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Meeting Minutes July 20, 2009




July 20, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room 

Those Present:       County Commissioners:     Eric E Roberts                     Thomas E Wilson                                             

County Auditor:       Susan A Jones

 Deputy Auditor:         Vicky Neeley

Commissioners Secretary:           Carol Westerman


Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

MINUTES    Tom Wilson motioned to approve Minutes of July 6, 2009.  Eric Roberts seconded.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT   Eric Roberts moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report June 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Motion carried.

 EMPLOYEES BLANKET BOND   Tom Wilson motioned to approve the Employees Blanket Bond.  Eric Roberts seconds.  Motion carried.

BOND FOR SANDY HILL TREASURER’S OFFICE   Tom Wilson motioned to approve the Employee Bond for Sandy Hill (First Deputy Treasurer).  Eric Roberts seconds.  Motion carried.

REX    Chris Basista, Rex Representative reported they know the repairs on the roads are not completed, waiting until project is completed.  They are still hauling heavy equipment over the roads.  Bruce Olsen is doing the permanent repairs to the roads.  Price Construction is still working on the County Roads doing temporary repairs they will overlap the permanent repairs.  Eric Roberts and Tom Wilson are concerned about roads needing repairs and discussed the meeting in February between them and O’Mara.  Tom Wilson asked is any parts of the County that the property owners have their property restored.  Susan Grinnell reported some of the property owner’s easements are totally done close to Decatur County.  Allen Fore reported Hickory Road was in bad shape, they have put more gravel on the road.  They are working on Orchard, Wolf Creek, because of the complaints they are receiving.  By the end of the month the big equipment should be out of the County.  Then we will have a meeting to see what roads need repaired.  Eric Roberts asked if contractor is in place to start repairs in (2) weeks.  REX Officials said they need to have meeting with the County to get Contractors in place and get estimates.  Brian DeFossett, District Road Foreman was concerned about roads not being repaired and big equipment still on it.  Roberts asked why they did not have a representative from Price Construction here today.  Allen Fore said he didn’t think it was necessary.  Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director reported culverts on Stipps Hill Road need repaired.  Chester Ball, District Road Foreman reported there will be updates to the list of roads needing repairs.  REX Officials will meet again with the Commissioners at 11:00 A.M.  Bob Doherty asked about vehicles damaged by roads, he said Bullfork and Stipps Hill Road are in bad shape, also, concerned about wrecks on Davison Road.  Mr. Doherty asked about fees set aside for repairs to County owners vehicles.  Susan Grinnell, Land Agent for REX said she is the person to talk to concerning repairs to vehicles damaged by roads.  Chris Basista said repairs get done when requested.  Sara Duffy asked if in the future years REX would come back to take care of the right of way.  Allen Fore said they would make necessary repairs.  Bob Doherty asked again about funds set aside for repairs to vehicles.  Allen Fore said if someone has specific times, dates, and information they need to talk to Susan Grinnell, Land Agent.

LPA CLAIM FOR ENOCHSBURG COVERED BRIDGE 73           LPA Claim Voucher No. 3 was available for approval.  Claim is for Engineering Services from J.A. Barker Engineering, Inc. for the Month of May 2009 totaling $8,833.00 for the Rehabilitation of the Enochsburg Covered Bridge 73.  LPA Claim is for 80% Federal Reimbursement of $7,066.40.

Tom Wilson motioned to sign LPA Claim Voucher No. 3.  Eric Roberts seconds.  Motion carried.

ANDERSONVILLE STORM DRAINAGE PROJECT    Eric Roberts gave an update on the Andersonville Storm Drainage Environmental Review Process.

 FIREWORKS CONCERNS         Tom Wilson reported he had researched the Indiana Code regarding fireworks.  There are new laws that legislature had passed and County can adopt Ordinance.  Tom had talked to Gene Stewart to amend our current Ordinance 2007-15 to include other days than those that are mentioned and end the time earlier then what is listed.  Tom had been contacted by others across from Cotton Woods Campground; they have had to sell their houses.  Tom stated we need to protect our citizens. 

 Tom Wilson asked Gene Stewart to amend the Fireworks Ordinance, mentioned he would like to limit on the days they can shoot them off, not just the days listed and no fireworks after 11:00 P.M.  Also they would need to get a permit, have it plain and simple.  Would also like something in it that would allow the Sheriff’s Department to enforce.

HARRY GRAVES               Harry Graves of Highland Township had passed out letter addressed to the Franklin County Commissioners, said he was here to discuss (2) different issues, roads and this letter.  Harry reads the letter (letter to be inserted in minutes).  Harry then reads from the Commissioners Minutes that were certified June 29, 2009.  He doesn’t know what bridge or he does not have 2 miles of road frontage.  Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor said they may have misunderstood his presentation, he had found petition, they had description that passed through his property (Andrew Wissell Farm) the entire petition described (2) mile stretch of road, it crossed the Andrew Wissell Farm, it states Mr. Wissell was not paid any damages.  The Order was not recorded in Recorders Office; it is in the Auditor’s Office in the Commissioners Record.  Joe reads from petition.  Harry Graves reported Right-of-Way is an easement.  Harry said again before anyone enters his property they must notify him in writing.  Harry wants minutes of June 29, 2009 changed to reflect what was said today.  Joe Gillespie will need to ask for an opinion on the petition and the order.

