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October 9, 2007 meeting minutes


Commissioner Mtg. 10/09/07 @ 9:00 a.m. in County Commissioners Room
Those present:
Thomas Wilson Eric Roberts Don Vonder Meulen Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe
Thomas Wilson opens meeting with pledge of allegiance
I. Weekly Property Tax Report
a. Carol L. Monroe – statements were printed last week; it only took them one day.
II. Metamora Regional Sewer District Board Members
a. Thomas Wilson – starting to receive a lot of complaints from residents and commissioners can not answer those
questions. We have called the board in to answer those questions. The biggest question is what people are getting
charged. Hearing there are a lot of technical problems-grinder pumps, etc. Need to address those before the
warranty is up. I.D.E.M. sent letter and sewer board had ten days to reply and they didn’t. Don’t know if a fine is
going to be issued from I.D.E.M.
b. Dennis Anness – gives fees to Commissioners
c. Susan Jones – we never received this before
d. Dennis Anness – we have always said; undeveloped and vacant lots are charged a separate rate because there is no
service to them. Whether that building has problem or not or it did have plumbing and is not currently being used.
A piece of property with a building is not a undeveloped property. The rate for undeveloped is $30.00. $69.74 –
Residential and $81.69 general commercial $83.24 for multiple occupancy (ex: B & B’s) and larger commercial
$85.17 and for public restroom of six stalls or more. Got the $500,000.00 grant from the department of commerce.
Board decided this would only be applied to the residence. Residential is $64.69. Remaining part; like hearthstone
we did not feel-rate for this is $105.63. A couple of the commercial units have sent letters wanting to be
determined as undeveloped. What attracts the people to Metamora; it is the businesses.
e. Thomas Wilson – why was the people on the hill included then
f. Dennis Anness – the board of health was concerned. 15 years ago when we started we did not think we would
have a treatment plant; we thought is would be Brookville or Laurel
g. Thomas Wilson – that is how is should have been
h. Dennis Anness – it would have been $150,000.00 more to go to Laurel and $250,000 more to come to Brookville.
Even is we had the extra money we still had a problem because the volume of Metamora fluctuates. In January
through March you would need a 4 inch and the rest of the year would need an 8 to10 inch line. The obvious
solution is two lines and we couldn’t afford one line to Laurel as it was. Even picking up the people going to laurel
you could not pick up enough extra people to cover the $150,000.
i. Thomas Wilson – you are saying the cost to build the plant was cheaper?
j. Dennis Anness – yes; Laurel is an old plant and if Laurel breaks down; it would only be reasonable for them to ask
us to share the expense.
k. Thomas Wilson – could you handle more sewage at Laurel?
l. Laurel Sewer Rep. – Yes
m. Robby Siedling – I hope God forgives us for lieing. People are going to have to live with the hard ache they are
doing to the people of Metamora. This is sad. I can’t believe this; I hope you can help us. The people putting it in
at the church told me this is an obsolete system
n. John Lucas – from what you have been talking about to run this line to Brookville or Laurel. Sewer treatment
operators wouldn’t be sitting on the thumbs all year. Ten years you’d have paid for that line.
o. Joe Tierney – there was a report and in that report is the cost to build 8 miles of pipe lines to Brookville and to
Laurel. Also, there is a cost provided by Brookville and Laurel of what kind of fee that would be requested.
Building your own treatment plant was clearly much more cost effective in public meetings. It seems to me; at this
point you have a plant. It is easy for someone to jump up and say “you have to pay that guy there”. In a year or
two they will need to make improvements.
p. Wilbur Fields – Laurel has been there 30 years and it works; and Metamora is brand new and it doesn’t work
q. Joe Tierney – the F-1 pipe has been corrected and someone is there today. Systematically getting things corrected.
