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2005 Meeting Minutes


January 5, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Bob Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Dale Maxie Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with pledge and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes of 12/14/04

a. Martha Bergman motion to accept

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams-all in favor

II. New Council member

* Donald “Butch” Williams welcomes Carroll Lanning to board and Martha Bergman for returning to


III. President

a. Martha Bergman motions for Donald “Butch” Williams to be president

b. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams-all in favor

IV. Vice President

a. Robert Runyon motion for Jeff Koch

b. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams-all in favor

V. Alcohol Beverage Appt.

a. Donald “Butch” Williams-John Amberger is willing to be reappointed

b. Hollie Sintz motions to reappoint John Amberger

c. Robert Runyon seconds the motion


February 2, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Bob Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Dale Maxie Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Marlene Flaspohler

Jeff Koch

Kenneth Rosenberger

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with pledge and calls meeting to order

I. Sheriff-salary ordinance

a. Donald “Butch” Williams-states there is a discrepancies in the jail and sheriff departments. Since these were not

budgeted for, we need to do something. It needs to be taken care of tonight. Spent time with Hollie Sintz this

afternoon and presents findings.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – In deputy line 105-4118.03 = 2002 budget-we budgeted $111,832.84 and in 2003

we budgeted to $166,958.30. In 2004 it went back down. The salary ordinance in 2003 it states 5 and in

2004 it states 4. last year all the deputies were paid. And this year we need to fix this. We didn’t budget

enough money to cover the (5) deputies. We need to come up with the money or get rid of a deputy and I

don’t think we want to do that.

ii. Dale Maxie-on the file stamped salary I think what happened was where a sergeant pay was over looked.

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams-how many deputies are in your department at this time

iv. Dale-9

v. Donald “Butch” Williams-we are only short one deputy pay

vi. Hollie Sintz-we don’t want to lose any one who is on the road already. Can we take his bigger items and pay

it out of something else.


February 22, 2005

Franklin County Council meeting in County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Thomas Wilson Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Dale Maxie Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Sharon Halcomb

Jeff Koch Louis Linkel

Robert Runyon Rebecca Oglesby

Kenneth Rosenberger Robert Brack

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with pledge and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes (Jan & Special February)

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams-all in favor; motion carried

II. PTABOA Appointment

a. Sharon Halcomb-this morning at the Commissioner mtg. appointed two members (Bessie Edwards and Peggy

Glasscock. Has two recommendations-Maria Currence (Independent) and Shirley Seufert (Democrat). Need

Maria due to her being a level 2.

b. Martha Bergman-do these people need to be approached-was thinking of another name (to appoint).

c. Donald “Butch” Williams-do you have someone else?

d. Martha Bergman-yes, but have not spoken with them

e. Hollie Sintz motions to appoint Mia and Shirley

f. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

g. Donald “Butch” Williams-all in favor; motion carried

III. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2005-04)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution and transfer of funds certificate

b. Hollie Sintz-wondering what Treasurer was buying.

c. Rebecca Oglesby-a computer that the mother board and a shredder

d. Hollie Sintz-you didn’t have a shredder


Special County Council Meeting – March 10, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz

Kenneth Rosenberger

Robert Runyon

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with pledge and calls meeting to order

Resolution 2005-07 –

I. Research/Background

a. Donald “Butch” Williams’s states Carol (Monroe) and Jeff (Koch) went over funding and told me the details.

Reads resolution.

b. Carol Monroe – we took the payroll’s we had to cover (allowed about $80,000.00 per payroll), the first of the

month claims this last time were about $121,000 which was very low and we had to allow for utilities as well. The

$150,000.00 out of Reassessment is just operating money, no CD’s will be cashed in. The $400,000.00 out of

Local Road and Street is a CD that is coming and in talking with the Commissioners, they will not need that for the

month of April.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – the CAGIT comes in May and we will probably be borrowing again once this is paid


d. Robert Runyon – questions additional appropriations (that were advertised in Wednesday’s paper)

e. Carol Monroe – there is one in there for a true additional appropriation.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – that is what aggravates me about the way we have to do that. Hopes the public

understands that all but one of those is truly an additional appropriation. Every time we meet and an additional

comes before us, we are going to have to scrutinize it. The DLGF-that was one thing they said, but they deal with

that every day.

g. Martha Bergman-this is truly a business, lets keep it working.


March 22, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Bob Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Thomas Wilson

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes of February 22nd and March 10th.

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve minutes

b. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – motion carried

II. Resolution 2005-08 (loan to Park & Recreation)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch – for the $140,000.00, the Commissioners said we could move the money.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – this clearly shows this is a cash flow problem

d. Hollie Sintz motions to accept resolution

e. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Resolution 2005-09 (Additional Appropriation)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads reduction resolution 2005-09B

b. Carroll Lanning motions to approve 2005-09B

c. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried. Reads resolution 2005-09A. The $20,000.00 in county

general (for Sheriff) we just can’t do.

e. Robert Brack – his intentions were to take it out of rainy day fund.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions Snow Hill Covered Bridge


Franklin County Council April 26, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Rick Gill

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

Kenneth Rosenberger

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Whitewater Valley Community Library Resolution of appropriate fiscal body of Action on Library Capital Projects

Plan (Resolution 2005-15)

a. Melody Gault– every received copies of the plan

b. Robert Runyon – questions rate

c. Melody Gault – replies they are instructed to go as high as we can go

d. Carol Monroe explains that due to not knowing the assessed values, they need to stay high. When the assessed

values are known, the state (DLGF) will adjust their budget accordingly.

e. Melody Gault – reviews progress of Library and current needs (ex: children’s computers). Computers are the main

thrust of the capital projects. Goal is go make the Library one of the most important parts of the county. Would

like all of the townships to join. Have started a healthy living series where doctors come in and give seminars on

various issues.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution 2005-15.

g. Robert Runyon motions to pass resolution 2005-15

h. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

j. Melody Gault – thanks everyone and distributes information for to review

II. Minutes (3/22/05)

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve minutes as presented

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion


Special Franklin County Council May 3, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Marlene Flaspohler

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon County Council Attorney

Kenneth Rosenberger Eugene Stewart

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Review

a. Eugene Stewart – Lowell McMillan and I have been exchanging paper work.

b. Robert Brack – met with Gail Snyder (DLGF). We can borrow 2 (two) million this year and January 1st (2006)

borrow another million. In order to get the tax rate the same as the jail (currently is) you would need more than 6

(six) years (to pay it back). In order to do it in 6 (six) years you would have to increase the rate .01. Our

recommendation to Council is to fund (the project) through bond council.

c. Louis Linkel – we just don’t want to raise taxes.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – how will that keep the same rate

e. Robert Brack – you can go a longer time by going through bond council. Talked to several local banks and they

said they would be interested in the bonds.

f. Kenneth Rosenberger – the figure of around $5,000.00 (five thousand) was brought up. That is would cost in

addition to the project for bond council.


Franklin County Council May 17, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Thomas Wilson Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Louis Linkel

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

Kenneth Rosenberger

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes of May and Special May meetings

II. Loan to E-911 (Resolution 2005-22)

III. Loan to County General (Resolution 2005-23)

IV. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2005-24)

V. Extension for J&J Packaging

VI. Update & Tax Anticipation Loan – Terry Suttles, DFC Director

VII. Outstanding DFC Debt for Columbus Behavioral Center for Children & Adolescents – Richard Clark/David Bell

VIII. Andersonville Drainage Problem – Thomas Wilson

IX. Additional Appropriations (Resolution 2005-21)

X. Department Update & Request

XI. 2006 Budget Request


_________________________ _____________________________

_________________________ _____________________________


Special Franklin County Council Meeting May 31, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz

Jeff Koch

Kenneth Rosenberger

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Amended Salary Ordinance 2005-09 (see attached)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads amendments

b. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to pass ordinance

c. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Resolution 2005-19 74

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Hollie Sintz motions to accept

c. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

III. Additional Cuts to 2005 budget

a. Carol Monroe – explains that after reviewing the information for the additional appropriations (previously

approved by County Council) to send up to state, kept coming up short on revenue. Called Gail Snyder (DLGF

Rep.) to come down to review figures. Gail reviewed the figures and also came up short-and now Council

needs to cut an additional $179,408.00 (one hundred seventy-nine thousand four hundred eight dollars) out of

county general.

b. Council questions why

c. Carol Monroe replies that Gail’s reasoning is that we over spent the 2004 budget by $439,873.00 (four hundred

thirty-nine thousand eight hundred seventy-three dollars)=of which $360,000.00 (three hundred sixty thousand)

was due to the rainy day fund and the remaining $79,873.00 (seventy-nine thousand eight hundred seventy


Franklin County Council June 28, 2005

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Thomas Wilson Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Louis Linkel

Jeff Koch Marlene Flaspohler

Robert Runyon

Kenneth Rosenberger

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes of May and Special May meetings

a. Hollie Sintz motions to accept

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

II. Loan to E-911 (Resolution 2005-22) Loan to County General (Resolution 2005-23)31

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolutions

b. Hollie Sintz motions to accept

c. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams all in favor; motion carried

III. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2005-24) 90

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch motions to accept resolution 2005-24

c. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Extension for J&J Packaging 140

a. Hollie Sintz motions to extend

b. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

V. Update & Tax Anticipation Loan – Terry Suttles, DFC Director – see handout 175

a. Terry Suttles – effective July 1st, the new departments will be created (Division of Family Resources) and

(Department of Child Services). We are now going to be in region 12 – Franklin, Union, Wayne, Rush, and Fayette


Franklin County Council July 26, 2005 / County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

To be approved on 08/23/05. August meeting will be held in the conference room of the courthouse on the second floor.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Marlene Flaspohler

Jeff Koch Rebecca Oglesby

Robert Runyon

Kenneth Rosenberger

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes of June 28, 2005

a. Martha Bergman motions to approve minutes as presented

b. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Resolution 2005-34 of the Franklin County Council Regarding the Preliminary Determination to Issue Bonds

a. Gene Stewart = requesting council to do a preliminary determination to issue bonds

b. James Treat – CPA – O.W. Krohn & Associates, LLP – reviews resolutions, bonds, and letter. Asking for approval

for up to 4.6 million, but won’t necessarily go that high. This includes = to put heating and air as well as elevator

in this building (courthouse). Schedule of Estimated Sources and uses of funds is the current budget; right now at

4.5 million dollars. If bids come in high, we might cut the elevator-it just depends on how the bids come in.

Deferring principle payments until 2007 due to last payment of jail being in June 2006. Keeping the debt service

the same so that there is no increase in taxes. Around 5 (five) cent tax rate (about 4.5) = this is based on the current

assessed value and that rate will go down as time goes on.

c. Martha Bergman questions if this one bond will take care of both buildings

d. James Treat – yes that is true. As far as timing for the rest of the year, there will be some publications in August

and the next major step is to go to the D.L.G.F. (Department of Local Government and Finance) and get approval

from them. We will get that approval some time in October. We will be ready to sell bonds and close in

November. We might want to get bids in before that. If we want to delay a little bit we can, but we need to get it

done before year end.


Franklin County Council August 23, 2005

Conference Room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Marlene Flaspohler

Jeff Koch Mary Seufert

Robert Runyon Dale Maxie County Council Attorney

Kenneth Rosenberger Judge J. Steven Cox Eugene Stewart

Sharon Halcomb

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes

a. Hollie Sintz motions to accept

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor

II. Transfer of Funds – Resolution 2005-37

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution, asks Auditor to explain transfer

b. Carol Monroe – had an employee who’s husband has been out sick in the hospital and will be out for some time yet

c. Carroll Lanning – this is just moving money, no additional money

d. Carol Monroe – replies yes

e. Carroll Lanning – Motions to approve transfer

f. Robert Runyon – seconds the motion

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. (Amend) Salary Ordinance 2005-16

a. Carol Monroe – states this is just making the salary ordinance read/match what has been done with the transfers

this year on part time help

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads amendments

c. Hollie Sintz motions to accept changes

d. Kenneth Rosenberger – seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Additional Appropriation Resolution 2005-36

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution. Address county general request for Sara Weisbrodt (Fairfield

Township. Trustee) She did not include it in her budget request last year and discovered she still needs another

eighty-eight dollars above that. Told her one of two things would be done; it can be denied or postponed. She is

not expecting it to be approved tonight.

b. Martha Bergman – motions to postpone additional (to next meeting)

c. Carol Monroe-states any additionals done (approved) after June 30th (2005) will have to be cut from this or next

years budget

d. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

f. Hollie Sintz – highway had a contract for WTH and paying second part of it.

g. Carroll Lanning – clarifies this is coming out of cumulative bridge fund

h. Kim Linkel – Indiana tobacco sensation grant. The original one ran out in June. This one goes through until June

of 2007. It is 100% grant money.

i. Robert Runyon – hasn’t this money run out?

j. Kim Linkel – 10.8 million was awarded

k. Hollie Sintz Motions to accept

l. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Ordinance 2005-17 (Appropriating Proceeds)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – opens floor to any comments or questions to the renovation

b. Gene Stewart – the folks that were here a few months ago explained it well. We have a deed that is/will be

recorded and the Commissioners now own the old high school.

c. Martha Bergman – would like to know who is in charge of the “history room”

d. Robert Brack – the Board of Commissioners. Mr. Hallburg and Don Jobe is in charge of collecting. You need to

look at it. It is ready for the contractors to move in. Our temporary electric is in and working on cutting the heat

off from the school to move to the county. Found that everything is in good shape.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – closes public portion and proceed to adopting ordinances and these are of public record

and if someone would like to review or read them. Reads first paragraph of both ordinances.

f. Carroll Lanning – motion to accept ordinance 2005-17

g. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

VI. Ordinance 2005-18 (Authorizing Issuance of Sale of General Obligation Bonds)

a. Jeff Koch – motion to accept ordinance

b. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

d. Gene Stewart – will get copies of the signed ordinance from Carol (Monroe) tomorrow for bond council

VII. Family & Children

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – received letter from Terry Suttles (Director of DFC) basically explaining he was trying

to make an effort for payment and talked to him last July and sent this letter certified. He is making an effort to

make payment and I also informed Terry council had appropriated the money and it was up to him to make


VIII. Budget 2006 – problems

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – three members of county council met with Paige on Friday

b. Jeff Koch – basically went through revenue with Carol (Monroe) and she said our revenue is at 4 million. The

state (DLGF), when they look at our budget they only make sure we are within the law. The way we have been

able to do that (budget as the county has) is because we have had a cash reserve. She (Paige) is working with some

counties that are going to be in the same situation we are in two years.

c. Hollie Sintz – one of her recommendations was to cut five hundred thousand out of this year and five hundred out

of next year, and raising fees.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – it all still falls back on us. The DLGF will give us a figure and we budget according to

that. We have met the figures we have been given by the state.

e. Jeff Koch – the state doesn’t care about tomorrow.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – this person you talked tog.

