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October 6, 2008 meeting minutes


October 6, 2008 @ 9:00 A.M.
Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room
Those Present: County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Eric E Roberts Don VonderMeulen
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman
Tom Wilson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
REPORT Susan Jones, Auditor reported that she had received the certification of funds to be distributed to taxing units this past Wednesday, working on the Distribution Report for checks to be written later this week. Rebecca Oglesby, Treasurer reported that they are working on late mail.
DIRECTOR Rene Stivers, Economic Development Director read a statement clarifying some misconceptions and also acknowledge a few of the accomplishments of the Economic Development Corporation. The Economic Development Corporation was formed by the
F C Commissioners and their attorney. The appointments to the board of the corporation were made by the County Commissioners who were in office at that time. These board members were chosen for the knowledge in business and industry. They are not compensated for their time and they agreed to be on the board for the betterment of Franklin County. This Corporation is not in a unique or illegal situation. All our surround counties are set‐up as corporation. The corporation is not receiving money from the county. If grant money would have been received to purchase land for an industrial park, the county would have held the title to the property. Franklin County is the only county in district that does not have a county owned industrial park.
My salary is $35,000 per year as a county employee, and is funded by edit tax. (E.D.I.T.) EDIT – This stands for Economic Development Income Tax. I have a budget like other county offices and the money I spend is reviewed and approved by the County.
Many people have helped me and the board to make positive things happen in our county. Last week there was a ribbon cutting for Fayette Health Care. This large addition will create jobs, better health care, and make a positive statement to prospective businesses. We were proud to assist them in this investment to our community. Also, Enhanced Telecommunications has opened an office in Brookville and have hired several county residents. This happened because contact was made with Chad Miles, CEO asking him to provide broadband coverage for our industrial sites. This conversation turned toward service for Brookville. Working with community leaders and business people this has become a reality. There are more positive things happening and we are happy to be a part of it. This Economic Development Corporation Board and myself are involved in county development, not to further ourselves, but to invest in the future of our County.
I’ve been asked to set up a meeting with two county council members, a county commissioner, and myself. This meeting will be set‐up in the next few days. It is the responsibility of these council members, commissioner, and myself to come together to resolve all issues in question. Note: The above is a statement that Rene’ Stivers had prepared.
Rene also provided a list of meeting he attends along with a list of general tasks he performs. Says his job is to Promote Economic Development in Franklin County. Create a more comfortable life style for residents. Bring economic security to the county. Help build a better educated workforce to fill the needs of the workplace.
Don VonderMeulen stated he was in a meeting with Rene last week and may have created more work for him. Says he stays in close contact with Rene and is requesting that a part‐time secretary be hired for his office.
Harry Graves questions the appointments and some of what Rene had said in his prepared statement.
LPA CLAIM A LPA Claim Voucher had been presented for Reimbursement of Capital Projects for Public Transportation for the period of January 1 through March 31, 2008 in the amount of $40,523 from state and federal funds for the purchase of a new vehicle.
Don VonderMeulen made motion for Tom Wilson to sign LPA Claim for request of funds. Eric Roberts seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Don VonderMeulen reported the Commissioners Council on Historic Metamora Advisory Board gave a favorable recommendation for changes the Beyer’s want to do to their property.
Don VonderMeulen motioned to approve the Certificate of Appropriateness for the Beyer’s. Eric Roberts seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Don VonderMeulen said he had mentioned to the Town of Metamora, plans on correcting the drainage issues on Main Street in Metamora. Eric Roberts reported he had been contacted by Rohe Company and they would like to start work now. Rohe Company was told that Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor is still working on the elevations and with the upcoming events and funding; Eric told them that we are looking to do the work in the Spring of 2009.
CONTRACT The Commissioners discussed the EMS Contract, $50,000 was budgeted for 2008 plus ½ of the Secretary’s Salary and for 2009 is the same.
Eric Roberts moved we notify Franklin County EMS on the proposed changes to the Contract, that the amount is the same as 2008 and go to 1‐year contract instead of a 2‐year contract.