Again this is a new plant with part time people and some things need to be corrected. They are working through it
and very confident they will get through it. The manufacturers are bringing the needed equipment for the blower.
r. Dennis Anness – the problem is the line hit the discharge line to the river. When the line was put in; instead of
perfectly line to the river, there was a hump in it. The assumption was very few lines are perfectly straight. With
normal flow that would not be a problem.
s. Thomas Wilson – the grinder problem has that problem too; now they are all rusted.
t. Bob Swininger – we are always adjusting something. We are having to call the pump guys and they are an hour a
way. All that we have hooked up so far we have had to go back and do some kind of repair.
u. Dennis Anness – all of these are under warranty and the manufacture assures us.
v. Bob Swininger – but that warranty will eventually run out.
w. Don Brack – in the original plan they were going to put one pump between each of two houses. Everything in this
town is under schedule 40 and we have to go by a special pipe. I only found one place in Butler County to get this.
In the meeting the rep. of the grinder pump said this is a work in progress. Have never called something that is
working a work in progress.
x. Thomas Wilson – there are several places that are supposed to have grinder pumps and didn’t get one.
y. Don Brack – this grinder pump said there is three other times on this system and there cost has increased three
times. If this engineer wants to pull out some data, lets see what they are
z. Joe Tierney – can’t speak for someone else said. The monthly bill was made up of two amounts, debt and
operation. Over time it may go up. By no means would it be $180.00
aa. Dean Percy – give us in writing it is not going to go up like that. We go out every day and it does not work. That
is going to come back to haunt us. Don’t set and tell a lie.
bb.Thomas Wilson – why weren’t’ the grinder pumps put in when they were supposed to be?
cc. Dennis Anness – for Jack’s, he said he didn’t need it. A couple of weeks ago he said he may want one. Whenever
Jack needs it he will get it. We have extra funds for that purpose. Anyone that comes in after the cut off date will
have to pay that themselves.
dd.Rob Siedling – where is the district? I was told they were going to go to Andersonville.
ee. Dennis Anness – the town limit to the Hearthstone. West to the river. Continues along 52 to 129 to Laurel town
limits. Connersville and Laurel/Null Town Road. Our district has no intention; we don’t want any part of
Andersonville. The current farm bill as written, anyone that applies to a federal agency after the farm bill passes
will not be entitled to the same amount of grant. Old applications in will be 75% and new will be 50% grant. The
only agency that could do this in a fast time is Metamora sewer district. The problem with Andersonville is they
don’t have enough customers.
ff. Rob Siedling – I have went to Metamora sewer and don’t know what Mr. Annes has against Laurel. It is easier to
take care of two pump stations than sixty
gg.Bob Swininger – has any money been given to G.R.W.?
hh.Dennis Anness – no
ii. Bob Swininger – they did all of this for nothing?
jj. Dennis Anness – yes; there has been initiative for shutting down project. If you close the project they can send the
money directly to Franklin County. The federal government is going to collect their loan and it is going to be paid
for one of three ways.
kk.Thomas Wilson – did you tell them at the meeting they would pay $30.00?
ll. Dennis Anness – it is the owner of the property owner, don’t know if in good conscious say you are going to shut
your door and go use a port-a-potty. You have to take care of your customers. Why are the customers falling off
in Metamora? Because the shop owners are not taking care of customers (flip tape one). From a stand point of the
board we have treated everyone the same. I am not going to grant myself in an exception and I am not going to
grant someone else.
mm. Harold Neihouse – it is going to be a high maintenance system, but are we required to hook to city water to
be in sewer?
nn.Dennis Anness – no
oo.Harold Neihouse – that should be a requirement.
pp.Dennis Anness – there is not legal requirement in the state of Indiana. We thought as a board that most people
would hook onto water. Less than a third did. Them we had a problem that is we charge by consumption then we
would have to hook onto meters. If there is legal authority; but considering the fact we didn’t want to add
$1,000.00 to customers that did not have water.
qq.John Lucas –we are here 90 days a year. You have two or three people sharing. What if that person goes to
Florida; what are you going to do if the electric goes out? Break in their house? We are all struggling. Can’t raise
my income. You cannot tell me I am better off than the residents.
rr. Dennis Anness – it is not like electricity where you can shut if off.
ss. Thomas Wilson – there is a state law you can hook up sewer but don’t know if you can make it them provide
tt. John Lucas – I did not agree to pay for electric. Now you are putting on top of that big bill you are expecting us to
pay the electric. If you have extra pumps, give me my own grinder pump but do not ask for someone else to pay
for. O’Rourke is paying for a building he is not getting rent for and his neighbor
uu.Dean Pearcy – I have to pay for fire department and they have parties four or five times per year.
