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2006 Meeting Minutes


Franklin County Council January 24, 2006

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Marlene Flaspohler Carol L. Monroe

Kenneth Rosenberger Thomas Wilson

Jeff Koch Louis Linkel

Robert Runyon

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Minutes

a. Martha Bergman motion to approve December 27 (2005) minutes

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams all in favor; motion carried

d. Carroll Lanning motions to accept December 13 (2005)

e. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams all in favor; motion carried

II. Officers of County Council

a. Jeff Koch motion to nominate Donald “Butch” Williams for President

b. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor

d. Robert Runyon motion to nominate Jeff Koch Vice President

e. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion

III. Sheriff computer system

a. Dale Maxie – would like council to look at computer system

b. Council agrees to go over to sheriff department after agenda is completed

IV. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-01)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Carroll Lanning motions to accept transfer of funds

c. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. 2006 Amended Salary Ordinance (2006-01)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads amendments

i. Section 100, departments 105, 108, 145/Section 242/Section307

b. Dale Maxie – questions part time cook hourly amount-it is too high

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – in section 1 (one) you can pay up to $10.07 but you don’t have to pay that.

d. Dale Maxie – on the holiday pay for the cooks-there is an ordinance for part time cooks getting holiday pay.

e. Sally Henson – the ordinances were passed in the early 90’s

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to dig up the ordinances and get some legal advice

g. Dale Maxie – questions why it was changed

h. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to accept changes in 2006-01

i. Robert Runyon – seconds the motion

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

VI. Additional Appropriations

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reviews additionals turned in thus far for 2006-we have not received an approved budget

VII. River Boat money – Lawrenceburg agreement

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – received a letter from City of Lawrenceburg (reads letter). It was a great day.

b. Robert Brack we signed the agreement (last) Tuesday and the next night gene brought it back. Commissioners did

a lot a work on this. There were some things going south on this and it was a joint effort on this. You have to

thank the city of Lawrenceburg.

c. Martha Bergman – on behalf of council we thank you

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – Bischoff and Hoffman stressed we needed to stay in contact with the state because they

want the funds in their account.

e. Robert Brack – urge every one to send a letter.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – it is now up to all of us to see that we take care of this money we have received and

spend it wisely. One question that needs to be answered is – the check now is sitting in the riverboat fund now,

how do we want to handle that money?

g. Jeff Koch – would like to see it put in the rainy day fund for unforeseen expenses.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – we can at any time transfer that out to do what we want.

i. Martha Bergman – we mentioned some restrictions on that

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – they asked us to report to them on how we spend it.

k. Kenneth Rosenberger – do you think it would be appropriate to send a letter to the mayor and council thanking


l. Donald “Butch” Williams – we should say as many thank you’s. will see a letter is sent on behalf of the council.

We don’t get all 500,000.00/376,000 is for Franklin County and the rest is divided up among the incorporated


m. Robert Runyon – that is a good idea. They don’t hold that against you.

n. Jeff Koch – motions that the 376,000.00 go into the rainy day fund.

o. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

VIII. Encumberan

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we came out on the plus side in 2005. the money that is left in the general

fund/appropriations-should we put that money into the rainy day fund (about $200,000.00)

b. Carol L. Monroe – that is the appropriations, not necessarily what is left in cash

c. Jeff Koch – wants to wait until next meeting

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – consensus is to wait until the next meeting.

IX. Sheriff Maxie

a. Invites council to come over to sheriff dept to look at problems with software

X. Dnr money

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Hoffman called me and tomorrow at 10:30 the sub committee is meeting again.

Talked to the council president from union county just before I came-he is going along with the sheriff. They are

trying to push it through.

XI. Spillman

a. Ryan – brought his boss back with him.

XII. Council recess’s to visit sheriff department

XIII. Loan to County General (Resolution 2006-02)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have $200,000.00 left in appropriations, not cash-county general has $24,000.00.

On break Carol (Monroe) asked us what we (Robert Brack and I) thought. We can do one of two things, we can

rescind the river boat money motion (and put some into county general) or we can do a loan.

b. Carol L Monroe – this loan will only get you to march 1st

c. Jeff Koch motions to set up a loan for 425,000.00 from the rainy day fund to the general fund

d. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

f. Jeff Koch – reads resolution 2006-02

g. Carroll Lanning motions to accept resolution 2006-02

h. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor


a. Dale Maxie – request that county dispose of CISCO and go with Spillman. Have talked with state police and they

are in the same boat at we are. If the state police bought your product then all of the other counties could purchase

your product at a QPA.

b. Ryan – don’t believe that would happen

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – if the state police bought at a qpa in 6 months and got a cheaper price.

d. Ryan – in 6 months it would be higher.

e. John – President – it would be higher because we are talking about a 2005 price for you. There is no better time

than right now-this is the absolute best price that you would get for the Spillman system

f. Sally – qpa would not include jail records program or what the officers enter their warrents in. the price of the hub

is 98,000.00. the cost of the different modules are broke out. 49,000 is to run the 911 dispatch. Basically we don’t

want anything fancier than what we have now, we just want what we have now-that works. There are no real bells

and whistles in the pricing

g. Carroll Lanning – we don’t pay anything until it is installed?

h. Ryan – the initial contract signing is 99,000.00 then the other 99,000.00 would be in about 6 months and the rest

would be due in the end.

i. President – we are now booking training in may. We see vendors come back and nickel and dime. This is an all

inclusive price. There is nothing that is left out of this that you would need. We have never had a failed


j. Kenneth Rosenberger – what is being used why are installing this

k. President – you use the same system you have now, we recommend you go live in phases. You tell us when you

want to do that.

l. Ryan – once you say yes and this is a done deal. There will be a project manager (Kevin Polson-lives in Utah) and

he will coordinate-he will hold your hand and sit down with the sheriff office and outline what has to happen for a

successful implementation. You will still be seeing people from Spillman quite

m. Carol Monroe – turn around time on invoice

n. President – net 30

o. Sally – judge = 30,000.00 and prosecutor = 5,000.00 misdemeanant = difference to come to the down payment of


p. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you do this you are going to drain your funds and in the last year, you had to come

from medical supplies, etc.

q. Sally – we didn’t come last year for medical, thanks to Vicky (Neeley-deputy auditor), she worked hard to make


r. Donald “Butch” Williams- health cost

s. Sally – we had considerable health cost before we went with Ad??????. The only thing we pay for is if someone

goes to the hospital

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you drain it down, if anything comes up it is going to have to come out of the

general fund. Is there any financing

u. Ryan – there is financing for around 5%. You can pay monthly, or yearly-however you would like to set it up.

v. Sally – we had a brief discussion about funding for the doc inmates.

w. Donald “Butch” Williams – when we house the doc inmates we receive money from the state.

x. Sally – there are still 99,000.00 in the rears at this point

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – investing another 10,000 to make 12,000 in doc, I’ll do it.

z. Kenneth Rosenberger – the loan sounds more attractive to me rather than coming up with all of the money at once.

aa.Donald “Butch” Williams – how much did doc bring in

bb.Dale Maxie – 178,000 for 2005

cc.Donald “Butch” Williams – how much does it take to run the jail – you are getting your money back.

dd.Dale Maxie – you have to look at the room and board that goes into the general fund. And there is a statute that it

goes back to the jail. We have 8 on work release and paying 70.00 a week (100.00 per week when we redo the


ee.Carroll Lanning – this mtn fee we pay every year, and 5 years if we have to update, we won’t have to replace it in

five years.

ff. President – the first 15 months are included in the price. That gives us about 3 months to do the installation

gg.Ryan – you can talk about the financing at the next mtg and I can get some pricing and email it to sally. The new

one would be just over 100,000.00

hh.Martha Bergman – have you tried to repair what is at default

ii. Sally – numerous times. Don’t know what else can be done beside going to Cisco and working for them to fix it.

For three years we have worked on the system. Our down time is cut in half.

jj. Dale – my wife had to repeatedly get on her laptop at home to get 911 up.

kk.Sally – we have repeatedly had to get up at one or two o’clock in the morning to fix the system-they are abrasive,

and condescending. That is what we have to deal with

ll. Donald “Butch” Williams – bob and carol mentioned that the election rate is bring in more than what is needed and

that could be funding.

mm. Jeff Koch= you have to have good roads and police protection or all of this other stuff means nothing.

Kenny’s idea of a loan.

nn.Dale – is there something for having the whole thing as a loan

oo.Ryan – that can be worked out, most agencies do a small down payment

pp.President – we have had situations where your first “payment” be in the next fiscal year.

qq.Dale – that is an option I want to look at. We wouldn’t be here tonight if we didn’t think we needed it.

rr. Donald “Butch” Williams – in the new agreement with Lawrenceburg (referring to the grant). And go ahead and

apply it to the loan if we get the grant

ss. Robert Brack – they will loan you money at a low interest rate for things like that.

tt. Martha Bergman – how do we pay that back

uu.Donald “Butch” Williams – first we need to decide, are we going to spend the money

vv.Kenneth Rosenberger – hate to spend that much for software, but believes it is needed

ww. Jeff Koch – agrees with Kenneth Rosenberger

xx.Robert Runyon – agrees

yy.Carroll Lanning – agrees

zz.Martha Bergman – would go with repair if possible, if we borrow money, how are we going to pay it back.

aaa. Carroll Lanning – if you do do it, would like to see $50,000.00 put down

bbb. Sally – we could handle $30,000.00 out of misdemeanant

ccc. Dale Maxie – what ever decision council makes I will respect

ddd. Robert Brack – would like to see payments of over five years for the remainder flip tape

eee. Sally – we were being optimistic at what we could come up with

fff.Kenneth Rosenberger – motions to purchase Spillman software plus the professional services

ggg. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

hhh. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor-Kenneth Rosenberger, Jeff Koch, Carroll Lanning, Robert Runyon;

opposed –Martha Bergman, Donald “Butch” Williams; motion carried.

iii. Carroll Lanning – if we get a qpa we get a rebate?

jjj. President – absolutely

kkk. Carroll Lanning-if we go through third party we would need the $60,000.00 as a down payment?

lll. President – yes

mmm. Donald “Butch” Williams – would like to get the $60,000.00. We will have a special meeting on February

10th at 5:00 p.m. in the Commissioners room to approve the money for this system. We need to know the balance.

nnn. President – on financing we include the maintenance fee and if you choose to include that on the finance you

will actually save because the maintenance fee will be locked in.

ooo. Sally – will mail a copy to all council members tomorrow

XV. Budget vs Cash

a. John Estridge – questions difference

b. Carol Monroe – the appropriations is your budget. (listen to tape)

XVI. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motion to adjourn

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here

Approved 02/28/06


Franklin County Council February 10, 2006

County Commissioners room @ 5:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Auditor

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Carol L. Monroe

Kenneth Rosenberger Dale Maxie

Hollie Sintz

Robert Runyon

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Budget Cuts for 2006

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – here to discuss the financing of the software for the Sheriff office. This week several

things have happened. I have been busy as well as Carol (Monroe) and Bob (Brack). Department of Local

Government Finance (DLGF) have informed us we need to cut 1.28 million in addition for 2006 budget. I took it

myself that is/was we got ½ million and they took it back. Today have been in contact with (Johnny) Nugent,

(Bob) Bischoff, and the Governor. Bischoff said we are going to get this taken care of. Governor Daniels was

informed of dealings with Lawrenceburg and greatly in favor of it. Bischoff and Nugent both said at the very least

the DLGF should give us some warning. People work too hard to get ½ million in here and I’ll be damned if they

take away from us. We all agreed we left some fat in, but we did think it would be this. Some of the things we

talked about was $700,000.00 in rainy day fund, $130,000.00 in contingency fund, reassessment rate to 0. If

Commissioners agreed to $200,000.00 (from Cumulative Bridge), if Judge paid probation officers and the fall

distribution of river boat money. We can do what they talked about.

b. Hollie Sintz – it is a shame we have this rainy day money and if we use it we will never get it back.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – talked to representative Bischoff sent Nugent and staff. The last two years talked to

DLGF. Talked to auditor in Dearborn County-they don’t have a rainy day fund. I am not ready to start cutting, I

am standing my ground.

d. Robert Brack – that $500,000.00 can not effect the budget

e. Hollie Sintz – what is our time frame?

f. Carol Monroe – once I get the 1782 notice we have 7 days to respond

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – the Governor has stated he wants to return control back to county and this is a way to

start. The Governor is the boss. Carol (Monroe) sent an email

h. Carol Monroe – I talked to Dan Eggerman (DLGF) and he instructed me to talk to his supervisor Bob Harris and I

did that (through email).

i. Robert Brack – Commissioners can pick up computer maintenance if you need them to.

j. Louis Linkel – we have to be careful with cumulative bridge

k. Carol Monroe – is there a c.d.?-was thinking there would be about $900,000 for this year.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – Governor Daniels is the boss (over DLGF) and something is going to have to happen

m. Robert Brack – Carol did you find out how she could take the election rate to zero?

n. Carol Monroe – I tried to get a hold of her (Gail Snyder) but found out at the end of the day she left at noon.

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – she can’t do that. There are 7 people here (referring to County Council). Talked to

Representative Bischoff and basically we are going to solve this and I am going to fight with you. Let’s figure out

what we are going to do. We are here to represent the people. Dale, we did not intend to have this.

II. Dale Maxie – Sally (Henson) and I talked about this and they will do an option of five years.

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – got a letter from Ryan (Spillman Co.) with the breakdowns-payments beginning in

2007. – get information from Butch.

b. Sally Henson – we would not be paying the maintenance fees of $16,000.00 and we would lose 2 other $2,000.00

fees. So, that would be about $20,000.00 additional in our budget.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – if we did finance we were locked in.

d. Dale Maxie – we have an officer training fund we can offset by $10,000.00 towards the $48,000.00 worth of

training for the software

e. Carroll Lanning – say we get this and it come down next July will you have more

f. Dale Maxie – by 2007 we should have two more payments to misdemeanant fund ($30,000.00)

g. Sally Henson – we talked today about Dearborn County for economic development.

h. Carroll Lanning – with the Judge and this it would be the down payment and when would the next one be due

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – Feb 15, 2007.

j. Hollie Sintz – you are committing to the down payment and the first payment?

k. Sally Henson – by 2007 we would be able to come up with an additional $30,000.00

l. Dale Maxie – 911 should have dollars to help with.

m. Carroll Lanning – we have the down payment for this year for no problem and ½ for first payment. We are taking

$20,000.00 off of what we are already spending.

n. Dale Maxie – the officers training continues to grow.

o. Sally Henson – we use our jail commissary fund pretty wisely. There are a couple of other little things like our

Arch payments and we won’t be taking that out and could use that.

p. Hollie Sintz – do we feel that if they come up with the down payment and the first year to go with it.

q. Carroll Lanning – we hope by 2008 it would be all straightened out.

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – my feeling was if we could wait six months and maybe get the grant money. This cuts

us right to the bone. Suppose you wreck a car, two cars, then what do you do?

s. Sally Henson – we had problems today but the information was lost.

t. Dale Maxie – the officer was at a traffic stop and the information was critical.

u. Sally Henson – we can stay with CISCO and maintain our records but the 911 system is critical.

v. Hollie Sintz – questions being tied into agreement

w. Dale Maxie – the contract was already signed

x. Transfer of Funds – Resolution 2006-03

i. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

ii. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve

iii. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

iv. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor-Robert Runyon, Kenneth Rosenberger, Hollie Sintz, Carroll

Lanning; opposed Donald “Butch” Williams, Martha Bergman, motion carried = 4 to 2

v. Carol Monroe – Judge won’t have that (extra) money now (for probation salaries)

y. Additional appropriation Resolution 2006-04

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

ii. Kenneth Rosenberger – motion to approve additional

iii. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

iv. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; opposed- Donald “Butch” Williams, Martha Bergman; motion


III. Lawrenceburg River Boat Money

a. Donald “Butch” Williams announces he sent a letter of thanks

IV. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to adjourn

b. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – were outa here-God help us.

Approved 03/28/06


Special Franklin County Council February 21, 2006

County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor:

Donald “Butch” Williams Louis Linkel Catherine Stockhoff

Kenneth Rosenberger Dale Maxie

Hollie Sintz

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Review

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are not ready to make cuts and not sure where we are at. I have been in contacts

with people in the last two weeks as well as the Auditor Office. I contacted Senator Nugent and Representative

Bischoff and did finally make contact with Governor Daniels office and they returned my asking what was going

on. I stated the main problem was we received from the DLGF that we were going to have to cut 1.3 million from

our budget (not long after the check from Lawrenceburg) for 2006 and we thought we left fat. We thought 1.3 was

unreasonable and wanted someone to check into this. Asked Gail Snyder and Dan Eggerman to meet with us and

got word they could not. Friday morning I received a call from Bob Harris (DLGF) and he was ready to work with

us and talk and first of all, he wanted to assure us that the rainy day fund is something we will look at when

figuring your budget. That money is yours and you can spend it however, you want to. I said I want to know why

we have this 1.3 all of the sudden. He replied we are over spending our budget. I said we have heard that for the

last three years and the fact is last year we were ½ million less that 2004 and didn’t increase 2006 any. Bob said

Dan Eggerman told him we were spending our cash reserves. That didn’t make sense to me either, we spend our

money out of the general fund. We have not went and got money some place else. I asked him to tell me where

they (cash reserves) are – we need some answers. He said your certified shares have went down over the last three

years and your excise has decreased. No, you haven’t increased spending but you revenues have went down. So

that is where we left it. Senator Nugent talked to the Governor last week. How are the certified shares figured.

b. Catherine Stockhoff – I emailed Gail (Snyder) today and have not received anything back because I don’t know

how that is derived.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to find out-and about the vehicles

d. Catherine Stockhoff – the excise comes from you vehicles

e. Jeff Koch – any SUV is figured as a truck

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – I don’t see as many Ohio plates as I used to. Feels the Auditor’s office has done

everything they can. You have sent the figures up to the DLGF and have not received the 1782?

g. Catherine Stockhoff – correct. We feel maybe she has not increase the CAGIT figures. The estimation is a little

low of about $700,000.00.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – have felt every since last fall and Carol (Monroe) and you (Catherine Stockhoff) did


i. Donald “Butch” Williams ask if there is any question or suggestion

j. Carroll Lanning wants to know if we know a time limit of when the DLGF will get back to us regarding the 1782


k. Jeff Koch wants to know if the state does the cuts where will they cut

l. Catherine Stockhoff says they will start with the 4400 series and go from there

m. Donald “Butch” Williams wants to know about the certified shares if Catherine can find out how the DLGF come

up with the figures or if it is something council can do

n. Catherine Stockhoff answer by saying both she and council can contact someone and get the answer

o. Martha Bergman wants to know if the budget will be approved

p. Catherine Stockhoff says it will not be approved as it is right now

II. Prisoner Revenue

a. Dale Maxie state the governor has ordered all prisons be filled – a couple of thousand inmates got released since


b. Dale Maxie states we will lose nine of the seventeen DOC prisoners by the 24th of the Month

c. Dale Maxie says by the end of March the prisons will be filled and the inmates will be returning to the counties

d. Catherine Stockhoff wants to know how much revenue each inmate generates per day. Dale Maxie say if we hold

10 $127,000 a year. We will probably get in the neighborhood of twenty back on average.

e. Dale Maxie brings up the work release program and says the prisoners are charged $70.00 per week. He is waiting

on Gene Stewart to come back with an ordinance to allow them to charge $100.00 per week.

f. Dale Maxie says that some people are talking about building private jails and housing prisoners – that will really

hurt the county.

g. The county receives $35.00 per day per state prisoner and the state receives $85.00, they are making some money

states Dale Maxie

III. Adjourn

a. Jeff Koch motions to adjourn

b. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; outa here

Approved 03/28/06


Franklin County Council February 28, 2006 in County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Thomas Wilson Robert Brack Louis Linkel

Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor: Catherine Stockhoff

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with pledge of allegiance

I. January 24, 2006 minutes

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

II. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-06)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Robert Runyon questions what a transcriber (for Auditor) and fax is for.

c. Carol Monroe explains the transcriber is in front of them recording the minutes

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – replies he witnessed the fax dieing.

e. Carroll Lanning motions to accept resolution

f. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Additional Appropriation (Resolution 2006-07)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch questions Stock Pile Road

c. Hollie Sintz explains they are not sure what they will need

d. Jeff Koch question Railfence Road – Bridge #110

e. Louis Linkel replies completion will be in 2007

f. Jeff Koch questions Vine Street – Bridge #164

g. Louis Linkel – replies this Fall

h. Robert Brack – those are all Federal Funded Bridges and the determine (completion)

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – when you are getting this money now, it is being spent

j. Louis Linkel – the county invests a lot of money in these bridges long before the project even gets started.

k. Robert Brack – we are going to Lawrenceburg to (try to) get funding for Johnson Fork because that is a through road and farmers need

to get their grains out.

l. Carroll Lanning questions funding for Park & Recreation (grant)-was trying to save some money

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – will let Cathy (Stockhoff) tell you what she found out from Gail Snyder (DLGF) today regarding 2006

n. Cathy Stockhoff – She (Gail Snyder) is expecting that County General can fund $3,664,000, which raises the cut to 1.5 (million).

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have to cut 1.5 million

p. Cathy Stockhoff – (amount) not official

q. Donald “Butch” Williams – just brace yourselves. What we can’t cut, the state is going to cut. We have no choice. Open for motions.

r. Kenneth Rosenberger questions $2,000.00

s. Jeff Jones states that is a grant from the community foundation

t. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve

u. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

v. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Loan to County General (Resolution 2006-05)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Cathy (Stockhoff) told me that we will not receive any sizeable money until May. Her thought and I

agree with it was to do the loans on an as need basis. She feels this amount will get us through until the next meeting. Reads


b. Robert Runyon motions to approve

c. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

V. Abatement for Brookville Senior Housing

a. Kenneth Nelson – working with Dr. Edwards on affordable housing to develop 35 senior apartments of one and two bedrooms up on

101 next to nursing home. The abatement we are asking for is a state approved abatement that is automatic approved by the

legislature. We are not asking for local approval but as we are submitting, our letter to the state for the tax credit funding – on that,

there are points awarded for your competitiveness on the application. They ask on the application for local contribution and what we

are asking for is that this automatic abatement be considered the local contribution. We have a letter we wanted signed by the proper

local authority. Commissioners ask that I come to the County Council to present this. The abatement in any year is not a total

abatement – the first year is 75%, second year = 50%, next is 25% and then the full rate (the following year). The ground there will

still be paying (100%) taxes.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – this is just on the improvements, not what is there now?

c. Kenneth Nelson – yes. We hope is we get funding (will be notified in June), construction will start late fall. We did a market study,

went through planning and have met with drainage people and have our drainage plan worked out. We have given our calculations of

the drainage to the County Surveyor.

d. Catherine Stockhoff – it will be taxed on whatever is there on the March 1 date.

e. Kenneth Nelson – don’t know if anyone has tried to use the abatement as the local contribution.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – through your application, we basically don’t have a choice but to accept this?

g. Kenneth Nelson – yes, I am not into legislation but any project you can see affordable housing-there is a whole list of projects that are

eligible for the automatic abatement

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – I have a problem with the letter. Refers paragraph that starts – to support the operation. Feels the “Town

of Brookville” should say “Franklin County”.

i. Kenneth Nelson – I am not asking you to pass it, I am asking you to say the abatement is the local contribution.

j. Robert Runyon – I make a motion not to sign/approve

k. Kenneth Rosenberger – seconds the motion

VI. Communication Overtime vs. Comp time

a. Joyce Monroe – everyone is aware of our problem with part time. With the examples on the sheet, we will save money.

b. Tracy Lightfield – we are not asking for additional money, just to pay out of E-911 additional help. We end up being a training

ground for every other agency. The full time dispatchers are accumulating more time than they can take off. We want part time to

work it. Not anyone can do this job-I don’t care who you are. Joyce has put in adds and have no viable candidates.

c. Robert Brack – we have no problem with changing the handbook.

d. Hollie Sintz – how many hours does a full time person work per week

e. Tracy Lightfield – 40 hours. This is not from the general fund.