Angie Snyder – questions river boat revenue (from Lawrenceburg)

h. Gene Stewart – we have been in contact with city council and have proposed an agreement to them. We have

heard that they are strongly considering something but haven’t seen anything

i. Diane Turney -unrealistic for the County to cut a million out of the budget as we have grown. Doesn’t feel we are

keeping up to date. It scares you-what is going happen.

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – we were told last year we had Four hundred thousand and this year 1million. Point is

very good. Our budget is not increasing.

k. Robert Brack – we are not like the private sector. The assessed valuations go down but we don’t have any more

revenue. We need jobs, industry.

l. Robert Runyon – questions law of river boats

m. Gene states there is no law requiring them to share. We are proposing from Lawrenceburg this be continuous.

n. Ron Larew – can the money be used for roads, bridges?

o. Robert Brack – this can be used for general operating

p. Angie Snyder – our local health maintenance fund will be decreasing which is part of secretary and sanitation line.

q. Robert Brack- we have to do a survey that will cost thirty-eight thousand and if we don’t, it will jeopardize our

federal funding (highway).

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – seven of us next week we have one heck of a mountain to get over. We all are in this

together. We are open for suggestions and are going to do all we can do. Do we think we would be ahead

s. Ron Larew – Dr Larry Boar is available out of Purdue. Don’t know if he will have any ideas but that is what

Purdue is here and you have all of Purdue right behind you.

t. Kenneth Rosenberger – we need to hire her (Paige Gilpin)

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to do a lot of both. She is $6,800 for the year. The company is HJ Umbaugh

and Associates out of Indianapolis.

v. Martha Bergman – questions if we still have $7,000.00 consultant

w. Carol Monroe – no, we haven’t for about six years

x. Judge J. Steven Cox – now you know what the revenue is, what will this consultant tell you that you don’t already

know? Now the decision is how you cut that. Isn’t that what you guys do-is that what the consultant is going to

help with is prioritizing with

y. Jeff Koch – she will also offer other options-like rolling bonds.

z. Judge J. Steven Cox -talks about bond schedule and if council has considered it. Everyone is concerned about it as

the next person. Leadership dictates that decisions have to be made. What are you telling us about this consultantrolling

bonds, it that what you are talking about as obvious deductions.

aa.Donald “Butch” Williams – what I myself, looking for advice

bb.Judge J. Steven Cox – are we to the point that the revenue is down or have we spent our savings account.

cc.Donald “Butch” Williams – the revenue keeps dwindling-where is the cash reserve.

dd.Susan Jones-didn’t you get a big distribution from CAGIT

ee.Donald “Butch” Williams – yes, but that just caught us upff.

Sharon Halcomb – didn’t Fayette County have to cut a million from their budget last year. And has someone called

them to see how they did it.

gg.Angie Snyder – concerned that last year we got together and now we don’t have much left to offer-for everyone to

function. We looked over ours and what is in there is what we need to operate on. Is there something we can do

like raise fees. Don’t know if that will be enough

hh.Carroll Lanning-when can we decide on the consultant

ii. Donald “Butch” Williams – will have contact with Larry Boar and he loves to help. That is what we pay for.

jj. Robert Brack-what are we going to do about gas? That is going to take away from putting anything on the roads.

kk.Hollie Sintz – she (Paige Gilpin) will only bill for what we use her for

ll. Donald “Butch” Williams – would it be, we are in favor of contacting this person if we so decide come Tuesday

morning but would be up to my digression. Before I did anything I would be in contact with each and everyone of

you (council members)

mm. Hollie Sintz – motion for Donald “Butch” Williams talked to Mr. and to tentatively authorize the contract of

HJ Umbaugh

nn.Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

oo.Carroll Lanning – what are they going to charge per visit?

pp.Louis Linkel – she impressed me

qq.Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; opposed-Martha Bergman, abstained-Donald “butch” Williams

IX. Bond

a. Judge J. Steven Cox asked if council made a decision on the bond

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – you stated you

c. Judge J. Steven Cox – reads changes in bonds from what he had set it at to what it was lowered to to help

council/jail house state prisoners. Tape 2 it states each time you bond out and are in again the bond is doubled

when they are bonded a second time. Bonds are not a pretrial punishment. They are only set at a reasonable rate to

make sure of appearance.

d. Hollie Sintz – feels we should leave the schedule where it is.

e. Judge J. Steven Cox – are we in more danger because of the bond schedule-not minimizing the meth. on any

community. The crime is self inflicted. Have seen more fatalities due to drunk driving.

f. Robert Brack – the meth. people will bond out no matter where it is

g. Judge J. Steven Cox – the court balances the community concern and the fiscal concern. Are people more

concerned about what meth people will do while out on bond or what they will pay.

h. Carroll Lanning – questions if bond is published

i. Judge J. Steven Cox – no matter if was published in the paper or not-those people don’t/won’t read the paper but

can quote the schedule to you.

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – raising the bond will not make us any money, it will cost us.

k. Jeff Koch – does it matter to these people if it is 25 or 30 thousand

l. Judge J. Steven Cox – it doesn’t matter to these people

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – are you wanting a consensus?

n. Judge J. Steven Cox – don’t want anything formal. We worked on the together before and think we all agree-I

have seen a decrease in the amounts of warrants working/cooking in the county. You have done what you can and

have responded on the front of this. You are going to see pauper bills that we haven’t seen before in this county.

No portion of government is going to work on this alone. The law cannot be ignored, we have to think about this

in a responsible way. You represent the taxpayers also-if county general was in trouble when we first talked about

this, it needs a tunicate now.

X. Adjourn

a. Hollie Sintz motions to adjourn

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

Budge Hearings-council will meet at 8:00 and the hearings will start at 8:30


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Franklin County Auditor


Franklin County Council August 30 (& 31, September 1 & 2) 2005 Conference room @ 8:30 a.m.

2006 County Budget Hearings

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Thomas Wilson

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

Kenneth Rosenberger

I. Review of past weeka.

Donald “Butch” Williams – reviews meetings/conversations with Paige Gilpin (Umbaugh) and Larry Boar

(Purdue/Extension) as well as Katrina Hall (with Farm Bureau). Paige is supposed to fax a contract or bring it to

the meeting tomorrow.

b. Jeff Koch – feels Umbaugh needs to give us an hourly rate and would like the lady from Farm Bureau.

c. Carol Monroe – not comfortable with that. Had experience with her through DLGF and Manatron.

d. Carroll Lanning – wants an amount (from Umbaugh)

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – Katrina (Hall) wants the 16 line statement faxed to her and Carol’s (Auditor) office is

working on that. Wants everyone to decide.

f. Jeff Koch – we have to have a dollar figure on everything.

g. Kenneth Rosenberger – could use Paige (Gilpin) expertise. Do we need her all year?

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – hope not. This week we have a mountain to climb.

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – would like to know what it is going to cost-$25.00 an hour?

j. Hollie Sintz – we can get free advice from Purdue but if we pay someone, she has to show up (we are paying/have

a contract signed)

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – contract has a clause – termination at any time. If we contract with Umbaugh, the

others don’t feel it would be professional (to also give advice).

l. Hollie Sintz – Paige (Gilpin) will look at the future-to establish a long term goal (for the County).

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – the others assured us they would do this.

n. Robert Runyon – why don’t we have Gail Snyder (DLGF).

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – we met with them last year. Has no problem working with Gail (Snyder).

p. Carol Monroe – they (DLGF) won’t advice you, just whether or not you are doing it right.

q. Carroll Lanning – suggests to go on with on budget hearings and think about this until noon.

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – we will bring it up when we reconvene after lunch

II. Health Department 214-Health/251-Health Mtn./2518-Tobacco/2519-Bioterrism

a. Diane Turney – based on what you said, we been running on 25cents per mile and it (budget) would not increase at

this time. Most of our clientele is in the town. Also – the local health maintenance fund has decreased by 7% and

that $20,000.00 pays a portion of the secretary and sanitarian, but then they gave us 3% back. This could change

however-we also get tobacco money that we could use, however we use that for the part time sanitarian who help

the sanitarian (Joe Meier) so that he can concentrate on the septics.

b. Hollie Sintz – questions attorney line

c. Diane Turney – decrease that to $6,000.00. Last year we thought we would have more court time.

d. Angie Snyder – we took it from the 3rd nursing position

e. Diane Turney – also cut telecommunications.

f. Angie Snyder – biggest increase is in the health insurance

g. Diane Turney – not a lot we can cut

h. Kenneth Rosenberger – what kind of fees do you have ?

i. Diane Turney – thought about charging for home visits, but that would require more staff and training. We

wouldn’t be able to see a lot of the people we see now. There are a lot of people we se now that can get out, but

can not get their medications or don’t understand their blood pressure. Doesn’t feel that would be worth while at

this time. You also open yourself up for audits.

j. Thomas Wilson – there are companies that will do the billing for you.

k. Diane Turney – but you still have to know the rules.

l. Martha Bergman – does the welfare department do some of the things you do?

m. Diane Turney – child hood immunizations. We can’t ask for money-but we can ask for donations for the use of the


n. Carroll Lanning – questions equipment

o. Diane Turney – probably wouldn’t mind letting it go, but our vision machine is on the fritz.

p. Carroll Lanning – questions service agreement

q. Angie Snyder – book binding can hold off for a little bit longer

r. Diane Turney – we charge for birth and death records and foods and septics and tattoo inspections that could be


s. Angie Snyder – we will be talking to the board in October

t. Kenneth Rosenberger – is there a charge for the inspection (sanitation) and can we charge for mileage?

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – always thought permit fees were too low.

v. Diane Turney – yes-don’t know how much it can be raised.

w. Angie Snyder – part time help is just to cover when someone is out.

x. Diane Turney – but we can’t find anyone to do this and the other nurse and myself are learning how to do that.

You could take the professional improvement from $800.00 to $400.00.

y. Carroll Lanning – environmental health

z. Diane Turney – this is where we buy our syringes out of. We are getting ready to put a big order in for the flu

shots. We also have an ordinance to allow for other donations; ex: TB vaccine.

aa.Donald “Butch” Williams – where do these fees go?

bb.Diane Turney – flu fees goes back into the fund/TB buys the serums. Last year was going to have the State come

and talk about the public health coordinator. He/she would write a plan in case of an outbreak. I missed the

deadline and we weren’t able to hire that person. Now, the State is requiring we still do this plan and I don’t have a

clue on how to write this plan. Afraid if there was an outbreak-and had to vaccinate the whole county in a 2/3 day

period=how would I do that? Very, very in-depth. If we don’t have a plan afraid they won’t help us. Tried talking

to Ed (Hollenbach) and get no where. We are a subdivision of that plan. He hopefully would still be in charge.

cc.Carol Monroe – questions if that is something that could be worked into what was discussed yesterday

(Commissioners’ mtg.)

dd.Robert Brack – yes

ee.Diane Turney – this is too much for one person and can’t do it. Yes, I know we need a plan and trying very hard to

do as much as I can

ff. Thomas Wilson – don’t know why it can’t be worked in.

III. Surveyor 106-Surveyor/237-Surveyor Corner Perpetuation

a. Joe Gillespie – run our office with myself and three part time employees. Asked for $3,000.00 in additional help

and a raise for myself. Some places I didn’t spend all of my money-mileage/supplies/etc. There might be a few

hundred dollars there.

b. Hollie Sintz – do you have any fees

c. Joe Gillespie – we don’t have any permit fees and don’t charge for anything.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions surveyor perpetuation PERF.

e. Joe Gillespie – will have to do an additional

IV. Safe Passage (130-4399.20)

a. Brittan–we have outreach offices here and in Aurora. We just got our first male client from here in Franklin

County. Our shelter-we have just under 50 adults and 87 children. We were at the Franklin County fair and had

someone come to us and state the changes she seen in her daughter after being in our care. We feel strongly about

what we do and need the counties behind us. Every 9 seconds/1 in 3 women affected.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – can you take some of this money and make it matching money?

c. Brittan –not real familiar with grant process. Maxwell Construction did do that.

d. Martha Bergman – what group recommends victim to you

e. Brittan –all kinds of groups=Lifetime Resources/SEIOC/DFC/you name it.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – your clientele is confidential?

g. Brittan –absolutely

V. Indiana State Clerk of Court

a. Marlene Flaspohler – brings in State Clerk of Supreme Court, David Lewis, and introduces him to the County


b. County Council – Thanks David Lewis for coming in.