vv.Dennis Anness – those with the electric will get an adjustment.
ww. Pat Ramos – we do not have a personal dispute we have a business dispute; we are still friends. I have had a
number of issues already with sewer co. They assume that because the have an easement they could walk all over
my land. The thought intimidation; when I asked them to come out and take a look at it. I was hung up on and
intimidated by the men. I actually should have called Brookville police but was not in good health condition at that
time. The electrical problem I am not going to have that put on me either. He is talking about closing in January.
I go to Alaska in Nov. or Oct. Mine is closed up six months of the year. The side of my property is a public right
of way. Not five minutes after I moved my car they were there digging. We have a serious problem here. You are
forcing businesses. Spillage happened in front of my building and went across the street
xx.Dottie Enderle – for a year and a half we paid $25.00 per month.
yy.Dennis Anness – that was for a loan
zz. Dottie Enderle – I did not take out a loan
aaa. Mike – suppose that I have tank and I have the electric and turn if off what is your plan for my neighbor.
bbb. Dennis – the plan obviously we will have to prevent that.
ccc. Mike – you have no plans
ddd. Dennis Anness – today I do not. The only other thing is to go back and give everyone grinder pumps. The
soil is not firm and study.
eee. Mike – wouldn’t it be better for everyone to put in electric?
fff.Joe Tierney – there are a few of these homes with this issue.
ggg. Dennis Anness – the working district – the river on West and South the Hearthstone
hhh. Joe Tierney – there is a written district when it was formed
iii. Rob Siedling – when was that formed
jjj. Joe Tierney – in ‘97
kkk. Dennis Anness – the two arms were put in there so we had legal right to go to either laurel or Metamora.
lll. Rob Siedling – are you planning on going up to 121?
mmm. Dennis Anness – there has never been a discussion; no
nnn. Jim Day – 1, Dennis knows I have been to a lot of meeting and (we) have never agreed on nothing. There
were so many questions that were never answered. We would say we would like to know at the next meeting.
Now we have to worry about what we got. The minimum charge for electricity is around $15.00 per month. Is
Metamora Sewer District going to give them that money back?
ooo. Dennis Anness – don’t see where we legally can.
ppp. Jim Day – $9.96 for a meter base. The sewer district is allowing $3.00 back?
qqq. Dennis Anness – have not got an amount back for the fair amount.
rrr.Jim Day – no one is getting the reimbursement as of now
sss. Dennis Anness – it has not been computed as of yet.
ttt. Jim Day – are you going to reimburse everyone back for the months they have paid the full amount?
uuu. Dennis Anness – absolutely.
vvv. Dean Pearcy – I am going to shut mine off.
www. Dennis Anness – the fire department will not expect you to pay their bill.
xxx. Kevin Green (I.D.E.M.) – it seems to me that people in Metamora needed to be more informed as of what
kind of project this was going to be and what there charges were going to be. Believe small diameter; you are
limited in growth. It is very hard to expand your town with this. With the gravity system you are not limited on
growth. If they were more informed there might have been more options. You are stuck with what you have. We
shut down the project to take care of the issues. I have never seen a town struggle on this and I have the entire
yyy. Thomas Wilson – why are they struggling?
zzz. Kevin Green – can’t allow someone to loose his license. Don’t know who was in charge of inspecting the
project. Those people should have some type of accountability. As far as electric, that is a hidden cost. As far as
what is cost effective, apparently rural development is paying a cost of an operator. To say this only needs a
minimum amount of attention I found that hard to believe. St. Leon would be a good example (to look at). Don’t
want to stick on one plant. I can’t blame these people for being upset.
aaaa. Thomas Wilson – we didn’t get what we paid for?
bbbb. Kevin Green – I am not going to say that.
cccc. Thomas Wilson – the system is not functioning the way it would supposed to
dddd. Kevin Green – we cannot allow you to certify and allow operator to loose his license.
eeee. Thomas Wilson – it is going to work or we will be in court.
ffff. Pat Ramos – in the beginning we were promised (by Dennis), our property would not be harmed. We trusted
him. We were told it would be around $35.00 per month.
gggg. Don Brack – somebody has to stop, and regroup. The questions that were brought up in this meeting should
be addressed in writing. Those people cannot afford to put those grinder pumps back in. The time for sparring is
hhhh. Dave Henninger – I have the old church. I have no running water. I shut my building down after Dec. and
go back to Florida. I don’t understand why my bill is eighty some dollars for something I am not using at all.