VII. BRLWD Annual Report for 2005

a. Tedd Stubbs – reviews annual report with County Council and opens up for questions

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – really appreciates Tedd coming with updates. Ask Tedd to bring a map showing the district (boundaries).

c. Tedd Stubbs – the district can expand their boundaries – in looking at Blooming Grove. That project has not gone anywhere

according to state information – because the income survey wasn’t submitted.

d. Robert Runyon – they talked about going to Everton.

e. Tedd Stubbs – it makes perfect since and our board would be supportive of that.

f. Robert Runyon – do you go across the river?

g. Tedd Stubbs – not at this time. The biggest concern of that would be the age of the bride (causeway) and if anything would happen to

that bridge, we would be responsible for moving that line. On the other side of the lake, there are some concerns. If you have any

questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

h. Council thanks Tedd for coming in.

VIII. Software in Jail

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to keep in mind, there was offers made by the Sheriff of using some funds, but we need some

definite. Every penny we handle is taxpayers money. We are not going to have a rainy day fund. We need to have a definite – it is

my understanding that the county (other than the money from misdemeanant, prosecutor, and Judge) will not have to come up with

any money in 2006?

b. Carroll Lanning – the down payment would take care of the first year.

c. Robert Brack – you need to talk to the Judge.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – I will do what ever you guys tell me to do. We have a lot of big decisions to make.

e. Carroll Lanning – he said he could use misdemeanant fund every year.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have got to have a figure so we know where we at.

g. Catherine Stockhoff – they are paying for it over five years?

h. Carroll Lanning – yes

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – we need to get a hold of Dale (Maxie) and have him put down in black and white.

j. Hollie Sintz – every day this county grows. We are not getting anywhere.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – I asked about certified shares.

l. Catherine Stockhoff – explains how certified shares (CAGIT and PTRC) works.

m. Jeff Koch – so, the school’s piece keeps getting bigger and bigger and everyone is getting squeezed out.

n. John Estridge – in Union County he was told that the State uses PTCR as a billy club

o. Catherine Stockhoff – yes, they do hold that over the counties head. If we are not compliant with certain things the will hold that. At

this time, we are not aware of anything we are not in compliant with. We have sent in all of the information in but have not received

any confirmation that it is good or bad. They are not withholding our PTRC that we are aware of. Being compliant refers to DATA

we sent to the DLGF (assessed values, deductions, etc.) CAGIT money is a year behind.

p. Carroll Lanning – what is the 18 month cycle

q. Catherine Stockhoff – the estimated revenue for the budgets. When doing budgets we have to estimate what we are going to get in the

rest of the year (6 months) and all of next year.

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – assuming Marion County has already adopted and done away with the inventory tax. We can replaced

one of them with a quarter percent (by law) to offset, but Sharon (Halcomb) figured it would not be enough.

s. Robert Brack – 41 counties have adopted.

t. Catherine Stockhoff – actual figures for 2005 increased.

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – would like a couple of fresh eyes to look at this. There has got to be something-we know the school is

taking more. Talk with Cathy (Stockhoff). This is horrible. Bob Harris called me a week ago Friday and at that time he told me 2

major points 1-the rainy day fund has no affect and can be spent any way we want and 2-he was told we were already sent the 1782

notice which is not right. So he also said we had been spending our cash reserves and I said where are they-and this is when the

certified shares came up.

v. Hollie Sintz – we are talking about all of this money we have to cut and feels we really need a consultant to help us.

w. Robert Brack – the rainy day fund doesn’t hurt us but it doesn’t help us. If the cash in the rainy day fund was in the general fund then

you wouldn’t have such a deficit

x. Catherine Stockhoff – the reserves are gone is how they (DLGF) look at it. When they approve our budget, they base it on the

estimated revenues coming in. The believe we are moving cash that we don’t have and that is what is hurting us.

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – so what Bob Harris said the other day was Bull _ _ _ _ !

z. Robert Brack – everyone one has got to tighten up their belts-until we get taxes back on schedule

aa. Donald “Butch” Williams – I don’t want the DLGF or Governors office to say this Council doesn’t know what they are doing. We

have seven days (to respond to the 1782 notice).

bb. Robert Brack – has ideas to go over budgets for cuts and would like to sit down with Butch.

cc. Donald “Butch” Williams – I am open for suggestions

IX. Consultant for County Council

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need someone who is very neutral and will work for us. Could the AIC advise us?

b. Catherine Stockhoff – they can give you a list, but it will be a list of people who give them money.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – will call Cary (Pickens). Will try anything as long as it is reasonable. Questions the election rate and


d. Catherine Stockhoff – she (Gail Snyder) took the election rate and stated she included the CAGIT but her work has not been reviewed

yet. Assuming it is at the DLGF. From the office standpoint would like you to work on it because the sooner we get it back to the

DLGF the quicker we can get it back and receive tax rates.

X. Special Meeting

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – you (Catherine Stockhoff) or I can call a special meeting at any time. If something happens and you need

to call it-call it.

b. Catherine Stockhoff – the meeting you are having on Friday is about what?

XI. Adjourn

a. Robert Runyon motions to adjourn

b. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here

Approved 03/28/06


Franklin County Council Emergency Budget Cuts March 6, 2006

County Commissioners Room @ 7:00 p.m.

Those present:

Martha Bergman Elected officials:

Carroll Lanning Robert Brack Rebecca Oglesby

Donald “Butch” Williams (6:19) Louis Linkel Ron Larew

Kenneth Rosenberger Dale Maxie Diane Turney

Hollie Sintz Marlene Flaspohler Mel Wilhelm

Jeff Koch (6:15) Mary Seufert

Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor

Catherine A Stockhoff

*Catherine Stockhoff opens meeting to with the Pledge of Allegiance and calls meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.

I. 1782 Notice

a. Holly Sintz states we received the 1782 Notice today and the county needs to cut…

b. Cathy Stockhoff ask Robert Brack for the amount she gave him earlier in the day

c. Robert Brack state the amount is $1,371,364.

d. Robert Brack ask if this is an accurate and true figure

e. Cathy Stockhoff says this is it “It’s in black and white”.

f. Cathy Stockhoff lets Council know she contacted the Department of Local Government Finance and ask about the

March 10 deadline to respond to the 1782 Notice. We actually have 10 days to respond however the 10th day falls

on a Sunday so it reverts back to Friday

g. Council looks over the proposed cuts from county general and Holly Sintz states that some of the proposed cuts

would be paid for at of Cumulative Capital Development

h. Mary Seufert inquires about claims submitted for the next claim cycle that has not come out of the account yet.

Cathy Stockhoff states the prosecutor’s office has the same concern. Holly states the bulk of the cuts came from

computer maintenance and building repair. The intention is not to cut so much you can’t run your offices. Holly

also says we will have to deplete the Rainy Day Fund and borrow part of the rate from Cumulative Bridge. Cathy

Stockhoff tells Holly the state said we can drop the Cumulative Bridge rate down to .0403 without it effecting

Cumulative Capital Development and that would give county general approximately $369,000.

i. Holly Sintz ask if this is what we want to do – Carroll Lanning ask if there is any office holder that could not live

with the cuts being proposed

j. Carroll Lanning says they want everyone to be comfortable with the cuts. Rebecca Oglesby states, no one is

comfortable you gave us a budget and now you are copping out. Rebecca also ask why the Health Department and

the Highway are not include in the cuts

k. Robert Brack state the Highway is its own rate and it will not help county general

l. Diane Turney says they are not in there because they gave all they can give the last two times. Holly mentions the

Health Department is also on its own rate

m. Ron Larew wants to know why the cuts are being made now when cuts were made last fall also. Cathy Stockhoff

explains not all the cuts were done in the fall.

n. Ron questions the amount of money spent on computer maintenance and mentions how much the Extension office

spends on it. The group discusses what the money pays for with that money.

o. Cathy Stockhoff ask Rebecca if she wants to address her concern with the Rainy Day Fund

p. Rebecca wants to now how we can appropriate money out of the Rainy Day Fund if the money is gone already

q. Holly Sintz and Carroll Lanning both state the money is borrowed not gone

r. Donald “Butch” Williams tells Rebecca the money isn’t gone it is borrowed and will be paid back when we get a

draw this year. We haven’t had any money coming in yet this year have we Donald “Butch” Williams questions?

s. Donald “Butch” Williams wants to know if less money is coming in to the county than previous years. Rebecca

Oglesby says she will have to look back at previous years. Donald “Butch” Williams states that council needs to

know what is coming in to the county

t. Rebecca Oglesby refers to an audit report from 1999, she believes that is where the problem with the money starts

u. Donald “Butch” Williams says that is what everyone is trying to find out – where the problem started

v. Donald “Butch” Williams says he believes we are being punished for having a Rainy Day Fund

w. Jeff Koch wants to know what the first line on the 1782 Notice is

x. Cathy Stockhoff states it is the amount of money the Department of Local Government Finance says can be funded

this year

y. Jeff refers to 2005’s 1782 Notice

z. Donald “Butch” Williams wants to know why the cut from 2005 budget to the figure in 2006

aa. We didn’t do anything and we have to cut the 2006 budget and we had all the loans paid back says Donald “Butch”


bb. Rebecca Oglesby disagrees. Donald “Butch” Williams tells her we did “All the loans were paid back at the end of

the year”.

cc. John Estridge wants to know why Franklin County is having this problem and other counties are not

dd. Jeff Koch says he has a meeting tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. with the DLGF and anyone who would like to go from

council, office holders or commissioner are welcome

ee. Holly says that fine but we have met with the DLGF before and haven’t gotten anywhere – However, we need to

go ahead and respond to the 1782 Notice

ff. Holly takes us back to the original cuts proposed

gg. Donald “Butch” Williams ask if all the office holders that are present agree to the cuts

hh. The adjustment was made to the Recorder’s cuts since she already has allocated that money to her conference

ii. Rebecca Oglesby wants to know if the office holders have to sign off in order for council to cut this money

jj. Donald “Butch” Williams states he wants to get things straight. “We are trying to all work here together, but by

law since you brought it up no you do not have to sign off on nothing. But we are operating as a family now if

they would have come in we didn’t have to call you all together but we don’t operate that way.”

kk. Rebecca Oglesby states she just wants to make sure things are done right so in two weeks we don’t have another


ll. Holly wants to know how soon the auditor’s office can do the reductions and show them it has been done and what

the bottom line is after the changes

mm. Cathy Stockhoff states the changes can be done tomorrow, but council still needs to reduce county general by the

Rainy Day Fund amount

mm. Donald “Butch” Williams states Susan Jones is running the figures for the health insurance

nn. Holly says I move to reduce County General by $263,430.99 using the cuts proposed, and to take $617,058.58 of

health insurance out of the Rainy Day Fund along with $20,346.56 of property and liability out of Rainy Day Fund

and $65,421.86 of utilities out of Rainy Day Fund also to reduce Cumulative Bridge by .0403. We then need to

resubmit this on the 1782 notice

oo. Carroll seconds motion

pp. All in favor, motion carried

qq. John Estridge wants to know why the cuts were not made at the budget hearings

rr. Donald “Butch” Williams answers, “From my end I wanted to make them show me we had to. Now that’s one

that’s me there are six other answers here. So I am not saying that on behalf of council.”

ss. Jeff states he wanted to see it in black and white – “This is what your budget will be”.

tt. Jeff says he will ask the DLGF any questions anybody has if they want him to do so

uu. Robert Brack says he wants to know about certified shares

vv. Rebecca Oglesby wants to know if we will get rates before the budget is approved

ww. John Estridge would like to know about the Rainy Day Fund and the riverboat money if they had anything to do

with the problem

xx. Susan Jones wants to know if the adjustment of revenue turned into the DLGF effected this years revenue

yy. Cathy Stockhoff answers by saying, “…if I understand what you are saying we would have to cut from the 2005

budget and that would leave more of an operating balance for 2006 therefore we would not have cut as much from

the 2006 budget

zz. Susan Jones states it had to effect it somehow because the revenue should have went to the 2006 budget.

aaa. Cathy Stockhoff states that the cut were in expenses not in revenue and those cuts were talked about but never done

by council

II. Adjourn

a. Carroll Lanning moves to adjourn

b. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – We’re outa here

Approved 03/28/06


Special Franklin County Council March 9, 2006 County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

Attendance: Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz

Elected Officials: Louis Linkel Robert Brack Dale Maxie

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor: Catherine Stockhoff

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with pledge of allegiance

I. Review

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Jeff Koch went to Indianapolis and before he left Cathy (Stockhoff) had pointed out a figure that they

(Auditor office) had been questioning and Jeff Koch took it up (for June 30th)

b. Jeff Koch – we had a meeting with Gail Snyder, Bob Harris and Katrina Hall (with Farm Bureau). Said – we are here just to get info

for the budget and how to prevent this from happening. Asked them about the negative balance for June 30 and Bob (Harris) knew it

was wrong. Basically the difference was a million dollars. As long as Kenneth Rosenberger and I signed off on it saying it was right

(they would accept it). Asked him about certified shares and why it is going down – all counties are going down. Two things could

be happening 1-could be bringing in less income tax money or 2-other units could be getting larger amount of certified shares like

cities and towns and the only way that could be changed is through legislation. They have tools to increase their certified shares

where the County doesn’t. Asked him how we not get in this for next time-looked at the budget for last year and stick to it. Basically

there just can’t be any additionals-there isn’t anything to be had.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – thanks Jeff Koch and Kenneth Rosenberger for going up

d. Kenneth Rosenberger – thought they were very helpful and informative.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – one thing I mentioned to Cathy (Stockhoff) is to have a print out showing the funds so we can look it over

and refer to it and we need to watch that close from now on. We dodged the bullet and not we have a chance to go on and work. We

had talked that all of the things we have done we should leave it as it is and at the same time we will get the general fund some cash in

there so we are not doing all of those loans.

f. Jeff Koch – they did stress to have money in the general fund

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are going to have to be good stewards to leave it in there

h. Carroll Lanning – questions rainy day fund

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – if you need cash in the general fund you should leave it in

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – what ever we do (rainy day fund) we need to leave something like a hundred dollars in there. Don’t think

we need another motion for anything. Commissioners reduced the cumulative bridge (rate) this morning. Wanted to bring this all to


k. Robert Brack – questions you are going to leave the cuts in there

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – yes. This year we are going to build.

m. Kenneth Rosenberger – from what he told us, don’t look for a better year next year. We are not the only county in this shape. Our

expenses are going faster than our income

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – the grant thing from Lawrenceburg we are going to have to do a little creative financing – questions Dale

Maxie on information from Lawrenceburg

o. Dale Maxie – asked manager of Lawrenceburg about money and it is an option.

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – Welcomes Auditor Carol Monroe back. It seems the name of the game is (now) grants and matching

money. With nothing else-we are done guys (meeting adjourned).

Approved 03/28/06


Franklin County Council March 28, 2006 in County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Robert Brack Louis Linkel Marlene Flaspohler Dale Maxie

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor: Catherine Stockhoff

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with pledge of allegiance

I. Minutes of 3/9/06 (special), 3/6/06 (special), 2/28/06, 2/21/06 (special), & 2/10/06 (special)

a. Carol L Monroe – it was mentioned at a previous meeting that the Batesville Paper was not notified (for a special

meeting), they were. We found the email notifying them. They are always notified-all three papers. It was also

mentioned about the payment to Paige (Umbaugh), I paid for that out of my budget.

b. Jeff Koch motions to accept minutes as presented

c. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. (Resolution 2006-09) Loan to County General

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Kenneth Rosenberger moves to approve resolution

c. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Additional Appropriation (Resolution 2006-10)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams- reads resolution. This is not money that will affect general.

b. Martha Bergman – move to approve.

c. Robert Runyon – is this election money?

d. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

IV. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-11)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Tracy Lightfield- static keeps taking out our secondary radio

c. Hollie Sintz – move to accept transfer of funds

d. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Spillman (continued below)

a. Dale Maxie – we are still looking for grants

VI. Abatement for Brookville Lake Senior Housing

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – they were here a while ago and we did not approve that. Refers to letter sent to Louis

Linkel and to February 28th minutes. There is nothing we can do, it is just informing us to let them know by May


VII. E-911 overtime/comptime

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Joyce (Monroe) and Tracy (Lightfield) had asked about changing the way they are

compensated for their overtime. We have to amend the salary ordinance

b. Tracy Lightfield – we asked for the choice of comp time or pay of overtime. In the past is you have to work over

your hours you accumulated comp time at time and a half. We asked if we would be allowed to received payment.

The agreement was we would stay within the budgeted amount of the extra help (E-911). That would elevate a lot

of our problems over there. Commissioners have addressed it in the handbook. Part time will be offered hours


c. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads current salary ordinance

d. Hollie Sintz – if you are a salaried employee why are we paying overtime

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – because the commissioners agreed to pay E-911.

f. Hollie Sintz – they work the 40 hours?

g. Dale Maxie – I try to only allow so many hours of comp time. We had one guy quit and we have to pay him out a

lot. We use comp or overtime on deputies. Feels 911 is public safety and they need overtime too. Their overturn

in employees and when people take vacation-you have to call someone in to fill that chair.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – you are still going to use the part time money

i. Hollie Sintz – if they run short?

j. Carroll Lanning – they would have to take comp time.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – my take right now, you want to use money out of part time help. Hollie Sintz brings

up question if it should be over time or comp time.

l. Catherine Stockhoff – could it be worded like the highway or that between the overtime and part-time the total

cannot exceed x dollars.

m. Tracy Lightfield – the balance at last months meeting was $25,000.00.

n. Carol L. Monroe – you could get a consensus of doing this and we could get together between now and the next

meeting we could figure out the wording.

VIII. Spillman

a. Dale Maxie – we have the contract. The bad side is the gob base is broke.

b. Tracy Lightfield – the go base is a program they have to add to the main program. G. O. Base was not added to the

original price. We are a really large county with a lot of jurisdiction and when the looked at us they thought we

would only have one fire dept etc. that they dispatch. Depending where you are in Franklin County depends on

what fire department is dispatched. Explains jurisdictions. Unless you know where the exact house is, you have

to go through books. There are 17 different ESN’s in the County. Until we set up our meeting with Spillman and

training did we ever discover that we would have to have something like that (GOB) and continues explaining the

need for GO Base. There are time we get really busy over there. It protects the County in a way.

c. Dale Maxie – it is a total of $57,000.00. They give us free software for the G.O. Base – total of $30,000.00

savings and total cost $26,230.00 added to the loan, which brings the total to $272,990.00. They had to buy it from

CISCO as well. First payment due in February of 2007. We are still working on grants.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have had this liability thrown at us and I was assured everything is there. Yea, that

is a heck of a break. But the only thing that was going to have to be bought was maybe a new server. And for

them not to know-Ryan stood out there in the hall and him and Sally (Henson) knew each other kids birthdays and

for him not to know this? You have the same problem you had and (now) we are up to $300,000.00 and we have

no money!

e. Robert Runyon – refers to January minutes and quotes from President of Spillman, “there is nothing left out of this

that you would need”. We are one of the biggest counties in the state.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – don’t doubt those things were needed

g. Dale Maxie – I will take those minutes and show him everything was included in that price.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – he thinks we haven’t dealt with that kind of the money we have

i. Dale Maxie – glad those minutes were found because no one could find it.

j. Carol L. Monroe – you have those minutes emailed (automatically when council receives it) = are you asking for

minutes that were signed?

k. Dale Maxie – yes

IX. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger moves to adjourn

b. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here

Approved 04/25/06


Franklin County Council April 25, 2006 in County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Dale Maxie Robert Brack Louis Linkel Rebecca Oglesby

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe Franklin County Deputy Auditor: Veronica Voelker

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with pledge of allegiance and calls meeting to order

I. Correspondence

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads thank you from company that financed software for sheriff department

II. Minutes of March 28, 2006

a. Kenneth Rosenberger moves to accept minutes

b. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Additional Appropriation Resolution 2006-13 (tape 1 counter 43)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution. Operation pullover is a grant.

b. Robert Runyon questions rainy day

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – rainy day fund is paying health insurance as opposed to county general and cum cap is

for computer maintenance.

d. Carroll Lanning questions jail maintenance of $15,000.00. Is it for the old or new system?

e. Dale Maxie – will have to ask Sally (Henson) – my understanding is we are not paying the last bill.

f. Jeff Koch – questions road grader

g. Louis Linkel – replacing one (road grader).

h. Rebecca Oglesby – how are you going to use rainy day fund?

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – May 1 that will be paid back.

j. Hollie Sintz – this is just setting up the accounts.

k. Susan Jones – we have already paid some out (for insurance)

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – this will not all be paid at once. We can do that or we can adjourn the meeting and you

can write the checks on Monday and we can meet on Monday. Were the claims approved?

m. Robert Brack – no, they will be approved Monday. Questions when CAGIT will come in.

n. Carol Monroe – talked to Willy Gonzales (Department of Revenue) and it will come in as early as Friday and as

late as Monday

o. Martha Bergman – we need to move on it

p. Kenneth Rosenberger – move to pass resolution 2006-16

q. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Transfer of Funds Resolution 2006-14 (tape 1 counter 219)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution.

b. Dale Maxie – we needed a new server along with a locked cabinet.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – just bring us in some figures

d. Jeff Koch – moves to accept transfer of funds

e. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

V. Budget 2006

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – the council approved a budget and there will be no additionals (county general). We

are not here to micro manage. The Commissioners approve the claims and they are within the budget.

b. Dale Maxie – changing work release from $75.00 to $100.00. On the phone cards = we will get 50% of the money

that is brought in.

VI. Amend Salary Ordinance 2006-07

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Cathy Stockhoff has left the auditor’s office and Carol (Monroe, Auditor) wants to

move someone into the 1st deputy position (immediately). We are not appropriating more money, just need to

word it (correctly). Reads amendment.

b. Rebecca Oglesby – wasn’t there something for this?

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – we (use to have) had a contingency account in the council budget

d. Robert Brack – can’t you just wait until the person is paid off?

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – yes, but it is up to Council.

f. Carroll Lanning – would this put you behind

g. Carol Monroe – she has already assumed the job

h. Jeff Koch – this doesn’t change the budget. Don’t think we need to micro manage each office.

i. Hollie Sintz – it is county practice (to wait until person is paid off). Some offices don’t have part time to move.

j. Dale Maxie – we had extra money to do this due to someone being off on leave

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – why did we move Joyce (Monroe) up right of way?

l. Carroll Lanning – you are not going to be hiring part time help right a way

m. Carol Monroe – no

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – we had $10,000.00 in the contingency fund. We have to put that back this year for

during budget.

o. Robert Runyon – should go with the way it is wrote up.

p. Jeff Koch – moves to accept 2006-07

q. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

VII. Spillman software for Jail

a. Dale Maxie distributes purchase agreement to council.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – see one mistake that has got to be changed – my name has president of county


VIII. Adjourn

a. Jeff Koch – move to adjourn

b. Carroll Lanning – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are outa here

Approved May 16, 2006


Franklin County Council May 16, 2006 in County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Robert Brack Louis Linkel Dale Maxie Rebecca Oglesby

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with pledge of allegiance

Reads Stayin Alive invitation May 18 to mounds restaurant

I. Capital Projects Plan – Whitewater Valley Library

a. Melody Gault (Library Director) – we have added two townships to library district from last year (Fairfield and

Blooming Grove). Usage of library is increasing (11070) with over 3000 registered borrowers. Over 43,000 items

in library. Hours of service has decreased from 57 hours to 40 hours due to budget cuts. Hoping to soon go back

to “old” hours as soon as budget crunch is over. For 2007, the bin in the Brookville Library is causing a moisture

problem and that has been added. Computers are updated all of the time and we need to stay on top of that with

both buildings. Replaced copier at Laurel this year. Hoping to get one at Brookville replaced, it breaks down a lot

(we have had it 4 ½ years) and we are on our last leg. Have started replacing some of the shelving in Brookville.

We are here to serve and never know what people are going to need when they walk in. Goal is to be a very

needed part of the community.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – asks if remodeling is paid for

c. Melody Gault – yes

d. Carroll Lanning – will the new year bring the old hours?

e. Melody Gault – we are hoping

f. Kenneth Rosenberger – how many computers

g. Melody Gault – 8. Our computers aren’t up to snuff. We have students come in, adults come in and we help them

with things such as their resume

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – do have any idea what they next ones will be added?

i. Melody Gault – working on several townships. Talking with Highland, Whitewater and Saltcreek Townships.