VI. Communications-150/E-911-248

a. Joyce Monroe, E-911 Director – not asking for much

b. Tracy Lightfield, Assistant – asking for a pay increase of 5% for dispatchers and assistant for the holiday pay=12

holidays and two election days (per handbook). Longevity for 8 employees with 32 years of service. Comp/over

time for 8 dispatchers due to not being able to keep part time. This doesn’t take into account any accumulated

time. Clothing for professional image for training, etc. New equipment if just for IDACS and need that due to the

two dispatch stations. One is on the jail side and right now we only have one IDACS-and the other person can not

do anything until the other one is open. Only one person can be logged into it at a time. The longevity had been

asked for several years and the national average career for a dispatcher is 3 years. We go through a lot of

dispatchers and it is not for everybody-that is why we are asking for longevity. Director wage is increased and

there is not a lot difference for director and this would make it competitive with other department heads. Director

holiday pay is based on 12 eight hours days. Travel increase due to more mandated out of town training. Looking

at Purdue and Evansville or even out of state, like Columbus, Ohio. New employees have to be certified and

current employees have to be recertified. Only three or four vendors have some of the training. Have even tried to

get some of these vendors to come to County but with no luck.

c. Tracy Lightfield – knows there will be cuts across the board but feels it should not be in public safety

d. Carroll Lanning – expecting a lot more travel

e. Joyce Monroe– yes

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – director and part time is paid out of e-911

g. Joyce Monroe– yes

h. Carroll Lanning – holiday pay based on raise

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – 8 dispatcher and how many part time?

j. Joyce Monroe – between one and three

k. Carol Monroe – would you rather have the over time pay (vs. comp time)

l. Tracy Lightfield – would like to have the option.

VII. Park & Recreation – 216

a. Ted Hensley – got hit pretty hard last year and would like a little back. Asking for a raise for everybody but the

main thing is needing extra help. Now opening in March instead of April or May for junior baseball and antique

machine show.

b. Kenneth Rosenberger – could we put a fee on those?

c. Ted Hensley – we have asked some of them but haven’t seen any results from that.

d. Robert Brack – talked to Ted (Hensley) to try and generate some more revenue over there with upgrades (paying it

from Cumulative Capital Development).

e. Kenneth Rosenberger – do the ball leagues pay anything for the parks?

f. Robert Brack – really those kids are not supposed to pay-that was set up in the 70/80’s.

g. Ted Hensley – what the kids pay for goes to junior baseball, not the park.

h. Carroll Lanning – questions board salaries.

i. Ted Hensley – paid at the end of the year. Asked for raise in restroom supplies and garbage bags. IDEM – we

have to pay them starting next year for using ground/well water.

j. Carroll Lanning – questions other improvements

k. Ted Hensley – usually have 8-9 thousand in that account. Road surfacing needs done-bad.

l. Robert Brack – trying to get it more self sufficient-so county general can use part of that rate.

m. Kenneth Rosenberger – questions fees

n. Ted Hensley – we are about ½ of what they are at the (Brookville) lake. If we had sewage we would get more

groups. tape 2

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – you don’t think raising fees are feasible?

p. Ted Hensley – they (board) might raise it a dollar or two. We just don’t have a lot of things for people to do.

Looking at grants for playground equipment. New equipment we need a truck and need to replace a lawnmower.


a. Ed Hollenbach – 2002 you gave me the ability to hire the first full time employee. Being a part time employee I

had no idea what other people in the County made. She does 2 first deputy jobs and she should be paid as a first

deputy. Myself – if you want to spend any time with me, look for me at the office-average over 50 hours per week.

My job is quite valuable to the county. I don’t do many things, we do a lot of things. When talked about a first

deputy-if we jumped through all of the hoops, we get rebated ½ of our salaries. We were not in compliance in

1994 but are getting there. Hope that in January can get decent enough speaker and a good room for practicing for

something I hope will never happen (referring to terrorism). – It is needed. I am a group you don’t want to see.

The hat I wear is never ending. Made a presentation to the Commissioners yesterday for another mandate or there

is no FEMA money (for Franklin County). Years ago formed a chief’s association (fire departments) and got all of

these guys talking. Last year county sheriff got $91,000.00 of radio (system). Hopefully there will be better

communications within the counties. I am the soul lease holder of the army core of engineers’ tower. I squeeze

every penny of the budget.

b. Jeff Koch – questions damage control officer

c. Ed Hollenbach – these boys know/love their work. Ex: tornado in Franklin County last year-had all information

needed by the next day (due to help with WTH). Hope to bring a class in to you in late October and early


d. Kenneth Rosenberger – can you charge any fees?

e. Ed Hollenbach – we have a refrigerator we sell pop to buy toiletries. Mostly goes after grant money.

IX. Family and Children-202/Children Psychiatric Resident-0860

a. Terry Suttles – submitted a slightly increased budget. With new administration they raised the foster care from

$20.00 to $25.00 dollars per day. We actually have a youth in therapeutic care-usually averages $90.00 to $130.00

per day. Institutional cost up, still trying to catch up (from previous administration) and cover any projected youth.

Increase in preservation services to focus on prevention to try and get to the root of the problem. Adoption

services-just placed two new wards with families. Psych. Fund same as last year-it wasn’t fully utilized in the past.

327 reports last year received from our agency and early intervention and prevention will happen next year with

this budget.

b. Martha Bergman – questions state assistance

c. Terry Suttles – that will be increasing over the next few months. Another big push is regional service councilstrying

to push for different programs.

d. Martha Bergman – questions if budget was reviewed with Judge Cox

e. Terry Suttles – yes.

f. Martha Bergman – is there any one place we can do without?

g. Terry Suttles – these are all critical areas. Children services – at any one day we could have two meth. labs pop up

with four kids involved.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions increase in care of wards

i. Terry Suttles – part of that is to help catch up. If we start using our psych. fund more efficiently that will help.

j. Jeff Koch – adoption assistance?

k. Terry Suttles – that is what the court agrees on. Some of these kids come out troubled homes.

l. Carroll Lanning – foster care insurance

m. Terry Bockover- we are required to have that every year

n. Martha Bergman – questions bringing down intervention

o. Terry Suttles – that is their focus, to get involved at an early age. Get involved now. Spend the money now to

save later.

p. Terry Bockover-in the increase in the foster homes, that also reflects adoption assistance

X. Area plan-124

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – can you raise fees?

b. Larry Franzman – in tomorrow’s paper, we are raising variance fees as well as a couple others. Doubling single

family homes ($400.00). Currently have 501 active permits and a lot of people do not have final inspections. If we

were to start a bonding – it would put more pressure on the Auditor’s office. That money would then be put into

county general. A lot of counties do it-Dearborn has $500.00. If we double all permits (except double wides)-

presented a budget of raises of a $1,000.00 to $2,000.00. Charlie (employee) has been with us for four years and

he is a good employee, the bread winner of the family. Part time help is $9.00 but can live with $8.00.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions advertising of fees

d. Larry Franzman – wants to make sure A.P.C. board and Commissioners are behind it before we go too far.

e. Martha Bergman – questions gas and oil and mileage

f. Larry Franzman – gas and oil is with the County program and the mileage is for when we use a personal vehicle.

Could live with out mileage as well as executive sessions.

g. Carroll Lanning – charges for services

h. Larry Franzman – any time you record something in the recorders office you have to pay a fee for a government

document. If you do ordinances, you have to make it legal. Flip tape 2

i. Thomas Wilson – questions court cases

j. Larry Franzman – some pending.

k. Carroll Lanning – questions dues

l. Larry Franzman – those are paid at the end of the year. And code courses, I need to send Gary and Charlie once or

twice to Indianapolis.

m. Carol Monroe – the fee increase would amount to how much?

n. Larry Franzman – looking at $48,000.00

XI. Extension office-123

a. Ron Larew – this budget is approved by the extension board and this is what they feel is need to run the extension

program. Remember that extension is more than 4H. It is a program that returns money and hopefully saves and

brings you back money. In 2007 the contractual services will go up $5,000.00 as of right now. Would like to look

at mileage-we are at 28 cents-it is costing us to do this job. Would like to increase to 34 to 35 per mile.

Contractual services of $58,610.00 from Purdue. It cost you $31,810.00 for Angie and I. Hollie is county

supported ½ time here and ½ in Fayette county-Purdue picks up all of her benefits.

b. Martha Bergman – with the computers, didn’t that help with the mileage?

c. Ron Larew – it certainly has; time wise, mileage, all of that. Purdue is having to expand the I.P. program.

d. Carroll Lanning – do you expect big expense on professional

e. Ron Larew – we have something’s coming up

XII. Sheriff-105/Jail-132

a. Dale Maxie – basically a 5% increase on contractual services etc. Last year we got lucky and locked the gas and

oil in but don’t know about this year. It is hard to sayb.

Hollie Sintz – won’t know until December.

c. Dale Maxie – jumped uniforms up-can’t find the brown. Tires had to increase. Other motor supplies are oil

changes, blow a transmission. Postage brought up; if they are indigent we have to pay for the prisoners stamps.

Equipment, not going to need it because not getting two new cars.

d. Carroll Lanning – questions drug testing

e. Dale Maxie – separate from E-911. Would like to bring up the cook with the more demands put on her. 9 jailers,

State came and recommended 6 more jailers. When 911 is in the control room-when previous sheriff was in a

jailer was at the control board and did not know this. As long as the dispatch is in the control room, and gets

caught disciplining the prisoners, there will be some lawsuits. My attorney said-that is a no no! Any prison you go

to, every 15-20 inmates have a guard and we have one jailer for 35 inmates.

f. Thomas Wilson – it is a safety issue.

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – other counties, dispatch is blocks from the jail. How many of those operate on this


h. Dale Maxie – none.

i. Robert Brack – the Courthouse Annex is set up (wiring) for the dispatch to move into with little cost

j. Dale Maxie – you will have to have two jailers in that control room when dispatch is moved out (safety issue).

Some cells have 12 inmates with one jailer giving medication. Pension is still the same. On jail-about a 5%

increase. Misc. operating supplies, toiletries in really increasing. We do a monthly order. Asked for equipment to

be put back in at $10,000.00.

k. Hollie Sintz – questions meals

l. Dale Maxie – meals should be $60,000.00. You get $1.77 per inmate.

m. Carol Monroe – questions what the salary should be for sheriff

n. Dale Maxie – thinks maybe it will be around $70,000.00. Breath test instrument, they quit doing that. There was a

contract. Medical services we jumped by $5,000.00. Always something going wrong with the jail. The jail is a lot

of work.

XIII. Cemetery Commission-135

a. Don Dunaway – discusses what the cemetery commission has been doing. (Tape 3) Most of the cemeteries are on

farms. Our cemeteries are disappearing. As time goes on, getting more and more support from public. Don’t have

a detailed list for next year. Have had 53 signs made and finishing putting those up. Signs make good publicity for

us. Township trustee have similar state laws for cemeteries. Capital outlay for fence posts, etc.

b. Robert Runyon – questions plat of cemeteries

c. Don Dunaway – don’t know of any plats, but he is also a historian as well as Patricia Smith.

d. Martha Bergman – are the Townships supporting any money?

e. Don Dunaway – Roy Hall (Whitewater Township Trustee) is the only one that includes it in the budget. Would be

ideal for township trustees to take care of it and we be supplemental.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – appreciates everything, knowing that it is a basically a volunteer effort.

XIV. Consulting – review

a. Hollie Sintz – lets take a vote

b. Robert Runyon – would like to compare with DLGF

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – she (Gail Snyder) will just tell us yes or no

d. Carroll Lanning – Paige (Gilpin) will help us find a solution

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – she/company will help us do anything we need to do-reviews contract presented by


f. Carroll Lanning – but still don’t know exact charge

g. Hollie Sintz – knows we are having money problems, but feels we need her.

h. Jeff Koch – any of these people would

i. Hollie Sintz – but she would be working for us

j. Kenneth Rosenberger – in favor of hiring her, maybe not for the whole year but just for the budget process

k. Carroll Lanning – she won’t tell us how much it will be.

l. Hollie Sintz – that $6,000.00 is for the whole year.

m. Jeff Koch – this is what I have a problem with.

n. Carol Monroe – could she help you with other things, the paper work is already being done in my office. In other

words-getting more bang for your buck.

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – there is something out there that is effecting us. We followed the recommendations we

were given. There are other things that have changed that is just effecting this. We have to learn how to live with


p. Thomas Wilson – are those recommendations always right

q. Robert Brack – all they do is tell us you can fund a budget or not

r. Carroll Lanning – what about Katrina Hall? Maybe we ought to use the lady from Farm Bureau.

s. Donald “Butch” Williams – do we have a consultant or go with other sources? Voting for consultant = for Kenneth

Rosenberger, Robert Runyon, Hollie Sintz and against Jeff Koch, Carroll Lanning, Martha Bergman, Donald

“Butch” Williams.

XV. Recorder-104

a. Mary Seufert – salaries, up to you but would like to keep part time as is. Can do down to $500.00 on postage.

Service agreements, I am going to pay them, services can go $2,500.00 on contractual services. Telephone-don’t

know and office machine repair 0.

b. Kenneth Rosenberger – a million dollars is a chunk. That seems to work out pretty good, why can’t we just have

them cut their budgets.

XVI. Clerk of Court-101/Election-0102

a. Marlene Flaspohler – clerk budget. Basically kept everything the same and did ask for an extra deputy and still ask

to keep the part time help. The postage went up quite a bit. Did ask for $10,000.00 in equipment. We still have 95

windows computers.

b. Martha Bergman – do you have jury expense?

c. Marlene Flaspohler – we pull the jury in November and send all of the notices

d. Kenneth Rosenberger – microfilming supplies, can we cut it?

e. Marlene Flaspohler – probably. In a bind with computers. Flip tape 3

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – election

g. Marlene Flaspohler – do the best we can to estimate. Did raise fee inspector, clerks and judges. This year

inspectors are $150.00 and judge and clerks to $100.00. Meal allowance increased to $20.00 from $15.00. We

went from 22 polling places to 20. In town we went from 5 to 3 polling places. We move the Metamora precinct

from fire house to church and moved Peppertown. I hired a consultant. Was at one of the conferences and

someone approached me-he redid my claims for the last two years and now county general is getting a little over

$20,000.00 next month.

h. Kenneth Rosenberger – the computer, you won’t need the $10,000.00. are there any fees you can raise

i. Marlene Flaspohler – no (fees set by state)

XVII. Senior citizens-130-4372.00/ Public Transportation-130-4373.00

a. Cathy Pelsor-very little changes from year to year. We operate on a shoe string. Have very little problems with

senior citizens budget. Utilities are the main expense. We do charge for renting the building and couldn’t operate

if we didn’t.

b. Robert Runyon – if you had to cut something, what would it be.

c. Cathy Pelsor-some of our supplies. You could cut us some, we do have a little bit of cushion,

d. Carroll Lanning – questions misc.

e. Cathy Pelsor – goody bags, things for games, it could be anything. Transportation-we are limping along trying to

get through the year. We are out of pocket for three months until we can bill for reimbursement. Project we are

going to be fairly even for the month of September and in October get the money from the department of

transportation. If we keep things really tight, we will come out with about $8,000.00 at the end of the year. The

last thing we want to do is to cut personnel.

f. Kenneth Rosenberger – fee schedule

g. Cathy Pelsor – senior citizens is a donation. Receive $22,000.00 from area nine-they work on a fiscal year. 2.25

Within the county and we do anticipate having to increase these but can’t overprice yourself.

h. Kenneth Rosenberger – how long since last raise in rates

i. Cathy Pelsor – last year. It is probably time again.

j. Carroll Lanning – questions c.d. being cashed in

k. Cathy Pelsor- was put in way before my time but will be cashing it in to get through September.

l. Kenneth Rosenberger – if you have to park, it would be cheaper to use your service.

m. Cathy Pelsor – these fees are per person. This year we received less from INDOT this year but next year we will

be getting more. It is like a roller coaster.

n. Robert Runyon – how many vans?

o. Cathy Pelsor – about 13 vehicles. Our fleet is aging. We are getting ready to replace two. Through INDOT we

pay 20% of our vehicles. Invites everyone to come over and see us. Trying to keep our head above water.