PLAN Scott McDonough and Brian Patterson had presented to the Board of Commissioners a Prosperity Plan, proposing an Advisory Board to be created as a voluntary organization created which represents the economic heads of Franklin County with such as Franklin County Economic Development, the Franklin County Tourism Board, Community Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce. The Plan had brought many statements from the citizens that had been present with Rene Stivers. Brain Patterson said this plan is not to replace the Economic Development Director, but set up to have better communication in the County. It was suggested that appointments for various boards be advertised and have persons submit resumes’ with a cover letter. Eric Roberts said yes we would like to have people contact us for Board Appointments, don’t have a problem with advertising for appointments to the board and have them on file.
The Commissioners had received an Hourly Fee Agreement from King & King, P.C. for attorney fees for legal representation in the matter involving the REX Rockies Express Pipeline. Gene Stewart, County Attorney reported that he will b submitting an invoice from Pete King for his services, not to do anything at this time with the Agreement. REX had agreed to go with the Agreement that had been signed in September. They are also willing to dismiss the case, pay the $65,000.00 one‐time fee for Permit and for Engineering Services and provide the 2 Million Dollar Bond.
PL‐98‐059 The County Commissioners had received a letter from the Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs that the Andersonville Storm Water, Wastewater and Water Study had been approved for grant funding in the amount of $50,000.
Eric Roberts moved that Tom Wilson sign Letter to the Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs for the Andersonville Planning Grant to occur engineering cost for the project. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
BROOKHILL SUBDIVISION – George Hartman, Highway Engineer and Larry Franzman, Area Plan Commission reported that the site distance for Brookhill Drive onto the Main Road had been corrected. The County had asked that some trees be removed and straw mats have been laid to the east and west of the entrance. The brims had also been compacted as asked. Larry said he did observe bulldozer marks in the asphalt and some damage to the cul‐de‐sac. Otherwise the road surface is good and the Developer had done what was asked. Don VonderMeulen asked if there is something that can be done with damages to the roads. It was said not unless you catch them. Eric Roberts suggested something be filed when Building Permits are applied for, a Bond or something. Don VonderMeulen suggested that Brian DeFossett, Highway Foreman drive the road and if any damages are done where a house is being built, then they would be responsible for damages.
RAILFENCE ROAD BRIDGE 110 & 111 – George had said that the transfer of federal funds had been approved, had added $425,000 for Railfence Road Bridge 110 & 111 for a total of $1,380,000.00 and subtracted $425,000 from Blue Creek Bridge 94 leaving a total of $443,000.00.
BLUE CREEK BRIDGE 94‐ George had presented a Letter to INDOT needing the Commissioners signatures, requesting the project be moved back 5‐months from March 11, 2009 to August 12, 2009. Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor reported the Right‐of‐Way Appraisals are being updated again. The Currens Property, Appraisals Review is being done right now. The Letter to INDOT was not signed at time.
HARVEY BRANCH ROAD SLOPE STABLIZATION – George had presented a Contract Award and Notice to Proceed for the Harvey Branch Road Slope Stabilization Project. The Project had been bid on September 8th and Ballenger Excavating had presented the low bid of $8,200.00.
Eric Roberts moved to award the Contract for the Harvey Branch Road Slope Stabilization Project to Ballenger Excavating. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Eric Roberts moved to sign Contract and Notice to Proceed for the Harvey Branch Road Slope Stabilization Project for Ballenger Excavating and Notice to Proceed date is October 14, 2008. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
WOLF CREEK ROADWAY STABILIZATION PROJECT – George had presented Plan for the Wolf Creek Roadway Stabilization Project, plans call for a French drain along the south berm of the roadway, the hillside will require rip rap and pre cast concrete blocks. Materials would be approximately $40,000.
Don VonderMeulen made motion to approve the Plans for the Wolf Creek Road Stabilization Project. Tom Wilson seconds. Eric Roberts, All in Favor. Motion carried. Bids due October 14, 2008 @ 10:00 A.M.
BRIDGE INSPECTION – George had presented a list of missing signs dated September 26, 2008, that need to be replaced or posted at bridges that had been missing during bridge inspection by Clark Dietz. Also presented LPA Claim Voucher for Inspection of Bridge 55 and Bridge 144 for a total of $4,578.00 80% reimbursement due to County in the amount of $3,662.40.