Butler, I talked to but, it is a back and forth thing. Hoping to get two more next year.

j. Carroll Lanning – doing a good job

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – Reads Resolution 2006-15

l. Martha Bergman – move the resolution be approved

m. Robert Runyon – seconds the motion

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

o. Melody Gault – Judy Douglas will be attending her final meeting tonight and we are suggesting a nominee of Kit

Flaspohler – see attached letter

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – don’t see a problem with acting on this tonight. Katherine (Kit) Flaspohler

q. Pat Combs (Board Member) – thanks County Council for appointing her

r. Carroll Lanning – motion to accept appointment of Katherine (Kit) Flaspohler

s. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Minutes (April 25, 2006 & 2005 Budget Hearings and Adoption)

a. April 25, 2006 / Budget Hearings & Adoption of 2005

i. Kenneth Rosenberger moves to approve all minutes

ii. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Spillman Contract

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Dale brought me the contract for the lease purchase agreement which I and Carol

(Monroe) signed in the noted places (per agreement on January 27, 2006)

IV. Loan to County General Resolution 2006-16

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch – move to accept resolution 2006-16

c. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Sheriff Pension

a. Dale Maxie – asked Elaine Beaty. Several deputies and I sat down and discussed pension plan. Right now after 8

years, you are vested. (If we pass this with the merit board-the guys in there now will be grandfathered in). After

this, you would be vested after 10 years. Don’t like someone from outside coming in and getting 8 years and being


b. Elaine Beaty – the reason I am here tonight-it has been a growing concern across the Counties. As it is (now) a

Sheriff comes in from the outside (not within the ranks of the department), serve 8 years, and have a similar

retirement as the deputies who have been there 20 years. In order for this change to occur, it takes the action of the

fiscal body. It won’t affect anyone who currently works there. It’s (effective) for July 1, 2006 and in the future.

c. Robert Runyon – what about someone like Eldon Cornelius

d. Elaine Beaty – it won’t affect him. We are just here to prepare the legal paperwork. It is the sheriff and members

of the sheriff department wanting to discourage an outside agent coming in.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – how will this save the county money

f. Elaine Beaty – if a sheriff comes in (without going through the ranks), they would not be vested at 8 years.

g. Dale Maxie – looking at this, think it is wrong to retire from one agency and “double dipping”. Taking this to

merit board on 23 (May)

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – you are actually paying in, and they won’t lose that

i. Elaine Beaty – correct (flip tape)

j. Martha Bergman – are there other counties doing this

k. Dale Maxie – Union, Rush

l. Elaine Beaty – Fayette has been that way for some time/Wayne county did

m. Kenneth Rosenberger – in PERF you have to have 10 years and that is only fair

n. Hollie Sintz – agree with Kenneth Rosenberger

o. Carroll Lanning – if this is what the sheriff department talked about this and it is what they want

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – how will our decision effect what merit board does-they could over turn?

q. Elaine Beaty – all three have to agree – Sheriff, Council, merit board. If one does not agree, then it does not go


r. Robert Runyon – ask Commissioners opinions

s. Louis Linkel – don’t see a problem

t. Elaine Beaty – if member is marred and wants wife to continue he will receive less of a pension

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – a lot of time this is done to keep good people interested. In near future-we are ok. Do

you (Dale) think down the road we are not going to be changing something?

v. Dale Maxie – you can change it every year if you want. But me and my guys believe it is the best for the county

and the department

w. Robert Runyon – it is a dangerous job. Hate to take anything away when I feel we should give more, but we can’t.

x. Dale Maxie – you can think about this.

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – will it change anything else in the system

z. Elaine Beaty – just the number of years

aa.Dale Maxie – it is not fair to the people of the county and to the deputies

bb.Carroll Lanning – motion that we accept the change (in police pension) from 8 to 10 years

cc. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

dd.Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

VI. NIMS (National Incident Management System)

a. Ed Hollenbach – President’s Homeland Security act in 2002 created it. Who takes this-elected officials who write

policy? All County Council members take is700 test (printed books out). If you want any help-I cannot be a

instructor but can help. Takes about 1 ½ hours but if you go online it will be 3 hours of reading and then the test.

All county employees have to take is700. Every member of the fire dept have to take is700. If you as a group or

individuals need my help, I will. They will tell you if you passed or failed. Downside is state is effusing I need to

go on broadband-have to verify that everyone is NIMS compliant. If by the end of September this year, we are not

in compliant the County stands to get no federal monies. Will need your social security number-that is what they

use to track. To do it yourself go to (on web) = nimsis700. As you get your certificates make a copy and send it to


b. Carroll Lanning – if we take test ourselves, can we take it again.

c. Ed Hollenbach – absolutely, you will know in about a week if you pass or fail.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – note at each meeting we need to remind council to do this.

VII. Bird Flu

a. Robert Brack – need someone from council for meetings

b. Hollie Sintz – I can do it

c. Robert Brack – these doctors are not saying if-they are saying when. We are going to set the government center up

for a generator backup. They gym would be the hospital and the building would be headquarters. Anyone who has

been out of the country and back into Franklin County is being tested. Will be talking to school about going in

together. It will be expensive but we have to do it.

d. Susan Jones- if something happens in Cincinnati, they will come to this county

VIII. Commissioner minutes

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – on payroll questions why the chief deputy auditor was “paid off”. Do we have to

change the salary ordinance or did you override us.

b. Robert Brack – you already did it. That is the way we have always done it until you changed it at the other


IX. Extension

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Ron Larew is retiring and his final day is May 31st. Has a call into Dan Stewart,

district director. Told Ron to be here tonight, but he isn’t. I can’t remember-we pay in so much money into

Purdue. We have one person we pay ½ salary and one we pay to Purdue.

b. Robert Brack – they will refund us

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – he said something about Purdue wanting a percent of some $5,000.00 amount

d. Robert Brack – he wants to make secretary part time.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – this is going to be interesting. Will take to director and see what is going on.

X. Adjourn

a. Hollie Sintz motion to adjourn

b. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here.

To be approved June 27, 2006


Franklin County Council June 27, 2006 in County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.

In attendance:

Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Robert Brack Louis Linkel Marlene Flaspohler Sharon Halcomb Mary Seufert

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with pledge of allegiance

I. Minutes (May 16, 2006)

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve minutes

b. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-18)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch moves to accept transfer of funds resolution 2006-18

c. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Establishing the Franklin County Recorder’s Enhanced Access Fund (Ordinance 2006-10)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads ordinance

b. Mary Seufert – wanting to go online and there has to be an enhancement (act) for doxpop to put the money in. The

State Board of Accounts has been contacted. I will not have people coming in and out of my office all of the time

and I will still get my $1.00. This is Nick from Wayne County and he is the head of doxpop (from Richmond).

c. Carroll Lanning – so you are still getting your same money

d. Mary Seufert – yes. I will now have people sitting in their living room (being able to look at documents)

e. Carroll Lanning – what will it cost the customer

f. Nick Fankhauser – the lowest is the $25.00 per month fee with a $1.35 fee per copy. For abstractors they will

probably use the $80.00 per month fee and they are only charged the $1.00 so there is no cost to the County.

g. Jeff Koch – how long will it take to get online?

h. Nick Fankhauser – (as soon as) next week. It is set up in stages and updates every 10 minutes and in essence, it is

a mirror of what is currently on the system. We actually started working with courts and when their system is

down, they just log on to our system until they are up and running.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – everything will be the same in your office and maybe taking the load off?

j. Mary Seufert – some of my abstractors drive from the other side of Indianapolis and it will be handy for them

k. Nick Fankhauser – the access is 7 days per week 24 hours per day.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – all council is involved in, is setting up the fund

m. Mary Seufert – have talked to Commissioners and they will have to sign with me. It is a win/win for everybody.

n. Carroll Lanning – there is no foreseen cost

o. Nick Fankhauser – no, we currently have 31 court systems on line and so far we have yet to charge a county for

that service.

p. Carroll Lanning – how long is the contract

q. Nick Fankhauser – one-year initial agreement with at will 60day notice cancellation. This is non-exclusive, if

someone comes along and wants to use it they can

r. Mary Seufert – this is the gentleman the judge called on for the recount

s. Carroll Lanning – motion to accept ordinance 2006-10

t. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Autopsy Fees

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – the coroner is out of money in autopsy fees.

b. Carroll Lanning – he said if had two or three more autopsies’?

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – the only options we have to transfer or take it out of the general fund. We only have

one choice

d. Carroll Lanning – can we give him enough to get by?

e. Carol Monroe – this truly falls underneath the additional appropriation – an emergency

f. Jeff Koch – yes, county general

g. Kenneth Rosenberger – it is to be used for that purpose only

V. Care of inmates

a. Susan Jones – had to transfer $10,000.00 to pay bill

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – did they know that was going to happen in the spur of the moment – I don’t think so

c. Susan Jones – they were a few that had to go to the high end

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – it would be nice to know ahead of time about running out of money. Everybody has

done a good job with tightening belts and it does come to a point where the bank runs dry and something has got to

happen. Coming in and expecting it paid-it takes us three days to work out a budget it would be nice to have more

than an hour to figure out a problem.

VI. Overtime vs. Comp. time

a. Joyce Monroe – here to ask for a change in the salary ordinance to say we can pay overtime. It is not any

additional money we will be using extra help money

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – when your part time money runs out?

c. Joyce Monroe – it is stated in the handbook that the part time are offered the hours first

d. Tracey Lightfield – we are accruing comp time over there that is out of site and a lot of people have accrued comp

time. Something has got to give. The deal was no additional-when we are out, we are out. I would be to 120

hours this week if I didn’t get two part time people. Last year I was off for a month (to pay off comp time).

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – we discussed it in the meeting. Two things had to happen=the handbook had to be

changed and the salary ordinance to be changed. What we need then is a motion to allow the full time people to

get paid time and a half.

f. Tracy Lightfield – some has already been paid

g. Carol Monroe – it was stated some have been paid-that is true. On (one) payroll voucher it just had the name with

an o and a flat amount. We (auditor office) had no idea it was for overtime.

h. Joyce Monroe – yes, they had no idea

i. Carroll Lanning – move that the employees of the communitcation/E-911 shall receive overtime pay for overtime

worked but have the option of comp-time in lieu of overtime pay if requested in advanced. And money will be

only transferred from the part time dollars retroactive to pay period of June 16, 2006.

j. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

VII. Additional Appropriations (Resolution 2006-19)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch – questions $704.12 (in county general)

c. Carol Monroe – we had a number of bills paid twice (from this department) and this one the vendor didn’t catch in


d. Carroll Lanning – all of the rest are grants

e. Carol Monroe – except for the highway but it is connected to a grant – the H.E.S.

f. Kenneth Rosenberger move to approve additional appropriation resolution 2006-19

g. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

VIII. Local Health Maintenance Fund

a. Diane Turney – every year this will be decreasing and this year it is about $1,400.00 (7%). Our problem is we

don’t know where to get the money from

b. Angie Snyder – in the budget ($20,000.00) we need to figure out where to reduce the budget for $1,400.00 and

add to other health budget.

c. Diane Turney – I did mention this in the budget process last time. Afraid every year it will be more

d. Angie Snyder – would prefer to pull the $1,400.00 out of insurance (not having to figure social and P.E.R.F.) and

add the $1,400.00 into the insurance in the health budget. This is not only our county, but all counties.

e. Carroll Lanning – if you pull from insurance this year do you have enough in insurance

f. Angie Snyder – don’t know

g. Martha Bergman – Angie has it worked out.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – you know what you can move the easiest. It would work to move the money where

you want and 30 days before you run out – let us know. For next year, when you come to budget just remind us

and we will have to adjust to make it up.


a. Ed Hollenbach – talked to three county directors today. Franklin County is not alone in being upset about this

NIMS bit. All states are the same and complaining about the same thing. Have a 45-page document here and as it

stands right now, the NIMS in not a good thing for the state of Indiana. We are in district 9 and in the past week,

two directors have quit because of this (NIMS). I am not happy about this. They were are talking about comp time

and I am part time averaging over 40 hours per week. Discusses all persons effected. (tests to take for) Elected

officials 700 and office help 200 is sufficient. You have to be in compliance to get federal money. Nobody is

giving us a real guideline. Again, any help you need-if you want a sit down I can. We can turn out the 100 and

200 in one evening. These is wrong but have no choice.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – when is the deadline

c. Ed Hollenbach – in by September 15 (2006)

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – for us, could we set up a night. (July 12, 2006 @ 7:00 p.m. in EMA basement)

X. 2007 County Council Budget

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – our department request for council-council fills out budget request

b. Robert Brack – council and commissioners will not get a raise

XI. Memorandum

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – read over it. Amounts to a new fee that should be collected.

XII. Email – Judges salary

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads email. The prosecutor and sheriff salary is based on all of this. A few more

mandates being handed down to us that is unfunded

XIII. 2007 budget hearings

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – start Tuesday (August 22) at 9:00 a.m., being continued

XIV. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger move to adjourn

b. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – out of here

To be approved July 25, 2006


Franklin County Council July 25, 2006 in County Commissioners room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Robert Brack Louis Linkel Marlene Flaspohler

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens with pledge of allegiance and brings meeting to order

I. Minutes (June 27, 2006)

a. Kenneth Rosenberger move to accept minutes of June 27 meeting

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Resolution 2006-20 – Transfer of Funds

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Jeff Koch – move to accept resolution 2006-20

c. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Resolution 2006-21 – Loan to Bond #2 Government Center Fund

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Robert Brack – spoke to Katrina Hall and she said they (DLGF) figured it (tax dollar collection) too close

c. Carol L. Monroe – they only allowed a $2,000.00 margin

d. Carroll Lanning move to accept resolution 2006-21

e. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Resolution 2006-22 – Additional Appropriations

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution – don’t like spending the money, but we have to do it right and make

sure those are protected. Questions why the negative (balance) – in Highway EDIT

b. Hollie Sintz – questions why State didn’t catch this

c. Carol Monroe – suggests doing transfers and maybe a reduction (at the next meeting)

d. Kenneth Rosenberger move to accept resolution 2006-22

e. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried. We will do a budget reduction (at the next meeting)

V. Ordinance 2006-10 – Amended Salary Ordinance

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads amendments, would like to see cap

b. Jeff Koch – would like a $3,000.00 cap. Motion for recorder perpetuation part time help should be total of

$3,000.00 with rate of $8.00.

c. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

e. Carroll Lanning motion to accept salary ordinance 2006-10

f. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

VI. Public Health Coordinator

a. Diane Turney – (you got my letter), talked to you about this before. Reviews history of budget process. Was missinformed

about deadline. I thought I could work on this but it is actually a full time job. There is grant money

available to us (for this). Talked to someone at the state $56,800.00 is available for this position. Each local health

department decides what they are going to be paid. Some counties hire them on as an employee but I was given

another option – a contract. Our attorney would draw up a contract guarantee this position for a year. ($20.00 per

hour for x number of hours per week). A month’s salary would have to be put up front by us first. At $20.00 per

hour, we would have enough money to cover it. I don’t think the plan is going to get written if we don’t have

someone hired. This is not what I was hired to do.

b. Carroll Lanning – if this isn’t done, there won’t be any money?

c. Diane Turney – that is what they are saying; if there was a big catastrophe, we would not be able to get the

medicine or reimburse us, etc. Would they really do that if we were the only county that didn’t have a plan, I

don’t know

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – if we did the contract, there wouldn’t be any benefits

e. Hollie Sintz – so we are not out any money because it is a grant.

f. Carroll Lanning – do you have anyone in mind?

g. Diane Turney – no, we would have to run an ad. Someone who deals in environmental health, general knowledge

of federal government. At the last district meeting the handed out radios and we didn’t get one because we don’t

have a coordinator

h. Carroll Lanning – it would be wise to keep a coordinator.

i. Diane Turney – just to get the volunteer basej.

Carroll Lanning – would the $6,800.00 be enough for travel?

k. Diane Turney – maybe not. They wanted these plans in already. Tried to use Fayette County plan but that is not

working. Getting the list of volunteers is the most time consuming part. We only have three people on our

volunteer list. Concerned that if you agree, don’t know when the state will have the grant papers come out. When

they send them out-that is when we decide how much we would pay them, etc. If we don’t have someone, I am

just going to quit my job, I cannot take the stress. This would be at least 35 hours per week at $25.00 per hour

(from C.D.C through the state).

l. Jeff Koch – the County wouldn’t be out any money, we would just be gaining.

m. Diane Turney – if we don’t do this, it is going to look worse for us (flip tape) we are trying to have pandemic flu

meetings and that is at a stand still.

n. Kenneth Rosenberger – have you looked at other counties?

o. Diane Turney – other counties are treating them as an employee. They (whomever is hired) are two years behind


p. Donald “Butch” Williams – you are basically thinking about one year.

q. Diane Turney – so long as the money is there, they are going to keep finding things for us to do.

r. Hollie Sintz – don’t think they should be a county employee with vacation, etc.

s. Patsy Weileman – maybe a college student needs to do a thesis.

t. Diane Turney – the grant money is going down every year based on what you are using.

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you have the grant money, what Council basically has to do, it to agree to allow you

to use that grant money.

v. Diane Turney – yes, because that grant money is for bioterrorism.

w. Donald “Butch” Williams – the other grant money you are sure you can get

x. Diane Turney – they told me I could, that is what I need those papers back. Hoping to get the grant money in the

next couple of weeks and has to be signed off by County and Carol (Monroe-Auditor) and Health Officer. It may

happen before the next council meeting.

y. Robert Runyon – don’t understand why we didn’t do this when you first brought it up.

z. Diane Turney – would like an official ok – if you can obtain the money from the state. When I get the papers back

and if we need to make a change, we can do it.

aa.Donald “Butch” Williams – under those conditions, we (county council) will approve.

VII. Communication Radio’s

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – got a question, Bob (Brack) you mentioned something to me at the fair about some


b. Robert Brack – we have one operating. Have a quote and I stated we needed two quotes. (The) dispatch radios

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – these are not the ones in the cars. We don’t want to go through another thing like we

did with the cameras.

d. Robert Brack – Motorola says they can’t repair them and I am not satisfied with them either

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – anything can be repaired, but it comes to a point where it would not be economically

feasible to do so. Those come under communications, jail?

f. Robert Brack – communications, jail. They were put in, in 1996/7

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – what happened when it went down

h. Robert Brack – it puts you in a situation where only one dispatcher could operate.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – this figure they came up with ($224,000.00) was for both radios’? It could be done

one at a time?

j. Robert Brack – that is what we are looking into. Another company came in and looked at the situation. We can’t

come up with $224,000.00. We are stretched now.

VIII. DOC prisoners

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Dale (Maxie-Sheriff) is estimating $100,000.00 (in revenue from State Prisoners) for

2007. Fayette County is getting the same story we are, the big guy (Governor Daniels) is wanting to keep his beds

full. They (Fayette County) are renovating their courthouse. We are getting both things done.

IX. Update on Government Center/Courthouse Renovation

a. Robert Brack – as soon as we get everyone moved out we are going to get started in here (Courthouse renovation)

with elevator to the third floor. We are at an estimate of 1.2 million with all of the engineering/architect cost. Will

put heating, air conditioning, and elevatorb.

Louis Linkel – the heat and air is about out here in the courthouse.

c. Robert Brack – would like council to go over, it is really something to see.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – would like council go to over as a unit.

e. Robert Brack – two weeks

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – intend to do this Thursday/Friday night after budget hearings.

g. Robert Brack – it is kind of hectic right now. They are wanting to get it done

h. Louis Linkel – it is going to come in under budget.

i. Robert Brack – we received an award from the AIC. Reviews progress.

X. Budget hearings begin August 22

XI. October 14 dedication to Government Center

XII. Adjourn

a. Hollie Sintz motion to adjourn

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

To be approved 08/22/06


Franklin County Council August 22, 2006 in Conference Room @ 4:00 p.m.

In Attendance:

Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe

I. Minutes

a. Kenneth Rosenberger motions to approve July

b. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Resolution 2006-24 – Additional Appropriation

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Kenneth Rosenberger move to approve

c. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor

III. Resolution 2006-25 – Transfer of Funds

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Martha Bergman move to accept

c. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

IV. Ordinance 2006-11 / amended salary ordinance

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads amendments

b. Carol Monroe – all grants

c. Carroll Lanning move to accept ordinance

d. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Letter from Gene Stewart

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – did contact everyone about letter from E.P.A.

VI. Letter for Judge J. Steven Cox in support of Magistrate

a. Donald “Butch” Williams ask if anyone will take of

b. Hollie Sintz agrees to take care of

VII. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger move to adjourn

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

To be approved 09/26/06


Franklin County Council September 26, 2006 in Courthouse Conference Room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Louis Linkel Robert Brack Marlene Flaspohler Judge J. Steven Cox

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens with pledge of allegiance and brings meeting to order

I. Minutes (August 22/2007 Budget Hearings and Regular Meeting)

a. Kenneth Rosenberger move to accept August 22 meeting and budget hearings

b. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Resolution 2006-27-Transfer of Funds

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution

b. Carroll Lanning move to accept resolution 2006-27

c. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Ordinance 2006-14 / Amended Salary Ordinance

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads amendments to ordinance

b. Robert Runyon motion accept 2006-14

c. Jeff Koch seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams-all in favor; motion carried

IV. Resolution 2006-28 – Additional Appropriation / Reduction Appropriation

a. Donald “Butch” Williams reads resolution (a)

b. Carroll Lanning move to approve 2006-28(a)

c. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams all in favor; motion carried. Reads resolution (b)

e. Hollie Sintz – do not have enough revenue to support budget (Highway E.D.I.T.)

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – got $150,000.00 cut?

g. Hollie Sintz – had previously used cash/reserve. There is always a need blacktop money. Commissioners are

always trying to improve the roads.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – this does not effect county general

i. Jeff Koch – move to accept 2006-28(b)

j. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

V. Commission on Courts Report (for Magistrate)

a. Judge J. Steven Cox – was at commission on courts today and they approved it. So it will now be forwarded into

the legislature. My expectation is that it will be (awarded) for July 2007. We are ranked as #2 in severity of

needing another court. Until today, I didn’t know what their feeling would be. They passed it while we were

sitting there (very unusual). They felt our need was more imamate than what we thought.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – I remember you saying it-there was a chance for 2007.

c. Judge J. Steven Cox – there was a hope that it would start with the State fiscal year. There are people who

approach them in sequential years to “get in line” and they have to wait their turn. They look at the weighted

caseload and the second portion of that study is the severity of the county. Our caseload is 1.73. Because there is

no one to divide it (up) in this County, it pushes us up.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are moving people out of the courthouse just in time

e. Judge J. Steven Cox – that is one of the things they look at; is the housing. Representative Bischoff was there and I

spoke to others. They are ready to run with this in the (2007) legislation. Any of the local impediments are not a


VI. Clerical Employee Pay (#352)

a. Mel Wilhelm – on one of my employees, when we got the budget back (for 2007) – the pay was cut (about) nine

hundred and some dollars.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – when we saw it on your request it looked like we were increasing it

c. Mel Wilhelm – yes, but it was paid out of a different budget

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are not cutting anyone’s pay. Tell your employee, don’t leave, she is not going to

get her pay cut.

e. Hollie Sintz – it proves we are just short in something. Is there anyway to put back in a contingency for cases like


f. Donald “Butch” Williams – is there anyway we can do this?

g. Carol Monroe – you could do an additional after the first of the year

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – one of our biggest figures (for Revenue) was from figures from 2005. We are not

cutting anyone’s.

VII. Contractual Services/ Extension Office-Purdue

a. Angie Riffle – here on behalf of the extension office. When you approved the 2007 budget we did not $63,610.00

($5,000.00 more than what we were approved). We are here to ask for $5,000.00 more in our contractual services.

Purdue (fee) has went up. This is for 2 ½ (funded) positions.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – we budgeted the same as 2006. You are operating with just two full time now.

c. Angie Riffle – part of that goes toward Ron’s (Larew) vacation/benefit pay and for some moving expenses for the

new person. They needed to keep about two months for Ron.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – looking at about 4 months

e. Carol Monroe – could you encumber from this year into next year?

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – that is what I am getting at.

g. Judge J. Steven Cox – we can fund that. If they fall short, we can use user fees and credit toward Project Lead

h. Hollie Sintz – we will take that

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – thank you

j. Angie Riffle – (Project Lead) it is a program with 5th graders. We bring in police, conservation officers, etc.