Electric co. doesn’t charge me unless I use electric.
iiii. Thomas Wilson – Dennis touched on that earlier.
jjjj. Dennis Anness – we could not charge full rate until the project is completed (tape 2)
kkkk. John Lucas – if it is not able to be used right now, how can you charge the full rate?
llll. Dennis Anness – by their definition, they start demanding their full interest and they require the full
mmmm. John Lucas – shouldn’t the company that put this in; send them the bill; it is not functioning. Not even you
mother can flush her toilets right now.
nnnn. Thomas Wilson – the plant is not shut down, there is not more hook ups
oooo. Gene Halcomb – why are they putting the system through the cemetery and who gave them permission?
pppp. Dennis Anness – that is where we got an easement and that is where we put it. I.D.E.M. signed off on that
qqqq. Eric Roberts – there is not utilities that go through cemeteries.
rrrr. Joe Tierney – it is on the edge of the cemetery on the county easement
ssss. Thomas Wilson – the county does not have an easement, all we have is the traveled portion of the road.
tttt. Harold Neihouse – the easement didn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference. It is about six foot over on
my property where I did not give an easement. They had it in before I knew it was there
uuuu. Kevin Green – don’t know that I.D.E.M. would sign off on that (cemetery).
vvvv. Gene Halcomb – it is only about seven or eight foot from my dad’s headstone. Those vaults are going to be
swimming in sewer.
wwww. Thomas Wilson – there is an open field on the other side.
xxxx. Joe Tierney – there is a water line there.
yyyy. Thomas Wilson – do you feel comfortable Gene?
zzzz. Gene Halcomb – no, I don’t want it in there. When they work on that sewer line they will be by my dad and
brothers’ grave.
aaaaa. Dean Pearcy – the water line is not excuse.
bbbbb. Pat Ramos – the easement was used and abused. People gave them trusting they would work that out.
ccccc. Dennis Anness – we encouraged them to right on the easements any specifics. Opportunities were given.
John has published the rates in the paper
ddddd. Gene Halcomb – was that legal to put through the cemetery?
eeeee. Thomas Wilson – who did he give permission from.
fffff. Joe Tierney – when this question came up, that we were waived of those requirements. There was no intent
to harm the cemetery
ggggg. Gene Halcomb – requests copy of documentation of permission
hhhhh. Al Payette – there is a piece of property behind my building. If I purchase that will I be charged for two?
iiiii. Dennis Anness – if that piece is being charged the $30.00 fee it will be continued to be charged that.
jjjjj. Al Payette – if I make it one piece of property?
kkkkk. Dennis Anness – if it is two billing units from the district, it will continue.
lllll. Al Payette – there are 18 buildings up for sale or rent. There are so many people who have left town.
mmmmm. Dennis Anness – Metamora has been dieing for 15 years.
nnnnn. Mike – in regards to the owner of the church, he has an historical building. Historical buildings, why should
they be charged
ooooo. Dennis Anness – because he is helping tourists coming to building
ppppp. Mike – can’t believe the historical building will be charged. Will you find out. (Dennis) you are
argumentative. Treat people like they are humans. Find someone like this man over here (Kevin green) who can
explain this to us.
qqqqq. Joe Tierney – would encourage people from I.D.E.M. to come to our meetings.
rrrrr. Thomas Wilson – can we have some plans for everyone
sssss. Bob Swininger – I talked to one of the guys and that is what we need
ttttt. Dennis Anness – I am sorry my answers are argumentative
uuuuu. Mike – these are you fellow citizens, turn around and look us in the eye
vvvvv. Thomas Wilson – I have heard from a number of citizens to shut up.