XVIII. Tourism-0208 (Innkeeper Tax)

a. Dennis Kolb, President – passed out 100,000 Franklin County brochures and helping Metamora pass out their

brochures. Two Oldenburg brochures we printed out. Hired a director to take work load off of the volunteers. In

the future-this weekend 100-125 model tees touring in Franklin County. Becoming very active-helping to bring

canoe races in. Trying to get whole community involved. Having a chicken frying contest. Basically practice for

the next 3 years to get the bicentennial to Franklin County.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – the money that is in tourism, can any of that go through/to the park?

c. Robert Brack – playground equipment?

d. Dennis Kolb – they could apply. We do have some grant monies available every year. Have an office in the

Goodman home on Main Street. Would like to have the office manned about six hours per day. Important to have

the office open. Would really like to have someone else in the office. The current employee has access from her

home to the office computer. Meetings are the second Tuesday at 7:00.

e. Hollie Sintz – could maybe they be in the new building?

f. Dennis Kolb – likes that idea. Pulled back on advertising. A one page ad for the Indiana State Guide was

$17,000.00. That is too much money-but that is my personnel opinion, not the boards.

XIX. Family Connection-130-4318.00

a. Cathy Nebles – Joy usually comes and thanks everyone for the support. We really hated to see our office close

here in Franklin County. Served 142 people last year and will serve more this year. Just for the next two weeks

holding 20 for Franklin County. Reason for that is our families are very low income and are getting a lot of

referrals. We were cut $50,000.00 last year and are running on a really close budget. This year going to all of the

cities. Most of our people are working with 6/7.00 hour jobs. Goals to help people get off substance abuse. We

really appreciate the support in the past of our agency.

b. Council thanks her for coming in

XX. Judge Circuit Court-136/Probation-137/Supplemental Adult Probation-239/Supplemental Juvenile Probation-240

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – can you raise any fees?

b. Judge Cox – for county general. I know we are going to have to do more with less. Yes, but it won’t matter. Can

raise user fees for user fees. For example, we have probation salaries that are going to go up and can’t do anything

about it. Marion, Vanderburgh, lake are the leaders on that. Not saying probation officers aren’t worth it, but you

have to balance across the board. Tape 4 Our funds are a little less than last year due to the way we have changed

about probation. Fees are able to be hire. Did raise the counter measure fee from $150.00 to $500.00. Going to

try it for a while. The number of criminal cases in this county have sky rocketed. We are already higher in July

that we were all of last year. Fewer people are trying to pay the bigger portion. Probationary salary will probably

come out of user fees. CASA (court appointed special advocates) will not be $10,000.00 and you are not going to

give me $10,000.00. The court is under mandate to appoint CASA for every CHINS (children in need of service)

case-and ours are all volunteer through the local Tri Kappa chapter. It will be more than what it has been, but by

October they will know.

c. Hollie Sintz – questions pauper council

d. Judge Cox – the pauper bill, I have held the line on. With the advent of the meth. there is no end to it. This is big

public interest stuff. Doing what I can to push the legal envelope. We can’t afford appointing council to everyone.

The DFC is working so much better than what they had.

e. Carol Monroe – we are out in pauper and juror (appropriations) with September claims.

f. Judge Cox-the new meth. cases ahead of us have declined.

g. Jeff Koch – could we hire someone on payroll to be pauper?

h. Judge Cox-that is what we do – $55,000.00 and what the other is, is for the meth. Mostly for conflict. The other

ones I appoint are around $60.00 and hour and that is cheap. The problem is-I basically keep the attorney for the

problem that is – not meth.

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – computer maintenance

j. Judge Cox – it is usually more than that and pay it out of computer maintenance. Already in August we are

budgeting out on what you gave us. Cut in CASA and court reporters computer maintenance per diem for petit

jurors. We have to call jurors when we have to use them.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – are the probations salaries based on the schedule?

l. Judge Cox – yes. Maybe funding the probation officers for one year. Have to ask for extensions for our transcripts

because we can’t comply-could we use user fees, probably.

m. Kenneth Rosenberger – questions treatment programs

n. Judge Cox – Commissioners are paying it all. Terry Suttles really seams to be after saving the penny. Behavioral

health care, don’t feel they have looking into the other abilities. He has been contesting those fees. Been here 11

years and he is the first director who got with me in April to talk about his budget. He understands that there are

more services that need to be provided and he is more fiscally aware than any of the others. Doing what I can to

limit pauper fees and you will have to rely more heavily on our user fund. We may have to not provide for some

things like keeping the hope house open in Richmond.

o. Carol Monroe – questions what other organizations are funded by (court) user fees

p. Judge Cox – Youth for Christ, etc. we try to fund positive things. Our options aren’t what other metropolitan areas


XXI. EMS-130-4316.16

a. John Cookendorfer – you can see we are going to spend more than we take in. We were cut lose from the county

two years ago. No longer lease vehicles-pay them out right. To have EMS in service 24/7 needed to go to


b. Carroll Lanning – questions not doing fund raiser

c. John Cookendorfer – feels it is a poor way to use our time. We gave away green signs (address). Commissioners

would like us to have advanced life support, but don’t know how we can do that. We are in decent financial shape.

Our new medical director is making big changes.

d. Thomas Wilson – very important to have advanced life support.

e. John Cookendorfer-we have raised our fees and have trimmed down where we could. Still proposing spending

$40,000.00 more than we are going to take in.

f. Carroll Lanning – is this the first year to pay medical director?

g. John Cookendorfer – yes. flip tape

h. Thomas Wilson – gives example of heart attack victim with having advanced life support.

i. John Cookendorfer – we gave every EMS $3,000.00 to help buy equipment

j. Thomas Wilson – money well spent

XXII. Soil & Water-130-4125.00

a. Mike Schwab – having the office open brings a lot more dollars into this county. The $10,000.00 from the state

might be the last from the governor. We are thankful for that. The other dollars we have asked for we could do

without except for betty’s salary. The rest of it gets fed back to the county people through programs.

b. Robert Runyon – question tobacco money

c. Mike Schwab – section 2. The other day in farm world the tobacco farmers will receive that money. Most of these

dollars go to farmers. The governors’ new AG. Dept. (rule 5) on soil erosion has been taken away and put on the

local office and then it would go to the local zoning and planning.

d. Jeff Koch – if it is mandatory, can you charge?

e. Mike Schwab – we are looking into that. We are going to approach that problem.

f. Betty Gabbard – we were always a service but now, a lot of changes are coming about

g. Jeff Koch – you have to fund/run your department.

h. Mike Schwab – all of the programs return money to the county.

i. Norm Kluseman – county gets money from our services in an indirect way. (ex: CAGIT from farmers)

XXIII. Assessor-109/Reassessment 2006/2009 -0123

a. Sharon Halcomb – assessor budget, not waisting breath on salaries. Office supplies, extra $500.00 not knowing

what we will need when we move into. Contractual services for RBSK. Computer maintenance each office will

pay their own bills. Mine is $45,000.00 for our office. Discovered computer maintenance. is $15,000.00 short.

Reassessment budget – 3rd deputy with $2,500.00 raise with certifications. Office machine repair for big copier.

Contractual services are WTH, new construction, and for NEXUS. Splits can be done right on the monitors. We

had two years of splits to enter. We have to do the splits current in order for 911 to keep up. We will be up to date

as of yesterday.

XXIV. Treasurer-103

a. Carroll Lanning – where can you cut?

b. Rebecca Oglesby – won’t get the second deputy but don’t cut the part time help-they mail out the tax statements.

Cut computer support. I want every office to pay own bill.

c. Carroll Lanning – do you know what it will be?

d. Rebecca Oglesby – no

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – noticed postage is all staying the same. Is the postage going to be ok

f. Rebecca Oglesby – don’t know. Sent out 732 demand and 1400 tax sale notices. Anyone who did not pay last

year’s spring installment puts you on tax sale. We brought in over a million dollars in back taxes.

XXV. Stayin Alive – Drug Free Community-267/Choices Saturday-294

a. Bonnie blades – increased what we would like to give out in grants and in discretionary and added room rent.

Received community grant for 105,000 for three years and have so reapply this year and are 99.9% assured we are

going to get it again.

b. Melinda brown – these are not taxable dollars.

c. Bonnie blades – through counter measure fees

d. Martha Bergman – this is the first year for an office

e. Bonnie blades – yes, we received a grant. Also coalition for drug free Cincinnati. We get dollars from other


f. Melinda brown – these are recommendations to the Commissioners and have an excellent working relationship

with them

g. Bonnie blades – choices Saturday program.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – once again this money comes from fees

i. Bonnie blades – fees assessed by the court.

XXVI. Break for day

XXVII. Review tape 5

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – cut computer support

b. Carroll Lanning – have we looked at local

c. Carol Monroe – we moved all of our hardware maintenance to local (company)

d. Susan Jones – all of the programs have to be approved by the state board of accounts.

e. Kenneth Rosenberger – how long was the courthouse without computers?

f. Carroll Lanning – a lot of things are done through the computer with the state

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – it is the software and the license agreements

h. Hollie Sintz – dues to associations?

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – if it comes to computers or laying off people

j. Hollie Sintz – are you saying to suspend maintenance. for one year.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – Robert Runyon, what you said yesterday, where do you get that idea.

l. Robert Runyon – county council, I know they have more authority. I called DLGF and asked them about it-they

were going into these funds that they have never done before. We control all county tax money.

m. Carol Monroe – feels as if we can’t get past having to function on less next year instead of looking at our options

(reassessment rate, misdemeanant, deferral, probation).

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – need to go on and go through these and get through cutting and see where we are at.

We are going to be talking to some professional people one way or the other.

XXVIII. Highway-201/Local Road & Street-217/Covered Bridge-250

a. Hollie Sintz – for utilities now have three buildings. Equipment repair-they have to go up. Gas and oil-won’t

know until December if they are going to lock in or not. Ag 1 has locked in for 4 years, but don’t know. Salt and

calcium bid was higher due to being delivered. Road equipment-every other year we get two dump trucks (one on

odd year).

b. Jeff Koch – what is paid out of road equipment?

c. Hollie Sintz – tractors, pickup trucks, gradeall

d. Kenneth Rosenberger – are you going to bigger trucks?

e. Louis Linkel – don’t think so, don’t need them

f. Martha Bergman – questions contractual services

g. Hollie Sintz – for renting equipment etc.

h. Thomas Wilson – all of our signs are about illegal

i. Hollie Sintz – George (Hartman) just signed a contract with WTH for signs

j. Louis Linkel – as far as total sign replacement, don’t know if we can afford that.

k. Jeff Koch – can a guy weld the sign to the post?

l. Kenneth Rosenberger – most of the signs are aluminum

m. Hollie Sintz – in a lawsuit right now with a sign

XXIX. Highway EDIT-270

a. Hollie Sintz – what we bring in is what we are spending out. We are not going to be able to expand. MVH is

where insurance, salaries, equipment maintenance.

b. Louis Linkel – we put in for $1,200.00.

c. Hollie Sintz – the over time really needs to stay at where it is even without raises.

XXX.Cumulative Bridge-203

a. Louis Linkel – he has three federal projects right now that may or may not go. Really nothing to take.

b. Hollie Sintz – there are bridges that buses can’t go over.

c. Thomas Wilson – if your are not making an effort (slabs), it could be a disaster.

d. Jeff Koch – have four within a mile of my house

e. Hollie Sintz – locally, E&H Grafing have helped a lot.

f. Robert Brack – graded tops are nice

XXXI. Recreational/Sales tax

a. Thomas Wilson suggests having a tax everyone will have to pay instead of just the property tax. Sales tax is a

sales tax-county wide (including lake/DNR)

b. Carol Monroe – makes call to State Board of Accounts-according to Tammy White can not create tax at local

level-must go to general assembly

XXXII. Auditor-102

a. Carol Monroe – Feels for education incentive and longevity we should do it across the board or none at all. Knows

there will be no raises this year but would some day like to have Veronica (Voelker) full time.

XXXIII. Commissioners-130 (start cutting)

a. Carroll Lanning – tell us where you want to cut

b. Robert Brack – health insurance – best is a $45,000 cut. Need $740,000.00 in there.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – what was thinking on health insurance?

d. Robert Brack – employees are starting to pay

e. Kenneth Rosenberger – and cutting benefits

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – $740,000.00 is in addition to what the employees are paying. What was the total


g. Thomas Wilson – about 13/14%. It wasn’t as high as they thought it would be. Employees start paying first pay in

October. We hated to do that but had to offset the cost. Had to change from 90/10 to 80/20 and co-pay.

h. Susan Jones – could pay a little more now, only have $163,000 now and afraid we will not have enough.

i. Hollie Sintz – feels if that is what you are comfortable with that leave it.

j. Susan Jones – it will be $736,000.00 just on this rate not considering what the employees are paying. The rates

didn’t come in as high and quite a few is dropping outk.

