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July 22, 2008 meeting minutes


JULY 22, 2008 @ 7:00 P.M.
Those Present: County Council: Donald L Williams Hollie Sintz Carroll Lanning Jeff Koch
Bradley Spurlock Martha Bergman Kenneth Rosenberger
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
County Commissioner: Eric E Roberts
Donald “Butch” Williams opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, meeting was called to order.
MINUTES Jeff Koch moved to accept the Minutes of June 24, 2008. Hollie Sintz seconds the motion. All in Favor (7). Opposed (0).
Motion carried.
BUDGET Susan Jones, Auditor reported after reviewing the 2008 Budget Order, County General is $239,000.00 short in Revenue to support the budget. Also with the additional that had been approved in County General, will need to also cover those appropriations. A reduction in County General will need to be done. We have the $350,000.00 in the County Council Budget under the Contingency Line. It was the general consensus of the County Council to do a Reduction from the County Council’s Budget.
2008‐22 Donald “Butch” Williams reads Additional Appropriation Resolution 2008‐22. The Additional requests are in County General for Coroner Autopsy Fees in the amount of $5,000.00 and Treasurer Equipment in the amount of $1,514.00. Rick Gill, County Corner was not present, Council asked if he is out of funds and if this would cover for the rest of the year. Rebecca Oglesby, County Treasurer was present and said that the Copy Machine in her office and quit and is 10‐years old. A major component needs to be replaced for more than $300.00, plus labor. Received a quote from the Office Shop for $1,514.00 for a Panasonic’s DP8016P Digital Image Copier.
Carroll Lanning moved to approve $1,514.00 for the Treasurer’s Copier and deny the $5,000.00 at the present time, until we can talk to the Corner. Jeff Koch seconds the motion. All in Favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion carried.
County General
10000 Personal Services
20000 Supplies
30000 Services and Charges
40000 Capital Outlay
County General
2008‐23 Donald “Butch” Williams reads Transfer of Funds Resolution 2008‐23.
Jeff Koch moved to accept Transfer of Funds Resolution 2008‐23. Brad Spurlock seconds the motion. All in Favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion carried.
FROM: Coroner – Conference & Seminars $ 2,000.00 100‐107‐4125.00
TO: Coroner – Conference & Seminars $ 2,000.00 100‐107‐4399.00
FROM: Extension – Office Supplies $ 1,000.00 100‐123‐4210.00
TO: Extension – Service Agreement $ 1,000.00 100‐123‐4370.00
FROM: Operator $ 9,000.00 201‐300‐4179.00
TO: Other Current $ 9,000.00 201‐300‐4343.00
FROM: Culvert Installation $ 7,500.00 203‐000‐4376.00
TO: Various Culvert $ 7,500.00 203‐000‐4250.00
2008‐18 Donald “Butch” Williams read the change for the Amended Salary Ordinance 2008‐18. Funds were approved in the amount of $14,295.00 for a Secretary for the Probation Department during the 2008 Budget Hearings. Line was not added to the Salary Ordinance, no one was going to be hired for this position, until the renovation of the courts was completed and moved back to the Courthouse. The Probation Department stayed in the North Annex Building and now has hired a secretary.
Section 239 Adult Supplemental
4125.02 Secretary $14,295.00 32.5 hrs $730.77@bi‐weekly $11.25 per hour
Hollie Sintz moved to accept the change in Amended Salary Ordinance 2008‐18, Adult Supplemental for $11.25 per hour for 32.5 hours a week. Carroll Lanning seconds the motion. All in Favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion carried.
Mike Schwab and Betty Gabbard of the Soil and Water Conservation District and Tara Henry of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture was present and presented information for the Emergency Conservation Assistance Program. Due to the unusual amount of rainfall and flooding in the State of Indiana the State Soil Conservation Board voted to begin establishing funding needs for affected landowners by enlisting the assistance of the Soil and Water Conservation Districts who serve the primary and contiguous federally declared disaster counties. The deadline for the assessments is to be emailed to the Grants Coordinator by 4:00 P.M. on Friday, July 25, 2008. Eligible counties should assess damaged agricultural/forestry land in their area, develop a plan to get the land restored to productive use, and estimate a dollar amount to accomplish the task. Suggested projects include: Tree planting, soil testing, incentive programs, cover crop plantings, temporary fencing, pasture restoration, custom application of manure, transportation costs, renting/leasing of equipment, technical assistance, constructed wetlands, education, time on a backhoe, moving soil around, and matching at the federal/state/local level may be the types of tools that landowners and farmers will find important as they attempt to restore their land and operations to working order. Carroll Lanning asked about the Lilly Foundation, was said the Applications are available. Brad Spurlock mentioned the river is taking the land. The Property Owner would need to apply for the Grant Funding.
Michael Moore, President of the Metamora Regional Sewer District is asking the County for Assistance in helping the Metamora Regional Sewer District in making their next payment that is due January 2009. We are going to be short $40,000.00, asking for help from the County, would be a short term loan. Mr. Moore said that they were able to make the July 2008 payment, but needed to burrow from other funding within their accounts. The Metamora Regional Sewer District have filed (32) Liens, who have not paid their sewer bills, and (11) law suits against the property owners who have not hooked up. The District has (213) Account, (85) Accounts owe $43,000.00 (24) owe $100.00 or less and the (61) Accounts combined owe $42,000.00. Butch Williams said we have not had this type of request before, we are going to have to cut the 2008 Budget $239,000.00. Mr. Moore said there could possibly be a rate increase if the payment is not made in January. There are no funds available from the County.
SYSTEM Eric Roberts told the County Council since the last meeting in regards to the Lease Purchase of the New Phone System, he had looked into burrowing the funds from a local bank. The interest rate from the lease purchase was high, and had received a quote from one of the banks and it is lower, still waiting on quote from two other banks. It was agreed to pursue a loan from a bank.
Carroll Lanning reported that it is a Corporation, had talked to Gene Stewart and Judd McMillin. Cannot do anything with the Corporation, but deny the funding at Budget time. The Cash funds are getting low, the Corporation has been putting funds in to pay salary for the rest of the year. Gene Stewart had said we would need to form a Commission by IC Code. If the Commission is appointed, they would be able to continue with the Corporation. Brad Spurlock said he would not support a Corporation if we have no say so.
ADJOURN Brad Spurlock motioned to adjourn. Jeff Koch seconds the motion. All in Favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion carried. Next Meeting scheduled at 9:00 A.M. on August 26, 2008.
PRESENT Mike Schwab Betty Gabbard Tara Henry Scott McDonough Becky Oglesby
John Estridge Michael Moore
__S/ Donald L Williams______________________________ _______________________________________________
Donald L Williams Donald L Williams
__S/ Hollie Sintz___________________________________ _______________________________________________
Hollie Sintz Hollie Sintz
__S/ Jeffery C Koch_________________________________ _______________________________________________
Jeffery C Koch Jeffery C Koch
__S/ Bradley L Spurlock_____________________________ _______________________________________________
Bradley L Spurlock Bradley L Spurlock
__S/ Martha Bergman______________________________ _________________________________________________
Martha Bergman Martha Bergman
__S/ Kenneth j Rosenberger_________________________ _________________________________________________
Kenneth J Rosenberger Kenneth J Rosenberger
__S/ Carroll Lanning________________________________ _________________________________________________
Carroll Lanning Carroll Lanning
ATTEST: _S/ Susan A Jones__________________________
Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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