wwwww. Dennis Anness – after a while I loose my patience.
xxxxx. Thomas Wilson – everyone has an interest and we should all work together. Arguing and fighting is not
going to get anyone anywhere.
yyyyy. Dennis Anness – everyone on the board has a stake.
zzzzz. Eric Roberts – on fees, what is the breakdown of percentages.
aaaaaa. Joe Tierney – don’t have those numbers on me. The overall life of pumps is 20-30 years.
bbbbbb. Carolyn Reece – the permit (fee) should be included
cccccc. Joe Tierney – the connection fee is like a down payment on a car.
dddddd. Al Payette – we had no telephone to call and no explanation.
eeeeee. Dottie Enderle – I have talked to seven people to did not pay $25.00.
ffffff. Joe Payette – the permit fee is to pay the inspector
gggggg. Susan Jones – where do they pick it up?
hhhhhh. Jean Owens – the reason we did not include the fee is we did not know what we were getting into.
iiiiii. Bob O’Rourke – where did the $35.00 to $75.00 balance go?
jjjjjj. Jean Owens – into the operating system
kkkkkk. John Lucas – is there going to be a extension of the hook up?
llllll. Dennis Anness – indeed.
mmmmmm. John Lucas – I have a system that functions now I don’t want to hook up
nnnnnn. Thomas Wilson – Nov. 15 is the deadline right now
oooooo. Bob Swininger – this has been a great meeting. Someone ought to address this board and they should have a
scheduled meeting. Next, this is a good system, it is going to work-there is just a lot of things that need fixed. You
guys are getting into the busy system and need to be hooked up. Mr. Anness if he is going to stay on board, he
needs to be patient. Don’t know who the attorney is but he needs to be at the meetings and he should be from
Franklin County.
pppppp. Dennis Anness – our original attorney was from Franklin County. Peter Campbell King of Klein King and
qqqqqq. Susan Jones – he is very hard to get a hold of
rrrrrr. Thomas Wilson – if the board is not happy with the attorney they can get another one.
ssssss. Bob Swininger – how do you come up with the names of the board?
tttttt. Susan Jones – it is very hard to get people on the board. If anyone is interested, please send a letter to the
board of the commissioners.
uuuuuu. Rob Siedling – I am interested in being on the board!
vvvvvv. Thomas Wilson – the operator, should he been on the board?
wwwwww. Joe Tierney – he cannot
xxxxxx. Mike – do you have to live here?
yyyyyy. Thomas Wilson – resident or owner of property within district
zzzzzz. Joe Tierney – I go to board meetings all over the state.
aaaaaaa. Kevin Green– I don’t know that there is a legal conflict of Ryan (operator) to be on board.
bbbbbbb.Thomas Wilson – it makes sense to me.
ccccccc. Susan Jones – these board members have worked hard, don’t slam them.
ddddddd.Don Vonder Meulen – they probably made the same decisions you would have made had you been in there
place. (flip tape 2)
eeeeeee. Dennis Anness – we selected Friday because we thought shops would be closed.
fffffff. Don Vonder Meulen – could a newsletter go out with billings?
ggggggg.Dennis Anness – yes
hhhhhhh.Betty Riddle – ask that the letter I brought in be in the minutes (see attached)
iiiiiii. Thomas Wilson – thanks everyone for coming. Get all of the bugs worked out and have a good collection
system. Problems can be worked out. Get 99.9% of the people happy and have a good sewer system. When you
are dealing with millions of dollars it is a lot of responsibility. If you have paid money and are curious all those
numbers are public. As long as we can all work together.
jjjjjjj. Dennis Anness – thank you for calling the meeting.
kkkkkkk.Thomas Wilson – if we try and get along and answer each others questions it will work out. Hope that
Kevin (Green) can work with us.
