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October 20, 2008 meeting minutes


Franklin County Commissioners Meeting
Memorandum & Minutes
October 20, 2008 @ 9:00 a.m.
Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room
Those Present: County Commissioners: Tom E Wilson Eric Roberts Don Vonder Meulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones (absent) Kim Robinson
Commissioner’s Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Weekly Reports Sharon Halcomb spoke about 2007 pay 2008 taxes is due November 10th, 2008. They are working on the 2008
Pay 2009 and have already sent the personal property to the Auditors office. Auditor learned on a conference call that they are not correctly entering homestead allocations and classification cap rates which are based on property class. The 16,000 parcels will need to be entered into AS2 Agreement (Software) before December 1, 2008. There are 4 options to consider in this situation.
To correctly enter Cap Rates and run scripts- $3,514.00
Data entry the Sales Disclosures on line. The State changed the Sales Disclosures for July 1- Dec 1 date entered. $2,475.00
Only do part of the Disclosures. Jan 1- July 1st.
Import all 2008 Sales Disclosures. $1,375.00
Would like to have option 1 & 2 done. Total contractual ser vice appropriated is $15,000.
Tom Wilson made motion to approve the AS2 contract so the Assessors office could catch up.
Eric Roberts 2nd the motion.
Don Vonder Meulen All in Favor. Motioned Carried
S.E. IN Solid Waste Grant Rene Stivers, Economic Development Director presented the Commissioners with a $12,200.00 grant check from the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District to Franklin County for their efforts in recycling & re-use. Rene’ commented the Franklin County is much farther ahead in recycling then other surrounding counties.
Economic Development Bill Schirmer spoke about promoting Economic Development applications for “Shovel Ready” land. (Southgate). The “Shovel Ready” land consists of knowing how much electricity to supply, cost for sewage, water, high-speed communication, etc. These surveys are provided by using Engineers, Surveyors and others for the most accurate information and Bill Schirmer would like support from the local government before starting the process. Mr. Schirmer will be personally footing the bill for this but may be able to apply for grant money. Don asked Carol to put the Letter of Support on Commissioners letterhead.
Rockies Express Chris Basista with Rockies Express introduced his Representative Barry Mooreman to discuss the weight load on bridge # 81 (St Mary’s Road) and bridge # 124 (Sunman Road). The 2 Stringer trucks weight is approximately 62,000 lbs, which is at the max weight for the bridges. George Hartman doesn’t think it will be a problem but wants to check it out closer. Tom wanted to know how many trucks would be crossing over the bridges because he doesn’t want any structural damage to the bridges. Bridge # 37, (Stipps Hill), #139, (Wolf Creek), # 103, (Drewsburg) are not to be used at all with the exception of bridge #4 (Buena Vista) which has been approved for the trucks to cross. Don Vonder Meulen made a motion to travel these roads and bridges in question (# 81 & #124) and subject to being OK’d from Clark Dietz (Kevin Loiselle) that it is safe to use. Tom Wilson questioned that even though a bridge is safe to use, if the structure is damaged, who would be responsible? Chris Basista said he thinks it is already mentioned in the utility permit that Rex would be responsible. Gene Stewart made a comment that whoever damaged the bridge would be responsible. Once the project is finished, the County would have an inspector check for any damage to the bridges. Rex did videotape the bridge before and will do so afterward.
Don Vonder Muelen made a motion to travel these roads and bridges in question (#81 & #124) and subject to being OK’d from Clark Dietz (Kevin Loiselle) that they are safe to use.
Tom Wilson 2nd the motion.
Eric Roberts All in Favor. Motioned Carried
Highway Engineer George Hartman asked Joe Gillispie (Surveyor) about the Right of Way at Bridge #94 at Blue Creek and bridge #48. Joe said all of the fieldwork is done and both of the projects will be finished this week. The 2 property owners agreed to the right of way on #48 and on # 94, 2 of the 3 property owners agreed. All that is left is the discussion of money. 2009 would be the earliest to get state approval of funds but we must have the dollar amount by the end of the year. Work would start approximately 13 weeks after the contract is signed, which would be around August 2009. Drew Barth is checking on permits. Both were obtained in 2002 prior to any changes so he is going to call and make sure they are still ok to use. If not, they will have to go through Franklin County Soil & Water. The Right of Way must be in place before submitting any request for additional funds. Final plans must be submitted 14 weeks prior, which would be around May 2009.