(They) come in and talk about shoplifting, laws, etc. At the end, the kids come to the courthouse and have a mock

trial. The probation officers come in and talk. It is a great program. Every year the pre and post survey is

significantly different. Thank you

k. Matt Siedling – thank you

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – no problem, thank the judge

VIII. Government center

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Bob (Brack) and I talked before the meeting and there is a joyous world we need to


IX. Adjourn

a. Jeff Koch move to adjourn

b. Hollie Sintz – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – outa here. (everyone moves to Government Center for tour)

Those also present:

Susan Jones Jeff Jones Ted Hensley John Estridge, Whitewater Publications

Linda Runyon Dave Cook Melissa Schwab Beth Volz

Angie Riffle Holly Murray Matt Siedling Eric Roberts

Gene Meyer Mel Wilhelm

To be approved October 24, 2006


Franklin County Council October 24, 2006 in (new) Government Center Meeting Room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Louis Linkel Robert Brack Dale Maxie Rebecca Oglesby

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens with pledge of allegiance, and welcomes everyone to first County Council meeting in the new Government Center

I. Minutes September 26, 2006

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – move to accept minutes of September 26 meeting

b. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Resolution 2006-29 / Transfer of Funds

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads transfer of funds

b. Carroll Lanning – E-911, when they started this they stated they had enough money in overtime to take care of this and now they

are transferring. They said with what help they had would get them through the rest of the year.

c. Hollie Sintz – they have two funds

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need some more information and have someone come before us in November meeting and explain

a little bit.

e. Council agrees

f. Carroll Lanning – for meal money into utilities, are you short?

g. Dale Maxie – yes. Also have an additional for $6,000.00 for utilities and $3,000.00 for part time jailers. Each year the utilities

and contractual get a 5% increase but our budget hasn’t increased. It is killing the budget.

h. Carol L. Monroe – I only have an additional for $6,000.00 and it will go to the November meeting.

i. Hollie Sintz – we are having trouble too (in our budget)

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – those type of things I thought we were trying to keep up. Refers to budgeted amounts.

k. Dale Maxie – also, the ups system batteries are $99.00 apiece. We have been taking money out of misdemeanant fund to pay

some of these bills.

l. Carroll Lanning – you need an additional $6,000.00 after this?

m. Dale Maxie – yes

n. Hollie Sintz – motion to accept transfer of funds except for E-911 and move that to next montho.

Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Ordinance 2006-15 / 2006 Amended Salary Ordinance

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads amendment (added section 239)

b. Hollie Sintz – if the trend is going to paying more; are we supposed to set the limit?

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – you set what the budget is for part time help and you set the rate. We have said, you have so many

dollars and that is what you have if you use it up. We discussed this at budget hearings-in my mind it is the same kind of thing. It

is up to us to handle it.

d. Hollie Sintz – if next month 911 comes in and moves money into part time and allow this because they have money to move but

no additionals.

e. Jeff Koch – when we set the budget for a certain department, burn it up the first week or the whole year-either way we are not

going to micro-manage the office. If it runs out, you have to figure out how to do the job some how.

f. Kenneth Rosenberger – it is inline with the pretrial diversion extra help.

g. Carroll Lanning – move to accept ordinance 2006-15

h. Kenneth Rosenberger – seconds the motion

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

IV. Resolution 2006-30 / Additional Appropriation

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution

b. Diane Turney – this is grant money we have to get the person. We have advertised for that person. Mr. Branstetter is currently

writing the contract.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – it is like “seed” money.

d. Diane Turney – yes

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – Becky (Rebecca Oglesby) you are asking for $3,000.00 in part time help out of county general. In

April we said we weren’t going to give any more additional’s in county general

f. Rebecca Oglesby – you have given everyone else extra help (in previous years). Usually the November (collection) is pretty much

smaller. I have used up the money in the spring. If I don’t get the extra money, we may be looking at March (for distribution). If

it is just Sandy (Hill-First Deputy Treasurer) and I taking in the money, you are not going to have a distribution. We have to

account for every penny. If I run out of part time money-I don’t know when we will have distribution

g. Carroll Lanning – when did you raise your part time (hourly rate)?

h. Rebecca Oglesby – when I came in

i. Carroll Lanning – I recall when you raised your part time help you had enough to get you through

j. Rebecca Oglesby – last year. We just have two full time.

k. Hollie Sintz – what is you balance?

l. Rebecca Oglesby – about $1,200.00. We will have six to eight crates of mail. After November 10 we start on mail and it usually

take two to three weeks to open the mail. We have over 22,000 pieces coming in

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – you have $1,200.00 in there and you just transferred $1,500.00 and now you need $3,000.00 more-that

is $5,700.00 for two months? How many is that for?

n. Rebecca Oglesby – two. That is for the whole month of November.

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – your rush is over December 1?

p. Rebecca Oglesby – it should be. When we get mortgages in-it usually takes a day or two to do. We are the only office that hasn’t

grown-and we haven’t.

q. Carroll Lanning – would it be possible to transfer you money and see how it goes next month.

r. Rebecca Oglesby -you normal workweek is 32.5. They can rack up 40-50 hours per week. Flip tape 1

s. Donald “Butch” Williams – also keep in mind-what ever we do in additionals could hurt us in the 2007

t. Kenneth Rosenberger – how long could you run with what you have?

u. Rebecca Oglesby -two to three weeks.

v. Donald “Butch” Williams – in this case I would rather you see it zeroed out than do an additional. You have to figure out like

everyone else has-where to take it out of.

w. Rebecca-by the time I ask for any more money, the crunch time will be over.

x. Donald “Butch” Williams – $3,000.00 would do you?

y. Rebecca Oglesby – yes, I crunched the numbers

z. Donald “Butch” Williams – two people at $9.50 per week was about $608.00 per week. But I think you are in the ballpark. If you

got all of the money you are talking about, that will take you nine weeks.

aa. Rebecca Oglesby -it is more like 40 hours

bb. Kenneth Rosenberger – would rather wait until the end.

cc. Rebecca Oglesby – you will have a mess.

dd. Robert Brack – could you call a special meeting if she is running close?

ee. Donald “Butch” Williams – yes, 10 days for an additional and 48 hours for a transfer. The other option is not the whole $3,000.00.

ff. Carroll Lanning – what would it take to get through November?

gg. Rebecca Oglesby – $2,000.00.

hh. Dale Maxie – we submitted a bill to doc for $130,000.00 that you should get sometime in November.

ii. Rebecca Oglesby – if I keep my girls and get it in the bank-2, 3 million for a short term; you will have that money. If I am short

and the money doesn’t get to the bank-.

jj. Martha Bergman – (Rebecca) has really thought this through.

kk. Robert Runyon – we have to keep her caught up. If they get bogged down, it is going to hurt everyone.

ll. Kenneth Rosenberger – we need to hold off and if we need to call a special meeting, we will have to do it.

mm. Jeff Koch – (I) am still hung up on the statement we said there would be no additionals

nn. Donald “Butch” Williams – that is what I am on. There are emergencies that come up-not that this isn’t an emergency.

oo. Angie Snyder – I just wanted to be in her shoes to deal with the taxpayers and watching her budget. If you didn’t want to approve

the whole amount.

pp. Rebecca Oglesby – you are being unrealistic

qq. Donald “Butch” Williams – no it is not; we had a budget that was right on the money. We have gotten complaints from every

office, but we have not cut employees.

rr. Rebecca Oglesby – you are not going to have distribution on time and will have to close our doors.

ss. Donald “Butch” Williams – it is up to council to decide.

tt. Carroll Lanning – it is important the money is in the bank. If we could meet half way and in another month see what happens.

Questions if the cemetery donation is for any one particular cemetery

uu. Susan Jones – it is general for all of them

vv. Carroll Lanning – move for resolution 2006-30 we change the county general to $1,500.00

ww. Kenneth Rosenberger – seconds the motion

xx. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

V. EFT Authorization for Transportation

a. Hollie Sintz – motion for Butch (Williams) to sign (authorization)

b. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

VI. Small Animal Control Officer in Sheriff Budget

a. Robert Brack – since Dale (Maxie) is over the S.A.C. (Small Animal Control) officer we need to move that to the sheriff budget

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – we will need to do reduction and an additional in January to move it

c. Jeff Koch – move that we move S.A.C. budget from Commissioners to budget to Sheriff budget

d. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

VII. Economic Development

a. Robert Brack – Gene (Stewart) has agreement wrote up. They have hired a director and they will be bringing that to you. That all

money will be spent out of economic development and not out of county general.

b. Jeff Koch – who is the economic development person?

c. Robert Brack – Renee Stivers. He is starting here November 1 and is under our handbook

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – he (Renee) told me he has 10 years of catching up to do. Council will be kept apprised of what is

going on. There is enough money in there now to work two years. They are moving on. (I) talked to Bob Bischoff after open

house (for Government Center).

e. Robert Brack – will be putting a packet together for Lawrenceburg (Riverboat Revenue Grant) for January. We are looking at

getting an industrial park. It will benefit us and Ripley County too.

VIII. Dog Pound

a. Dale Maxie – been working with Lou (Fasbinder) with dog and cats. There is no place to put supplies. Needs a building to put

them in. Have an estimate = $13,900.00

b. Joann Sutton- done animal rescue. Would like you to know what was going on. Since Lou (Fasbinder) has been in charge we

have went from killing 1500 per year to 15 98% of our dogs are getting homes rather than being killed. Twice per year we have a

rabies clinic and provide the citizens with discount rates. Personally I have receipts for over $10,000.00 I have spent and Lou

(Fasbinder) uses his own vehicle to go to the vet. and pays the vet. out of his own pocket. Lou (Fasbinder) has used his own

vehicle to pick up the dog food in Ohio. People take litters of kitties up there daily and they are usually eaten-they run loose

because there is nowhere to keep them. Telling you all of the burdens we take off of the county

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – they building we built for the coroner, what are we doing with that building

d. Louis Linkel – it is for the county engineer

e. Lou Fasbinder – I will now be able to get canned dog food for free, and all I have to do is go get it. I haven’t asked for anything

for 3 years.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – I feel your pain, I hear your pain. Is there any kind of grant money?

g. Joann Sutton – we have applied for a grant and we have stuck a lot of personal money into the office. I have bought air

conditioners, flooring, etc.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – we appreciate it. Basically what you are asking for is help for a building.

i. Hollie Sintz – could you get an idea of what people would donate and come back to see where we would be?

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – maybe you guys; there was a letter from the editor a few weeks ago-did the letter mention anything

about a building? Maybe if you put the word out there, more people could donate. We obviously can’t do anything tonight, but

maybe we could pursue. $3,000.00 for part time help was hard to come by tonight and we have drained Bob’s (Brack) Cum. Cap.


k. Kenneth Rosenberger – could the local paper do an article? Believes John (Estridge) would do that.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – come back in 30 days and see what you come up with. We will do some bushes beating.

m. Joann Sutton – the number of animals we are moving are unbelievable. We are saving the county a lot of money.

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – I haul dog food and deliver to a place in Madison. In helping out, he has a drive through thing.

Instead of dropping animals off at the pound, they take them to him (in Madison). Is there a charge?

o. Angie Sorhagen – Volunteer for animal welfare – they are spaded and neutered. Charge from about $95.00 to $150.00. There is

very little made extra and it usually goes for gas for the vehicles.

p. Joann Sutton – thank you for hearing our plea. Told you some good things and some needs.

IX. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – move to adjourn

b. Robert Runyon – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – “outa” here

Those also present:

Linda Runyon Diane Turney Angie Snyder Lou Fasbinder JoAnn Sutton

Angie Sorhagen Kay Minton Pat Banard Susan Jones

To be approved 11/28/06


Franklin County Council November 28, 2006 in Government Center Meeting Room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Louis Linkel Thomas Wilson Dale Maxie Marlene Flaspohler

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens with pledge of allegiance, and welcomes everyone to first County Council meeting in the new Government Center

I. Minutes October 24, 2006

a. Kenneth Rosenberger move to accept minutes

b. Robert Runyon seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-31)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads transfer of funds

b. Tracy Lightfield – transfer was submitted by previous director when she seen a shortfall coming. I had moved money from

coordinator pay and health insurance to cover part time help. We now have someone else on extended leave. Right now I have been

covering the shifts on top of my duties. Originally it was just to cover time we knew.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – will this take care of you until the end of the year?

d. Tracy Lightfield– it should

e. Carroll Lanning – wanting clarification

f. Tracy Lightfield – I moved my holiday pay into part time and now I need it moved back into holiday pay.

g. Robert Runyon – you have a full amount of people?

h. Tracy Lightfield – all of our full time people are picking up hours and part time is picking up minimal hours. None of the full time

people are even asking for overtime pay they all are taking it as comp time.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – can you find someone to help out so you don’t get burnt out?

j. Tracy Lightfield – we still have dispatchers with personal and vacation days. We are making it work.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – the extra money is not as quite as a big deal as filling the seat

l. Robert Runyon – motion to accept transfer of funds 2006-31

m. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; one opposed (Hollie Sintz); motion carried

III. Additional Appropriation (Resolution 2006-32)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution. For information – talked to Rene Stivers and he sent me a letter-there is a meeting this

Thursday at the senior citizens at 6:30. (see letter)

b. Robert Runyon – he is going to be funded through EDIT

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – the Commissioners have put back EDIT money in the amount of about 60,000.00. The director that is

now hired will be paid entirely out of economic development.

d. Louis Linkel – he is a county employee

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – if he was a county employee then we would have had complete say over the pay, and we didn’t.

f. Hollie Sintz – each year he will be reviewed

g. Robert Runyon – Indiana code says County Council has say over any money

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – all we can say is we have this many dollars. Any other questions?

i. Dale Maxie – the last meeting I put in for $3,000.00 for part time jailers

j. Carol Monroe – last meeting we did a transfer for $3,000.00 to utilities

k. Carroll Lanning – move to accept resolution 2006-32

l. Hollie Sintz – seconds the motion

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried. While we are on the subject of additionals-it was mentioned last month that it

was unrealistic for us not to do additionals. So, I asked the Auditor to email other auditor’s to see if they did additionals-reads emails

from other counties that do not do additionals, or transfer everything out of other lines until out. Most everybody transfers and helps

out when you can.

n. Dale Maxie – in the last three years there has not been any increase in my utilities.

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – you are absolutely right.

p. Dale Maxie – Duke Energy went up 40%

q. Donald “Butch” Williams – we went back to 2005 and it wasn’t discussed and it was one of those things that was missed. The other

thing is we are trying to operate in 2006 in the amount of money we operated in 2003. We still have to pay utilities. Another

correspondence was an ordinance Dearborn County passed (see attached)-that states any elected or appointed official who obligates

County to the expenditure of public funds or monies in violation of budgetary process shall be personally responsible for satisfying

expenditure. Some of those are drastic things, but it is still going to take some work. I had Carol (Monroe-Auditor) run this budgetary

status and there are some that are going to be close.

r. Hollie Sintz – in March of this year we cut a lot of things out.

s. Donald “Butch” Williams – all departments need to just look over where they are at.

t. Robert Runyon – how is that different than the monthly financial?

u. Carol Monroe – the Monthly financial statement is the cash and the budgetary status is the appropriation or permission to spend that


v. Donald “Butch” Williams – for instance, the Treasurer is the red $9.50, Dale (Maxie) – utilities (for jail) are a little more than the


IV. 2006 Amended Salary Ordinance 2006-16

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – on the very last page section 2415. Reads amendment/change to ordinance

b. Kenneth Rosenberger – motion to approve 2006 amended salary ordinance 2006-16

c. Martha Bergman – seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams-all in favor; oppose – Donald “Butch” Williams; motion carried.

V. Pound Volunteers

a. JoAnn Sottong-I am a pound volunteer as are many hear. About five weeks ago my colleges and I along with Louie (Fasbinder) came

to the council meeting (re-caps presentation from October County Council meeting). Several years ago our organization received an

award for the most adopted animals. I myself have spent $10,000.00 and are grateful for (other) contributions. Louie has no where to

store the free food (he has collected). This department operates on a shoe string budget-we came here for help and were told to “see

what you could do” (find another shoe string). We have begged (November Noel, etc) and have come up with about $2,000.00. We

would like to know what other department, Area Plan, etc. is asked to go and beg for free equipment, etc. What other employees are

asked to work in those kind of conditions? Louie has done a fabulous job and was asked to take a $1,000.00 pay cut which has now

become an $11,000.00 pay cut. (flip tape 1). We are not expecting this (refers to government center), maybe one or two chandeliers.

Maybe the engineer could move to this building which at one time accommodated 800 students and teachers. (Pulls out a kitten and

refers to the leukemia it now has and has to be killed).

b. Hollie Sintz – after that meeting I talked to Louis Linkel about George (Hartman-County Engineer) moving.

c. Susan Jones – Louis Linkel looked at different options and it just depends on what the Judge is going to do. The extension office will

be moving into the open spaces.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – you have collected the money and the idea is a good one. Moving the engineer is up to the


e. Carroll Lanning – according to what I seen the last donation the County got from the school was is in 2005. Has there been any more?

f. Joann Sottong – yes-it is in a fund at the vet. office.

g. Paula Brock – the tape recording of the dogs (previously played), you need to magnify this ten times. For a human being to work in

that situation is unbelievable. I am not a very good speaker, but think you could put your county employee in better working


h. Joann Sottong – we are not the squeaky wheel.

i. Carroll Lanning – what other organizations donate?

j. Joann Sottong – other citizens, businesses, etc.

k. Ruth Hughes – Louie (Fasbinder) has saved this money thousands of dollars

l. Louie Fasbinder – in 1995 worked three weeks with no pay. Do have some part time people but work 7 days of week 365 days per

week with no vacation, etc. Tom (Wilson) has been out there, Lou (Linkel) had to leave. Bob Brack has NEVER been out there. Just

ask Council to come out and spend one hour without gasping and if you say you are right, you will never see me at another meeting.

m. Martha Bergman – how are other counties putting up with this?

n. Joann Sottong – other counties, Ohio County City Council pays for all neutering.

o. Ruth Hughes – when people population grows, the pet population grows. Franklin County has been a little backwards. Encouraging

you to look at different options. I grew up in Cincinnati and love Franklin County. Franklin County is a little behind the time when it

comes to animal care.

p. Carroll Lanning – we could sit here and say we are going to give $10,000.00. Where is the accountability?

q. Joann Sottong – we can do that in a heart beat.

r. Carroll Lanning – I would like to see that. You say you get donations, but how much is that? If the county is going to spend money

we need to know exactly what it is going to go toward.

s. Donald “Butch” Williams – I think it isn’t happening as fast as you would like, but you have the Commissioners looking at options.

t. Joann Sottong – could the fence been used for something else?

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – as someone who raised livestock (thousands, thousands) for thirty years-the smell is never going to go

away. As far as the disease, what you did is a very good idea. You are not going to eliminate this stuff-you have to keep making

improvements. Maybe you can reduce the death toll, but you will not eliminate it. You guys work hard, you volunteer. The first step

you have taken by talking to Commissioners and Hollie that is the first step. As far as not being out to the pound, I haven’t been

there-I haven’t had time. I have been through the jail one time in my six years.

v. JoAnn Sottong – these animals are dropping like flies

w. Louis Linkel – we will see what we can do. If we can move George (Hartman), we will. I can talk to George (Hartman) tomorrow.

x. JoAnn Sottong – thank you for your consideration

VI. December Additionals

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – here are the additionals for the December meeting. Area plan-attorney fees $2,425.00-bill is from

Mel/Cum. Bridge $15,000.00-$13,000.00/inmate medical $4,263.00/election-$2,000.00 for social security/Reassessment $330.00-and-

$360.00/and Economic Development. Need to really look at the general fund ($2,425.00). Heads up so that you know what is going


VII. Review of 2006 Salary Ordinance and hours worked

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – I have a couple things I need to clean up. In going over minutes (due to truck drivers asking questions,

etc.) I have been going over minutes since 2002. In this years budget hearings you made a note-(Dale Maxie) You had made a

statement about your clerical employees. How many hours do the girls in the office work?

b. Dale Maxie – the same as Carol’s (Auditor) does. 32.5 hours a week

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – the salary ordinance says they should work 40

d. Dale Maxie – Mike Wright said we are public safety and the Sheriff sets the hours.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – when did you change that?

f. Dale Maxie – this year

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – but we hadn’t been told.

h. Dale Maxie – She (Carol Monroe) changed her hours

i. Carol Monroe – responds the hours weren’t changed, they still work 32.5

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – the office is opened more but the people work 32.5. Here is the thing-the dispatchers in 2003 had to go

back to working 40 hours. If you are working 32.5 hours per week, the pay for 32.5 hours is a lot different than the 40 hours.

k. Dale Maxie – I will change it tomorrow.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – do you understand where I am coming from?

m. Dale Maxie – they are salary. Can council change the salary ordinance?

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – Council can change the salary ordinance, but are they going to do it for less money?

o. Dale Maxie – questions Carol Monroe – your girls work five days a week?

p. Carol Monroe – no

q. Dale Maxie – then they are not working 32.5 hours per week

r. Carol Monroe – yes, they work longer days now. We open at 8:00 every day, take a half an hour lunch, not an hour (interrupted)

s. Dale Maxie – I am requesting County Council change the hours on the salary ordinance.

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – I am just bringing it up-you made the statement to me and I had forgot about it until I went over it. No

one else brought this up, don’t read anything else into this, I found it. That is why the hours showed up on the salary ordinance

because of the discussion with the dispatchers back then and I was the one who said put them on. Everyone works on a salary with the

idea that is how much time they are going to work. You were a deputy then, you worked 42 and it was dropped down to 40. I am not

trying to cut anyone out of any money. The statement was made and that is not what is on the salary ordinance. We have to approve

the salary ordinance yet for 2007 and this is one of the things that needs to be cleared up. We have to approve it the 12th of December.

Went through minutes and found this-and in 2002 the effort was to raise the position (secretary) to first deputy status-right or wrong,

that is why it was done.

u. Hollie Sintz – I was not on Council at that time.

v. Donald “Butch” Williams – there were only three people on council at that time-me, Kenny, and Martha that had done that.

w. Hollie Sintz – at that time Louis Linkel asked the hours be looked at as to how many hours secretaries.

x. Carol Monroe – all of the girls in the courthouse were made first deputy pay and the hourly rate was then carried to the highway to the

forty hours.

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – Mike Wright was brought up and it was asked if hours could be put on the ordinance. We were told you

could do whatever you want. If you read the salary ordinance and some of the minutes, it says it is (salary) based on so many hours.

Someone working in the courthouse making $25,000.00 working 32.5 hours a week and someone working at the highway or jail

making $25,000.00 working 40 hours we didn’t think was fair. If you read the salary ordinance and some of the minutes it says based

on. That is why they got such a big raise. Right or wrong that is why it happened. I have not got a chance to talk to Chester. Also

the same year the truck drivers got a raise and the deputies (7 at the time) got a $1,500.00-plus. Whatever your definition of fair it-we

are just trying to do what we can do-right or wrong.

z. Carroll Lanning – since we are going to vote on this next meeting-can you (Tracy Lightfield) check and see if holiday pay is based on

straight time-it should be.

aa. Carol Monroe – what are we doing with Dale and the hours-what am I supposed to do?

bb. Donald “Butch” Williams – in 2006 they were budgeted 40 hours per week, whatever Council wants to do. The clerical is working

32.5 but the salary ordinance is based on 40.

cc. Carroll Lanning – it is so close to the end of the year-we should wait until the end of the year and let Dale work it out.

dd. Donald “Butch” Williams – don’t think they should have a decrease in pay

ee. Carol Monroe – are you (Dale) changing it back to 40?

ff. Dale Maxie – I am not going to do anything right now-I am going to investigate this.

gg. Hollie Sintz – can you get a letter from the state board of accounts

hh. Dale Maxie – I can bring a lot up

ii. Hollie Sintz – are we saying since we are government we are not true salary.

jj. Carol Monroe – you are not true salary because the salary ordinance says you aren’t.

kk. Hollie Sintz – If you look at the highway guys, you see the salary, but you don’t see their paychecks with the overtime

ll. Carol Monroe – that is just like the holiday pay

mm. Donald “Butch” Williams – I just spent a week off and didn’t get paid a dime.

nn. Donald “Butch” Williams – we do what we can do

VIII. Adjourn

a. Carroll Lanning – move to adjourn meeting

b. Kenneth Rosenberger – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; “outa here”

Those also present:

Linda Runyon JoAnn Suttong Susan Jones Betty Gabbard Jim Merrell Ruth Estridge

John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Lou Fasbinder Tracy Lightfield Gary Frost Brad Spurlock

Teresa Miller Ruth Hughes Amber Henson Lauren Edwards Bonnie Merrell Paula Brock

Carrie Maples Veronica Voelker

To be approved 12-12-06


Franklin County Council December 12, 2006 in Government Center Meeting Room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Hollie Sintz Robert Runyon Jeff Koch

Elected Officials: Louis Linkel Dale Maxie Marlene Flaspohler Sharon Halcomb

Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor: Veronica Voelker

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens with pledge of allegiance, and welcomes everyone to first County Council meeting in the new Government Center

I. Minutes November 8, & 28, 2006

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – moves to accept minutes Nov 8 and Nov 28 as presented

b. Hollie Sintz- seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-33)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads transfer of funds

b. Hollie Sintz – motion to accept transfer of funds 2006-33

c. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

III. Additional Appropriation (Resolution 2006-34)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution for additional appropriation

b. Hollie Sintz – I saw Larry Franzman today and he couldn’t make it. There is an extra line in there about additionals I think it should

explain it.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – Okay, the additional amount out of county general $2,425.00 is for area plan court cases. The explanation

for the request signed by Larry Franzman (see additional appropriations).

d. Hollie Sintz – He (Larry Franzman) just told me that the lawyer (Mel Wilhelm) is charging more per hour, I can’t remember the

amount off the top of my head and if he (Larry Franzman) don’t get this additional then he will have to take out of next years budget.