Hollie Sintz – what about the town?

l. Kenneth Rosenberger – you have a better plan but we don’t pay anything for it

m. Robert Brack – talked to Renee (Stivers, Brookville Town Board) and thought that would be coming to an end.

n. Thomas Wilson – can PTABOA come out of reassessment ?

o. Hollie Sintz – shouldn’t we be goingp.

Carroll Lanning – questions the dog warden making less that 32.5 hour employees

q. Robert Brack – yes, when first hired salary was lowered $1,000.00. We cant’ keep up with the problems, we have

caused it ourselves.

r. Louis Linkel we are trying to give to much service to the people

s. Carroll Lanning – could community service do this?

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – do you keep part time help?

u. Hollie Sintz – last year we approved $1,200.00 for sac

v. Donald “Butch” Williams – what we do this year set the precedent. This deal last year, we finally kept it.

w. Kenneth Rosenberger – go back to 2005 budget on everybody (part time) and maybe even cut that completely.

You can come up with the extra money?

x. Robert Brack – no

y. Donald “Butch” Williams-continues with cuts.

z. Susan Jones – legal services are court things.

aa.Robert Brack – community mental health won’t take our people (inmates).

bb.Donald “Butch” Williams – they are asking for an additional $5,000.00

cc.Thomas Wilson – asking for a lot more services but it will be for what ever you approve

dd.Hollie Sintz-they have raised their fees?

ee.Carroll Lanning – they make money (watch)

ff. Carol Monroe – this is above the levy limit

gg.Martha Bergman – family connections did eliminate an office

hh.Susan Jones – added 20% for fleet insurance-don’t know yet what it will be.

ii. Hollie Sintz – going to have to cut service agreement

jj. Susan Jones – this is for postage machine for new building

kk.Carol Monroe – going to waste more money paying employees to travel and wait at the post office to have things


ll. Donald “Butch” Williams – fair board vote-Franklin co 4-h fair = 4 for zero and three for $2,000.00.

mm. Carroll Lanning – next year we can give it back

nn.Susan Jones – burial of veterans. It is mandated to pay up to $100.00.

oo.Robert Brack – on these cuts, where do we come if we lose

pp.Susan Jones – change of venue, if there is a case from another county the Clerk can charge the County and we have

a big one from Union County. Cattle testing we have a contract signed.

qq.Thomas Wilson – southeastern Indiana is grant writers and EMA and hazmat is a contract we have signed with

Cincinnati flip tape

XXXIV. Courthouse-135

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – start cuts

b. Susan Jones – doubled for the new building

XXXV. Prosecutor

a. 108-Prosecuting Attorney

i. Sharon Newkirk – take 500 from Mel’s (Wilhelm) salary and deputy.

ii. Carroll Lanning – do you use conferences?

iii. Sharon Newkirk – yes. And already used depositions this year.

b. 145-Prosecuting Attorney IV-D Support

i. Sharon – reviews what line is for which employee

c. 241-Pretrial Diversion-User Fees/289-Victim Assistance/307-Deferral Program

i. Sharon Newkirk – this is not county general

ii. Martha Bergman – questions extra help

iii. Sharon Newkirk – this is for the summer help

XXXVI. Coroner-107 tape 7

a. Rick Gill – reviews budget. Chief Deputy being on call 24/7 should be worth more than $48.00 every two weeks.

Oil can be changed lowered to $100.00. Training is four times per year is very beneficial. At the coroners

conference this year they actually have a program for coroners. Currently have no way to bring in photo together.

The coroner’s office has no software right now and need to bring the office up to the 21st century. The computer I

have is still working great. The two most important things are the software and the chief deputy. Pager fees can be

taken off. Will be back this year needing additional appropriations for autopsy fees. Tried to take most calls for

self – try to have two people on a run to help eliminate missing anything.

b. Robert Runyon – can you do without the software?

c. Rick Gill – as Coroner, no-but you make that decision. Van is working very well. Thanks very much.


a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we can cut a while and talk. Refers to Commissioners – can we have a little bit of the

cumulative bridge rate?

b. Council agrees to keep salaries at 2005 unless otherwise noted (see budget book)

c. Robert Brack – need to look at c.d.’s

d. Hollie Sintz – E & H saving us a lot of money

e. Area plan

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions maintenance on copier

ii. Larry Franzman – it is a contract. That way they don’t eat you up on billable hours, etc. advertising – don’t

know what it will be next year. Advertising leave 200.00.

f. Assessor

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – can service agreement come out of reassessment

ii. Sharon Halcomb – yes. And can cut dues a little.

g. Reassessment

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – social security and PERF will be refigured. Certification programs.

ii. Sharon Halcomb – we have one person who is not level two. Not sure if this can be cut.

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – this is not to pay for the class it is to give as an incentive.

iv. Sharon Halcomb – legislation says if you are a level two assessor you are entitled to that. Contractual

services = $9,000.00 for new contract $34,500.00 for nexus and the remaining for WTH.

h. Auditor

i. Carol Monroe – you want computer maintenance. to equal actual bill plus $2,000.00 to cover RBSK.

ii. Carroll Lanning – suggesting to put $250.00 in office machine repair and cut to $1,500.00 for service


iii. Carol Monroe – still waiting on Assetrax amount (fixed assets).

i. Clerk

i. Marlene Flaspohler – for postage – cannot go below $20,000.00-not including jury draw.

ii. Judge Cox – we will pay for the jury draw (postage)

iii. Marlene Flaspohler – can cut law books

j. Jury account

i. Judge Cox – there is currently $20,000.00 in jury fund

k. Pauper account

i. Judge Cox – do you want me to transfer it back to the trust or do an additional?

ii. Carol Monroe – transfer it back to the trust account

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – anyway to get out of doing an additional-transfer if back to the trust account.

l. Cemetery Commission

i. Council-same as 2005

m. Coroner

i. Carol Monroe – he is already short on autopsy fees.

n. Council

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – travel and seminars cut out.

o. EMA

i. Cut any new positions

p. E-911

i. Carol Monroe – insurance we can do like we did commissioners?

ii. Donald “Butch” Williams – yes.

q. Extension flip tape 8

r. Judge

i. Judge Cox – for CASA, once the contract is signed, will give the rest back. Any extra we need for jurors can

come out of the juror fund and then user fees. For probation-if you don’t go over $70,000.00 we will


s. Probation

i. Carol Monroe – figure $70,000.00 out of county general.

ii. Judge Cox – not using the $7,000 in part time help, can have that to use.

iii. Carol Monroe – that will be more than enough to cover the benefits.

iv. Judge Cox – cut conferences and seminars, they aren’t going anywhere next year.

1. Juvenile

a. Judge Cox – need CASA anywhere you see it. If you want to leave the money in for the

conferences and seminars to it can be moved to eliminate advertising, etc.

t. Treasurer

i. Hollie Sintz – refers back to a normal year (regarding part time help)-cut back to $12,000.00

XXXVIII. Break until tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.

XXXIX. Park & Recreation

a. Ted Hensley – questioning tax rate and why park is getting cut so much this year. Should have a balance of over


b. Carol Monroe – the budget council cuts along with the misc. revenue will set the tax rate. What is extra will go to

the general fund

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are trying to make it fair across the board

d. Ted Hensley – we need capital outlay and have to have a new truck and lawnmower.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – what ever we cut from yours will help the general fund. Our last resort is not for

anyone to lose a job. We have to do whatever we have to do in order to keep that from happening. There is all

kinds of equipment that needs replaced.

f. Robert Runyon – in 2006 if there is anything left you could ask for an additional.

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – for the innkeepers, they got a tax rate. They need to think real hard – the park is one of

the big things. You need to talk to them. We are going to do everything we can, but you are going to get hit.

h. Hollie Sintz – what is the truck needed for?

i. Ted Hensley – it is used to go to the dump, deliver fire wood.

j. Hollie Sintz – the highway just got a bid for a truck at the highway for about $18,000.00

k. Ted Hensley – we don’t need a new truck, just a decent one.

l. Carol Monroe – questions park nonreverting fund

m. Ted Hensley – that would be up to the board

n. Jeff Jones – we want to use that for a grant

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have talked about increasing sites. The innkeepers’ money is tax money too and

you need to go see them.

p. Kenneth Rosenberger – have you tried the foundation.

q. Jeff Jones – we are working on that paper work right now. Down the road putting a pool would be a draw for that


r. Carroll Lanning – questions uniforms and air

s. Ted Hensley – everyone got a few shirts and air conditioner

i. Cutting the budget

1. salaries back to 2005

2. board fees back to 2005

3. unemployment

a. Hollie Sintz – keep $1,000.00

4. new guard

a. Jones – due to opening early we need a new one. Or we open later

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – no one else received new people

5. water testing –

a. Ted – idem requires 200 per year for maintenance

b. leave at 500

6. garbage bags

a. Carroll Lanning-questions amount needed

b. Ted – we go through 2-3 boxes per week during the season

c. leave at 1400

7. uniforms

a. Hollie Sintz – we cut everyone else’s

8. professional services

a. Ted – for engineers

b. Jones – won’t have to for no new buildings and will be able

9. official bond and insurance

a. Ted – for buildings

b. leave


a. Ted – testing

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – can’t have it in both. Take 200 off of water testing


a. Ted – we do some every year

b. back to 300

12.rental of equipment

a. Ted – trencher, backhoe, etc

b. Jeff Koch – can we use it from the highway

c. Ted – they have been pretty good if they are free

d. Back to 1200

13.other improvements tape 9

a. Ted – we need that. Playground equipment, etc. we are going to have to come up with

something somewhere.

b. Hollie Sintz – we have cut everyone else

14.picnic tables = 0

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – what are we doing

b. Hollie Sintz – we are cutting all 4400’s out

c. Jeff Koch – that is what we agreed on.

15.lawn mower

a. Carroll Lanning – they have to mow the grass

b. Ted Hensley – we would be lucky to get $5,000.00. we have had it for 4/5 years. John Deere

with 6 foot deck. Commercial mower.

c. Kenneth Rosenberger – last spring bought Kabota for town $11,000.00.

d. Hollie Sintz – to be fair we cut 4400’s

e. Jeff Koch – if you don’t mow the grass you don’t have a park

f. Kenneth Rosenberger – leave enough for a mower

g. Carroll Lanning – give $10,000

h. Hollie Sintz – what about keeping in the equipment and building and he could transfer it. Put

$11,000 in there now

i. Jeff Koch – $11,000

j. Carroll Lanning – $14,000

k. Kenneth Rosenberger – $14,000

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – $14,000.00 in equipment and bldg repair.

XL. 4-H Fair-130-4377.00

a. Mike Schwab, Treasurer – $121,461.00 expense with $12,900 to the good-this includes grant. Purchased two

mowers and all is done labor free from board. Argument having county take over. Donate to the watch center for

fees. The tent rental for the fair is 11,000.00 and some does come back from vendors. $3,000.00 per year for

electric and give back $1,400.00 for EMS and fire. Trash pick up for fair $4,000.00 and labor to do it. Grand

Stand $24,000.00 to fix.

b. Hollie Sintz – who are the dumpsters from?

c. Mike Schwab – Best Way. We paid for black top (the) County put down. Improvements great from Franklin

County foundation. Re-doing electric we got a $20,000.00 and cost us $10,000.00. New shelter and red brick

office for the girls to work in. Get $3,000.00 from antique ‘ers”.

d. Hollie Sintz – all of these things needed done (over last year)and what will you be doing next year

e. Mike Schwab – these things were done over the last 4 years

f. Hollie Sintz – what are your plans for next year?

g. Mike Schwab – haven’t decided yet. Need to meet and make that decision. Our numbers continue to grow.

Judges say this is one of the best County Fairs in the state of Indiana. The extension agents agree. That says a lot.

Knows everyone is under the gun and $4,000.00 isn’t a lot of money but it is for us.

h. Carroll Lanning – anything we take away this year doesn’t mean we won’t give it back. If you could get by next

year to help the general fund maybe we could jump it the following year.

i. Mike Schwab – every little bit helps. If you can’t keep the kids interested and going what else can they do? That

is where great leaders come from.

j. Carroll Lanning – how bad is cutting the $4,000-are you not being able to have the fair.

k. Mike Schwab – the Fair won’t stop

l. Carroll Lanning – questions the gate fee

m. Mike Schwab – watch gets 10% of gate fee for the labor and it goes back to the community.

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – Carroll Lanning you said the watch center is in pretty good shape. Can we move

money we were giving to the WATCH

o. Cathy Stockhoff – WATCH is above the maximum levy

p. Hollie Sintz – what if we take out of our salaries and give back to the kids.

q. Donald “Butch” Williams – agrees

r. Carroll Lanning – what if we give it to them

s. Kenneth Rosenberger – lets give it to them

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – give it back ($4,000.00).

XLI. Family and children

a. Hollie Sintz – agrees to leave everything as is

b. Carroll Lanning – that is the only way he is going to catch up

c. Jeff Koch, Kenneth Rosenberger, Martha Bergman agrees

XLII. Child Psych.

a. Stays the same

b. Carroll Lanning question if any goes back to general

c. Carol Monroe – in the child psych fund, what is left at year end will go back into the general fund

XLIII. Health department

a. Cuts

i. Amounts revert to 2005 unless less or other wise noted.

ii. Professional per diem down to 400 per their request

iii. Equipment – cut

iv. Carol Monroe – questions if health maintenance is changing

XLIV. Tobacco money

a. Grant money – leave as is

XLV. Commissioners Council on Historic Metamora

a. Grant money – leave as is

XLVI. Prosecutor

a. Salaries

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – the deal was (last year) you pay it out of fees.

ii. Hollie Sintz – that was the agreement last year. Don’t think we can renegotiate. If he wants to keep her, he

will have to come up with a way to pay her

iii. Cathy Stockhoff – you did have $5,000.00 (prosecutor)

iv. Donald “Butch” Williams – what ever we had in (this year) keep.

