be all caught up for ’07.
III. Government Restructuring
a. Rebecca Oglesby – it is by a guy and he is not part of the “blue ribbon”. He is telling us what the other states were
doing. Indiana is the only state that has an elected county council. They have a bigger commissioner board. Even
the surveyor in most states is appointed, not elected. A lot of states are combining counties into one district.
Sharon’s position is appointed, Auditor is appointed. This will be years; changing the constitution.
b. Don Vonder Meulen – I saw that he didn’t really talk a whole lot about Indiana. We have a lot more elected
officials than any other state.
c. Thomas Wilson – isn’t that the democratic way, let the people decide?
IV. Drainage Plan for New Addition on Medical Building
a. Joe Gillespie – about a month of go I was sent a set of plans. We have had trouble with that location before. We
have had a couple of instances that have flooded before. I have contacted a consultant asking that he send me the
drainage calculations. I suspected the drainage board stance is the after development run off would not excess the
before development run off.
b. Thomas Wilson – absolutely!
c. Joe Gillespie – the post development exceeds substantially and they are proposing a retention pond (extending the
existing on almost a quarter of an acre). They are not going to restrict access. I feel they need to construct a berm
or some kind of control release. We will have a problem over at Singers, our road, Dick Schmitt; that is the area’s
where we have always had the flooding. The retention pond is deeper than the 15 inch pipe. There is a pipe at the
bottom of the retention pond that releases it slowly. We need to study it. The slab that Arby’s was built on is two
feet higher than the standard elevation. We got flooded one year during the fair. Everyone else flooded because
the water couldn’t get away.
d. Thomas Wilson – Save A Lot inside the store got flooded
e. Joe Gillespie – I was at Soil and Water Friday and it conformed fine. I have asked George Hartman to get back
with me for the meeting next week
f. Don Vonder Meulen – do they have enough physical space to do that?
g. Joe Gillespie – I am not sure
h. Don Vonder Meulen – should we contact them before the meeting next week?
i. Joe Gillespie – absolutely, I have been.
j. Eric Roberts – is this more of a town issue than a county issue?
k. Joe Gillespie – it is going to affect our road and our citizens; both (town and county). They are adding lots of hard
l. Rene Stivers – we all agreed years ago the town and county would work together on the problem. It has always
been a wet area. It is both of our responsibilities.
V. (Start of the Process for a) Franklin County Redevelopment Corp.
a. Rene Stivers – would like Commissioners to consider development of redevelopment body. Bottom line is to have
a way to receive properties in the county so that they can be resold. We have no way to receive properties at this
time and it is very hard to resell those properties. If we were to go to get a grant to buy a piece of property we
could not do that.
b. Don Vonder Meulen – it is something I would be very interested in moving forward with
VI. Workforce Development Board Monthly Meeting
a. Rene Stivers – region nine will have their monthly meeting at Schilling Center this Friday, October 19 from 9 am –
12 pm. Anyone interested in workforce development please come.
VII. Hoosier Hills Water District (for the use of County R-O-W for Water Main Construction on Cane Mill Road and St.
Mary’s Road
a. Scott Stirn – We are in the planning stages and ready to bid project on Horseshoe Bend Road and another piece on
Cane Mill Road. We are in the process of obtaining easements, but do not have 100% of the easements for this
route. Would like you to consider allowing us to occupy right of way along this route.
b. Don Vonder Meulen – where do you need right of way?
c. Eric Roberts – the only claim the county claims to the road is the pavement. Last week Franklin County water was
in here because on Cummins Road we do have a 30 foot easement.
d. Joe Gillespie – Scott called me a couple weeks ago
e. Eric Roberts – on road crossing would you be boring?
f. Joe Gillespie – we do have right of way on St Mary’s Road through St Mary’s?
g. Thomas Wilson – on the new bridge we just built wasn’t there a main there
h. Joe Gillespie – yes, at Oak Forrest. We can give him permission to locate this utility on our right of way; that is all
we can do.
i. Scott Stirn – that is what we were looking for
j. John Estridge – how soon are you going to do this?
k. Scott Stirn – early next year. I have not talked to everyone yet.
l. Thomas Wilson – have most been receptive
m. Scott Stirn – some have; it is a growing problem. With the pipe line coming through there are a lot of other issues.
n. Don Vonder Meulen – what is Hoosier Hills policy for fire hydrants?
o. Scott Stirn – we ask that they not actually pump from them, but they can fill from them (fire departments). We
just ask that they contact us when they do that.
p. Thomas Wilson – if they would do several thousand gallons, you would know?
q. Scott Stirn – not necessarily
r. Don Vonder Meulen – adding hydrants, does that have an effect on insurance rates
s. Scott Stirn – would say so.
t. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to allow Hoosier Hills to use what right of way we have
u. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
v. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
w. Don Vonder Meulen – hopefully property owners will realize the benefit for having water.