III. Easement on Cummins road
a. Joe Gillespie – 1956 there was an easement of a thirty feet right of way of 7/10 of a mile. They are asking to put a
line adjacent to the county road
b. Thomas Wilson – do they receive receptive of it?
c. Steve Romer – we are trying to work it out.
d. Eric Roberts – we have thirty feet
e. Thomas Wilson – including the road?
f. Joe Gillespie – yes, from the center of the road; about eight feet on either side of the road.
g. Steve Romer – we will also need permission to cut the road
h. Thomas Wilson – how will you fix it back
i. Steve Romer – what ever you like
j. Thomas Wilson – flow-able fill?
k. George Hartman – that would work, on big cedar we used concrete. You have to wait longer on flow-able fill
l. Don Vonder Meulen – fire protection?
m. Steve Romer – our system isn’t to provide fire protection, but we do have people who have it. With the volume we
have now, it may be different. We are not certified for that.
n. Don Vonder Meulen – this improvement will increase the availability for fire protection
o. Steve Romer – yes.
p. Eric Roberts – questions map; bend
q. Steve Romer –there is a creek we have to get around
r. Eric Roberts – you will be getting off our right of way
s. Steve Romer – yes
t. Thomas Wilson – we chipped and sealed it three of four years ago
u. Steve Romer – we will asphalt it if you want.
IV. East side 101 /Bath Road
a. Steve Romer – we know there is solid rock. In the past we have always tried to boar. Right now we have a four
inch line.
b. Don Vonder Meulen – when you do something like that, how long is the road closed?
c. Steve Romer – 10 hours at the most.
d. Thomas Wilson – do you take care of notifying the public?
e. Steve Romer – we can; we usually take care of notifying the highway dept.
f. Eric Roberts – there will be about 20/15 houses involved.
g. Joe Gillespie – there is a permit at the highway that needs to be filled out. This is above and beyond, we have not
allowed open cuts without special permission
h. Eric Roberts – move we allow the open cut on Bath Road with allowing the residents a couple day notice to the
i. Thomas Wilson – would like an easement signed by Franklin County Water
j. Eric Roberts – four foot off of the edge of the road.
k. Steve Romer – that is where we want to be
l. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
m. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
V. Cummins Road
a. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to do the same thing on Cummins (Road) that we did on Bath (Road)
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
VI. Permit Fee for St. Peter United Church of Christ
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to waive permit fee for St Peters
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
VII. United Way
a. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to allow United Way to put Thermometer sign on court house lawn
b. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
c. Eric Roberts – all in favor
VIII. Voting Precinct Change
a. Marlene Flaspohler – we have a town election
b. Thomas Wilson – motion to have Batesville election at high school and Laurel at community center
c. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
d. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
IX. Polling Places
a. Marlene Flaspohler – Masonic lodge, there is not sufficient parking. Talked to Emanuel Church on Oxford Pike,
another suggestion was elementary school.
b. Eric Roberts – what about this building
c. Marlene Flaspohler – it is out of the precinct.
d. Eric Roberts – another church?
e. Marlene Flaspohler – has to be handicap accessible and no gravel
f. Eric Roberts – what about nursing home
g. Marlene Flaspohler – can give them a call
h. Don Vonder Meulen – motion to move it to Emanuel Baptist
i. Thomas Wilson – seconds the motion
j. Eric Roberts – all in favor
X. Four Level Emergency
a. Ed Hollenbach – this is much better. In ‘99 we had a level I and II and it was doom and gloom. It should go to
Gene (Stewart).
b. Thomas Wilson – I had a lot of calls from Franks (Industry).
c. Ed Hollenbach – I handled that by fax. If someone lives on state highway, it is fair game. It is an educational
process. Maybe Gene (Stewart) should beef the four level up on the penalty clause.
d. Thomas Wilson – who enforces this?
e. Ed Hollenbach – the sheriff department doesn’t really enforce this. We can’t legislate against stupidity. I will
meet with Gene and beef this up and it should be in there who enforces it.
f. Don Vonder Meulen – does the four lever compare to surrounding counties
g. Ed Hollenbach – it is similar. Most people have three. Some have five, six, seven levels; these are for malls, etc.
that we don’t have. Advisory and level one, two, and three. (tape 3)
XI. Emergency Proclamation Open Burning Ban
a. Eric Roberts – Ed are you still in favor of leaving burning ban on?
b. Ed Hollenbach – had chief meeting last night and three wanted it. We haven’t had rain, I am in favor of leaving it
on. it is still not what we should be doing
XII. Weekly County Bridge Engineer Report, George Hartman
a. Bridge #102 / Snowhill Road Covered Bridge over Johnson Fork (Des. No. 0089200/Project No. Stp Hist)
i. Kevin Loiselle – distributes copy of letter to George Hartman; The bridge is ready to be rehabilitated.