XLVII. Pretrial

a. Salaries back to 2005

b. Equipment – cut.

XLVIII. Victim Assistance

a. Grant – leave as is

XLIX. Deferral program

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – for assistant clerical

b. Hollie Sintz – put $5,000.00 in for assistant clerical

c. Jeff Koch – agrees

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are not taking anyone’s job

L. Title IV-D Prosecutor

a. Asst. clerical stays at $10,000.00

LI. Recorder

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – she (Mary Seufert) cut it for us

LII. Sheriff

a. Carol Monroe – questions Dale (Maxie) if can move probationary deputies to regular deputy line and note on

salary ordinance difference in pay

b. Dale Maxie – agrees

c. Cathy Stockhoff – do the deputies get paid whether they work it or not

d. Dale Maxie – yes

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – will have to get holiday pay calculated

f. Dale Maxie – 9 deputies total

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – longevity

i. Carol Monroe – if he gets it, it has to go up

ii. Donald “Butch” Williams – can we do without it one year?

iii. Dale Maxie – it won’t set well

iv. Hollie Sintz – we don’t give it to anyone else

v. Dale Maxie – let me set down with them (deputies)

vi. Donald “Butch” Williams – you know what I think of those guys and with longevity they would be the only

one in county government that got a raise.

vii. Dale Maxie – could we get it back next year

viii. Donald “Butch” Williams – no promises

ix. Dale Maxie – the uniform company we were buying from are going to real thin and you can’t do anything

with them. It is hard to get. Leave at $3,500.00.

x. Donald “Butch” Williams postage

1. Jeff Koch – $900.00

2. Hollie Sintz $800.00

3. Kenneth Rosenberger – $900.00

4. Donald “Butch” Williams – $900.00

xi. K-9

1. Carol Monroe – that is for things like dog food etc. this need to be moved up to services and charges

or supplies

LIII. Jail

a. Meals –

i. Dale Maxie – due to increase in inmates we spent the $45,000.00. We have money in the misdemeanant


ii. Donald “Butch” Williams – $60,000.00

b. Contractual service $18,000.00

c. Equipment

i. Dale Maxie – you are not going to give any equipment tape 10

ii. Council – no

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – see prosecutor

LIV. Stayin alive

a. Hollie Sintz – give what they requested

b. Cathy Stockhoff – they actually need $800.00 in social security to cover $10,000.00

LV. Choices

a. What they requested

LVI. Surveyor

LVII. Surveyor corner perpetuation

LVIII. Trustee salaries

a. Council – cut back to 2005 salary

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – Fairfield (Trustee) requests postage, does anyone else? She is also before us next

month for an additional. If we start paying postage for her we will start paying postage for all.

c. Hollie Sintz – it is part of the job. She should take it out of the twp budget

LIX. Transfer station

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – heard Governor (of Indiana)

b. wants to cut solid waste

i. Gas and oil – go to the $1,200.00

ii. Solid waste – $119,500.00

LX. Waste management & recycling

a. Back to 2005/as requested

LXI. Veterans service officer

a. Back to 2005

LXII. Highway

a. Salaries back to 2005

b. Jeff Koch – leave equipment

LXIII. Cumulative Capital Development

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – budget as requested

LXIV. SAC donations

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – budget as requested

LXV. Cut general/park/health

a. Cathy Stockhoff – cut from proposed = $1,283,538.00

b. Robert Brack – the money paying out of cum cap should come back out of the bond after the first of the year.

What if we pay utilities out of cumulative capital = $65,000.00 and $7,000.00 out of building repairs.

LXVI. Continue mtg. tomorrow at 12:00 and finalize Tuesday at 7:00 P.M.

LXVII. Reconvene mtg. side B of tape 10


a. Kenneth Rosenberger – cut all travel, conferences and seminars, uniforms/clothing allowances.

b. Carol Monroe – the state called meetings can come out of unappropriated expenses.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have basically cut below the 2005 appropriations. The only things that went up

was the sheriff salary, utilities, insurance, gas and oil and may not be enough. We have cut no positions part or full


d. Robert Brack – what about the $50,000.00 in the contingency (county council budget).

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are not trying to conserve anything. If we finally do all of this, we are on the

bottom. And somebody is going to have to do some explaining, something isn’t right.

f. Hollie Sintz – are we wanting to look at other rates

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to come up with whatever we need to do. We can hammer out a few ideas.

Katrina Hall faxed me this morning and Carol (Monroe) is going to put a packet together for her to look at this

weekend. She says we have been doing a lot.

h. Carol L. Monroe-reviews options of funding from other sources other than County General (rainy day/election

rate/reassessment fund/cumulative bridge fund)

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – if we get into an emergency this winter, we can do an additional.

j. Robert Brack – we have resources we can go into and won’t wee a big crunch

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have cut everything we could and when the state cut they looked at us.

l. Kenneth Rosenberger – is next year going to be worse than this year

m. Hollie Sintz- this Country needs to get through this hurricane

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have a quorum. Are there any other questions

o. Cathy Stockhoff – after talking to Dale (Maxie) and Joyce (Monroe) = if employee works regular pay.

p. Hollie Sintz – the holiday pay should be part of your regular pay. Do Commissioners agree should be time and a


q. Robert Brack – yes

r. Carol L. Monroe – these people are expecting this pay for mortgage, car payments (etc.)

s. Cathy Stockhoff – it should be- What? How do you intend for this to be paid? Traditionally Council said, give

them what they want in holiday pay and this year you asked me to figure it and I haven’t been able to do that.

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – this is going to come down to – this is the way it is supposed to be. Holiday pay is

straight time.

u. Carol L. Monroe – how do you want it to be paid?

v. Kenneth Rosenberger – it should be like the rest of the county

w. Carroll Lanning – if they work it, it is time and a half. We need to find out from the sheriff who/how many works.

x. Carol L. Monroe – someone needs to meet with the department heads.

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – what are we going to do with longevity. In favor of taking longevity out – one-not

taking it-three. Hope that everyone understands what we had to do and we didn’t cut any jobs.

LXIX. Adjourn Budget Hearings

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motion to close hearings

b. Hollie Sintz – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

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_________________________ _____________________________



Franklin County Auditor


Franklin County Council Budget Adoption September 20, 2005

County Conference room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Thomas Wilson Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Louis Linkel

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Review

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – since we met a few things have changed. First-the DLGF informed us we have more

money than we thought we had to work with in the tune of about $600,000.00. CAGIT of a little more than five

hundred thousand and PTRC of a little less than one hundred thousand. First of all we had considered the rainy

day money as revenue, we could put that back so we have time to do something later on. Then there was a

$50,000.00 contingency in the council budget and we could put that in. Had talked to Judge Cox and was taking

$70,000 out of probation and it is fine with him, would help him out by not paying it out of user fees-the assessor,

taking salaries out of the reassessment fund and putting it back (in general). There were two lines we left blank

(holiday pay for sheriff and dispatchers). The floor is openi.

Robert Runyon – would like to see Carol (Auditor) part time go to full time. She is too valuable to lose and

would like to see everybody get a raise of some kind to make up for that insurance increase

ii. Hollie Sintz – what about helping out with the insurance?

iii. Carroll Lanning – you (Dale Maxie, Sheriff) still have two deputies working without pay?

iv. Dale Maxie – two reserves (deputies)

v. Donald “Butch” Williams – this $600,000.00 may seem like a lot of money but it really isn’t-Where are we

at now (county general budget)

vi. Vicky Neeley – In county general – $5,048,215 (Five million forty-eight thousand two hundred and fifteen)

vii. Donald “Butch” Williams – $300,000.00 out of rainy day/$70,000.00 out of probation/$50,000.00 out of

contingency line

viii. Cathy Stockhoff – longevity line is currently blank and the holiday lines are currently at 2005 figures.

ix. Martha Bergman – you have had time to think this through. Lets not get too hasty-if we start in one

department where are we going to stop.

x. Jeff Koch – my thought too, and then they came back and said we owed them money. We are close, and if

anything should happen and they say we owe more money, we will have someone to come from. Agrees to

put back rainy day, probation and contingency line as well as PTABOA.

xi. Robert Brack – Mike Wright said it was illegal to take salaries out of reassessment.

xii. Donald “Butch” Williams – feels one assessor deputy that is/coming out of reassessment (from 2005) should

stay there. Glad this money came in, but we have to be fair across the board as much as possible. What if

they do come inxiii.

Vicky Neeley – is there any way to give the employees any kind of a raise?

xiv. Carroll Lanning – noticed that Connersville gave employees cost of living raise (3%)

xv. Robert Runyon – would like to see something for employees.

xvi. Cathy Stockhoff – around fifty-five thousand (3% increase for employees) a total of $57,000.00 including

social security for county general only.

xvii. Robert Brack – if you spend it, you are back in the same position you were in last year.

xviii. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you opted out of the insurance, is it easy to get back in?

xix. Robert Brack – no

xx. Susan Jones – only if someone loses a job, dies, or something like that.

xxi. Carol Monroe – so because so many dropped out, the ones of us that are still in will our rates go up?

xxii. Robert Brack – a very good chance that will happen

xxiii. Dale Maxie – should go with your original plan (county council)

xxiv. Robert Brack – don’t trust the figures

xxv. Donald “Butch” Williams – when we sit here and have to cut a million dollars, it is hell. How do we-we

have some other things we have to do somehow.

xxvi. Martha Bergman – lets put the money back where it was.

xxvii. John Estridge – how can Union County have an operating balance and not you?

xxviii. Donald “Butch” Williams – wish we had a week to think about this but we don’t.

b. Holiday Pay

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – we questioned how this was figured for dispatch and sheriff office. Dale

(Maxie) and Joyce (Monroe) is here.

1. Sheriff

a. Don Smith – request was for the two additional deputies

b. Carroll Lanning – not trying to take anything away from anyone, just trying to protect the

counties money.

c. Don Smith – if I am scheduled to work on a holiday, I get my regular pay and then at the end of

the year I also get paid at straight time (you would look at it as double time/pay). And if it is

scheduled day off, I would just get holiday pay at the end of the year. The only way we done

this is, it is so much easier to figure the schedule.

d. Martha Bergman – you want it this way, to be paid once a year?

e. Don Smith – a lot of the time I can use grant money to pay the guys.

f. Dale Maxie – this schedule is saving the county money.

2. Dispatch

a. Joyce Monroe – if the employee’s day off was on a holiday, they would get another day off that

day and it would be a scheduling nightmare.

b. Carroll Lanning – why are we paying 14 holidays if they only work 7?

c. Robert Brack – she is paying them 14 days at straight time instead of 7 at time and a half. Flip

tape one

d. Hollie Sintz – make a motion that we set holiday pay in sheriff and dispatch based on straight


e. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

f. Joyce Monroe – my was at time and half (she works all fourteen holidays)

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – the question is-the director is paid at time and a half. All in favor,

2; opposed-3. Motion did not pass.

h. Carroll Lanning motions to pay sheriff department and 911 dispatcher (and assistant) at straight

time and the director at time and a half

i. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor 3; opposed 2

3. Jailers

a. Dale Maxie – they work 8.5 hour shifts and they are paid the same as the sheriff

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – this is just the jailers. It is based on 8 1/2 hour days the same way

the deputies are done $15,389.08.

c. Carroll Lanning motion to pay jailers straight time holiday pay at 8 ½ hours

d. Martha Bergman seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

4. Part time jail cooks

a. Dale Maxie – there is three part time cooks. They are not getting paid holiday pay. When the

full time cooks take off the part time works the holiday.

b. Don Smith – the part time make holiday pay

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads handbook page 40b in sheriff department on holiday pay.

d. Dale Maxie – we could move it into the part time help line and pay regular part time help

e. Jeff Koch – motion to move the part time cook holiday pay to part time cook

f. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

5. Dispatch

a. Joyce Monroe – the girls (in dispatch) figured all holidays at 12 hour days when in actuality

they have 6 days at 8 hours.

b. Carroll Lanning – what did they get last year?

c. Joyce Monroe – $1,600.00 and this year it was around $1,100.00

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – nothing changes

c. Budget

i. Jeff Koch – would like to see $300,000.00 into rainy day fund, $70,000.00 back from probation and 50,000

into contingency. Suggesting doing a fifty cent raise

ii. Robert Brack – we gave up $76,000.00 for utilities

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – we still have room to do that

iv. Martha Bergman – would like to leave us set with money to operate. Motion to put $300,000 back into rainy

day fund, $70,000.00 back from probation and $70,000.00 for utilities and leave everything else set.

v. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

vi. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; 2 opposed; 3. That is $509,000.00 worth of stuff-everything back to

where it was-(includes putting back election rate of 139,000.00) We now have a cushion of about $80,000.00

tape 2. We could put the $80,000.00 back into the contingency.

vii. Vicky Neeley – could we give the employees a little bit of a raise?

viii. Donald “Butch” Williams – if we decide, we can still add personnel, give raises, add equipment. As long as

we see the revenue is there, we can do that at anytime.

ix. Carroll Lanning – so, we can add this at January 1?

x. Donald “Butch” Williams – we can add personnel at any time.

xi. Martha Bergman motion to take election rate back, $300,000.00 to rainy day fund, $70,000.00 back for

utilities (out of general) and leave rest (of budget) set as is.

xii. Jeff Koch – we can take the $80,000.00 and put it into the contingency-if they come back and have us cut we

can take it out of the contingency. And if this all comes true we can give raises. Makes a motion to take

election rate back, $300,000.00 to rainy day fund, $70,000.00 back for utilities and add $80,000.00 to

contingency line for council.

xiii. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

xiv. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; 3-opposed; 2-motion carried.

d. Adopt budget

i. Martha Bergman – move to adopt budget as presented

ii. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams all in favor 4; opposed 2.

iv. Carol Monroe – questions number voting-need at least 5 in favor

v. Carroll Lanning – questions reason why 2 don’t agree with budget

vi. Robert Runyon – feels money should be put into rainy day fund. Do you stand?

vii. Hollie Sintz – stand by her vote of no.

viii. Robert Runyon – would like to see raises of at least fifty cents an hour. They may turn around and want


ix. Donald “Butch” Williams – due to the fact we did not achieve the majority we need to p

x. Jeff Koch motions to accept the 2006 budget as previously discussed

xi. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

xii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor-5 opposed-1; motion carried.

xiii. Ordinance for appropriations and tax rates

1. Donald “Butch” Williams reads ordinance

e. Adjourn

i. Jeff Koch motion to close adoption

ii. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor


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Franklin County Auditor


Franklin County Council September 20, 2005

County Conference room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Thomas Wilson Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

I. minutes

a. Martha Bergman motions to accept minutes

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor

II. Transfer of funds – Resolution 2005-39

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Martha Bergman motions to accept transfers

c. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

III. Additional appropriation (postponed)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – she can’t be here so we putting it off until the October meeting.

