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April 20, 2009 Meeting Minutes




April 20, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present:     County Commissioners:     Eric E Roberts     Thomas E Wilson           Don VonderMeulen                      

                County Auditor:               Susan A Jones

                Commissioners Secretary:       Carol Westerman


Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

WEEKLY REPORT    Sharon Halcomb, Assessor reported we are at the same stage as we were last week.  Susan Jones, Auditor reported we are still waiting on the Budget Order and Tax Rates from the DLGF.  They are waiting on Union County to certify their Assessed Values.  Franklin County has (2) cross over’s for school rates (Ripley and Union Counties).  Bath Township in Franklin County pays the School Rate for Union County School.

MINUTES – Eric Roberts moved to accept the Commissioner Minutes of April 6, 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION STIMULUS PACKAGE-Cathy Pelsor, Director of Public Transportation presented their American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Application for the Stimulus Package for the Commissioners signatures to be sent to INDOT.  Cathy mentioned she had attended and mentioned this a couple of weeks ago.  The Capital Project Plan is to replace (4) vehicles with (3) Small Transit Vehicles and (1) Expansion Small Transit Vehicle.  A 1500 Sq foot addition or storage building and security gate, a copy machine, (6) two-way mobile radios and (1) two-way base station for a total of $290,500.  There will be no match for these dollars.

Tom Wilson motioned for Eric Roberts to sign the Application for the Stimulus Package for Public Transportation.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION QUARTERLY REPORT   Cathy Pelsor also presented the 1st Quarter Reimbursement Report for Public Transportation for the total amount of $122,351.  State Reimbursement of $47,000 and Federal Reimbursement of $37,189 for a total reimbursement of $84,189.

Don VonderMeulen moved we authorize Eric Robert to sign the Quarterly Report for Public Transportation.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

ETC CONTRACT FOR INTERNET SERVICE Don VonderMeulen mentioned that the Internet Service and Cost for ETC was discussed at the IT Meeting on Tuesday, April 14th.      

ETC provides the internet service to the building and RBSK takes the service from there to the computers.  Doug Foster would like to have the service set up a couple of days before May 1st.

Don VonderMeulen is in favor of approving ETC’s Contract and RBSK’s fee of $150.00 for connecting the internet service for a May 1st connection date.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

IT SUPPORT- Don also mentioned that IT Support with RBSK was discussed on April 14th. RBSK Proposal calls for the 5 hours bi-weekly and 4 hours remotely for a annual service agreement for a cost of $19,680.  Don will take proposal to Council on April 28th.

Susan Jones, Auditor reported that Barry Bailey of RBSK came to her and asked what office were to be included in the annual agreement, then said it was not her to say who was to be included in the agreement.  Eric Roberts feels if divide by the number of PC’s in an office and then break the fee down from there.

LONG DISTANCE SERVICE- Eric Roberts asked Doug Foster of ETC about the long distance service.  Doug replied he did not know, but will get back with the Commissioners.

 ATV’S ON COUNTY ROADS- Eric Roberts mentioned we had received a copy of the ATV Ordinance and Statutes that are used in Dearborn County.  Stanley Monroe replied there is No Way to allow ATV’s on County Roads in Franklin County, were I live with Haspin Acres, they would be all over the County Roads and into our fields.  Tom Wilson mentioned that several years ago there was a petition to allow ATV’s on County Roads; the residents did not want this.  Eric said would give the information to Gene Stewart for review.  Eugene Coopes asked who would be liable for Insurance if ATV’s are allowed on the County Roads and they hit you or you hit them.  Gene Stewart was given the information from Dearborn County and will review.

BLUE CREEK ROAD BRIDGE #94- Drew Barth of Howard J Barth & Associates reported the plans for the Blue Creek Bridge #94 Bridge Replacement are completed and ready to submit to INDOT.  Nothing on the plans have changed since we had met last.  Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor said he had met with Debbie Bolser, this past Saturday Morning and has accepted Offer to Purchase.  The Highway Department has claim for the Right-of-Way Purchase to be processed for payment on May 4th.  The project is scheduled for an August Bid Letting, if we get additional funding, the project letting would be delayed.  The Project is being considered for stimulus funding to cover the County’s 20% Local Match.

Don VonderMeulen motioned to sign the Title Sheet for the Plans for Blue Creek Bridge #94.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

Drew Barth had presented a copy of INDOT – Local Public Agency Project Coordination Contract.  Eric Roberts had concerns on some of the wording and fees.  Drew Barth will review and get back with the Commissioners.