Something needs to be done. The timber runners will spread the load well.
ii. Thomas Wilson – why not just close it?
iii. It would save about $5,000.00 or so.
iv. Thomas Wilson – it looks like to me it is getting to the point of being dangerous. That is your call, you are
the engineer.
v. There are other issues that could become more of a serious problem. There is scarring happening
vi. Thomas Wilson – will temporary fix last a two years?
vii. Eric Roberts – this is what you did in Enochsburg?
viii. Thomas Wilson – similar
ix. Kevin Loiselle – Drewersburg said their truck weighed 32,000 lbs
x. Eric Roberts – empty. How many years will it carry 16 ton limit?
xi. Kevin Loiselle – 30/35 years. Distributes proposed alternate right of way; pulling right of way over. This
would put it about 75 feet away from grain silo.
xii. Joe Gillespie – we have tried to accommodate him as well as we could; Kevin has done that
xiii. Eric Roberts – feels traffic count is down
xiv. There will be a new bridge deck but there will also be new timber runners. Public safety is number one.
xv. Eric Roberts – I can’t see it going next year
xvi. Don Vonder Meulen – the big question we have is how much money do we have and decide where do we
spend the money. On this bridge we should probably put the runners down.
xvii. Hollie Sintz – Wayne (Hudson) has a few questions for Carol and maybe by Thursday we will have time to
get back together.
xviii. Thomas Wilson – right now we have four or five federal aid projects. We are going to have to set up an
order. We have two that have interest free loans. If we close people are going to holler.
xix. Chester Ball – I will need to close if for a day or two
xx. Thomas Wilson – can we join forces and get it completed quicker
xxi. Chester Ball – we could maybe do that
b. Bridge #48 / Pipe Creek Road over Pipe Creek (Alley Ford Steel Truss Rehabilitation / Des. No. 0201280 / Project
No. STP-9924 (014)
i. discussed option of using steel bridge deck.
ii. Kevin Loiselle – they (DNR) gave us a letter (see attached) stating it would be an adverse effect. Section
106 has to be approved by a qualified individual and no one in our dept is historical. There is a fee of
$5,000.00 to determine this. We have a couple of options; we could go back to the concrete deck.
iii. Eric Roberts – what is the adverse effect?
iv. Kevin Loiselle – taking out the original and putting the steel grid
v. Eric Roberts – what is there is not original; do they want us to put the timber deck back down?
vi. Kevin Loiselle – in historic bridges in Park County, we put in additional for undistributed quantities.
vii. Thomas Wilson – can’t see how they say this is an adverse effect. Flip tape 3. I would just soon go ahead
with metal grid and see what they do
viii. Don Vonder Meulen – the qualifications of the person you are looking for, do they have to have historic and
engineer. Knows of someone at New Point
ix. Thomas Wilson – doesn’t hurt to ask.
x. Kevin Loiselle – there is a list on D.N.R. website and believes we will have to use someone on their list.
xi. Eric Roberts – we haven’t struck out
xii. Kevin Loiselle – not yet
xiii. George Hartman- maybe can print something out for you
xiv. Don Vonder Meulen- that be good
c. Bridge #144 / Fairfield Causeway over Brookville Lake
i. George Hartman- we have centered a curve. Has structural steel girders with two types of structure elements
that required to be inspected.
d. Bridge Inspections Phase I (2006)
i. Kevin Loiselle – bridge #168 stockpile has be inspected and preparing a report.
e. Bridge #94 / Blue Creek Road over Blue Creek / Des. No. 0088440 / Project No. Bro-9924
i. INDOT has changed bridge replacement letting date to November 2008
f. Bridge #100 / Johnson Fork Road North of Snowhill Road Covered Bridge
i. They paved yesterday
ii. See photo
iii. See progress estimate
g. Bridge #103 / Drewersburg Road over Sater Run (about 0.1 mile south of Sharptown Road)
i. See estimated quantities materials
ii. County highway could do this
iii. Eric Roberts – what would be the cost
iv. Chester could do that
1. maybe a week or two weeks
h. Bridge #164 / Vine Street over Harvey Branch
i. Exceeding original amount.