He said there is a big case that might go up next year.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – It is included in the request the accounts payable voucher from the attorney Mel Wilhelm. 51 hours at

$175.00 per hour and then there is an invoice included which includes the cases, the dates and the hours being billed for.

f. Hollie Sintz – move to accept resolution 2006-34 except county general for area plan amount of $2,425.00.

g. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

IV. 2006 Amended Salary (Ordinance 2006-17)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – on the very last page section 100. Reads amendment/change to ordinance 2006-17

b. Marilyn Miller – It is important for all departments to be paid according to the salary ordinance

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – It needs to be repeated and understood the county council is the fiscal boss of the county. There are few

laws we can make but one thing we do is the salary ordinance. The law states we have to approve the salary ordinance therefore it is a

law and must be followed.

d. Kenneth Rosenberger – we set the wage but not the hours

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – we set the pay, the hourly rate is for reference more than anything, hours are set by the department

f. Dale Maxie – the previous sheriff changed the hours from 32.5 to 40. Never gave them a raise. I am asking to have their hours put

back to 34.5 hours. We’re just talking about two people.

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – that’s not involved in what we are doing at this minute but it is something we want to address tonight.

Right now we have to address the amendments to the current salary ordinance.

h. Kenneth Rosenberger – motion to approve amended salary ordinance 2006-17

i. Robert Runyon – seconds the motion

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried.

V. Margaret Mary Hospital (Abatement/Refund Issue)

a. Adam Richter- Hanson Center is an oncology center that provides therapeutic services and because it is owned by Margaret Mary, a

nonprofit corporation it also operates as a tax exempts use. So, ordinarily this is a building that would not have property taxes against

it. Due to confusion, Margaret Mary missed the filing deadline to claim the exempt status on the Hanson Center. The Hanson Center

became taxable for 2005 for property taxes due in 2006. On the discovery the deadline was missed Margaret Mary went through the

appeals process in which they tried to gain an exemption. Appeals have been unsuccessful. During this process the hospital

approached Batesville regarding property tax abatement. We approached the city of Batesville based on assessed value, employment

and revenue numbers. The city agreed the building qualified for the property tax abatement and granted one year property tax

abatement for 2005 payable in 2006 property taxes. The meetings took place in June and July. Shortly thereafter we took our

abatement filings and other paperwork to the county auditor to have those papers processed. The auditor was rightfully skeptical when

she received the materials. She wanted to confer with county commissioners regarding their feelings. There were discussions with Lou

Linkel, the auditor and Gene Stewart with the outcome being a letter stating the commissioners were fine with the abatement and had

no objections but because this entails a refund of taxes already paid the matter needed to be discussed by the council before anything

else goes forward.

b. Robert Runyon – how much money are we taking about ?

c. Adam Richter – about $62,000.00.- As long as the building used as it is today – an oncology center or something related to that –

exemption will go on. Once a building is exempt, the assessor is required to send a notice every year that your exemption filing is

coming up. Sharon (Halcomb, County Assessor) did actually send one but it went to the wrong address.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – it’s not like a 10 year abatement, it’s just your exempt.

e. Adam Richter- only for one year and only on 2005 taxes and only applies to increase in assessed value caused by building. This is not

a 100% abatement of all taxes paid. It is a big portion of it. What it is abating is the assessed value of the building, just the new


f. Carroll Lanning – with this $62,000.00 is that all on the building or should some of it be on the ground?

g. Adam Richter – $62,000.00 we are asking for is on the building. The total taxes paid are about $64,500.00. Therefore, that tells you

how much the land increased – not a whole lot.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams- I was contacted by Adam and met with Brian Daeger and he told me just what we are hearing now. I

explained that no decisions were made. First question: I wanted to find the redevelopment real property in an economic revitalization

area the code that covers that and that is what you have done for 2006. First I found a paragraph that said you couldn’t make this

retroactive then I found one that it can be done. However I found something as far as repayment – the taxes were paid and that was

used in revenue we figured on for our budget for 2007. So the money has basically been budgeted. The ordinance is under IC 61.1-

12.1-9.5 waiver of non-compliance. You guys have said you are open to options.

i. Brian Daeger – we don’t want to put an undue burden on the county and we realize it has already spoken for, not spent but earmarked.

We just want to come to an agreement

j. Adam Richter – I don’t have a familiarity with that area of the I.C. without having actually read it. As far as the DLGF’s role in here, I

don’t know. The only communication I am aware of is the email Carol sent and I don’t know what communications were initially

between them but I sent a response. Everything was complied with as far as the statue was concerned.

k. Robert Runyon – taking one year

l. Adam Richter – The resolution passed by Batesville only entitles Margaret Mary to an abatement to only one year and only for these

taxes. We wouldn’t try to go back and get another one because we have our exemption in place. And if we wanted to go and get an

abatement for whatever reason we would have to go through the whole process again and ask for a different year. On the Hanson

Center we wouldn’t be able to get one.

m. Robert Runyon – would want to wait until Carol L. Monroe is present. We are right on the cutting edge of running this county and we

won’t know till about February 20th to know what is coming down. Myself, I want the Auditor here, she is the chief financial officer of

the county and she is telling us something here.

n. Adam Richter – Part of the reason why we are here is because she made the point this isn’t budgeted and even if we filed our 17T and

ended up that we were entitled to $62,000.00 it would still be a practical problem. That is why we are here to solve the problem. As far

as her concerns that she stated in her email, in a phone conversation the day before her last day, my email took care of all of her

concerns with the abatement. I know she isn’t here to confirm this.

o. Jeff Koch – Find out exactly when we found out because if it happened before budget hearings if we knew this could happen we could

have budgeted in this ’07 budget for it, but we didn’t. So, that is another question I think as council we need to ask.

p. Hollie Sintz – I think it should be taken care of when we get the figures back.

q. Adam Richter – When you say get the numbers back that refers to?

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – we submitted our proposed budget in August rather than September. That is submitted to DLGF and we

have to wait for them to approve our budget based on receipts and expenditures. And we have not received that approval yet, so in

other words we have approved a tentative budget. That is probably the date we would be looking at February 20 or in that area when

we would receive that. Our budget may be in good shape but they have sent it back and we have had to cut our budget from where we

were or we may have some cushion. So, I think that is what Hollie is referring to. We at this time, since I think we do have some time

and we want to do this in good faith. We would better be able to tell or work a plan of what we can afford – maybe it’s a lot or maybe

it’s a little when we know those figures that’s what we’re saying. Speaking for myself, Margaret Mary does the community very much

service. They are in an area where we anticipate a lot of growth in the near future. So they are going to need to grow. We want to work

this out in a timely manner but at the same time we want to make sure that the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. The other question

I have, I mentioned it to you in the hall and I know it’s not something for him to answer really. I think it is for our county attorney to

find out but, in all of this my question is after the assessment was made and you went back to the assessor to appeal the tax. She

overturned it and you went to the P and O Board, they overturned it then you actually went to the state.

s. Adam Richter – This was for the exemption.

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – Right, for the exemption. So all of this stuff was actually a county matter and the county billed for the

taxes correct, that you paid and you paid Franklin County taxes.

u. Adam Richter – That’s right, now I know where you’re going.

v. Donald “Butch” Williams – So how then did Batesville City then make this next step that they can take it over as the ERA – economic

revitalization area? The reason I ask this question is, because in the future if there is growth, we need to know that question so we

don’t have this same problem again.

w. Adam Richter- As far as the communication between the city of Batesville and the county regarding abatements I can’t really

comment. I don’t know of any other location in Franklin County.

x. Brian Daeger- I know of one location

y. Adam Richter – The city authorized the result.

z. Donald “Butch” Williams – I think that is one of the things the council needs to research a little bit. We need to work with the city of

Batesville so everybody will know what page we’re on. It comes as a complete shock to me and the rest of them now.

aa. Adam Richter – One of the reasons why we’re here is to ask to have the abatement processed. The other question is given the date the

info. from the DLGF would come back, what would be the next proposed step? Are the open budgetary meetings held at that point or

is everything done in council meetings here. What would you suggest?

bb. Donald “Butch” Williams – Our annual budget is done in open budget hearing just for that purpose. All other business is done in

council meetings or special meetings if they need to be called.

cc. Adam Richter – So we would be looking at the March meeting before anything would be determined. The plan is to wait until the

numbers come back from the DLGF.

dd. Donald “Butch” Williams – I would say at this point you would be looking at until we hear from DLGF and that may be March. And

that is the best I can tell you on that. One year we waited clear up to June. I hope that doesn’t happen again. We aren’t trying to put

you off. We need to know where we stand and what we can afford.

ee. Jeff Koch – Right now you are waiting for the auditor to process your abatement?

ff. Adam Richter – Right, what happens is in Margaret Mary’s case they abatement was granted by resolution.

gg. Donald “Butch” Williams – The abatement you are talking about would take care of January 1 and on.

hh. Adam Richter – Well, on Jan 1we would be in 2006 property taxes which are payable in 2007 and those are exempt. This is actually

processing taxes from Jan 2005 and throughout 2005.

ii. Donald “Butch” Williams – That is the abatement you are wanting us to sign

jj. Adam Richter – there is a formal appeal process. There are time restrictions as far as getting that appeals process started. So, it is

really on the auditor. If she is willing to waive her requirements as far as getting the appeal process started.

kk. Donald “Butch” Williams – You want the auditor to go on and process the 2005 abatement and Batesville made this an economic

revitalization area for what year?

ll. Adam Richter – 2005.

mm. Donald “Butch” Williams – So, if they had the authority to do that then why do you need our approval to tell the auditor to go

ahead and process the abatement.

nn. Adam Richter – Well they don’t. We’re here because the auditor stated we needed to talk to the commissioners about this. If we talk to

the commissioners and they have any objections but felt because it is retroactive and because the taxes have already been budgeted

for. This was a special circumstance and needed to go before the council since they do the budget and this is how we made a segue

way into this meeting this evening.

oo. Donald “Butch” Williams – We want to get this done and do what’s right for Margaret Mary. You’re the guinea pig so we will know

when this happens again, what is going on. So what do we want to do? Do you want to make a motion or do you want to sit back and

let the auditor handle it?

pp. Jeff Koch – You’re saying we need a motion that she go ahead and process the abatement. Is that what you’re asking?

qq. Adam Richter – I think she is looking for reassurance the county is willing to go ahead and process the abatement.

rr. Jeff Koch – I move that the auditor process the abatement for Margaret Mary Hospital.

ss. Hollie Sintz – seconded the motion

tt. Robert Runyon – opposed

uu. Donald “Butch” Williams – abstained – motion carried

VI. Pound Volunteers

a. JoAnn Sottong- at last meeting we were asked to write supporting documents for the amount money or organizations spent on animal

care and rescue. On my personal spending the receipts I could locate came to $12,287 for 2006. I also made a tape I have here. I would

like to point out this amount is really insignificant when compared to what goes into this work.

b. Theresa – medical expenses, funds of that nature medicine, food bowls, etc this come from our organization or own money not from

the county or tax payers. That’s why I don’t understand why I didn’t quite understand why Mr. Lanning this group was so concerned

about the money donated?

c. Carroll Lanning – I was just trying to determine the amount of donations being received. How much is coming in and how much is

going out.

d. Joann Sottong – We appreciate the county council for making things better for the animals.

e. Louis Linkel-Tom Wilson wants to pay out Cum. Cap. additional for the first of January for $8,000.00

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – You wanted to know what was spent. The total budget for supplies total $11,546.96 The comment I have

it stated in the paper two times in your article that Louie has done this by himself 24/7 did I read that right? How far back would that

be? I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mendall Cummins and the county budgets for part time help $6,520.00. So he has been

there. The way the comment reads in the paper it sounds like you don’t have any help until recently. I am not saying this for us but to

recognize Mendall.

g. Joanne Sottong – He was doing it all by himself and now there is help with feeding and watering the animals.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – there is another person but I can’t remember his name.

i. Joanne Sottong – Jim Hodap

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – Jim Hodap helps now with pound as well.

k. Joann Sottong – we are on the track

VII. Mel Wilhelma.

Mel Wilhelm- Was mentioned budget hearings. I made a motion to sign this. It is consent of the county council whereas the

prosecuting attorney of the 37th district desires to elect and devote the prosecuting attorney’s full professional time to the duties of the

office of prosecuting attorney.

b. Robert Runyon – motion sign this full time

c. Carroll Lanning – second (the motion)

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor , motion carried

e. Mel Wilhelm – For our 4-d personnel she, Diane Singer is $7,500.00 short. We are putting her back to what she was last year.

f. Mel Wilhelm – Reimburse 66 percentage

g. Sharon Newkirk – What taken out of the county general is put back

h. Mel Wilhelm – We are going to run behind when the new court comes through. If you check with surrounding counties you would find

they have an average of 7 staff and an investigator. Years ago I gave up my investigator to help you guys out.

i. Hollie Sintz – I think we should wait till Carol L. Monroe gets back with an explanation

j. Mel Wilhelm – I want to make sure she gets paid right.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – Revisit in January at our meeting.

VIII. Letter

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Received a letter from DLGF basically stating they are concerned about that Franklin County had not

turned in the ratio study for the 2006 for review and approval. I called Sharon today and I will let her repeat where she stands on this.

b. Sharon Halcomb – This is the first time they have actually sent a letter to all the legislators but I get these types of letters from them

all the time because since 2002 we have never been on time. Two of the issues they say we are non compliant with is the first one is

the sales disclosures – that we haven’t submitted the 2004-2005 and we’re not compliant. We have submitted them, we submitted

them in September and I just received a fax week before last that we are not compliant. When one of the reasons is because our district

numbers are wrong. The girls in the auditor’s office will tell you it has to do with the way they line up our districts. Their taxing

districts are different than our taxing districts. So, when we submitted our 2004-2005 sales disclosures, we had the wrong taxing

districts in there. I never gave it a thought that the taxing district numbers were in there because we were more concerned about the

amount of the sale, parcel number and you know. So when they come back and say you’re not in compliance because you are using

local taxing district numbers and not the state taxing district numbers. So, I’ve had the company who was hired to do our sales

disclosure flip those for me and those are alright and that needs to be resubmitted. There were a few other issues with the sales

disclosures and they will have to be looked up. I have an email from the ASII who has our sales disclosure where he says he has

flipped those numbers and we need to submit as soon as possible. We are working on that. The second issue of noncompliance is the

ratio study. Debbie called Lana Boswell who works for Nexus which is the company who is doing our trending and ratio studies and

she didn’t get everything they need from us until this week. She is working on it. I have had correspondence with her because they had

an issue with sales disclosures and she needs those to do the trending and ratio study. I have an email from her this morning stating she

got what she needed from another employee that works for them and they are on a roll. I don’t look for that to take longer than a week

or two to get that completed. I responded to the letter with an update. It is something we are actively working on.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – Senator Jackman called me last night to let me know he had received the letter. I talked to Vickie this

morning and got the same answer.

d. Sharon Halcomb – I feel those letters need to go out. Ratio studies have to do with the trending and reassessment.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – Okay

f. Sharon Halcomb – Did you contact that number listed on the form?

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – no I did not. You said you had and I think that is all that is necessary. But I will.

h. Sharon Halcomb – Well, I guess it looks better if more respond and telling them we are moving forward.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – I will do that and I will contact Senator Jackman tomorrow and tell him too.

j. Sharon Halcomb – will you also tell them this is the first time we received this letter. Can you find out if this is standard procedure – is

this really bad or what? Everybody wants everything now and it is really unrealistic. They want us to stay current and go back to work

on things from 2003.

IX. Ordinance 2006-18

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Carol L. Monroe wanted if we would consider this ordinance.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – Reads the ordinance

c. Hollie Sintz – I have a question is this about Franklin County General?

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – This is based on an ordinance Dearborn County adopted in 2003.

e. Marlene Flaspohler- Can you explain, what does it mean?

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – Where this all came about was that it was said it is unreasonable to have a budget and not expect to make

additional appropriations. So a mass email was sent to auditors all over the state asking do you do additionals in your county or don’t

you. About half came back and said yes they do under extreme circumstances such as utilities that we had to do last month for the jail.

But then Kerry Pickens sent this instead, what the intention is so that somebody doesn’t just go out and spend a bunch of money and

then come in and say I have already spend so you have to paid it. And that has happened. So if somebody has done that, spent money

they weren’t budgeted for, they would have to pay it themselves, they would be responsible. That is my take on it.

g. Hollie Sintz – We have been appointed or elected certain positions. The taxpayers trust the elected officials to make right decisions. It

seems harsh because there are certain circumstances in which you don’t realize you’re out of money.

h. Sharon Halcomb – If you have money in your budget can you transfer money from one account to another?

i. Marlene Flaspohler – If you have the additional amount, you (commissioners) can still deny it?

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – We have the power to deny it but I am not saying this is the perfect wording. I am just saying what if

someone does come in and do what was described? Who pays the bills?

k. Robert Runyon- Carol has to pay it but if the funds are not there she is breaking the law. One of the letters you read, they have to

transfer within the department first.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – One county said they transfer everything out of their own and then the go to other departments like Sharon

would go to someone else, I can see where that would be a real problem. I wouldn’t even want to consider that.

m. Jeff Koch – You have to plan ahead a lot more than you do now. I know everyone does plan ahead but now it would be crucial so that

there are no surprises.

n. Hollie Sintz – That is why we’re here.

o. Sharon Halcomb – I had two computers crash in one year, how do you plan for that?

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – I understand and this is something I complain about, the DLGF knows my name but, just like the letter

from DLGF “do it now” boom or we taking the money back. Yet, one the other side two years ago it was June before we even knew if

we had a budget.

q. Donald “Butch” Williams – The two people that were here from Margaret Mary, I am sure it was hard for them to comprehend. I think

they thought well, these guys are leading us down a path but all of us sitting in the room tonight know that is the way it is, we just

don’t know.

r. Carroll Lanning – I would just like to us table this and think about it. Maybe look at it again, read over it maybe there is some wording

that needs to be changed. Talk to the officers and see what their opinion is on it and see if there is any additional information.

s. Kenneth Rosenberger- Maybe put this on the next meeting’s agenda and anyone who has comments can bring it up at that time.

t. Robert Runyon – It should be brought up for discussion. And what some of the counties went with.

u. Hollie Sintz – Maybe that’s what we need to do and see the response.

v. Jeff Koch – We tried that.

w. Carroll Lanning – Maybe some sort of wording like “in case of emergency”. But then you’re back to square one.

x. Susan Jones- Everybody has worked hard to stay in their budget.

y. Carroll Lanning – I think we pretty lucky to have elected officials that really try to hold to the budget as much as possible.

z. Donald “Butch” Williams – I think we should table this until the January meeting and see what happens.

X. Dale Maxie – pay salary ordinance

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Now, Dale left. I wish he was here. Is he wanting to change the hours? I think we’re all in agreement. He

wants to change the hours; he wants to lower the hours. My question is going to is he going to lower the hours and lower the pay

accordingly? That is up to us. There was a statement made and he alluded to it and this is the main question I want to ask him. In the

Wednesday December 6th Brookville Democrat he is quoted as stating former sheriff Eldon Cornelius increased the hours for the two

employees from 32.5 per week to 40 per week but did not increase their pay. Well, according to pay records and quite honestly

according to Sheriff Eldon Cornelius, that is false. One of those people was a new hire who went full time in 1/1/96 and the other one

went full time 1/1/04. The ’04 that would have been during Dale’s term and the 1/1/96 that was in Eldon’s term and they were hired in

at 40 hours per week. If you take away what Dale said and Eldon said and just go to the salary ordinance. We don’t need to put names

with anything to do this. Under the jail line 132 clerical 4126 the base salary is $24,668.80 based on 40 hours work biweekly rate

$948.80 which calculates to an approximate hourly rate of $11.86. If you reduce that to 32.5 and at that same salary you come up with

$14.00. Everybody basically has received the same rate in the six years I have been involved. Except for one time when the elected

officials received an extra $1000.00 and then in 2002 we did some adjustments to get first deputies online. Basically all employees

receive the same rate. If this person was hired in at 32.5 hours at the $11.86 because it was said they didn’t receive a raise and then

they went to 40 hours they would really be complaining because then it would be way down to about $8.00 an hour. But if they are

just wanting to back to it then they will be at the top of the pay scale in all the people working in clerical and accounting. If they were

hired in at 32.5 at that high rate then there would have been a lot of commotion about that then too. So, just take the salary ordinance,

that doesn’t add up.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – It bothers me he admitted to me here, he had to put them back to 32.5 hours per week at the same salary

for a year. In my notes it was the same as the courthouse – 36 hours. I just have a problem paying them, paying whatever to take the

one position $24,668.80 a year based on 40 hours and then paying them the same for 32.5 or 34. As I said earlier council makes very

few rules but one of the laws/rules we make is the salary ordinance. And it has to be followed. It can be changed if you want to come

and change it. But anyhow, before another pay period is written which is this week, we have to say what is going to happen.

c. Carol Lanning – which two people are involved?

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – This is under the jail department 132, assistant clerical 4125 and clerical 4126 as I understand it.

Originally, I was also told 4111 but actually the jail matron is mandated by law that they are to be paid same as the lowest paid

sheriff’s deputy. Also, they receive longevity. I have consulted with Tammy White of the state board of accounts and since he

admitted he changed the hours we have to address this. Really the last paychecks shouldn’t have been written. I thought let’s try to be

reasonable about it. We went through the same thing with the dispatchers a few years ago. The hours changed from 34 to 40 hours and

never received pay increase.

e. Tracy Littlefield – But, we have never worked 40 hours a week.

f. Kenneth Rosenberger – You never worked 40 hours? Before your time they did because I have information at home that the sheriff

department always worked 40 hours and the deputies worked 42 hours. One time the deputies got their hours down to 40 hours. But

911 was always 40 hours.

g. Tracy Littlefield – That may be before the department established.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – That was why the hours worked were placed on a salary ordinance. It was discovered most people

assumed it was 40 hours and they were actually working 34 hours. It clarified so everyone knew what was going on.

i. Carroll Lanning – Do you know how much of a raise they got? Did they just get an additional hourly wage?

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – Who? They were always 40. Dale says not, Eldon says they were. Pay records say they were.

k. Carroll Lanning – I was thinking they were 32.5 then Eldon put ‘em at 40. Okay. When he took them down to 34.5 does he have to put

in part time help to offset that few hours or not?

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – Well, I have to look.

m. Carroll Lanning – It is costing the county more money for the part time help in there. Somebody has to be and it seems it would be

costing money.

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – He’s budgeted $9,949.00 for part time.

o. Caroll Lanning – But we don’t know if he is using this for vacation time and things like that or filling in for the 12 hours a week not

being used by the clerical. That’s my objection, there. He did or did not put them back to 40 hours?

p. Jeff Koch – Did he ever say why the change?

q. Donald “Butch” Williams – This has to be decided before we approve the salary ordinance for next year. I have no problem going

down the hours. I am not going to micro manage anybody’s office if they can get it done in less hours and don’t need more part time,

that suits me. But I do have an objection on reducing hours and not reducing the pay.

r. Kenneth Rosenberger – I move that we, it is prerogative to his to change hours and if he wants to change the hours to 32.5 then he

needs to adjust the pay down to compensate for our rate.

s. Jeff Koch – You’re saying leave the hourly rate the same?

t. Kenneth Rosenberger – right.