VIII. Sheriff Salary Contract for 2007 and 2008
a. Eric Roberts – a couple of contracts presented to us by sheriff (see attached). (flip tape one)
b. Gene Stewart – the intent of that contract is to recognize the state salary
c. Eric Roberts – yes, it is also the intent that he keep the tax warrant fees; – move that we sign these contracts
d. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
e. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
f. Eric Roberts – motion to rescinded 08 contract motion (needs re-written)
g. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
h. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
IX. Emergency Proclamation Open Burning Ban
a. Eric Roberts – leave it on
b. Thomas Wilson – until the ground gets wetter
X. Public Transportation 3rd quarter Reimbursement (sign)
a. Thomas Wilson – we do this every year for the federal reimbursement
b. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to give permission for Thomas Wilson to sign
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XI. Claims (October 15, 2007)
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to approve
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XII. Minutes (October 9, 2007)
a. Don Vonder Meulen – 12 b 8/instead of New Point it should be New Port (Kentucky).
b. Thomas Wilson – motion to approve minutes
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XIII. Metamora Sewer Board
a. Thomas Wilson – since the meeting; have had people come to me about wanting to be on board. One is Michael
Moore (engineer), Richard McDaniel, Rob Siedling, and Sandy Baker (real estate agent). Bob Swininger told me
they are going to have a meeting this Friday. If we could get a few of these people appointed;
b. Don Vonder Meulen – one concern I have is that the people we appoint; will be a positive influence to be a positive
influence. Maybe we should ask the people on the board their opinion.
c. Thomas Wilson – Annabel (Looker) told me she doesn’t want to be on it anymore.
d. Don Vonder Meulen – how many new people will be on the board?
e. Thomas Wilson – at least three maybe four.
f. Eric Roberts – we have only three spots to fill.
g. Don Vonder Meulen – shouldn’t we ask the board their feelings
h. Carol L. Monroe – the taxpayers don’t ask county council who they want on their board when the elect someone;
isn’t that the purpose of having a board?
i. Don Vonder Meulen – I would just like to know all sides
j. Thomas Wilson – we will find out real quick if any of these people have their own agenda and if they do we can
remove them. It is hard to find anyone. There is a lot of people that are really complaining. If you are not
comfortable with these people we can ask more people.
k. Eric Roberts – moves to reappoint Jean Owens, appoint Sandy Baker for Henry Ferguson, Rob Siedling for June
2007 to 2011 and Michael Moore to 2007 to 2011 to board
l. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
m. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XIV. Weekly Highway Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Vote Road
i. Thomas Wilson – property owner called and really complaining about speeding. She said it is a real danger
to even pull out of the driveway. She would like speed limit to 35.
ii. We can implement speed advisory signs. (tape 2)
b. Bridge #71 / Mid Road
i. Dale Norwald called. He has a meeting with area plan. He is wanting to rezone his property.
ii. Larry Franzman – he is wanting to rezone to industrial. He will have to take into consideration semi traffic.
There isn’t a good way to get there. They are trying to use grain trucks but they have always been accepted
because they are seasonal.
iii. He is wanting a letter from the Commissioners indicating the county’s intention with this bridge. In the past
there were sufficient funds in the cum. bridge fund but again with all of the bridge locations it is up to the
Commissioners to decide which bridges are a priority.
iv. Larry Franzman – we told them to bring us something back by December. They don’t have sewage.
v. I.N.D.O.T. will be requesting applications for road projects
vi. Eric Roberts – we are looking at four or five miles of road that needs improved
vii. Larry Franzman – right now everything is not falling into place.
viii. Thomas Wilson – what kind of plans does he have?
ix. Larry Franzman – he is wanting to do a line assembly of 150 people. He is going to start small maybe with
two people. We can’t spend money on infrastructure that may happen
x. Thomas Wilson – we have to know it is going to happen, but we don’t want them to leave the county.
xi. Larry Franzman – they need to find a building that is suitably zoned and work with them from there.
xii. Don Vonder Meulen – the county would like to have more jobs and industry but we can’t get behind
someone unless we know it is going to pay off
c. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road North of Snowhill Road Covered Bridge
i. Open to traffic
ii. This Friday will be a walk through inspection on job
iii. Don Vonder Meulen – do we track the reimbursements to make sure we are reimbursed in a timely manner
iv. Get a transmittal letter; not real certain
v. Don Vonder Meulen – trying to get a good feel for what we are getting for next year.
vi. Eric Roberts – move for Thomas Wilson to sign LPA vouchers
vii. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
viii. See photo (2)
d. Bridge #102 / Snowhill Road Covered Bridge over Johnson Fork / Des. No. 0089200
i. $1,680.00 = non-kiln dried lumber
e. Bridge #48 / Alley Ford Steel Truss Bridge on Pipe Creek Road over Pipe Creek / Des. No. 0201280
i. See photo (3)
ii. Farrar and Garvey did have latter down and did inspect beams
1. need to talk to Kevin Loiselle
iii. Kevin sending out letters
f. Metamora Aqueduct
i. Reviews information in article on bridge
g. Programmatic Sign Improvement
i. Rush County is using (utility) poles
XV. D.L.G.F. meeting
a. Don Vonder Meulen – Hollie Sintz, Susan Jones and I met with Wayne Hudson; We are trying to get a grasp on
how much money we have in cum bridge. Once we have taxes collected this year it will receive approximately
$540,000.00. We need to know what type of bills we will be receiving; what are we committed to?
b. George Hartman – have a spreadsheet (flip tape 2)
XVI. Clerk’s Report (September 2007)
a. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to approve
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
XVII. Advertisement for 2008 Supplies
a. Don Vonder Meulen – discussion about escalation clause; Eric Roberts asking if we should eliminate it.
b. Eric Roberts – other question is on gasoline; that is locking us in and 10% ethanol is pretty common.
c. Hollie Sintz – you have some older engines.
d. Eric Roberts – all of the big trucks are diesel
e. Hollie Sintz – if the engineers can handle it.
f. Don Vonder Meulen – don’t want to take escalation out and then we get higher prices; they are in a business to
make money; could we ask for prices with and without that clause.
g. Eric Roberts – they should have the ability to lock their price in.
XVIII. Adjourn
a. Eric Roberts move to adjourn
b. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary Carol Westerman, PT Secretary George Hartman, County Engineer
Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor Rebecca Oglesby, County Treasurer
Hollie Sintz J. Rene Stivers, Economic Dev. Director Dan Cutshaw
Scott Stirn, Hoosier Hills
Approved 10/22/07

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