Eric Roberts wanted to know what has changed since 2002. Drew stated the cut back a couple hundred feet. Eric stated Rule 5 in Erosion Control that it may have to be re-submitted. Don Vonder Meulen wanted to
know if everything is on schedule. Drew said once the Right of Way is finalized, the will re-submit the plans. Joe Gillispie stated that all decisions must be made by the first of the year since the plans are due in March 09.
The State is no longer issuing exchange checks so it should be a timesaver. ODT will match our LPA match of $194,980.69 in project. Don Vonder Meulen asked if this would affect Susan Jones (Auditor) any. George Hartman stated that he would make sure the Auditor had everything she needed. He also noted that NO NOTICE would be sent in 2010 so we must be sure to have re-payment schedule in order.
Wolf Creek- The money will be appropriated on the 28th and Don Vonder Meulen questioned if it would be possible to approve the supplier contracts since Council will not meet until the 29th. Eric Roberts said we should wait until Council approves the contract before having the suppliers order specific supplies. Ben Harrison Excavating has been named as the Contractor for Wolf Creek for a lump sum bid of $7,800. Eric and Don discussed the weather issues and Eric said regardless we would wait until the money is available before our suppliers order anything. Don asked Carol Westerman about getting the information out for the bids and Carol stated that Holly would be taking care of that this year. Tom suggested Carol speak to Holly since the Commissioner’s were consumed with insurance issues and Holly agreed to take care of it this year. Eric Roberts and Don Vonder Meulen both discussed bid amounts with George. Eric would like the lowest bidder to get the contract. Eric is going to call Ruth & Eddie to discuss how to accept bids for next year. There needs to be a set standard and not change the rules just to benefit the County. Tom Wilson asked George about Yellow Bank project.
EMA-IDHS -Sub-Grant Eric Roberts motioned to sign the sub-grant agreement for 2007 PSIC Grant for communication equipment.
Tom Wilson seconded the motion. Don All in Favor. Motioned Carried
Public Transportation Don Vonder Meulen made motion to sign the Public Transportation Quarterly Operating Financial Status Report. Eric Roberts seconded the motion. Tom Wilson All in Favor. Motioned Carried.
Payroll Tom Wilson made motion to approve payroll with the exception that Rick Gill signs his timesheet. Eric Roberts seconded the motion. Don Vonder Meulen All in Favor. Motioned Carried
Minutes No minutes from the October 14th meeting to approve.
Treasurer’s Report Treasurer’s report wasn’t acknowledged for September at this time.
REX Weed Control Stan Monroe asked the Commissioners if there was an Ordinance on weed control. He is worried that REX will spread Johnson grass because any spec of root can spread quickly. They were not sure if there was an Ordinance but Don Vonder Meulen remembers the discussion. John Estridge looked up 15-16-7 and it mentioned Canadian thistle and Johnson grass. Tom Wilson is going to check into seeing who would actually check on the situation. A Board can be established by an Ordinance.
Adjourn Tom Wilson motioned to close.
Eric Roberts seconded the motion
Don Vonder Meulen All in Favor. Motioned Carried.
Others Present Drew Barth Kim Robinson Sharon Halcomb Darrell Smith Vicky Neeley John Estridge Chris Basista JR Stivers Bill Schirmer Barry Moorman
George Hartman Stan Moore Scott McDonough Janie Stivers Gene Stewart
Joe Gillespie Brain Patterson
Susan Jones (Auditor) was not present at this meeting. She was at the annual Auditors Conference. Kim Robinson (Assistant Secretary to Commissioners) took the minutes in her absence.
______________________________________ ____________________________________
Thomas E. Wilson Thomas E. Wilson
______________________________________ ____________________________________
Eric E. Roberts Eric E. Roberts
______________________________________ ____________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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