IV. Additional Appropriation

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Hollie Sintz motions to accept additionals

c. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Metamora Regional Sewer District Board

a. Hollie Sintz motions to reappoint Lee Lynn

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

VI. Additionals (for next month)

a. Dale-the misdemeanant fund can be used for the operation of the jail

b. Carol-he is already out of money and understand from sally that this money needs to be paid out October 1st. this

fund can only be used for the jail.

c. Council agrees

VII. Adjourn

a. Jeff Koch motions to adjourn

b. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.


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Franklin County Auditor


Franklin County Council October 25, 2005

County Conference room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Kenneth Rosenberger Marlene Flaspohler

Jeff Koch Rebecca Oglesby

Robert Runyon Sharon Halcomb

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes (September)

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to accept minutes

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Transfer of Funds – Resolution 2005-41

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Carroll Lanning motions to accept

c. Kenneth Rosenberger – questions other current

d. Louis Linkel – misc.

e. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motions carried

III. Additional Appropriation – Resolution 2005-46

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads reduction resolution 46a

b. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve reduction resolution

c. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution 46b 125. States everyday DOC prisoners are not at the jail, the county

is losing money

f. Jeff Koch motions to accept resolution 46b

g. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. (Postponed) Additional Appropriation

a. Sara Weisbrodt – this is for postage for assessing but also need another $88.80. This is for all of the personal

property in the township. This is less than last years expense.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – we had set a precident to do no additional’s (for the general fund). No one has

requested postage, they put it in with the other stuff. It is up to the rest of the council. Carol had talked to the

board of accounts and she states this can be paid out of claims. Last year this was paid out of the Auditor’s line.

c. Carroll Lanning – has the rest of the townships turned in for this?

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – they take it out of their salaries. I understand you have a lot of personal property.

e. Sara Weisbrodt – mails out about 700 forms.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – we can’t do it at this meeting-a transfer of funds. Work with the auditor and get the

paperwork set up for the next meeting.

V. Adjourn

a. Jeff Koch motion to adjourn

b. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here


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_________________________ _____________________________



Franklin County Auditor


Franklin County Council November 22, 2005

County Conference Room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Kenneth Rosenberger Marlene Flaspohler

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

Hollie Sintz

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes (October)

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve as presented

b. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2005-47)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Carroll Lanning motions to accept resolution

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions excess in health insurance

d. Ted Hensley – keep extra in there in case of an employee putting family on the (health insurance) plan

e. Martha Bergman seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; opposed =1; motion carried

g. Carroll Lanning – since you have money in new equipment now, we can have that back that we gave you

h. Ted Hensley – we will use that on play ground equipment

i. Carroll Lanning – you kind of went behind our back

j. Ted Hensley – we are still using the money next year for a tractor (as discussed at budget hearings/adoption)

k. Carroll Lanning – this money is going to be used for a truck

l. Ted Hensley – yes

m. Hollie Sintz – questions if enough would be left in health insurance

n. Ted Hensley – checked with Susan (Jones) and we have enough money left

III. Additional Appropriation (Resolution 2005-46)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution. Questions how we can pay out of county general.

b. Carol Monroe – don’t see how it can be paid out of county general

c. Jeff Koch – for 2006 he has $4,000.00. Don’t see how we can do it

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – we just can’t out of general fund, maybe rainy day. By law we have to pay ite.

Kenneth Rosenberger – does he have any excess money in any other accounts?

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – he claims he doesn’t. The question right now-is requested out of general fund.

g. Hollie Sintz – motions to deny additional for Coroner for $4,000.00

h. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

j. Robert Brack – Cumulative Capital Development is to take us to the end of the year for the bond.

k. Martha Bergman – questions how many consultants (being used for government center)

l. Robert Brack – one consultant, two or three engineers. We will have a bid letting here on the 29th at 4:00 p.m.

m. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve the additional’s that are left

n. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

IV. Loan (Resolution 2005-48)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Kenneth Rosenberger questions how much is borrowed total

c. Carol Monroe – Zero. All have been paid back (for county general)

d. Robert Runyon – motions to approve

e. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

V. Sheriff Department

a. Sally Henson, Matron – we have a couple different things for the December meeting. First one is the additional

and reduction and today as we were going over a couple of things have found we will be short on our part time jail

staff. We thought we had full time jailers turning in holiday pay and they didn’t. We had a jailer out on disability

and one going on maturnity leave next month. $2,000.00 in part time help and $1,500.00 in holiday pay for what

we have already taken out. We will not have the funds available for the next pay. For this payroll I moved money

from the transport officer.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – one is a wash but the $2,000.00 and the $1,500.00 are not.

c. Sally Henson – can’t take salary out of jail commissary

d. Hollie Sintz – we don’t want to take out of general. Have her resubmit taking it out of rainy day.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to come up with an idea/intent. The only other place to get money from is the

rainy day (fund). Are holding D.O.C. prisoners.

f. Sally Henson – it is down

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – is that the choice of the state?

h. Sally Henson – it is our choice. Can’t speak for what Dale (Maxie) will do after the first of the year.

i. Carol Monroe – part of that (revenue) pays back your loans (for year end).

j. Robert Brack- feels he will bring them back after the first of the year.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – the cost of law enforcement of very expensive.

l. Sally Henson – we were $10,000.00 out of misdemeanant and don’t know how much out of commissary.

m. Robert Brack- it will work out

VI. Letter from State of Indiana – D.L.G.F.

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – regarding the family and children services funding-reads letter

b. Carol Monroe – explains understanding of the law. Feels she should not go against County Council’s decision on

the budget.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – why even have us?

d. Carol Monroe – we process all of their claims and Commissioners don’t get to approve or see the claims.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – they are a huge part of our budget. Haven’t got to talk to Terry (Suttles-Director), but


VII. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – motions to adjourn

b. Hollie Sintz – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; out of here.


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_________________________ _____________________________

_________________________ _____________________________



Franklin County Auditor


Franklin County Council December 13, 2005

Conference Room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Thomas Wilson Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz Dale Maxie

Jeff Koch J. Steven Cox

Robert Runyon

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes (November)

a. Martha Bergman motions to accept minutes

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Jail Lease Rental payoff

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads the “American” newspaper – it states the jail HAS been paid off

b. Robert Brack – that is a misprint

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – received phone call from George Weaver (board member) questioning it. Would like

for John Estridge (editor) to straighten that out.

III. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2005-50)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch – questions councils transfer

c. Carol Monroe – for minutes book

d. Jeff Koch motions to accept transfers

e. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Additional Appropriation (Resolution 2005-51)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads reduction resolution

b. Hollie Sintz motions to deny reduction resolution 2005-51b

c. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams –all in favor; motion carried

e. Donald “Butch” Williams reads additional resolution. We don’t need the county general additional.

f. Hollie Sintz – new lift for garage (highway additional)

g. Sallie Henson – gas emergency award – grant from state

h. Hollie Sintz motions to accept all additionals accept for the sheriff’s additionals

i. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Yearly Appointments (2006)

a. Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District (currently Jeff Koch)

i. Jeff Koch – would not like to be reappointed.

ii. postponed

b. Southeast Indiana Regional Planning Commission (currently John Cookendorfer)

i. postponed

c. Alcohol Beverage Commission (currently John Amberger)

i. Hollie Sintz motions to appoint John Amberger

ii. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

d. Park & Recreation

i. Jeff Koch motion to appoint Brad Stacey

ii. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

e. Batesville Memorial Library (currently Lisa Barnett)

i. Martha Bergman motions to reappoint Lisa Barnett

ii. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams all in favor; motion carried

f. Brookville Regional Waste District (currently Sara Weisbrodt)

i. Jeff Koch motions to reappoint Sara Weisbrodt

ii. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

VI. Mileage Rate (Budget year 2006)

a. Hollie Sintz – feels this was covered at budget time

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads letter from Ron Larew. They are not asking to change the total dollar amount

c. Thomas Wilson – if you do it for one (office), you have to do it for all.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – this is like the part time help

e. Jeff Koch – we are not going to micro manage each department

f. Hollie Sintz – don’t see a problem-motions to up mileage county wide to 38 cents with stipulation – no additionals

once money is gone.

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – if they run out, the claim don’t get paid

h. Martha Bergman – wants to make sure everyone understands this.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – AAA stated today it cost 55 cents to operate a vehicle today

j. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

VII. Sheriff Dept.

a. Spillman Technologies, Inc

i. Sally Henson – with Spillman we could essentially go paperless. Last year it was $185,000.00. this year

they have included more things and throw in some more things. $246,760.00. In misdemeanant (fund) we

have been protecting it, knowing this system is outdated and don’t want to end up with the situation like we

had with the board. We have been getting with other offices to see what money they have available to get

the down payment. Joyce (Monroe, E-911 Director) is here to state her need. They will not be able to leave

the building without this. It is a mile a minute presentation.

ii. Jeff Koch – what exactly does this system do?

iii. Dale Maxie – good issues state wide

iv. (Carroll Lanning arrives)

v. Sally Henson – all dispatch, jail, cad system, probation clerk and judge would have access to it. The clerk

may have to purchase modules. It would report to the automatically to fire department

vi. Ryan Montgomery – quiet a few years ago the County had the option to purchase us but the other system

was about a 1/3 cheaper – but then we are finding the counties are now coming back to us (flip tape).

Reviews what system can do for the County. If someone the deputy pulls over has been arrested in the last

few days the deputy will know immediately. Anyone that has Spillman will tell you it is worth it.

Understands it is quite a bit of money.

vii. Martha Bergman – what prompted you to get this information?

viii. Sally Henson – after the first year we started having more and more problems that couldn’t be fixed. They

have gone into the system without out knowledge and have lost licenses. It’s been pretty much a year and a

half looking at different options.

ix. Martha Bergman – are the other departments in agreement that the software is in default?

x. Joyce Monroe – yes. Currently if an officer pulls over someone it only gives us information on our County

but not on any other County.

xi. Sally Henson – Cisco has lost over 70 clients in the last 2 years. The gentleman on the inside has told us he

doesn’t know how much longer he will have a job. It is very old technology.

xii. Tracy Lightfield – we have had problems from the very beginning. It would drop calls, lose calls, computer

would crash. Cisco didn’t know how to fix the problems.

xiii. Martha Bergman – you have mentioned several departments.

xiv. Sally Henson – we have lost an entire week worth of data.

xv. Judge J. Steven Cox – the chief (of Town Police) said he was elated, but did he say how much money he

would put in? or from other people using this.

xvi. Ryan Montgomery – the sheriff will be able to monitor who can view what.

xvii. Donald “Butch” Williams – the proposal is for what?

xviii. Ryan Montgomery – this is for software and services

xix. Sally Henson – our computers are up to grade and can use jail commissary (money). It will be a stand alone

server. The wireless connection is here but some of the other offices will/may need to upgrade.

xx. Donald “Butch” Williams – to network into these offices can you do that with that server?

xxi. Ryan Montgomery – yes, you can do that through the internet

xxii. Donald “Butch” Williams – software-is there a limit to license/stations that can log on.

xxiii. Ryan Montgomery – will Spillman, the price you see is it. The license is for the whole county. If the sheriff

department adds 10 new people, it is built into the price.

xxiv. Donald “Butch” Williams – how will this software be connected into the patrol cars.

xxv. Sally Henson – we couldn’t have anything with Cisco

xxvi. Ryan Montgomery – over 500 mobile units in Allen County alone (in the patrol car). This is like IDAX on


xxvii. Dale Maxie – if state police goes this route, everyone will be connected.

xxviii. Judge J. Steven Cox – if it can be accessed through a screen as opposed to a person, their time can be used

more efficiently. We are going to be mandated at some point to have a statewide system. The people I have

talked to about that have indicated Spillman will/can work. It is something that probation can utilize. Daily

we will have to call the jail to see where people are at. With a system like this, Joyce can pull it up and are

not bothering those people. We all talk to each other every day but a system like this can see where it will

really benefit the jail. Ex; holding someone for probable cause. Is the price worth it-I don’t know? Dale

and Sally have been working on it for a long time. It does have merit.

xxix. Carroll Lanning – are there additional maintenance cost?

xxx. Ryan Montgomery – yes, every year we come out with updates, additional training, etc. That is why when

someone buys Spillman, they don’t have to go with someone else in 4/5 years.

xxxi. Judge J. Steven Cox – if you are considering that, the court has discretionary funds. It is a good system and

the State level says it can be integrated with what they are doing.

xxxii. Ryan Montgomery – we are able to integrate with other systems over the internet where the other companies

can not do that.

xxxiii. Martha Bergman – with this technology, will they need more employees?

xxxiv. Ryan Montgomery – no, it will free up time they have now. In 25 years we have had 100% success. That is

public knowledge. No one has ever failed in implementation. When you buy Spillman, we don’t want you

to ever buy anything else. Told Sally, our price goes up about every 3 months. Programmers ask for more

money. Was able to discount over $60,000.00 and wanted to make sure this was something that could

happen and the expiration of this is 12/31 (2005).

xxxv. Carroll Lanning – how is support?

xxxvi. Ryan Montgomery – they have access 24/7

xxxvii. Donald “Butch” Williams – obviously, we are not able to make a decision tonight. We would need time to

put a deal together. You have the 31st of December-can you stretch that?

xxxviii. Ryan Montgomery – no, I have already tried that. The biggest increases are on January 1st. That will not


xxxix. Sally Henson – afraid this was going to be this is the one and only time. Tape 2

xl. Donald “Butch” Williams – when is the down payment due?

xli. Ryan Montgomery – upon signing.

xlii. Hollie Sintz – don’t have a choice, Cisco will not be in business much longer

xliii. Dale Maxie – left a message several times for Mel (Wilhelm)

xliv. Carroll Lanning – have we checked with the fire departments, town, etc.

xlv. Donald “Butch” Williams – how much is due on signing?

xlvi. Ryan Montgomery – $99,060.00, and the balance in 6 months.

xlvii. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are not ready to vote yes or no tonight. We need to have a meeting to sit

down and put something together.

xlviii. Dale Maxie, we will get together this week

xlix. Jeff Koch – how much will the town use this?

l. Tracy Lightfield – the average over the last four years of law enforcement is 20%.

li. Judge J. Steven Cox – the court is not using it at 20%-it is not just dealing with case management. This is

helping with officer safety. Information is sometimes as important as the gun itself. We want a system we

won’t have to fight with what we are going to have to do. Spillman at least approaches the issue with how to

exchange the information.

lii. Carol Monroe – questions if Judge could issue Auditor an order (due to it being too late in the year to issue

any checks according to State Board of Accounts rules and regulations)

liii. Judge J. Steven Cox – assures Auditor this can be done

b. Salary ordinance-2005

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions why payroll voucher is different than the salary ordinance for holiday

pay (more on voucher)

ii. Sally Henson – only explanation is that we went from an 8 hour day to a 10 hour day

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – you are getting paid for 10 hour days as opposed to 8 hours. That is the increase

iv. Jeff Koch motions to change the salary ordinance to reflect the 10 hours from the 8 hours

v. Carroll Lanning – seconds the motion

vi. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor

vii. Cathy Stockhoff – Mike (Wright, SBOA) told us the holiday pay isn’t based on hours, it is based on a rate.