Eric Roberts moved for Tom Wilson to sign LPA Claim Voucher for Bridge Inspection. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
PIPE CREEK ROAD BRIDGE 48 – George had presented an Invoice for Preliminary Engineering Services for the Pipe Creek Road Bridge 48 Rehabilitation Project in the amount of $5,488.00 and a Progress Report. 97% is completed on the design and 90% on the Environmental. The Bid Letting is set for the Spring of 2009. Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor reported that he had talked to all Property Owners, doesn’t know of any problems in obtaining the Right‐of‐Way. Hollie Sintz, Secretary for the Highway Department had informed him that funds for Right‐of‐Way would not be available until December. Needing approximately $35,000 out of Cumulative Bridge.
MID ROAD BRIDGE 71 – George reported that the Mid Road Bridge 71 Bridge Replacement has been completed; the guardrail is installed, presented photos.
LPA CLAIM VOUCHER FOR SIGN PROJECT – Eric Roberts presented LPA Claim Voucher No. 6 & 7 for the Sign Replacement Project. Eric Roberts moved for Tom Wilson to sign LPA Claim Vouchers 6 & 7. Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
BIDS SPECIFICATIONS FOR 2009 SUPPLIES – Discussed the Bid Specifications for the 2009 Supplies and Bid Date. Eric Roberts moved that Bids will be opened on November 24, 2008 and award December 1, 2008 @ 1:00 P.M. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Doug Foster of Enhanced Telephone Communications (ETC) gave an update on services, they are in the process of installing a larger switch in order to set up the County, were looking to be ready in October, but now looking to be November before were ready or the 1st of December. Doug reported we set up test customers in September, there were problems. We have now set up residences and businesses. Eric Roberts asked that ETC compare their prices with Verizon North. ETC will also be working a price quote for Internet Service, Website and C‐Phone service.
REX OFFICIALS A Special Meeting set for October 9th @ 9:00 A.M. to meet with REX Construction Personnel to go over which County Road they will be using. They had started to move equipment in on Saturday October 4th on Sharps Hill Road.
COMMISSION JoAnn Prickel, Representing the Visitors Commission on Tourism said she had been approached a couple of weeks ago by Scott McDonough and Brian Patterson with combing boards. There board is very upset and asked the Board of Commissioners not to proceed with the Prosperity Plan. There is a lot more going on and what we do, then what was said.
CLAIMS Eric Roberts moved to approve the Claims (October 6, 2008). Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
PAYROLL Eric Roberts moved to accept Payroll, Gill needs to sign and $1,000.00 transfer is to be submitted by Sheriff’s Department for Process Server. Don VonderMeulen seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
McMILLIN Don VonderMeulen motioned to release claim to McMillin for $1,356.18, the work was done for Rene & the Board. Had talked to Gene Stewart regarding this claim. Eric Roberts seconds. Tom Wilson, voted NOT in Favor. Motion carried.
MINUTES Don VonderMeulen moved to accept the Minutes of September 22, 2008. Eric Roberts seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Don VonderMeulen motioned that a list be put together for the 2009 Appointments and put advertisement in paper to submit resumes’. Eric Roberts seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
ADJOURN Don VonderMeulen moved to adjourn. Eric Roberts seconds. Tom Wilson, All in Favor. Motion carried.
Others Present: Brian Patterson Janie Stivers J. R. Stivers Harry Graves Scott McDonough
Tom Deters Kathie Deters Pam Barton Eileen Hyde Doro Codiano
Betty Allen Charles Allen Barbara Cooper Sam Schuck Diane Schuck
Becky Oglesby John Estridge James Ballenger Gene Stewart Jud
Larry Franzman George Hartman Doug Foster JoAnn Prickel
__S/ Thomas E Wilson___________________________ ______________________________________________
Thomas E Wilson Thomas E Wilson
__S/ Eric E Roberts______________________________ ______________________________________________
Eric E Roberts Eric E Roberts
__S/ Donald M VonderMeulen_____________________ ______________________________________________
Donald M VonderMeulen Donald M VonderMeulen
ATTEST: _S/ Susan A Jones ______________________
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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