1. If less than $500.00 no change order is required unless you want a change order.
i. H.E.S. (Hazard Elimination and Safety Fund Project for Programmatic Sign Improvement) / Project No. 992400C5
and Des. No. 0501216
i. Don Vonder Meulen – Gene talked to the utilities and they will not give us written permission, but they
would not do anything if we did put them on. And since we have already lost some of the signs, suggest that
we do ahead and put them on the pole.
ii. Thomas Wilson – if the utility company is not going to d anything I have no problem with that.
iii. Don Vonder Meulen – Union County has been told the same thing and they continue to use the poles
XIII. Sale of Farrar, Garvey and Associates, LLC
a. Joe Gillespie – Mike Farrar was down Friday
b. See letter
XIV. County Line Road (Franklin and Dearborn)
a. Joe Gillespie – One of the property owners is concerned about losing road frontage. Told Susan Jones to hold off
on notifying. Gene suggests both vacating road.
XV. “Field” Property
a. Joe Gillespie – Talked to John Kellerman and we agreed on offer on phone.
b. Thomas Wilson – has he notified the property owners to the south
c. Joe Gillespie – Harold has an easement on his deed.
XVI. Weekly Highway Secretary Report
a. Hollie Sintz – we are going to meet with Wayne (Hudson, DLGF Field Rep.) on Friday
XVII. Minutes10/01/07
a. Eric Roberts – move to approve
b. Don Vonder Meulen – seconds the motion
c. Thomas Wilson – all in favor
XVIII. Payroll
a. Thomas Wilson – made a couple changes; motion to approve
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
XIX. Advertisement for 2008 supplies
a. Eric Roberts – are we going to take escalation clause out
b. Susan Jones – you were going to talk to Gene (Stewart) (tape 4)
c. Eric Roberts – on fuel bids have a problem with gasoline shall be petroleum; if a supplier can supply us with a
gasoline that has 10% ethanol I think he should. 15/20 years ago it was a problem, today’s vehicles are made to
handle that
d. Don Vonder Meulen – do we have any vehicles that could not handle that?
e. Eric Roberts – not that aren’t already ready to be, replaced any way. The other place is on the asphalt materials
f. Thomas Wilson – they might give you a locked in bid.
g. Don Vonder Meulen – could we ask for a price with and without the escalation clause
h. Thomas Wilson – we can ask for whatever we want
XX. C.P.R. class
a. Thomas Wilson – next Monday there is a C.P.R. class at 7 in basement
XXI. Tree Roots at Courthouse
a. Eric Roberts – the town is not claiming any responsibility
XXII. Adjourn
a. Thomas Wilson – motion to adjourn
b. Eric Roberts – seconds the motion
c. Don Vonder Meulen – all in favor
Those also present:
Susan Jones, Secretary Carol Westerman, PT Secretary George Hartman, County Engineer
Annabel Looker, MRSD John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Don Brack
Berry Riddle Jeans Owens, MRSD Dennis Anness, MRSD
Dorothy Enderle Al Payette Mike C?
Jack Ferman Lena Ferman Harold Niehaus
Helen Niehaus Dean Pearcy Carolyn Reece
Pat Ramos Ray R? Bob O’Rourke
James L. Day John Lucas Kevin Hotz
Kevin Green, I.D.E.M. Ryan Swininger Robert Swininger, Inspector
William Fields Keith Becher Rob Siedling
John McCullouch Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor David Henninger
Gene Halcomb Marlene Flaspohler, County Clerk Neil Lambert
Tim Rosenberger Steve Romer Kevin Loiselle
Chester Ball Christa Walls Ed Hollenbach, EMA Director
Hollie Sintz Dale Maxie, Sheriff
Approved 10/15/07

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