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – You’re making that motion?

v. Kenneth Rosenberger – Yes, sir.

w. Donald “Butch” Williams – Kenny has made a motion that the sheriff can reduce the hours at his prerogative but to follow the hours

worked with the hourly rate as calculated now.

x. Kenneth Rosenberger – correct

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – does anyone second

z. Jeff Koch – seconds

aa. Donald “Butch” Williams – Jeff Koch seconds the motion. All in favor signify by saying aye 3. Opposed 3.

bb. Carroll Lanning – I would like to see Dale put back to 40 hours. I mean here it is Christmas time and everything it is a bad time of

year to get a cut in pay. I don’t think it fair to the employees. Dale needs to see what their opinion is. Either you are going to have to

work 40 hours or get your pay cut. I don’t think its fair for us to sit here and cut somebody’s pay without them knowing it unless

Dale’s talked to them about it.

cc. Donald “Butch” Williams – Well would you want to make your motion to that effect?

dd. Carroll Lanning – I would make the motion Dale puts them back to 40 hours until the first the year and until we have a chance to talk

to the employees. So they know the situation. I don’t know if they know the situation. Did Dale tell them?

ee. Donald “Butch” Williams – Basically, what you’re saying is we don’t want to cut their pay if they are working 40 hours.

ff. Carroll Lanning – Right that is what I am saying. I would like to see Dale put them back to 40 hours until the first of the year until

Dale talks to them. So they know what’s coming up and talk to council

gg. Hollie Sintz – So you want Dale to come back to the council meeting.

hh. Carroll Lanning- He needs to be at the next meeting, so we can see if he has talked the people involved so they know if they are going

to work 32.5 hours they are going to get less money. That is a more professional way to do it.

ii. Jeff Koch – With that being said, what do we do in the mean time?

jj. Carroll Lanning – I would like to or I don’t know if the commissioners could talk to him and say Dale go ahead and work them 40

hours for the next few weeks then we’ll get this straightened out at the first of the year.

kk. Carroll Lanning- I guess I make a formal motion that we contact Dale ask to back to 40 hours until we get this thing straightened out

ll. Robert Runyon – seconds

mm. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor? One abstention – motion carried

XI. Over budget

a. Sandy Baxter – I am concerned with the over budget amount that the jail has for utilities. I am not saying they shouldn’t paid because I

know they have to be paid to keep the jail operating obviously, but at the same time our office can’t have any account or fund in the

red. With everything that is in and if there aren’t any more claims turned in tomorrow which is the due date for the end of the year he’s

already in $4,854.81 in the red. I am really stuck with what to do.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – And there’s been no additionals submitted?

c. Sandy Baxter – there was one additional for $6,000.00 but even with that additional….

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – but there has been no other additional submitted?

e. Sandy Baxter – not that I am aware.

f. Sandy Baxter – I know they have to be paid. I just don’t know what to do because they are in the red.

g. Robert Runyon – Maybe we shouldn’t pay them?

h. Sandy Baxter – We’re not supposed to. I’ve been going ahead and writing the checks but I’m (not) releasing the checks until the

money is in there.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – he would need to ask for another additional to pay for the utilities? But it is too late.

j. Hollie Sintz – is there anything left in the rainy day fund Susan, after you get done paying everything that is budgeted out of there?

k. Susan Jones – There is some remaining if we want to.

l. Jeff Koch – I’d say we want to.

m. Susan Jones – I suggested that a couple weeks ago.

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – So what do we have do then to do that? A transfer?

o. Susan Jones – Can’t you just take it out of the jail house budget?

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – I don’t know, that’s where it’s going to come from but what is the paper trail that needs to be done? What

is the legal thing that has to be done? That is all I am asking.

q. Susan Jones – Are you going to use the jail house budget and put it in the jail budget?

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – Probably. Well the jail doesn’t come under the commissioner’s budget does it?

s. Sandy Baxter – It is all in the county general but it is a different budget.

t. Hollie Sintz – How much do you think we need in the rainy day fund though? I mean just about? We thought we were going to deplete

the rainy day fund anyway.

u. Robert Runyon – How much is the total?

v. Sandy Baxter – How much is the total? It is $4,854.81. I have got three to pay that would be paid out on the 18th that aren’t entered

yet, but that is included in that total.

w. John Estridge – Is there anything emergency wise?

x. Donald “Butch” Williams – I am not sure John. There has to be something.

y. John Estridge – When the board did that, they would have to do their thing emergency basis to pay for it.

z. Donald “Butch” Williams – Well, we made plans for what to do with it. But the bill wouldn’t have to paid immediately. Quite

honestly, the board went down in September or October and there was no money paid for that until the last day in December and the

final payment wasn’t until May.

aa. John Estridge – You would think there something written into code somewhere so you would be able to on an emergency basis be able

to get money without having to go through lengthy process.

bb. Donald “Butch” Williams – Well, I don’t know. The question will have to be asked to somebody who’s not here. I don’t know the

answer but, we’re gonna have to pay the utility bills somehow. Had we known in time, I don’t think there would have been a problem

with doing it, we didn’t know it. One thing Hollie mentioned we intended to deplete the rainy day fund, but we can’t deplete the rainy

day fund because we put money in there from what was left over from the jail thing.

cc. Jeff Koch – What was that? Twenty some thousand?

dd. Donald “Butch” Williams – I forget, I think it was more than that. Can you make up a transfer and we do a transfer out of the 1350 and

4149 which is for insurance, transfer that into utilities 4350 and then we pay the utilities out of the rainy day fund for the jail? Can we

do that? We’ll do that tonight and then you can send the checks.

ee. Sandy Baxter – What happens if they turn another one tomorrow, because actually the deadline for all utilities for the end of the year

is actually tomorrow. So they still have one more day to turn in a monthly utility.

ff. Donald “Butch” Williams – If we approved it at the end of the month, would that work alright? Okay. So we’re gonna have to plan a

short meeting between Christmas and New Years to catch up these odds and ends and that would be one thing we would have to

approve a transfer in the rainy day fund to pay the utilities for the jail.

gg. We just got notice the utilities are going to be cut off, she is holding the checks.

hh. Sandy Baxter – Sally said she didn’t have anymore to turn in, but we don’t know between the time she turned in the other claims and

now if there are more. Who knows.

ii. Susan Jones – Couldn’t we just do a transfer tonight for what’s there and a maybe a little bit extra and then we would be covered.

jj. Donald “Butch” Williams – Do we want to go ahead and fix the transfers up and we’ll approve that much tonight. If they submit

another one, we’ll handle that at the last meeting? Alright.

XII. Robert Runyon leaving

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Mr. Runyon, I just wanna say it has been a joy to serve with you for the last four years. Your position,

your personality is going to be missed. And we’re gonna miss Linda too.

b. Robert Runyon – She keeps me out of trouble. I thought about asking her some questions when I was thinking of talking, but then I

thought I better not.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – So, on behalf of all the council we want to give you this little token of our appreciation and thanks. We

wish you luck. We’re gonna miss you, come back and see us.

d. Robert Runyon – I want to say I enjoyed working with the council, the commissioners, the department heads and the way everybody

has worked together. It is so important. I am just proud to know people and working with them. It has been a wild ride at times but it

has been enjoyable and a memory. It would be hard to get me to shut up now. But the guy who is taking my place, I know you will all

work with him – Brad Spurlock. He is a good guy. If you have patience with him the way you did me, then it will work just fine.

XIII. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-35)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution. From rainy day health insurance to rainy day utilities $5,000.00. Signed by Louie Linkel

and this it to pay the utilities for the jail that are due. Do I have a motion?

b. Carroll Lanning – I’ll make a motion that we approve Resolution 2006-35.

c. Robert Runyon – seconds

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – All in favor signify by saying aye, opposed same sign. Motion carried.

XIV. Next meeting

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – December 26, 2006. Can everyone do this?

b. All good

XV. Article in the newspaper

a. Sandy Baxter – I also have one more thing Carol (M. Monroe) wanted me to discuss at this meeting. I think everyone got a copy of the

article from the Connersville News Examiner on how they pay bills in Fayette County, I don’t know if everybody got it or not.

Basically, the way I understood it if there isn’t any money in the account whether you have an additional in or a transfer in if its not

actually in the account fund then they just don’t pay. They have to roll to the next month. She wanted me to mention that because we

do spend a lot of time going back to see if there are transfers covering something or an additional is covering something and it takes a

lot of time away from other things that need to be done in accounts payable. I have a claim that was turned in two different months for

the exact same thing with two different dates but these people got paid twice. Now I have to do a stop payment on 40 some people and

get all these checks back from people who shouldn’t have got them. There is no way for the computer to tell me they were paid twice

because there is two separate dates. She thought this would help eliminate some of the problems.

b. Robert Runyon – They’re supposed to revisit that subject in January.

c. Sandy Baxter – That is probably not the same as your ordinance, in other words when I am entering them into the computer if it comes

up and says they’re over budget it automatically does not get paid because the money is not in there.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – I will contact the council person who has done this to see or get more details.

e. Jeff Koch – Does this do what we were wanting to do? So we don’t have surprises in the utility bills

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – Right. Okay, thank you Sandy.

XVI. Adjourn

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – move to adjourn meeting

b. Jeff Koch – seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; “outa here”

Those also present:

Linda Runyon JoAnn Suttong Susan Jones John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Marilyn Miller

Sandy Baxter Marilyn Miller Gary Frost Tracy Littlefield Ruth Estridge Eric Roberts

Don Vonder Meulen Sharon Newi Joe Fasbinder Susan Jones

To be approved 01/23/07


Franklin County Council December 26, 2006 in Government Center Meeting Room @ 7:00 p.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Martha Bergman

Elected Officials: Marlene Flaspohler

Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor: Veronica Voelker

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens with pledge of allegiance and called the meeting to order.

I. Transfer of Funds (Resolution 2006-40)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Reads transfer of funds

b. Carroll Lanning– Motions to accept transfer of funds 2006-40

c. Jeff Koch-Seconds the motion

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

II. 2006 Amended Salary (Ordinance 2006-18)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Reads the salary ordinance

b. Jeff Koch – Motions to approve the salary ordinance except for the increase in the recorder part-time.

c. Kenneth Rosenberger- Seconds

d. Martha Bergman – Opposed

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – Motion carried

III. Commissioner Carry-over/Vonder Meulen Lawsuit

a. Donald “Butch” Williams- Marlene Flaspohler is here and she wanted update us on where the situation is. If you are not aware there

has been a lawsuit against the clerk’s position, the election board as a position and the commissioner as a position. That’s not the exact

wording but anyhow, Marlene do you have anything to say real quick.

b. Marlene Flaspohler- There has been a lawsuit filed.

c. Robert Runyon – I’m sorry Marlene but I can’t hear you.

d. Marlene Flaspohler – Like I said there has been a lawsuit filed. I just wanted to make you aware there may or may not be legal fees

incurred. Who would pay those fees?

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – I am assuming for lack of any better knowledge, I think we would all agree this is new territory so, but

Marlene in your clerks line, I looked but I am pretty sure there is no line for legal fees, like some of the others. But you have for sure

secured an attorney? Is there a time limit on this thing yet? We don’t know yet.

f. Marlene Flaspohler – They have asked for a motion to change the judge. As of today no one has signed that yet.

g. Jeff Koch – So the next step is that this will be settled in a court in this county?

h. Marlene Flaspohler – Yes, but they have asked for a motion to change the judge. Just wanted you guys made aware of it.

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – Does the county have any recourse in getting the legal fees back from this?

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – Marlene Flaspohler has been in with your state association – the state clerk’s association. I suppose that

would be a good idea for them to get in touch with our state association and say this is new ground has anyone had this experience


k. John Estridge – My understanding is Louis Linkel has John Worth.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – Secured him as an attorney personally or through commissioners? Commissioners. So the

commissioners…. Well, I don’t know. We need to double check back through our budgets and see if there is any spots for legal fees. I

know the commissioners have some budgeted but I would say we need to be in contact with our state association and go from there.

Marlene Flaspohler will stay in touch and we will do what we have to do.

IV. Going through the mail

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Invitation from Hamilton County Juvenile Services Center – January 9 & 10.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – Reads letter from Herald Tribune Batesville requesting written notice of date, time and place of meetings.

V. T & J Sound Production

a. James Kolb- Describes options for the PA system including microphones for all commissioners, the public and speakers in the room.

b. Martha Bergman – What all can go wrong with it?

c. James Kolb – explains options for warranty.

d. Martha Bergman – Where have you already got this installed?

e. James Kolb – I have done the system at St. Michael’s church and their gym. – goes on to describe placement and variety of cost based

on equipment and features. You all can kick around different options and I can put together to have what you want.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams- These are things we can discuss. Where do you stand with the commissioners are they going to get back in

touch with you?

g. James Kolb – They seem like they like it. They want to make sure you are getting what you want too.

h. Jeff Koch – The only thing I would say is to make the mic.’s in front of us are the ones like the push button ones you showed us. I

don’t know if that would work. I would like to see them on all the time because if Kenny says something I want to hear right away.

Because if he doesn’t push his button then I probably won’t hear.

i. Caroll Lanning – Are you going to come in and make a test before you install to make sure that speaker is going to work?

j. James Kolb – I can. According to this is says I am going to.

k. Carroll Lanning – I agree with him on that about the type of mic. as well.

l. James Kolb – Eric Roberts has the same concern about pushing the button. Goes on to explain features of speaker/microphones.

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – So, are there any more questions?

n. James Kolb – gives estimate and information on system to council members as they ask questions.

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – Alright. Thank you sir.

VI. 2007 Salary Ordinance (Ordinance 2006-19)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Begins to read the salary ordinance for the year of 2007. Reads through Jail Department 132 line 4111.00

b. Jeff Koch – Begins reading salary ordinance for the year 2007 with 4125.00 assistant clerical Jail Department 132.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – Continues reading salary ordinance. Any questions or comments?

d. Carroll Lanning – What about the jail situation? Has that been straightened our or not? Are they working 40 hours?

e. Veronica Voelker – Dale has set them at 40 hours.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – He signed an affidavit they were working 40 hours.

g. Veronica Voelker – He put it on the payroll voucher.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – The only comment was for the 241 pretrial diversion for $100. $100 per day, per Saturday. The only other

thing that will come into play at some point will be in Department 145 prosecuting attorney 4D section 307 and 317 and 4128 that is

the one Mel says he can’t take out of there. We have left it in there at this point, but if we don’t take it out of there we have to come up

with some place to take it. That will be a question at some point.

i. Jeff Koch – I have one question on the auditor it says due to the chief deputy resignation, when is that going to be paid in full?

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – I don’t know.

k. Veronica Voelker – I have no idea.

l. Jeff Koch – I was just wondering if that can be removed?

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – I don’t know, we’ll have to ask Carol L. Monroe. You should make a note of that. Was that just to pay off

Cathy? We want to know if we can take that off.

n. Martha Bergman – Have we heard from the state if this budget is approved?

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – No.

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – So we only have three things now: the prosecuting attorney 4D, the auditor’s line and moving the pre-trial

diversion $100 per Saturday.

q. Veronica Voelker – What are we doing about the prosecuting attorney? Well that 145, $4999.80 is not there, it is zero.

r. Donald “Butch” Williams – Okay, so what you’re saying is you’re wanting to write the checks and draw a little bit out of all three

accounts each time you write it?

s. Veronica Voelker – That is how it is for 2006, but according to the budget you guys approved we can’t do that anymore. We can’t

take it out of the 145; we have to take it out of 307 or 317.

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – Do you see what she is saying?

u. Veronica Voelker – explains problem.

v. Jeff Koch – Motion to accept the 2007 salary ordinance 2006-19 with the exception of 145 the assistant clerical from $4,999.80 to

zero and moving the pretrial diversion community service coordinator to read $6,000.00 and it is up to $100.00 per Saturday. We will

leave other line until we talk to Carol.

w. Carroll Lanning – Seconds the motion.

x. Donald “Butch” Williams – All in favor, motion carried

VII. Adjourn

a. Jeff Koch –Moves to adjourn meeting.

b. Kenneth Rosenberger – Seconds the motion

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – All in favor; “outa here”

Those also present:

John Estridge, Whitewater Publications Tracy Littlefield Ruth Estridge James E Kolb

Marlene Flaspohler, Clerk of Court

To be approved 01/23/07


Franklin County Council Budget Hearings

August 22, 2006 in County Conference Room @ 8:45 a.m.


Donald “Butch” Williams Carroll Lanning Kenneth Rosenberger Jeff Koch Hollie Sintz Martha Bergman Robert Runyon

Elected Officials: Louis Linkel Thomas Wilson Robert Brack

Franklin County Auditor: Carol L. Monroe Franklin County Chief Deputy Auditor: Veronica Voelker

*Donald “Butch” Williams opens meeting with pledge of allegiance – reminds everyone to take plenty of notes

I. Open

a. Carol Monroe – explains budget restrictions. Met with D.L.G.F. and they have indicated we can fund a budget of

about five million / 1.9 million in cuts. You are currently running on around 4.2 million (in county general);

remembering that the health insurance was paid out of the rainy day fund and needs to be moved back into the

general fund. With that, increase in P.E.R.F., etc., you are at the five million dollar mark.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – explains that there was one bond that was never redeemed (from jail lease rental). At

some point, we need to set put a special fund for that fifteen thousand dollars. Continues reading/referring to email

from Charles Johnson.

c. Carol Monroe – will amount about to $200,000.00

II. Tourism

a. Dennis Kolb – we are self-funded (from Innkeepers tax). This is based on the income taken in, in 2005. That way

we know what we have to operate with a year ahead (of time). In the next couple of weeks, we will be at the travel

show. We have been at the Indianapolis and Cincinnati boat show. Just put a billboard next to where the Honda

plant has went (two-year contract for at $400.00 per month). Has given out about fifteen to twenty thousand in

grants. We have been asked for $10,000.00 for the bicentennial (over two years). We are still on Main Street.

Meetings are 2nd Tuesday of the month (7:00 p.m.) and would like for some of you to come and take a look. We

are one (currently) member short. Mr. Bennet resigned and he was representing the food (industry). Joann Prickel

is the director (part time with 24-30 hour limit). May not have a meeting in October, but will know a couple weeks

ahead of time. $50,000.00 is grants, billboard, and tourism shows. We are looking at possibly putting an add in

Midwest Living and that is not cheap. We have a contract for the tourism magazine for $16,000.00 but would like

to scale back on that from a full page to a half of a page and combine with someone like Ripley County. Insurance

covers building, computers, and we have directors insurance. Last year’s budget was $80,000.00 (as opposed to

this year at $86,000.00)

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – I saw the billboard (on 74) and it caught my eye. Have seen in other counties a real

nice sign about five feet high with landscaping (as you enter the County).

c. Dennis Kolb – the maintenance thing is an issue

III. Recorder

a. Mary Seufert-I have asked for a raise, but you know what you can and can’t do. Part time still $3,000.00. Office

supplies I have asked for $500.00 more. Postage keeps the same as well as travels. Telephone I asked for $100.00

more and $250.00 for binding of newspapers. Pretty well everything-don’t need service agreements-make it

$5,000.00. Microfilm I am running close on. You know I have started using more out of my perpetuation fund

since you were in a bind. I did order some roller shelves for when we move and wanting to use part time money to

back load documents since we are on line. I would like to have what I have down if I could. Would like to have a

raise. Appreciate everything you folks do.

b. Robert Runyon – how far back do you go?

c. Mary Seufert – we have deeds back to 91/92. We haven’t started on mortgages yet. Can’t believe how many

documents we have on there since we went on computers

IV. DFC (Department of Family & Children)

a. Terry Suttles – we made it a whole year without being sued by a service provider-got the bills paid. Submitted a

budget this year that is a little less than last year. We have a fairly substantial decrease in institutions. Tapping

into the children’s psychiatric resident fund as much as we can. Our reimbursements have been running 70-80%

per month. Requesting a lot lower tax rate this year. Dropping about 40% from last year on tax rate

b. Carroll Lanning – is the problem from Columbus (institution) taken care of?

c. Terry Suttles – taken care of and we haven’t used them since. The State is going through some things differently

this year. Starting a new community program this year. It is going to service all of the six counties-it is focusing

on the prevention end

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – last year did we do something to catch up some bills

e. Terry Bockover – sometimes institutions hold bills from 2005 – just received a bill for $32,000.00 from 2005. We

never know they are going to do this. We have been very successful in getting those costs down.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – we still want to keep you currentg.

Terry Suttles – we were incurring the cost but not receiving the cash. We didn’t get behind in appropriations but

did in cash

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – most of that you inherited

i. Terry Suttles – our budget is incurred cost, not cushion. We can tap into the reimbursements and when we come

back we won’t be asking for that tax rate. We may go two weeks, nothing and then have thirty kids in placement.

For child services we are still going to be a State Agency. They did separate some of the costs. It will be an issue,

but what way I do not know.

j. Louis Linkel – I think you are doing a great job

k. Terry Suttles – come on down, we are open to any suggestions

V. Area Plan Commission

a. Larry Franzman – last year we talked about raising fees and for total receipts for 2005 = $90,802.97-$66,093.20 as

of yesterday. With fee’s we are able to hold our own. Still looking for a vehicle. Found 2006 models in

Indianapolis for $11,800.00. They are hold over. The one we have here is over 150,000 (miles) and the panel fell

off yesterday.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – (raising fees) thought that was a smart move

c. Larry Franzman – now a lot of counties are looking to do what we have done.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – they (fees) are not out of line.

e. Carroll Lanning – questions executive sessions

f. Larry Franzman – you never know, last year we struck it.

g. Carroll Lanning – one or two cars

h. Larry Franzman – one (flip tape 1). I looked at last years and this is basically the same thing.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – the gas and oil-how are we dong on that. Do we have a contract?

j. Hollie Sintz – it will go for bid in December. $2.02 locked in this year.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – don’t think we will get locked in for $2.02 this year.

l. Larry Franzman – thank you and good luck

VI. Park & Recreation

a. Ted Hensley – part time help increased for the guards. We could pay up to $9.68 but don’t have the funds.

Currently pay $8.80 per hour. We have six summer help with two full time (includes me). Office supplies

increased $200.00 from $300.00 to $500.00. Pretty much what we asked for last year.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions professional services

c. Ted Hensley – to hire engineers, etc. Water testing is not included in this. More than likely we probably wouldn’t

use it. Last year we are at $260,000 on tax rate. We are looking at doing some paving-we need to put a road in for

those twelve campsites. Right now they are driving through the grass.

d. Carroll Lanning – did you get a new lawn mower?

e. Ted Hensley – no

f. Martha Bergman – we don’t need to repave the road do we?

g. Ted Hensley – downhill we do. We may also have to replace some tiles.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions if any trees are available (for timber)

i. Ted Hensley – we may. We have a lot of trees that have died from drought and now looking at the ash borer.

They did several (trees) on the hill to see if we have them and they will be back when the leaves are off.

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – maybe you should have a Forrester come back in. It is a valuable commodity.

k. Jeff Koch – under new equipment do you have something in mind

l. Ted Hensley – a lawnmower.

m. Carroll Lanning – questions transfer to new equipment

n. Jeff Koch – that was for a truck

o. Hollie Sintz – questions equipment

p. Jeff Jones – we added more camp sites and our electric is up

q. Carol Monroe – aren’t your fees covering that?

r. Jeff Jones – not at $3.00 gallon gas

s. Carol Monroe – maybe the fees need raised

t. Donald “Butch” Williams – I heard somebody in the County who was complaining about sewage disposal.

u. Ted Hensley – if you don’t camp there you are charged to dump

v. Donald “Butch” Williams – how do you rates compare?

w. Ted Hensley – 16, 15, 13-we are the cheapest in the area.

x. Jeff Jones – we don’t have what others have

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – are there spots on top of the hill?

z. Ted Hensley – just primitive

aa.Robert Runyon – questions if campers are left there

bb.Ted Hensley – no

VII. Whitewater Valley Library

a. Melody Gault – distributes information. We have applied for ten grants in the past year and these handouts show

what that money is being used for. We are here because we are asking for more than a 5% increase. We have

taken in two more townships (Fairfield and Blooming Grove). We can ask for a higher tax rate because we are

serving a larger area.

b. JoAnn Koch – it takes nothing out of your general fund. You all are the stamp we need. We are not a county

library so we do not fall underneath any of your budgets. This is the only way we can increase our rate. It is not

going to do anything to your general fund. Salt creek is paying $1,000.00 (out of trustee funds) for the students

only-no adults.

c. Carroll Lanning – are you applying for more grants this year?

d. Melody Gault – yes

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – you basically got all of the grants you applied for.

f. JoAnn Koch – two years ago we really took a tremendous hit. We don’t have a rainy day or highway funds. We

had to make tremendous cuts in hours and cut in salaries. With the new townships, it opens the door up and we

will be able to provide more services.