Harry asked if the document dated June 22, 2009 that was inserted in the June 29, 2009 Minutes as Harry had instructed.  Harry reads letter.  Harry said he had not received anything in writing.  Asked when he can expect a response.  Eric Roberts said we will give Gene a copy of the letter. 

Tom Wilson asked Gene Stewart for an opinion on what Harry Graves concerns in writing.  Gene said he would put something in writing.


TOWN PARK FOR LAUREL – Brian Patterson reported he is helping the Town of Laurel build a Town Park.  They are in the process of putting together events for the Laurel Music Festival, a 3-day music festival to be held the least weekend in August.  He is in search of sponsors for the event.  Brian also made request that the Franklin County Tourism help sponsor the event and will be attending their meeting in July.  JoAnn Prickel reported they only sponsor events that bring in overnight guests or heads in beds.  It was said that the Tourism Board determined that this event would not have this effect.  Brian asked that the event be included in the Calendar of Events put out by the Tourism Board, not asking for funding.

 MINUTES – William Campbell asked about receiving Commissioners Minutes.  Susan Jones, Auditor asked that he email the Auditor’s Office and she will then email him the minutes.

 DEAD TREE LIMB ON RESERVOIR HILL ROAD – Wayne Monroe asked again about the Dead Tree Limb that hangs over Reservoir Hill Road.  They have sprayed white paint, this need to be taken care of.  Eric Roberts said we will get up there today.

 REX – John Kessler mentioned the eminent domain in Texas and they have raped the County, there was discussion on the type of grasses that are being planted on the right-of-way easements.  Asked about the 2-Million Dollar Bond, if something goes a rye, who is holder of this.  Eric, we hold the 2-million bond, if roads are not taken care of.  It was said they should maintain our roads as they go, should be maintained on a daily basis, we should not have to call when there is a hole in the road.

 REX     Chris Basista presented a List of Roads for Temporary Repairs which include Stipps Hill, Wolf Creek, Bull Fork, Snake, Davidson, Pump House, Hickory, Orchard, and Hamburg Roads.  In District One at the Crossings, Little Cedar, Holland South and Volk Roads.  It was said that Sunman Road was not on the proposed list and was used; Commissioners want the road chip sealed as a permanent fix.  Discussed dust control on the roads that they have put gravel on.  Chris Basista said they would get Barry Moorman to get with the Road Foreman’s get some kind of organic dust control down to control the dust.  Eric Roberts asked is there is anywhere in the County where permanent repairs can be made.  Eric asked if they had a Contractor in place to fix the roads, it was said O’Mara was a sub-contractor with Price Construction; they will need to get prices from other contractor’s.  Chris Basista reported that the earliest they would be able to get back here is next Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to drive the roads and put a plan together.  Tom Wilson asked if they would have a figure to restore the roads in Franklin County, he had heard 1 to 1 ½ Million to do repairs.  Chris said he did not know.  John Estridge asked if after next week’s road tour, will you know a timeline when the roads will be repaired.  Chris Basista said they will gather the information and get prices from contractors, looking to be another month.  Chester Ball estimates 2-weeks in District One and Brian DeFossett estimates 2-3 weeks in District Two, and would take longer in District Three.  Eric Roberts asked about the Bond, it was issued back in November and it’s for 18-months, asking the Bond be extended to cover the crossings.  Chris Basista said we would and we are responsible for the crossing, as being part of the pipeline.  Sara Duffy asked when you do the roads, will you also do the State Roads.  Eric Roberts, we are only responsible for the County Roads,

 E-911     Dale Maxie, County Sheriff reported the Computer System had a virus and it is back again.  We don’t know what to do with it.  It was said that Tracy Lightfield, E-911 Director had gotten into the system and added ports.  Sally Henson was not notified, Tracy did not ask permission to get into the system.  Dale said if they are going to do this, we need to know.  Tracy is not an administrator for the system.  She has created a port hole for a software program.  Gene Stewart understands they may have free time on their hands and wanting to use the computer, but should use their personal computers, not the counties.  Dale does not know what they are going to do with the Computer, it’s a secure site.

Dale Maxie also reported he had received a grievance from an inmate on the way a dispatcher is talking to him.  Dale said he has addressed this problem with Tracy Lightfield and Don VonderMeulen several times and nothing is being done.  The dispatchers run the control board and have contact with the inmates.  Tom Wilson, you are over the jail, take care of it.  Eric Roberts asked Gene to look into this, Gene said he would.  Dale said he will also contract his legal counsel and will also get with Gene.  Dale said he will be banning the male dispatcher from the jail for the time being.

ADJOURN            Eric Roberts motioned to adjourn.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Motion carried.

Others Present

John Estridge      Thad Lewis       Sara Duffy         Susan Grinnell      Allen Fore

Chris Basista         Bruce Olson        William Campbell       Brian DeFossett         

Chester Ball          Joe Gillespie       Bob Doherty         Scott McDonough

Tony Schwab     John Kessler      Larry Franzman      Harry Graves      Dale Maxie

JoAnn Prickel    Wayne Monroe      Brian Patterson                


AYE                                                                                                      NAY

_S/ Eric E Roberts__________                                             _________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                                Eric E Roberts

_S/ Thomas E Wilson________                                              _________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                                      Thomas E Wilson

_______________________                                          ___________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                                       Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: __S/ Susan A Jones______________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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