VANETTA HOLLOW ROAD SLAB REPLACEMENT-    E & H Bridge provided proposal for Vanetta Hollow Road for an all steel bridge in the amount of $45,496.31.  Eric Roberts would like to have another proposal for CPI.  They are considering a slab replacement with a 35 foot long bridge.  The plans would need to be put together by an Engineer.  Joe Gillespie, Surveyor the Surveyor’s Office would do a site survey and then George would do a design for abutments and the E & H Bridge would put a bridge design together.  Joe said his office had not done a site surveyor for this location and he doesn’t feel that George had done a design for the bridge abutments.  Tom Wilson mentioned that George had stated it would need to be elevated (2) feet.

APPOINTMENT FOR COMMON COSTRUCTION WAGE HEARING- The Commissioners received a letter from Lowell McMillin, Attorney for the Franklin County Community School Corporation requesting an Appointment to the Committee to Determine Common Construction Wage for the Franklin County Community School Corporation in connection with proposed Franklin County High School Gymnasium Addition; Proposed Laurel School Re-Roof; and Proposed Former Brookville Middle School Gymnasium Re-Roof.                

Eric Roberts moved to appoint Larry Franzman to the Committee to Determine Common Construction Wage for the Franklin County Community School Corporation.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

DNR/REX HEARING– Gene Stewart reported he relies on Judge Jenson and she had received word from a higher court not to do anything.  That DNR did not have jurisdiction to these hearing since FERC gave REX Approval.

 E-911 TIME CLOCK – Tom Wilson asked Don VonderMeulen why he had the time clock taken out of the E-911 Office.  Don VonderMeulen replied the reason he authorized the removal of the time clock was because there were people not always using the time clock and instead were writing in their time.  Don said that payroll can be done off the work schedule that the 911 department operates with (2) people at all times, (24) hours a day (7) days a week.  The employees then do not have to worry about clocking in.  Eric Roberts suggest the 911 Employees clock in using their computer terminals.  Tom Wilson said several years ago Fred Neely gave a quote to put time clocks in.  Don VonderMeulen asked if at that time was there a problem with incorrect times.  Don does not feel there is a problem.  Tom Wilson mentioned that there is a conflict on the hours 911 in turning in on payroll not match what is on the record cards.  Eric Roberts suggested that 911 use a spreadsheet, the same as the highway department uses to keep track of their time, when they dispatch, go to training, are on vacation, use a sick or personal day, or do administration work.  Don said Tracy will be in charge of verifying the hours worked in the 911 department.  Tom asked how will Tracy verify the time.  Don responded, with by using the times written in on the time cards.  The discussion continued on the time clocks, basically going over what had been said.

SELLING OF SIGN POST  The question come up concerning the selling of sign post from the replacement of the sign and new ones being installed.  Susan Jones reported she had contacted the State Board of Accounts, and they would consider the old sign post scrap material.  The Highway Department has been selling the post @ $2.00 a piece.

RENE’ STIVERS UNEMPLOYMENT –The Auditor’s Office had received notice that Rene’ Stivers former Economic Development Director will be receiving $390.00 a week for Unemployment Benefits.  A email had been sent to Keith Hall, President of the Economic Development Commission for funding to be transferred to a line for Unemployment Benefits in the Economic Development Budget.  A transfer will need to be done and approved by County Council to have funds in place when statement is received for payment.

 SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY SIGN A Resident on Indian Creek Road had requested a Slow Children At Play sign be posted on Indian Creek Road.  It was said No the County could not install the sign; it would put a liability on the County.

ANDERSONVILLE COMPLAINT – The County had received a complaint that Joe Meier, County Sanitarian is harassing a property owner by putting dye down his septic.  Joe was with a State Official when test was done, they had received complaint on this property. 

PAYROLL – Eric Roberts moved we approve Payroll, except George Hartman’s Exchange time until Gene Stewart can get back with Commissioners after reviewing.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.


 EUGENE COOPES – After listening to the discussion on 911 and the time clock, has 911 been over budget in 2007 and 2009.  It was said No.  Then asked you Don VonderMeulen on your own did you authorize the time clock be out of E-911.  Don VonderMeulen said in the E-911 Department you have (2) people at all times, they are scheduled by the Department Head and she can do the payroll off the schedule.  They will write their time done on the time cards.  Eugene Coopes said time clocks do not screw up, who will be watching the store.  Don said he would not be setting over there watching, and then said there were problem and they will be needed to be worked out.

ADJOURN    Tom Wilson motioned to adjourn.  Eric Roberts seconds the motion.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.                

Others Present:      John Estridge     Darrell Smith     Sharon Halcomb

Sara Duffy                Doug Foster      Joe Gillespie        Gene Stewart

Drew Barth           Phil Harsh          Cathy Pelsor           Steve Meyer, CPI       

Harry Graves        Stan Monroe                  


AYE                                                                                        NAY

__S/ Eric E Roberts_______    ___                           ____________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                     Eric E Roberts

__S/ Thomas E Wilson__________                         ____________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                              Thomas E Wilson

__S/ Donald M VonderMeulen___                         _____________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                            Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: __S/ Susan A Jones______________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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