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March 25, 2008 meeting minutes


MARCH 25, 2008 @ 7:00 P.M.
Those Present: County Council: Donald L “Butch” Williams Hollie Sintz Bradley Spurlock
Jeffery C Koch Martha Bergman Carroll Lanning
Kenneth J Rosenberger
County Auditor: Susan A Jones
County Commissioners: Thomas E Wilson Donald M VonderMeulen
Donald “Butch” Williams opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and called meeting to order and reported that the County Council had went to the Security Center and visited the E‐911/Communications Center. We hadn’t been there since the new equipment was put in. This is a very busy place and takes very special people to set in there 12 hours at a time, with all the radio’s and phone going all the time.
MINUTES Hollie Sintz moved to accept the minutes of February 26, 2008. Kenneth Rosenberger seconds the motion. All in favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion carried.
Melody Gault, Director of the Whitewater Valley Public Library District presented to the County Council their Library Capital Projects Fund Plan for the years 2009 – 2011. The Capital Projects Funds according to Indiana State Law may request no more than .0133 per $100/assessed valuation. A Capital Funds Project tax would raise approximately $68,560.00 annually. The Library Board of Trustees is asking permission to levy the tax amount of .0133 per $100/assessed valuation.
The Library Taxing Districts includes Brookville Town and Township, Laurel Town and Township, Metamora Township, Posey Township, Fairfield Township and Blooming Grove Township. There are (2) Library’s in the District, the Brookville Public Library and the Laurel Public Library. Last year both libraries worked 57 hours per week. Had a total of 49,036 visitors at both libraries. Total registered borrowers were 3,113 in 2007, was down from 2006 was 4,834; (they had purged their system).
Projects planned for 2009 at the Brookville Library are repairs to the sidewalk and retaining wall for $9,000.00, and at the Laurel Library the Stucco on the columns is needing repaired for $6,000.00. Looking to replace the fax machines at each library (old ones are over 7 years old) for a cost of $700.00. Also looking to lease new copy machines at each library costing $4,300.00. Plans are also to purchase an accounting system and one‐year support for $8,500.00. Technical Support for Computers at both buildings is $7,400 and Automation License $10,300.00. They are allocating $9,000.00 for future project (new roof at Laurel Library and funds for an outreach van or mini bookmobile).
Hollie Sintz questioned, since Salt Creek Township did not renew their contract, will that pose a problem with funds. Melody replied that they had picked up Blooming Grove and Fairfield Townships this past year. Butch Williams asked, do may people use your computer system. Approximately 30 people do online college courses on them. Also approximately 60 people a month use the wireless internet.
Brad Spurlock made motion to approve Resolution 2008‐11. Jeff Koch seconds the motion. All in favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion carried.
DEPUTIES PAY Sally Henson, Representing the Franklin County Sheriff Department has concerns with the Probationary Deputy Pay for 2008 and what is on the Salary Ordinance. It has been past practice that the Probationary Deputy’s position was paid at the rate of $1,000.00 less per year than the lowest paid Merit Deputy’s rate. Merit Deputy Wages for the year is $32,927.20. The 2008 yearly amount budgeted for the (2) Probationary Deputies is $31,428.80 each. This leaves a gap of $1,498.40 between the Probationary Deputies and the Merit Deputies. In order to bring the Probationary Deputy’s wage in line with past practices $996.80 should be transferred into line 105‐4110.04. This amount would bring the Probationary Deputies yearly wage to $31,927.20, their bi‐weekly rate to $1,227.97 and their hourly rate to $15.35.
Will need to amend Salary Ordinance at the next meeting for the Probationary Deputies yearly wage to $31,927.20, their bi‐weekly rate to $1,227.97 and their hourly rate to $15.35. Additional funds are not needed as the Probationary Deputies were not hired at the beginning of the year, so there should be enough funds appropriated to cover the rest of the year.
FUND REPORT Sally Henson also presented the County Sheriff’s Report of Receipts and Disbursement of the Commissary Fund for the Period August 1, 2007 thru January 1, 2008. Beginning Balance $28,903.00, with receipts totaling $15,793.77, total Disbursements $25,522.58, leaving a balance of $19,174.19. Sally reported they have purchased a copy machine and added a couple of new computers to the department; this was paid out of the Commissary Fund. Funds that are receipted in the Commissary Fund are funds generated from the contract with D & D Vending, Inmate Telephone, Vending Machines and Work Release Drug Testing. Sally worked with the State Board of Accounts to set this up and the way it should be.
Sally had also asked if there was some kind of Resolution that could be prepared to give blanket approval or set guidelines on what can be spent on a regular basis (food, medicine, postage). Butch said he likes to see where the funds are spent. Brad Spurlock asked if an amount can be put on an item. Hollie would be in agreement with Brad suggestion with a $3,000.00 Cap on each item. Butch was in agreement. Brad suggested that Sally check with the State Board of Accounts on the $3,000.00 limit. Sally will get with Nancy Wright, State Board of Accounts.
Sally also reported that they will be over budget in Jail Medical, there had been $63,000.00 budgeted for 2008. Paid $45,000.00 for the Contract for Medical Services. Looking to be short $10,000.00 to $15,000.00. We have had several pregnancies, intensive care and had various other issues. We started out in the hole at the beginning of the year. Can pay some out of Inmate Medical.
PAYMENT Sally also mentioned that the Spillman Maintenance Agreement needed to be paid, it took everything we had to make the payment and the Spillman Payment is due in April, will be doing an Additional Appropriation for $15,000.00 out of the Misdemeanant Fund.
SUPPORT The Town of Brookville is asking the County Council for a Letter of Support in obtaining grant funds from the City of Lawrenceburg to help with a Main Street Water/Sewer System Project.
Hollie Sintz moved to sign the Letter of Support. Brad Spurlock seconds the motion. All in favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion Carried.
ADJOURN Brad Spurlock motions to adjourn. Jeff Koch seconds the motion. All in favor (7). Opposed (0). Motion carried.
Others Present: Sally Henson Gene Meyer John Estridge
Ruth Estridge Scott M McDonough Pat Combs
Linda Bruns Melody L Gault
_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Donald L Williams Donald L Williams
_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Hollie Sintz Hollie Sintz
_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Jeffery C Koch Jeffery C Koch
_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Carroll Lanning Carroll Lanning
_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Bradley Spurlock Bradley Spurlock
_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Martha Bergman Martha Bergman
_______________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Kenneth J Rosenberger Kenneth J Rosenberger
ATTEST: ________________________________________
Susan A Jones, Auditor Franklin County

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