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – all of your projects are paid for?

h. JoAnn Koch – we can’t be in debt

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – you have resolution for tax rates?

j. Carol Monroe – they won’t know until they have assessed values

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – capital projects?

l. Melody Gault – new computers, new roof, we had stucco cleaned

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – just maintenance. Technology is an expensive thing.

n. JoAnn Koch – yes, but it replaces peoples-also, we represented the state of Indiana with our health program. The

tax rate, we don’t know what the assessed valuation would be.

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – you just need from us to communicate to the State that they give you what you are

asking for and you are doing a great job.

p. Melody Gault – reads Resolution 2006-26 (with figure left blank)

i. Robert Runyon motion to put 1 million in

ii. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion

iii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

iv. Donald “Butch” Williams – reads resolution (tape 2)

v. Carroll Lanning – move to accept resolution

vi. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion

vii. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

VIII. Surveyor

a. Joe Gillespie – we are doing the same thing. Our workload continues to increase. Start shuffling money around in

June and July and try to make it to the end of the year. Asked for increase in part time help and my salary. Also

asked for a $500.00 bump in mileage. Use a couple of my vehicles. We got some additional section corners

completed and have a $800.00 bump in that fund. My actual goal in that fund is to accumulate $50,000.00 and get

a GPS device for the county. That would network them all together.

IX. Assessor

a. Sharon Halcomb – did put two-thousand in extra help and may have to do an additional this year. Every year the

forms change. Added to the telephone for the internet. Have a letter from Manatron on those fees.

X. Reassessment

a. Sharon Halcomb – have third deputy and have put part-time money in here in case I don’t get it in general. There is

no way we can enter it -the personal property, we are just going to have to do it the old way. Added line for new

postage. Trending will probably raise tax rates and will be back for an additional for postage for form 11’s. Put

$200.00 in for advertising just in case I need it. Equipment was for when we get over to the new place and this is

for new desks if we need it. Can bring a detailed list of the contractual services. (distributes just before lunch)

XI. Extension

a. Angie Riffle – (interim county director)-distributes information to Council and reviews. Wanted to show you what

we could do with a full time position.

b. Martha Bergman – questions contractual

c. Angie Riffle – in order to have two full time staff you have to pay $36,810.00 (for Hollie Murray and my position).

Our extension board is asking for the half time person to be full time.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – there is now way to share one of these positions?

e. Angie Riffle – Union has one and Fayette has two full time, Rush has a ½ time that is county funded (not shared

with anyone). Dearborn has a full time Ag. educator.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams-how did the fair work out

g. Angie Riffle – it was tiring, but we got through it. We have a great group of volunteers. Paying Nick (Dearborn

County) mileage to come and look at pastures. Larry (Franzman) was concerned about quorum for (APC)


h. Donald “Butch” Williams – question if Angie (Riffle ) could do that

i. Angie Riffle – would not feel comfortable since I have no training in that area

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – neither did anyone (else) on the board

XII. Cumulative Bridge

a. George Hartman – (spreadsheet from yesterday). This defines bridges in counties-reviews spreadsheets. Currently

have 116 bridges in inventory (min. of 20ft).

b. Louis Linkel – there is no way we could build these bridges with (just) local money.

c. George Hartman – INDOT has done some revisions in their staff (tape 3). Have a lot of low water crossings

d. Jeff Koch – questions construction on Vine Street

e. George Hartman – hoping by late September

f. Robert Runyon – are you benefiting from major moves?

g. George Hartman – each county is designated to receive money in late October-but they have cut down.

h. Louis Linkel – it is still a big benefit

i. Hollie Sintz – it is going into MVH (motor vehicle highway)

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – you read in the paper that we are getting $856,000.00 and we don’t have money to

build bridges. The general public see this and wonders why bridges aren’t getting done.

k. Mark Ball – distributes information. Worked for the county for eleven years and here to talk about raises. Our

portion comes from the MVH fund that is funded by gas tax. We are basically asking we are considered to be a

different entity. They asked for $1,000.00 this year, which is basically .42 cents per hour. It is not putting any

hindrance to the county general fund. I read the notes from last year (budget hearings) and we were overlooked. I

am asking that the county highway is considered as a separate entity.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – I am glad you came, anytime any of the employees need to speak to Council it is an

open stand. You’ve done a good job.

XIII. Health

a. Diane Turney – we did ask for raises. We tried to keep what we could the same and decreased a couple of things.

We were able to decrease the health insurance since an employee is not taking the family plan ($5,000.00). Most

of the stuff stayed the same-asked for a $500.00 increase in mileage.

b. Angie Snyder – Asked for $100.00 increase in postage. We still have a few books that need to be taken care of.

Need to run immunization adds. Equipment we put $500.00 in. With the raises we matched the social security and

PERF. Would really like to see a raise with the cost of living etc.

c. Diane Turney – the insurance was raised when we didn’t get a raise, so that was like a pay cut

d. Angie Snyder – and the flex card was taken away. It we don’t budget for some things, afraid something is going to

go wrong.

e. Diane Turney – the State is good about giving us equipment. They gave us a network printer but now we can’t use

it because a network card is bad. I know it is bad-I don’t care anymore. After a while you get tired of hearing it.

And you get what you pay for-that is sad but true. When I look at all of this stuff, it is depressing.

f. Angie Snyder – I am tired of being behind time.

g. Hollie Sintz – how long have you been with the County?

h. Angie Snyder – twelve years

i. Diane Turney – why doesn’t the County have employee evaluations to give raises. One person can be doing

nothing and another is busting their but, they get the same raise-that is not fair.

j. Louis Linkel – always like the across the board across the board than a percent

k. Carol Monroe – would like to see longevity (for all employees) like we have in one department

l. Thomas Wilson – base a raise on how much money you have

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – I know you get tired of hearing it (we don’t have money), I get tired of saying it.

n. Diane Turney – what is the answer?

o. Carol Monroe – Economic Development

p. Angie Snyder – we come to the council meetings when we are supposed to and pitch in when we can.

q. Thomas Wilson – why can’t everyone use the same attorney

XIV. Break

XV. Magistrate

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – Judge Cox has informed us that by appointing a magistrate to help handle the case load

and is asking for our nod-so to speak

b. Jeff Koch – they (State) have already been notified

c. Judge J. Steven Cox – has notified necessary agencies/people. When the Commission on Courts is considering

putting a bill together we have to be on board. This coming Tuesday is the first hearing (the first opportunity they

will have to address me). At that hearing they will want to know if we have talked to Commissioners, Council, etc.

d. Jeff Koch – how early would/could we have one?

e. Judge J. Steven Cox – July of 2007. May be January of 2008, or they may say you are busy, but people are ahead

of you. Worst case would be they deny it.

f. Martha Bergman – this has been in the making-that we are growing.

g. Judge J. Steven Cox – we have been needing for some time now. We re-configured the caseload, the calendar, and

looked at everything we do as a court and got rid of things the court should not be doing. It created problems for

the clerk. We also computerized. When I came we had typewriters. Technology, restructuring and cutting the fat

out has brought us as far as we could.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – the State would pay for the salary, benefits, etc. This kind of growth we have no

control over.

i. Judge J. Steven Cox – it is the most economically/feasible for us. I think it would be wonderful to have a second

court, but that is a luxury we can’t afford. A senior judge would help, but the days are limited. In looking at all of

our options, this was the most economical.

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – do you want to act as a whole?

k. Carroll Lanning – can you write a letter and the President sign it on behalf (of the board).

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you are not in favor of it then don’t vote for it.

m. Hollie Sintz – motion that we follow the Commissioners and write a letter (to endorsee)

n. Carroll Lanning – seconds the motion

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – all in favor; motion carried

p. Judge J. Steven Cox – would be great to have letter by next Tuesday if possible


a. Ed Hollenbach – last ten or twelve years this was the most painful thing I had to do. You are not even in second

place this year. Went to the EMA alliance (not a member) and they did give me a long list of salaries for part

timers. I want you to keep in mind that the $12.000.00 figure you are paying $6,000.00 of that. We jump through

all of the hoops to do that. NIMS this year is a horrible thing. (tape 4) Mary (Burk) does two first deputy jobs. It

is important that we all be identified. Batteries are $95.00 a piece. Asked for travel to be put back in. By the way,

Mary does not take medical insurance. It has been a pleasure working with you.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – we appreciate your work

XVII.E-911 & Communications

a. Joyce Monroe – basically the same as last year. Did ask for longevity again. Short and to the point. Did ask for

overtime pay. If we got that we wouldn’t necessarily need the extra help.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions where part time help came out of in 2005

c. Joyce Monroe – it came out of 911

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – how are you doing on hours?

e. Joyce Monroe – real well.

f. Carroll Lanning – is this working out better than the other

g. Joyce Monroe – yes, very happy with holiday pay.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – the service agreement ($40,000.00)

i. Joyce Monroe – it is pretty close.

XVIII. Treasurer

a. Kenneth Rosenberger – where can we cut?

b. Rebecca Oglesby – no where if you want us to collect timely-in 2 ½ weeks we certified. We have to balance to the

penny every day. We did really well. May is always bigger, going into November (will need less). You gave me

$12,000.00 and we have $2,000.00 left (in part time help).

c. Kenneth Rosenberger – do you have people pay all of it (taxes) in May

d. Rebecca Oglesby – some do.

e. Carroll Lanning – if you had a second deputy would you need extra help

f. Rebecca Oglesby – yes

g. Hollie Sintz – do you have the same people

h. Rebecca Oglesby – I have one. Beth has been very good, she is skilled. I had my son, he was good and hired

Danny Hill part time. The buck stops at my office. May have to replace a monitor. I don’t have too much to trim.

If they take postage up, we do demand notices. Looking into getting a collection agency to go after personal


i. Kenneth Rosenberger – if the County can’t afford an extra full time person-how much would it take?

j. Rebecca Oglesby – fifteen thousand. If the county has a building boom-this past few years Franklin County has

boomed with subdivisions. Going in, I would have to have fifteen thousand just to make it work.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – your up to rate is hire than everyone else’s

l. Rebecca Oglesby – I want to keep Beth

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – a lot of business’s think they are going to lose

n. Rebecca Oglesby – I want it to $9.75

o. Carol Monroe – Veronica (when part time) was at $8.25

p. Rebecca Oglesby – Beth has been here


a. John Cookendorfer – we are in the process of building a home for the EMS (rescue, training). We will have to

borrow a little money but will be able to pay for about half up front. We will get it done

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – is there talk of adding a 5th unit

c. John Cookendorfer – about half (of County) say no

d. Thomas Wilson – some of the County is not even served by the Franklin County EMS

e. John Cookendorfer – Fayette County is billing us for the A.L.S.

f. Thomas Wilson – eventually we need our own medic service, when we can afford it

g. John Cookendorfer – we think we will need to pay about $14.00 per hour

h. Carroll Lanning – how much do you get back?

i. John Cookendorfer – it is about 45% with the billing. The County gets one real bang for the buck. The

compensation thing has worked out real well.

j. Thomas Wilson – there are two counties in the state that does not have paramedic service and we are one of them.

(besides Dearborn). Jennings County pays for advance medic service for $500,000.00 per year.

k. John Cookendorfer – we have five paramedics on our squads and two in school. You have been getting off cheap

over all of these years. If you learn how we operate, the County wouldn’t have money problems.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – you get to the point where you have to have full time paid people.

m. John Cookendorfer – when I joined Council that was one of the main reasons. There are people that drive sixty

miles and have to get a babysitter (just to volunteer). You have a lot of people that make a lot of sacrifices.

n. Carroll Lanning – what is the $72,000.00-community involvement?

o. John Cookendorfer – that is what we pay for compensation and the $1,500.00 is for paying frontier to write the


XX. Cemetery

a. Ed Baker – distributes book. Budget request is $26,000.00; broken down into restoration of $24,000.00/Misc.

Materials of $1,700.00/Travel of $300.00. Reviews history of board. Projected cost for 2007 = Conn Cemetery we

estimate a cost of $4,500.00. Longernecker = estimate cost is $3,700.00. Jenks = estimate is $1,700.00 (about nine

stones in there). Gant (lower Possum Hollow Road)-4/5 stones. Hite (Posey Township), very old pioneer

(cemetery). Berry cemetery off of Holland road. Included procedure (we use) for quoting (flip tape 4). We think

we can do woven wire fence for almost the same cost and created a plot map. We determine how many stones

need repaired and reset then do some cost estimates. We can’t do them all, we would like to. We do believe the

ones we can verify, we should go in some way and verify them. Hancock, Old Liberty, Reed, Mansel, White, and

Deercreek no longer have stones. We use a lot of fence post. We like to put a fence around any cemeteries that

have animals. We are trying to get a record for people of Franklin County for the future. We have a program that

is working well, we could become leaders in preservation. We are trying to play catch up. We do have a good

group and we can manage this money

b. Robert Brack – how many cemeteries have been deeded to the County?

c. Ed baker – I don’t know, would have to get with Pat Smith – there are county, city, and township as well as private


d. Robert Brack – they are quite a few

e. Louis Linkel – they are very nice.

f. Ed baker – appreciate your time

XXI. Coroner

a. Rick Gill – requesting $6,500.00 to bring it up to at least half of the Coroner (salary) because you are on call 24

hours per day. Their responsibilities are the same as mine in my absence. We average about twenty to twentyseven

people per year and an autopsy averages about $1,000.00 a piece. We try to keep it minimal, but sometimes

we can’t. You can scratch radio maintenance., we were given money from prosecutors’ office and getting two

radios’ through Ed Hollenbach office. Requesting $5,000.00 to use for software, right now we have none. What

is have is what I created and it is alright, but we need to be as professional as possible. Am dealing with another

coroner and the software he is looking into is a little cheaper. $3,500.00 is the one I have right now and the one he

is looking is a little cheaper than that

b. Robert Runyon – you are trained?

c. Rick Gill – the deputies have to be trained and the coroner doesn’t have to, but I go through the same training as

they do. The autopsy’s answer the questions when you get to court. It puts the liability different places.

d. Carroll Lanning – when do we not have to pay for it?

e. Rick Gill – if family request it they pay for it or when I can talk to doctor and he can determine it.


a. Dale Maxie – asked for-again by the advice of jail inspections-for additional six jailers. Asking for a raise for

everybody. Basically same thing with a 5% increase. We jumped the medical services because of all of the


b. Jeff Koch – do you have a project in mind for building repairs?

c. Dale Maxie – that covers anything that comes up/broke

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – jump in operating supplies

e. Dale Maxie – just asking for it to help it out.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – computer maintenance = $30,000?

g. Susan Jones – you cut those out last year and it went to cum. cap. That is the reason for the difference

h. Dale Maxie – we asked to buy equipment money back.

XXIII. Sheriff

a. Dale Maxie – asked for a raise, two new deputies. Right now currently the sheriff dept is behind four new cars.

Gas and oil-who knows.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – deputy holiday pay is showing less in request.

c. Dale Maxie – on offset of election year you only have 12

d. Carroll Lanning – part time clerk-why the jump?

e. Dale Maxie – we found out we can work them more hours. Want to pay merit board more than $15.00 for every

meeting we have. On equipment we asked for $5,000.00

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – when the software was bought, you agreed to help pay for it but don’t see it in the


g. Dale Maxie – I will pay for what ever I can if it is in my budget.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – what does the part time clerk do?

i. Dale Maxie – they send out all of the collection taxes; it is mandated. Also they do a lot of the computer upgrades.

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – you have by law you have mail out collection for back taxes for business. How many

girls work in the office?

k. Dale Maxie – Two clerk’s full time and one matron and the part time. The part time update the computers.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – how many hours do the full time work?

m. Dale Maxie – same as the courthouse-36 (thirty-six) hours. All sex offenders have to register with the sheriff.

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – you are doing some of the same things the clerk and treasurer is doing.

o. Jeff Koch – on sheriff sale, what happens to that money?

p. Dale Maxie – 99% of the time the finance company or the bank will bid what is owed. We collect $13.00 to

handle the paperwork. If somebody buys a property, they have got to write me a cashier’s check by 3:00 that

afternoon. We deposit the check into our checking account and it is paid to the bank or whoever.

q. Hollie Sintz – the county doesn’t benefit from a sheriff sale?

r. Carol Monroe – if they have back taxes they do.

s. Robert Runyon – who gets the money from a speeding ticket?

t. Dale Maxie – State does, but if we write the speeding ticket on a county ordinance, we get part of that money. Did

some digging on D.O.C. money. Federal government pays state of Indiana $85.00 per day and the State is paying

us $30.00 per day.

XXIV. Small Animal Control

a. Dale Maxie – part time help increase. This is a new one for me.

b. Hollie Sintz – what is other services and charges?

c. Susan Jones – vehicle maintenance.

d. Dale Maxie – tires, oil changes, belts for lawn mower. He is requesting a small shed.

e. Robert Brack – I put that salary in every year.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – are you his supervisor?

g. Dale Maxie – every sheriff in the state is responsible for dogs and cats. I am taken all of the dog calls through the


h. Robert Brack – if it is done right, it can be self sufficient. (tape 5). There is going to be times with this person will

need to write tickets.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – questions dog tax

j. Carol Monroe – it is gone

k. Robert Brack – we are looking into it

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – as far as making it, it’s own thing it is up to council.

m. Dale Maxie – transports and paper could almost be a fulltime job right there. These papers are absolutely get out

of hand. I went out two days to just get caught up.

XXV. Stayin Alive (#40 tape 5)

a. Drug Free Community/267

i. Bonnie Blades – decreased salary for coordinator and increased training for professional improvement.

Decreased postage, mileage, and discretionary. These dollars are not tax dollars, they are through the court

system. This is counter measure fee assessed through drug and alcohol offenses.

ii. Donald “Butch” Williams – why did you lower director?

iii. Bonnie Blades – we have an executive director now. We have hired a program assistant.

b. Choices/294

i. Bonnie – total is $30,000.00 and has been the same for the past few years.

ii. Donald “Butch” Williams – pretty clear cut

XXVI. Soil & Water

a. Mike Schwab – distributes a leverage by dollars handout and reviews. By every dollar you give our office you get

back (from the state of Indiana) $26.29 back in your pocket in the County. Other local matches like Clean Water


b. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have no wet land proceeds?

c. Mike Schwab – not at the present time

d. Betty Gabbard – that is a hard sell in Franklin County

e. Mike Schwab – There are some things not on here. There are payments the farmers get like tobacco and disaster

payments and it adds to somewhere around eleven million=that would raise that $26 to around $300.00.

XXVII. Continue/Break

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we will be continuing the budget hearings tomorrow morning-same time 8:30/8:45


XXVIII. Reconvene Wednesday, August 23, 2006

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – resume budget hearings at 8:45 a.m.

XXIX. Auditor

a. Carol Monroe – not going to make a big presentation because I know where we are at. I know we are going to

have the same budget we had this year with a few adjustments. You know what I need-you know what everyone

needs. I think the whole state of Indiana knows I am a person short right now and we know why. The part time

was working four days a week. All of the girls have stepped up and we deal with what we have.

b. Carroll Lanning questions rebinding of records

c. Carol Monroe – that is supposed to be done every reassessment year and the books haven’t been rebound since the

‘80’s. That is something that can be done out of reassessment or cum cap. It is something that needs done to

preserve the books. This year all of our computer maintenance was paid out of cum cap this year. The bad part is

you have to be certified by the state of Indiana to have software for these counties.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – that is where they get you.

e. Carol Monroe – suggests going to ’06 budget and make your adjustments from there.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – when you figured this the guys at the park said we took the park rate

g. Carol Monroe – you did not take the park rate, the park can fund itself. My understanding was at a whole the goal

of County Council was to make park self-funding.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – did you put the cum. bridge back to where it was?

i. Carol Monroe – everything is back to where it was. When D.L.G.F. came down and looked at the budget they said

out of county general, park, health, and election you were looking at cutting about 1.9 million. Reassessment

(putting the rate back) cost (the county) about $88,000.00 and cum. Bridge we don’t know until we get assessed

values and that is anywhere from $350,000.00 to $450,000.00 that rate brings in.

j. Donald “Butch” Williams – so last year the park’s part of the pie went into the general. You thought you had some

discrepancy with what one thought and the other.

k. Carol Monroe – this is the worst scenario.

XXX. Spillman

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we need to keep in mind, no where in here have I seen a line that when the first bill

comes for that software over there, where she (Auditor) is going to pay for that. Before we leave here and close

this budget, we have to put a line for that payment. When that bill comes in February there has to be an

appropriation somewhere

b. Carol Monroe – Louis (Linkel), do you know if the attorney’s opinion was sent to Spillman,

c. Louis Linkel – don’t know

d. Carol Monroe – so that you know, they called me because they were waiting on an attorney’s opinion and they said

if they don’t get it soon they wanted to re-write the contract. They are tired of waiting and want to re-write


XXXI. Budget Cuts

a. Carol Monroe – Do you have an idea of how you want to do this so that Vicky (deputy Auditor) can get started?

b. Hollie Sintz – I think we should go back to 2006 and add to that

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – that makes our job a whole lot simpler.

d. Kenneth Rosenberger – if at all possible I would like us to cut deeper to come up with a cost of living raise

e. Carol Monroe – I don’t see how we are going to do that.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – going back to last year-it is pretty bare bones. We are in this together, but I don’t want

to sit here for two days and end up where we are. Let’s try to cut some corners.

g. Kenneth Rosenberger – lets start at the ’06 budget. Are Commissioners going to pick up what they picked up this

year Lou (Linkel)?

h. Louis Linkel – out of cum. Cap.?

i. Kenneth Rosenberger – yes

j. Louis Linkel – I don’t know, we have taken some out of cum. Cap. I don’t think it will be good as it was last year.

k. Hollie Sintz – you have already asked for the cum bridge rate back

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – with the major moves money, can’t we do a little trading there?

m. Louis Linkel – I don’t know. Everything is going up and the fuel is bothering me more than anything.

XXXII. Clerk

a. Marlene Flaspohler – I did not change it much from 2006. Did add/request for sixth deputy. The last time we

added a full time was in 2001. You hear from judge and prosecutor that the case load has increased. If that doesn’t

happen, in the part time help would like the $17,000.00 to pay. Increased raises by $2,000.00. The attic supplies

are for acid free boxes for the entire court house. The clerk has three meetings a year. The summer meeting is

mandated by the State. Did away with safety deposit box-hoping to get safe currently in the treasurer’s office.

Computer maintenance.-had included for a new system and added the maintenance. Would like to keep $6,000.00

in there. Equipment-that is the computers. Been looking at the case management system. Our current system was

bought in 2001 and operates on 95 windows. There is no public terminal-we have to index everything. Tickets are

all done by hand. The biggest thing is financial. We keep three different books-there are only three counties in the

state not on computer

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – we talked about the magistrate, will that be putting more work on the clerk

c. Marlene Flaspohler – absolutelyd.

Judge J. Steven Cox – regardless of a magistrate, we have to add a person to process the paper work now. And that

is the same way for Marlene’s office. Reviews need of magistrate and explains how this will double clerks office

(workload). It is true the courtroom is dark sometimes-it is not true because we are not doing things. A magistrate

helps the court even the flow. A magistrate will be producing orders along with me and she (Marlene Flaspohler)

will be doing twice as much. They have a hard time keeping up now-a lot of things have to happen to a piece of

paper before you have to be there. (flip tape 5) The computer system-they system we have works o.k. for court

but does not work o.k. for the Clerk. There are several books that can be eliminated by this. We have done

everything I can think of with technology and moving work-Marlene (Flaspohler-Clerk) got the brunt of that. I try

to be sensitive (though they may not think so). We are grateful for the system we have got but we can do better.