Council sets the rate per holiday, not hours.

viii. Donald “Butch” Williams – what are you basing it on?

ix. Cathy Stockhoff – 2080 (hours), which is what I talked about with Dale (Maxie). It is not (10) hours a day-it

is a year.

x. Carol Monroe – your motion was just made based on the hours

xi. Cathy Stockhoff – if it is based on hours then 2006 is wrong (amounts)

xii. Dale Maxie – what I couldn’t understand, when you have 4 weeks vacation, 2 personal, 7 sick, = that is

earned towards your work hours.

xiii. Carroll Lanning – are you getting paid by the hour? (referring to the salary ordinance)

xiv. Dale Maxie – we are salary.

xv. Donald “Butch” Williams-this was my idea. The hourly rate was to give an idea (comparable to other


xvi. Dale Maxie – in this County, the only hourly is part time

xvii. Hollie Sintz – and truck drivers (Highway Dept.)

xviii. Carol Monroe – did this payroll voucher include Christmas and New Year’s

xix. Dale Maxie – yes

xx. Carol Monroe – This should not have been included until they actually worked the holiday. Ask Dale

(Maxie) to change that for next year.

xxi. Carol Monroe – (to Council) = what you budgeted for 2006-you want us to have the salary ordinance match


xxii. Donald “Butch” Williams – yes, Council agrees.

xxiii. Dale Maxie – when the Commissioners declare an extra holiday, we give them to March to take a day off.

xxiv. Carol Monroe – do you want to make the holiday rate read per holiday (on 2006 salary ordinance)

xxv. Council – yes.

xxvi. Carol Monroe – on the 27th (of December) amend the 2005 salary ordinance and set 2006 ordinance and

have meeting about Spillman

VIII. Fairfield Township Trustee – postage

a. Carol Monroe –received a letter from the trustee. Left message with trustee stating that the W-2 can not be changed

and I had to pay according to the salary ordinance, and have not heard back from her.

IX. 2006 Dates

a. Will set (dates) at the December 27th (2005) meeting.

X. Adjourn

a. Hollie Sintz motion to adjourn

b. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here

Meeting Set for December 27th, 2005 @ 7:00 p.m.


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Franklin County Auditor


Franklin County Council December 27, 2005

County Conference Room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Dale Maxie Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Carol L. Monroe

Hollie Sintz

Jeff Koch

Robert Runyon

Kenneth Rosenberger

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order


a. President = Charles “Chuck” Sereboff – presenting some facts-didn’t have much time to prepare for tonight. Left

this morning at 10:00 a.m. One myth would like to address is that CISCO is going out of business. In 2005 our

sales were over 3 million. In the past two years we lost 2 agencies and in the past quarter we gained 14. We added

other functions and features that we didn’t have. Are in counties Vigo, Lawrence, West Terrahoute. In terms of

personnel last year – we lost one and hired four. We are not losing very many customers; we are gaining much

more and are looking for new office quarters because we are out growing what we have. We are not going out of

business any time soon. We are looking forward to another 27 years. Our office is (currently) closed due to the

holidays so today I had one of my employees go to our office today to see what was going on here with the

(Franklin) county sheriff dept. In the past 3 years had 193 contacts with the sheriff’s office. In terms of

documented decencies, there were 5. Two were fixed immediately and 3 are being fixed as we speak. Don’t think

the software is falling apart – and in January we are releasing version 12 at no cost because they are on

maintenance with us. In 2001 you bought the basic system. So, if you don’t have those (other) things (mobiles,

digital photography, biometrics, mobile, etc., we can get them for you). We do an annual user conference every

year and the past two years the (Franklin County) sheriff’s office has not been represented so they were unable to

see all of the new things we had to offer. Technology requires us to do more and don’t know if the sheriff’s

department has seen it. (CISCO) tries to keep lines of communications open to try to keep our customers happy.

In looking over the records, suspects there could be some training issues. We try to tell everybody, but are unable

to send someone one by one. Until recently we had an employee who was based out of the Indianapolis area and

now have someone out of the Columbus area. When he first took over, we have over 70 customers here in the state

and he goes out for a 10 day period. You have made a significant investment in the software and the sheriff

department has spent a lot of time on it. You really don’t need to scrap it and start over again. If you think going

to a new company, they are not perfect, nobody can be. We have been in the business for 28 years and we don’t

take it lightly. My family and my employees depend on the lively hood of my company. There is absolutely no

intention of us going away. We have had two offers in the past year to buy out my company and this is not where I

want to go. If you need something documented or printed I can have that emailed or faxed and will send it out to


b. Sally Henson – do you want a list of things that don’t work on your system. We asked to have someone to come.

c. Charles Sereboff – of the 193 documented calls in our system, there is nothing in here of the two weeks worth of

data missing. If you go to a store and are not happy do you not go to the manager?

d. Sally Henson – replies she did demand to speak to him on several occasions. In April we had conversations at

length about the data disappearing.

e. Charles Sereboff – we don’t have any of these problems at any of our other sites. The bottom line is the sheriff

department has issues and would like to sit down and go over them one by one. If I wasn’t interested in addressing

these issues I wouldn’t be here.

f. Dale Maxie – we want to one screen.

g. Sally Henson – the Judge wants to be able to view.

h. Charles Sereboff – that would be simple as putting in a terminal and connecting wireless or any other where.

Would be interested in addressing these issues. Again if I wasn’t interested in doing this, I wouldn’t be here. If

you want to add idex interface or what ever you want we can do that.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – regardless of what we do, if you have problems- give them to him and see what we can


II. Transfer of funds (Resolution 2005-55)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Hollie Sintz motions to accept transfer

c. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor

III. 2005 amended salary Ordinance 2005-24

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads amendments

b. Carol Monroe – the part time help just reflects what was spent in the budget

c. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve 2005-24

d. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor, motion carried

IV. 2006 salary Ordinance 2005-25

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads ordinance (100-105-4119.00 should read per holiday) flip tape one at 100-132-

4157.01. Hourly and biweekly rate for 100-108-4127.00 and 100-132-4158.00 and 100-132-4158.01 (should read

per holiday) = needs corrected.

b. Jeff Koch motions to approve 2006 salary ordinances with the changes

c. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Appointments

Donald “Butch” Williams – Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District (Kenneth Rosenberger)

Southeast Indiana Regional Planning Commission (John Cookendorfer)

a. Martha Bergman – motions to appoint Kenneth Rosenberger to Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District and John

Cookendorfer to Southeast Indiana Regional Planning Commission

b. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor


a. Dale Maxie – questioned how CISCO arrived tonight

b. Carol Monroe – I received a phone call (from President) today asking for our address and to be put on the agenda

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – have talked to a number of people in the County about this and when I said a quarter of

a million dollars they all said “no”. There are concerned people in the County and they all said no. They money

Bob (Commissioner Robert Brack) talked about (river boat money from Lawrenceburg) is not in the bank.

d. Sally Henson- they (Spillman) did offer contingency if we signed by the 31st of December, the contract would be

null and void if we don’t come up with the funds.

e. Judge J. Steven Cox – not sure why public would be concerned about a ¼ million we are talking about $150,000.00

and have talked about how none of that would be tax money.

f. Hollie Sintz – how much of this would the judge and sheriff have?

g. Judge J. Steven Cox – if they said $70,000.00 we said $30,000.00 if they said $80,000.00 we said $20,000.00.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – I have explained that. The thinking is, like the misdemeanant fund no one knew it was

there and what happens when it is gone.

i. Dale Maxie – it will be built back up, we spend about $14,000.00.

j. Carroll Lanning – did you have a chance to talk to the town board?

k. Dale Maxie – talked to Mel (Wilhelm) land he offered $5,000.00.

l. Martha Bergman – you mentioned a default in April. You called him and they did not help you?

m. Sally Henson – we spent many nights in our pajamas. We do what we have to do.

n. Martha Bergman – is there a neighboring (county) you can call on.

o. Sallie Henson – we have a meal report that has been broken for about a year and a half now and our ledger crashed

last year and this year. We have accountancy things we are responsible for. We were told that the duplicate calls

were not a problem anywhere else.

p. Kenneth Rosenberger – we need to do something. Would like the guy from Columbus (from CISCO) to come

down and see if he can do anything.

q. Sallie Henson – it is not a training issue. It is still not going to put the data in.

r. Dale Maxie – he don’t even know what we need for the courthouse.

s. Judge J. Steven Cox – we don’t want his software.

t. Dale Maxie – they led us to believe he was going to buy digimode.

u. Robert Runyon – if we stay with CISCO will they be able to keep up with the mandate?

v. Judge J. Steven Cox – right now they (State) are revamping their own system they were not concerned about

Spillman but were concerned with CISCO. Once they mandate it (referring to the clerk’s system) there will be a

way to fund it. If Franklin County just can’t afford we simply can’t afford it. What Sally is telling you and why I

was talking about chipping in money-we are going to have to do something.

w. Hollie Sintz – was there a plan to spread it out for 3 or 5 years?

x. Sallie Henson – 3 or 5

y. Judge J. Steven Cox – of the things that can’t be, CISCO is not going to work in Franklin County

z. Sallie Henson – do you feel in 5 years you will be happy and in 5 years you will be happy with Spillman

aa. Judge J. Steven Cox – no on else is dissatisfied in there 28 years.

bb.Sallie Henson – when talking about the version 12 we will down for about a month and a half.

cc.Carroll Lanning – if we go with Spillman, we get 15 months for the first $25,000.00.

dd.Sallie Henson – we would be eliminating two other payments. We had one person in CISCO who goes above the

call to make sure our system works. Don’t know what the person from Columbus knows.

ee. Jeff Koch – sees this as a safety issue. I try to run junk equipment the only thing is-but don’t want to be rushed

into this. Tape 2

ff. Dale Maxie – you will always make deals

gg.Carroll Lanning – how much does this go up (fund)

hh.Sallie Henson – $14,000.00 to $15,000.00 per year

ii. Kenneth Rosenberger – have you checked into other systems?

jj. Sallie Henson – yes, but they don’t have the whole package.

kk.Kenneth Rosenberger – does this have to be bid?

ll. Sallie Henson – no, because it is a unique project

mm. Donald “Butch” Williams – of the $198,000.00, what of this is upgrading and what is what you really need.

nn.Sallie Henson – we pretty much have all of that now, but it doesn’t interface. A lot of the computer aided dispatchthey

don’t have to do the double entry. It is very hard to explain. In order to get to another screen to have to go all

the way out of the screen you are in.

oo.Kenneth Rosenberger – what could you add at a later date?

pp.Sallie Henson – ability to go paperless for warrants from the clerk to the prosecutor

qq.Judge J. Steven Cox – although it is not as efficient to go out of screens, the problem is going in and out of the

screens is not working any more. It is a health and public issue. If there is no way to communicate with these

officers it is a safety issue. The system is not working. We need direction from (County) Council.

rr. Donald “Butch” Williams – don’t want to micro manage anything but just need to figure out where to come up

with the money.

ss. Martha Bergman – would like (sheriff) to consult Columbus or another person.

tt. Sallie Henson – not telling you we won’t do it. That person is not a programmer. If we have a trainer come in and

train them on what they already know

uu.Donald “Butch” Williams – in 6 months from now we will know a lot more.

vv.Hollie Sintz – tell Ryan at Spillman to give us another meeting to discuss this. Do the payment plan-even if we

don’t get “the money” we are still going to have to do this.

ww. Carroll Lanning – would like to hold on to the contingency for 6 months (to hold that price) to see if we can

come up with the money.

xx.Hollie Sintz – need to see how long he will hold the price?

yy.Dale Maxie – for 6 months

zz.Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to find out about the bid thing-do we or do we not? There is no need to go

through the whole process and have to forget it. Have info for next meeting January 24th. Verify on the

$90,000.00 whether it is signing

VII. 2006 Dates

a. Hollie Sintz motions to accept the dates on calendar

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor

VIII. Adjourn

a. Martha Bergman motions to adjourn

b. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here

5-22-10 for bids


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Franklin County Auditor

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