Our system is not j-tech compliant. That is coming. CSI is one of the vendors in the running

e. Jeff Koch – if we do a magistrate, have you figured how many user fees we would get from more cases

f. Judge J. Steven Cox – there won’t be more user fees. There will be an increase in revenue, just because more cases

will be processed. It won’t matter for two years, but believes we will see a backing away or decline of this

criminal load. Any indicators I look at to show growth, I can’t explain the increase. I looked at the issuances of

building permits. There is growth that can be tracked by cannot be correlated with the boom we (court) have been

seeing. The people building the new homes are not using us (court). When it gets down to it, does it matter what

the number is-we are dealing with the numbers we have been dealt. Most people don’t understand-the court

doesn’t ask for this, we either fall behind or do something proactive now. People are ultimately more expensive

than the technology. In the clerks office we can identify ways to streamline them. We are looking for a better

system downstairs (in clerks office) to help us upstairs (court). Now that we have somewhere to house (an

additional person) is was my idea to get the ball rolling.

g. Kenneth Rosenberger – are there any fees you currently do not charge?

h. Judge J. Steven Cox – we collect them all. We all talk about pretrial diversion. On marijuana I raised the fee from

$200.00 to $500.00. Is the court really there treating the same-no. I don’t feel as good about that, but we do what

we do to help fund Stayin Alive. It bothers me treating people differently based on substance.

i. Carroll Lanning – what kind of maintenance fees are going toward this?

j. Marlene Flaspohler – $12,200.00. All of the fees are kept in our office manually with a calculator and turned over

to the Auditor’s office once a month.

k. Judge J. Steven Cox – we are at a point we have to deal with the load and whatever we do upstairs has to be dealt

with downstairs.

l. Marlene Flaspohler – the total package is $89,721.00. That includes the software and new hardware (nothing

works on 95 windows). The hardware we have to have (computers, pc, and printers for judge, clerk, and

probation). They would want $25,000.00 down and the rest could be paid over three or five year period. We can

handle the $8194.20 plus $25,000.00 down. For the following years $8,194.20 plus $9,700.00

m. Judge J. Steven Cox – the $8,190.00 is something – the court can pay that. What we are really looking at is the


n. Carol Monroe – will any other office benefiting from this?

o. Marlene Flaspohler – the prosecutor

p. Carol Monroe – will this help with their workload?

q. Judge J. Steven Cox – yes, they will use it just like we will.

r. Marlene Flaspohler – has $18,000.00 could go half or $10,000.00

s. Kenneth Rosenberger – are there any grants?

t. Judge J. Steven Cox – not aware of. Some counties (which we did not qualify for) received money just to go on

computers. We are down to needing $40,000.00

u. Kenneth Rosenberger – will this help eliminate work from part time?

v. Marlene Flaspohler – no, 90% of her work is filing.

XXXIII. Election –

a. Marlene Flaspohler – (requested) bare minimum

XXXIV. Judge

a. Judge J. Steven Cox – it is what it always is. We do figure we will get the raises that every other county employee

gets. We need a new copier. We made copies yesterday for the jury and they couldn’t see it.

b. Jeff Koch – questions $40,000.00

c. Judge J. Steven Cox – anything you give there will go toward Marlene Flaspohler

XXXV. Pauper

a. Judge J. Steven Cox – generally you ask me about this. These next couple of years will be expensive for pauper.

What you do with it is up to you. But, whatever that bill is, it has to be paid. Than annual average is $100,000.00.

Out of 1500 pending methamphetamine cases there are 300 left.

XXXVI. Probation

a. Brian Campbell – what we are asking for in the budget minus $10,000.00 is in accordance with the schedule


XXXVIII. Prosecutor 108

a. Mel Wilhelm – asking to keep supplemental the same. Asking for raise for clerical. For assistant clerical it should

be the same. Asking (if I am re-elected) to have permission from council to go full time. Statute requires me to

ask you to go full time. We are moving downstairs and our caseload is skyrocketing. The officers keep us swamp.

My staff comes in early and leaves late and work through their lunch. When we go down stairs we will have more

room and just to keep caught up with the system- (tape 6) will try and help fund a new person. Has $24,000.00 in

pretrial diversion. From year to year don’t know-that is the fund we normally give officers upgrades for new

equipment. They may just have to wait on those things because I need more clerical. I could go half. I know

money is short and has been for some time. I am not trying to break the county.

b. Sharon Newkirk – office supplies are gone since June. Telephone close-do have a question on postage-if I run out

can I do an additional

c. Carol Monroe – I did not allow for any additionals

d. Mel Wilhelm – depositions are going right and left. We have to take some once and a while and we have to pay

the court reporter. We had deposition from a year ago and we had to order it last week. We try to cut down.

Conferences and seminars you are required to pay those. I have to keep my continuing legal education up.

XXXIX. IV-D (County general 145)

a. Mel Wilhelm – the attorney we are asking for – that amount. The prosecutor in the counties are required to do lots

of things involving support. If I am elected or my opponent, the IV-D attorney, there will be someone hired to do

that. For the assistant clerical you are paying $9,000.00 and we are paying the rest out of other funds $3,000.00

and $10,000.00. This does not cost the county that much.

XL. 317/IV-D

a. Mel Wilhelm – If your collections are up, 1/3 goes into the 317 ($10,000.00). They (State) said that incentive

money can only be used for child support purposes and if they do an audit, they can’t be used for county general


XLI. Victim Assistance

a. Mel Wilhelm – that is a grant. What ever money comes in goes out. It goes through the Auditor office and back


b. Carol Monroe – sometimes it goes out before it comes in (notifies Mel of fund being in the red)

XLII.Pretrial Diversion 241

a. Mel Wilhelm – the officers are going to have to wait. Moving downstairs we are going to need more furniture.

We may have to pull some money there if we need it. You have final say so.

b. Sharon Newkirk – last year when you wiped out all of the equipment

c. Mel Wilhelm – we are certainly willing to help if we can. Nothing is free. We may do some painting and cosmetic

things. May take some counter tops out.

d. Robert Runyon – you don’t have a deputy prosecutor?

e. Mel Wilhelm – not right now. I will have one. I have an interim starting next week that is going to fill in. The

guy I have full time cannot start until the end of September and where he was he got a supplement.

XLIII. 307/Deferrel

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – that is part of the assistant clerical?

b. Mel Wilhelm – right

XLIV. Clerk software-Prosecutor

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – the clerk is needing software and do you have five, six, seven, eight thousand?

b. Mel Wilhelm – we could come up with $3,000.00 out of deferral.

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – we know after the first year we could come up with it, but the first year.

d. Sharon Newkirk – it will save on phone calls

e. Hollie Sintz – Marlene Flaspohler has done a good job

f. Carol Monroe – she has done her homework

XLV. Highway

a. Louis Linkel – just a couple of things I want to mention. We did up the fuel because we don’t know what we are

going to tie that in at. We put in for a $1,000.00 raise but otherwise everything was the same.

b. Hollie Sintz – the main thing highway is facing is hot mix. We average about $130,000.00 per month for MVH.

c. Carol Monroe – every year it (revenue) has went down. We don’t have any C.D.’s anymore, you are looking at

just below 1.8 million. Last year we had a c.d. of $450,000 and it is all in cash now.

XLVI. Family Connections

a. Kathy Nevels – been around the last five years and appreciate the support. Has two programs here in Franklin

County. Program geared to strengthen the family the best we can with all of our tools. The Pea Soup program is

doing really well in this area. Healthy families program has done an excellent job. We served one hundred thirty

families in 2005 we currently have 52 families in the county. Our request is for the match money we need. We did

close our office and are working out of our cars and we report to Versailles once a week. They are referred from

W.I.C. (Women Infant Children) and Medicaid. Franklin County and Jennings are our two biggest counties

(referrals). We can stay with the mother until the child is five years old. We love to get the dad’s but

unfortunately they are usually not in the home.

XLVII. Transfer Station

a. Thomas Wilson – you will do what you want to with the budget. I am not to B.S. you. When we put scales in we

took the cheapest bid and the guy from Fairbanks told me you would be sorry, and I am.

XLVIII. Waste Management

a. Thomas Wilson – that is just money that comes back from the solid waste and believes we are only county giving

the money back because we are using it for what it is supposed to be. Tires are killing us. It is $1,500.00 a load

(flip tape 6). We won’t take them on the rim. In the last five years don’t know how many semi loads of tires we

have taken out

b. Louis Linkel – if we didn’t take them they would be (in a ditch)


a. Louis Linkel – it is set up on a three year plan and it supports the highway. We are setting up (out of that) for

economic development. That will get us some extra money if we can get some extra money. Outside of the

$30,000.00 we have some money set back.

b. Thomas Wilson – that is what is going to save this county

c. Louis Linkel – the edit money is what keeps the roads in shape.

d. Thomas Wilson – our big hopes of our Lawrenceburg (money) has been shot with Honda – but Honda is going to

help us.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have a business that is growing in Franklin County-Tool and Die and they are

going to be out of room. We need to be talking to them and ask them what can we do. There are supplies we

haven’t even thought of-the pack Carol (Monroe) had list things you didn’t think of-daycare, etc.

f. Thomas Wilson – there on (State Route) 46 would be great

g. Robert Brack – we have over fifty acres already promised.

h. Donald “Butch” Williams – nobody wants to see farm ground more than I do, but if we are going to lose it, let us

lose it to this.

i. Robert Brack – we just need two or three more in certain areas.

j. Louis Linkel – the County has to operate

L. Prosecutor

a. Mel Wilhelm – Came up with a suggestion, I am concerned that if you are ever audited because I don’t think those

incentive funds were used properly. I think the funds just went into the general fund and was spent. On the new

employee I am asking for-we can justify that she is being used for the prosecutor and IV-D office (salary of

$20,000.00). The other $10,000.00 can be paid by the incentive funds that can only be used for child support. The

State will be reimburse you 2/3 of that.

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – you are saying this person would cost $3,000.00 out of county general,

c. Mel Wilhelm – yes. If that helps you out-I was concerned if we were ever audited those funds would be covered.

d. Carol Monroe – who does child support now?

e. Mel Wilhelm – Phyllis and Diane

f. Carol Monroe – those paid out of county general?

g. Mel Wilhelm – yes, they are reimbursed around $14,000.00. I have it in the IV-D budget. Phyllis is paid out of one

fund and Diane is paid out of three.

h. Carol Monroe – I get two kinds of reimbursements. 1-prosecuting attorney and 2-IV-D of $10,000.00

i. Mel Wilhelm – the $10,000.00 is the incentive and the other is the monthly

j. Carol Monroe – it (monthly) are about $60,000.00/$70,000.00 per year?

k. Mel Wilhelm – yes

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – part of Diane’s is coming out of IV-D and a full time is coming out

m. Mel Wilhelm – right

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – and yours comes out of IV-D

o. Mel Wilhelm – right

LI. Break for lunch

LII. Resume

LIII. Local Road and Street

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – cut and dry

LIV. Covered Bridge

a. Robert Brack – that is money given from the state

LV. Commissioners

a. Robert Brack – what ever you look at

b. Hollie Sintz – health insurance, that is a pretty firm number

c. Thomas Wilson – yes. We talked to them about six weeks ago.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – part time maintenance?

e. Robert Brack – we have two acres to mow and 40,000 square foot building to take care of now

f. Louis Linkel – we are going to need a full time in there.

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you get the full time how much part time do you need?

h. Robert Brack – putting the same system over here that I was putting in over there and that way both people will

know how to work the system.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – legal services?

j. Susan Jones – transferred money out of there to pay for care of inmates but right now have a bill for $20,000.00

that I don’t have money to pay for.

k. Donald “Butch” Williams – EMS, did you sign a contract?

l. Thomas Wilson – we will in January for whatever you give them.

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – insurance down, Laurel Senior Citizens?

n. Thomas Wilson – Harold Fields and his wife is running it.

o. Donald “Butch” Williams – did cattle testing go down?

p. Susan Jones – it was cut down to $500.00 last year

q. Donald “Butch” Williams – $1,000.00 for machinery and equipment?

r. Susan Jones – shelving or if we needed something for janitors. On Family Connection, they did not turn in a

budget so I did not put in anything.

LVI. Courthouse

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – any questions

b. Carroll Lanning – on the extra help?

c. Susan Jones – that is for Doug (Flaspohler) to get someone to help trim bushes, etc.

d. Hollie Sintz – are you going to make a separate (dept)?

e. Robert Brack – it would be good to do that

f. Susan Jones – in a way it would be good

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – it can be done

LVII.Cum. Cap.

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – only asking for about $160,000.00

b. Robert Brack – would like to bring up computer maintenance. You could hire someone and save money.

c. Susan Jones – some of that is licensing

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – the I.T. person only makes about $30,000.00

e. Susan Jones – could you go with (a) contract?

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you could find the right it person

g. Thomas Wilson – we need to do something

h. Carol Monroe – you still need someone who is certified (by State)

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – if you have wiring, printer, etc.

j. Robert Brack – questions being state certified

k. Carol Monroe – must be certified by the state of Indiana (tape 7)

LVIII. Review

a. Robert Brack – what are doing with police cars?

b. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are starting at last year’s budget and going from there

c. Robert Brack – I said I would help you with the clerk’s ($37,000.00)

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – we really don’t know what we need. When you are talking about this computer

system, we are getting down.

i. Judge J. Steven Cox – I will pay $20,000.00 instead of the $10,000.00

LIX. Clerk software

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we needed to come up with $60,000.00 for first year and every year after that the

maintenance the clerk would take care of in her (county general) budget and the Judge would make payments out

of user fees

i. 1st year

1. Marlene Flaspohler – $10,0000.00 (user fees)

2. Judge J. Steven Cox– $20,000.00 (user fees)

3. Mel Wilhelm– $3,000.00 (user fees)

4. Robert Brack – cum cap – $27,000.00 –with custodian at no insurance

LX. Review

a. Hollie Sintz – if we revert back to 2006, some people that have user fees is there anyway those departments can


b. Donald “Butch” Williams – where are we going to make the payment for Spillman

c. Carol Monroe – I think we need to call Dale (Maxie) back (in)

d. Donald “Butch” Williams- phones Dale Maxie

LXI. Spillman

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – question is what is the first payment

b. Sally Henson – we don’t know since there has been a problem I don’t knowc.

Donald “Butch” Williams – we have to have an amount to budget. We can’t-when the bill comes the Auditor has

to have a line to pay that out of other than there is one line in the jail-computer maintenance-and the department

request is for $30,000.00 and in 2005 you had $15,932.00. The $30,000.00 you are requesting nowd.

Sally Henson – licensing agreement, small maintenance fee (for old photographs), three work stations we need to

upgrade next year and we keep a little money in there for RBSK Partners. The larger amount is what we can’t

offset with our funds.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have got to have that number

f. Sally Henson – we don’t have the final paperwork taken care of.

g. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have to have something

h. Sally Henson – we requested that paper work to be taken care of and at some point it is out of our hands

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – ask Sally to “find out what you can find out”

j. Carroll Lanning – you were going to take $30,000.00 and take your other funds?

k. Sally Henson – yes, with what other funds we have available. I will call them right now.

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – receives note (later on tape 7 #20 side B)-first payment for February 15 of $43,422.62

for Spillman

LXII. Computer maintenance (#365 side A tape 7)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – the amount of computer maintenance $90,959.69 was taken out of county general and

paid for by cum. cap. Told Vicky (in Auditor office) to put back everything that we paid out of from a different

fund. Cum. Bridge rate is back, rainy day fund is back.

b. Jeff Koch – last year it should have been 4.7 million

c. Hollie Sintz – wondering people with user fees, do they have money they can pay so we can afford to pick up the

insurance. We are up to where we are basically paying for supplies and salaries.

d. Donald “Butch” Williams – people who have user fees are going to be able to do some on their own.

e. Robert Brack – some of that stuff/building repair, etc we can help. We have Cum. Cap. drained down pretty low.

We can help a little.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – he (Dale Maxie) said he was four cars behind-how far behind are they?

g. Robert Brack – we bought three or four one year.

h. Hollie Sintz – there hasn’t been any at the highway

i. Susan Jones – he totaled a few cars (those are new)

LXIII. Assessor

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – spoke with Sharon (Halcomb) and she can pay for the part time out of reassessment

(flip tape 7)

b. Hollie Sintz – we have come to a point where we don’t have anywhere to go. We are to a point where people are

going to have to use their user fees to pay for the 4200 series. If we cut back to all but salaries she has $13,000.00

in supplies, etc. she could pay those out of reassessment.

LXIV. Review

a. Hollie Sintz – we cannot rely on cum. cap. to fund the budget. We need to get these departments in who have user


b. Judge J. Steven Cox – I fully expect that and those of us who understand the need to use user fees.

c. Robert Brack – let the ones that have it use it

d. Carol Monroe – suggest calling in Department Heads to let them know what it going on.

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – my question is, we think we have this $300,000.00, but we don’t know yet. Are you

thinking we are not going to have any cushion?

f. Hollie Sintz – that is my feeling. We need to turn this around so that county general has a cash balance at the end

of the year.

g. Carol Monroe – you need to remember that some of that revenue is not true revenue; it is (also) what you cut this


h. Hollie Sintz – we need to work together. For example the coroner has things he has to have and we don’t have

anywhere to get the additional.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – break/back at 3:15p.m.

j. Hollie Sintz – reviews individual appropriations with Jeff Koch

LXV. Call in Department Heads and Review (tape 7 side B #100)

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are running close, so we what we are getting at that those of you that have user fees

(Becky, Carol, Larry doesn’t) when it comes to 300 and 200 lines we are going to ask/tell you to dip into your user

fees and help. We are better than we were last year but we used the rainy day fund to pay for insurance. We have

to use money left from jail lease to put toward the new bond. That is where we are at-we are better, but we always

heard from the State you used your excess funds, no we didn’t but last year we did. We didn’t fund any more than

we had, we funded less. The taxes are there, but there are other entities that are getting bigger pieces of the pie and

other entities have ways to increase theirs and we get what is left.

b. Larry Franzman – what does this mean?

c. Donald “Butch” Williams – what we did-we went back to 2006 budget then to get a true figure. Then we took in

the rainy day fund and all of those things we paid for things out of other places we put those back. Then we are

going to see – according to last year we cut back to about 4.7 million and then paid for things out of other places to

get to where the state wanted us. We can fund five million dollars. We have to pay insurance, utilities (on a

second building), P.E.R.F., gas and oil.

d. Larry Franzman – we are at last year’s budget and going to try and operate there at this point?

e. Sharon Halcomb – you are going to find out we are going to be coming back for additional appropriation. We are

not done with last year’s budget.

f. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have no choice

g. Sharon Halcomb – I just ran out of contractual services.

h. Robert Brack –there is no money

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – bills have to be paid

j. Judge J. Steven Cox – all of courthouse-of us who generate a user fee, we prioritize and based on the current

budget, then we are going to have to prioritize. We are going to have to kick in and be called in to use our money

from user fees.

k. Hollie Sintz – we haven’t had a 4400 in three years and this March we cut into 4300. We are back against the wall.

We understand it takes a lot of money to run the government. If there are other resources out there-know that isn’t

fair and some offices don’t have user fees. If we keep going, we will go to 4100 series and that is


l. Larry Franzman – something is going to have to happen. I know you are trying. We are going to have to find a

way to fund the County.

m. Donald “Butch” Williams – That is exactly why we called you up. This is where we are at, at this point. That is

why we called all of you in here.

n. Larry Franzman – everybody has the mandates (from the State) but it doesn’t leave us much to deal with.

o. Robert Brack – that is something we cannot control.

p. Donald “Butch” Williams – it is a fact, if you look at the AIC magazine and they talk about major moves and

Franklin County was supposed to receive $800,000.00 for roads and bridges. But by the time they all get done, it

goes to cities and towns etc. we are down to about $200,000.00.

q. Larry Franzman – why is it the schools are getting a big chunk from the State.

r. Thomas Wilson – the county council can’t generate money

s. Donald “Butch” Williams – right, we get what we are dealt with. We haven’t increased spending, we are just

trying to keep a float. The new government center is on tax rate and only thing that is coming out of general is

utilities. We have the problem for three years.

t. Robert Brack – the answer is getting jobs to increase C.A.G.I.T.

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – you have asked for a new car for four years and you come in with one for $11,900.00.

That is ridiculously cheap and why shouldn’t you have it?

v. Larry Franzman – this looks bleak

w. Jeff Koch – the only way you can change this is to get the legislature to pass a law to change this.

x. Larry Franzman – we cannot be the only county in this predicament

y. Donald “Butch” Williams – we are not only the only county in the only state. I am not blaming you guys but last

year when the school board set their/public hearing there was only (1) person who contested it-(me). My reply

with Dr. Glentzer was we will help you next year and we won’t up it as much. My personal opinion is, if you cut

down education how far are you going to get? If our school system goes to the state, they are not going to buck it.

We are stuck with it.

z. Thomas Wilson – are we saying in 2008 we may have to lay off employees?

aa.Carol Monroe – if we get through to 2008, the Commissioners are pushing for economic development, we get new

companies in (the county)-we can get spill off from Honda (then) we can get C.A.G.I.T. money.

bb.Louis Linkel – that is what we need.

cc.Donald “Butch” Williams – something did improve we are up to five million this year. We just used up all of these

other reserves. If we improve, another $750,000.00 next year we have improved-Lord knows I didn’t do it, you

guys done it, you guys live with it. Larry you raised your fees (Area Plan) and made a big difference. The court is

working their people and Marlene your office is working their buts off and Commissioners you have taken a raise

for three years. That is where we are at and wanted you guys to know where we are at. I don’t like surprises.

When we get down to figures, we are going to do what we can do.

LXVI. Cuts

a. Donald “Butch” Williams – request council to go back through and check the cuts to make sure it is what we want.

#537 We needed to cut 1.9 million to get to where we are at. We are to what they said we had to do. We still have

to figure out how we are going to come up with the (Spillman) project. (tape 8). They (Sheriff Dept.) are

operating on what they did last year. We have over $40,000.00 to pay and we don’t know how much out of that

$30,000.00 is left to pay towards it.

b. Carol Monroe – refers to previous minutes. March-Dale (Maxie) states he is still looking for grants. Spillman then

came and said you needed a G.O. Base-with the loan now totaling $272,990.00. Butch then said we are up to

$300,000.00 and have no money. We still do not have the original contract back.

c. Donald “Butch Williams – they never got that contract to me to sign until April-there was one page (must have

signed 15 times) we missed. I said fine, bring it to me where ever-at home, at work, and they never did. Finally I

came in and signed it, but that was in May.

d. Carol Monroe – the paperwork they are waiting on from Gene (Stewart) is just a formality. In Feb. 10 special

meeting Sally (Henson) stated it would be about $20,000.00 additional in their budget. Dale (Maxie) 2007 there

would be two more payments to the misdemeanant fund of $30,000.00

e. Donald “Butch” Williams – leave it at $30,000.00

f. Carroll Lanning – and they pay the rest-they may have to come up with $20,000.00

g. Carol Monroe – originally there was no need for upgrades on the hardware

h. Jeff Koch – how in the world can they come in and install without having the final contract-you don’t drive a car

and then decide to make payments on it.

i. Donald “Butch” Williams – there is $70,000.00 in misdemeanant fund. We are responsible to see the bills are paid,

we signed the contract. Now, you made a deal and you need to show us what you are going to do-like Steve (Cox)


j. Carol Monroe – wants clarification on Family Connections

k. Jeff Koch – we just read off

l. Donald “Butch” Williams – it was paid in 2006, so it would be there

m. Hollie Sintz – reports back from auditor office with figures

n. Donald “Butch” Williams – we have $30,000 left to cut.

o. Jeff Koch – what does it matter whether we cut it now or in February?

p. Carol Monroe – just ask that the decision (where to cut) is made now.

q. Donald “Butch” Williams – have two things to decide 1-send it like it is or cut it and 2-do we leave the sheriff’s

computer maintenance

r. Jeff Koch – on the sheriff computer deal they are going to have to come up with it. Every once and while Dale

talks about getting grants. They are going to have to go after the grants. Asking about a place to cut money

s. Louis Linkel – when Eldon (Cornelius) was in he got a lot of grants. I haven’t signed any for this one.

t. Carol Monroe – we are draining the Judge, we are draining Marlene (Flaspohler)

u. Donald “Butch” Williams – knows where we could get $15,000.00 and not going to like it but it is fair – could cut

about $15,000.00 from longevity.

v. Carol Monroe – that was done to get the deputies pay up.

w. Donald “Butch” Williams – Don’t want to pick on the sheriff department but no other department gets this. I asked

Dale (Maxie) two years ago.

x. Hollie Sintz – could prosecuting attorney get his phones, etc out of somewhere than county general.

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