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April 6, 2009 Meeting Minutes




April 6, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


                  Those Present:  

County Commissioners:   Eric E Roberts        Thomas E Wilson     Don VonderMeulen                

County Auditor:     Susan A Jones

Commissioners Secretary:    Carol Westerman


Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

WEEKLY REPORT   Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor reported her office is working on files for 2009 pay 2010 taxes.  Susan Jones, County Auditor reported the Assessor’s Office had gathered files for the CAP Allocations that need to be imported into the MVP Tax file in the Auditor’s office.  As the values are being imported the assessed values are not balancing, we may have found where the problem is, but will need to get with Sharon today to discuss.  Sharon was out of the office this past week taking certification testing.  Received a call from Wayne Hudson asking if the County wanted a partial budget order, or do we want to wait for the complete budget order.  Franklin and Union County have a crossover school district, in which Bath Township school rate is based on Union County Community District.  Union County is close to certifying their assessed values and was told DLGF would work on the school rate as soon as they receive them.  Since we need to balance the cap allocations and awaiting our update from Manatron.  I told them we wait for the complete budget order.  Also want to clarify the amount that was paid to RMSK in updating the County Website for Commissioner/Council Minutes.  The amount paid since the first of the year was $285.00, not $500.00 as I had stated at the last meeting.

MINUTES     Eric Roberts moved we accept the Minutes of March 9, 2009 and March 16, 2009.  Tom Wilson seconded.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT  Commissioners discussed the Health Department and Tobacco Money Fund No. 2518 which has $160,918.94.  Was asked what these funds can be used for.  Tom Wilson will get with Diane Turney and discuss and inquire on Grant Funds that are available for the Health Department.

CLAIMS    Tom Wilson motioned to accept the Claims of April 6, 2009.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION APPOINTMENT    The Franklin County Council at their March 25, 2009 Meeting nominated Myron Kanning to replace Butch Williams on the Economic Development Commission. 

Don VonderMeulen moved to appoint Myron Kanning to the Franklin County Economic Development Commission.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.            

The Economic Development Commission next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 9, 2009.  Meetings have been moved from Tuesday to Thursday evenings. 

FRANKLIN COUNTY COUNTY WIDE CLEANUP      The Franklin County Wide Cleanup this year is schedule for April 20 – April 25 and April 27 – May 2, 2009.  Coupons will be placed in the newspaper for those who participate in the County Wide Cleanup to dispose of the roadside trash for free. 

 Eric Roberts asked about the Spring Cleanup.  Don VonderMeulen said the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District mission goal is to have people take care of their disposal.  We need to encourage people to recycle and not rely on the Government to dispose of their discarded items.  Tom Wilson said people don’t have the funds to dispose of their property.  We don’t want tires and old appliances dumped along the roadsides.  Eric Roberts stated when we are out at the different locations, the people are not being educated on what can be recycled ant taken to the reuse it center.  Would it be possible for Mendel to have handouts ready and distribute to the people who drop off their articles.


Doug Foster of ETC gave update with the transfer of Local Phone Service from Verizon to ETC, there were some minor problems.  A lot of the problems were in the Courthouse with the disorganization of lines that were in the basement of the courthouse.  Had transferred 60 plus lines.  As of right now we could not get INDICOM long distance service to transfer, you are currently on ETC.  ETC is 1 cent cheaper that INDICOM and toll free long distance is 1 cent higher than INDICOM.  Eric Robert doesn’t want to change the long distance service until we make contact with INDICOM. 

Doug reported that the High Speed Internet would take about 2 hours to convert from Citadel to ETC, which would be a faster speed then want we have now.  Since the County has already paid for Internet service with Citadel through May 1st, ETC will offer the first month free.  It will cost each building $79.00 a month of Internet Service with ETC, which is less then what we are currently paying.

Don VonderMeulen moved to go with ETC Internet starting May 1st.  There was no second.  The County will wait for Doug Foster to prepare an Agreement. 

REX    Chris Basista and Barry Moorman, Officials of the REX Pipeline reported that they are patching Blue Creek Road this week.  The Pipe line in the western side of the County is being pressure tested with water.  We had one email last week and are working on getting that resolved.  They have hauled a few loads of mud from the drilling of the river so far and are ¾ of the way through with the 12 inch drill under the river.  Tom Wilson reported he is getting complaints with the flaggers and the mud on the roads.  Barry Moorman reported that the cleanup crew will be going again after the Easter weekend.  Also reported that a lot of cleanup still needs to be done.  Tom Wilson asked if sometime in June if the Roads will be getting repaired.  Barry said it is up to you when you want them done.  O’Mara has been contacted to make the repairs.  Chris Basista since the heavy work is done and he is available by cell phone, if they are needed to come to the Commissioners Meetings.  Tom Wilson said he would like them to come back the first Monday of May.

 HARRY GRAVES    Harry Graves presented a Letter to the Commissioners in regards to Possible use of property by Franklin County Highway Department and Signage.  In his letter he is stating in recent conversation with Brian Defossett, he discussed placing of signs.  I had indicated in the past that there was NO county signs on my property!  The location he had marked was no on my property, but was very near the private road established by my predecessor Alphonse Erhart and a neighbor Mr. Dirkhisssing.  I had no problem with the placement but any future sign placement on my property to be negotiated in writing and the GPS location shown beforehand.

 Culverts on my property have been maintained by me for the last 43 years as I stated before the commissioners last year about this time, with pictures showing the status of culverts.  If any work is to be done on any road across my property, I will require WHAT, WHY, WHERE, and WHEN, in writing prior to any starting, or I will consider it a taking.  If the work contemplated is a culvert, it will be established beforehand WHAT you wish to do, WHY you wish to do it, NOTE (all culverts maintained by me are operational), WHERE you wish to work, GPS location of EACH end of any claimed by county and length and diameter of pipe.  All of the above should come from current county highway records.  WHEN work is to be started.  If you plan on using my property in any way what do you plan on paying me for it.  Kindly have your Area manager furnish before work is contemplated the above information concerning county claims.  Sincerely signed Harry D Graves.

 Tom Wilson said if we would widen the road we would talk to the property owners.  Don VonderMeulen stated what you are asking is a practice we already do.  If there is something done, it would be knocking down the concrete headers. 

PERSONNEL HANDBOOK  Gene Stewart reported that he and Carol Westerman had talked last week about the Personnel Policy Handbook.  Tom Wilson gave Gene a copy of a letter from Medical Benefits and needs clarification on some issues.  Medical Benefits has (8) concerns, one being elected official effective date being day one, new employees having a 90-day waiting period.

 Tom Wilson also gave a copy of a Letter that was between George Hartman, Highway Engineer and the Commissioners regarding exchange time dated in 1997.  Asked if we are bound by it.  Gene said it was signed and bound by Commissioners in 1997.  Gene said it’s a binding contract between George and Commissioners. 

 There then was discussion on comp time and exempt employees.  Gene Stewart said he will review the contract and the personnel policy handbook.  Eric Roberts said he feels George is exempt from comp time.  Don VonderMeulen said we would need to look at it all together.  Gene will review.

 REX/DNR HEARING    Gene reported that there is a Drainage Board Hearing set between DNR/REX starting Monday.  They have set aside (3) days for the hearing.  Gene will be attending.  The County is riding with Hoosier Hills on this issue with drilling under the Whitewater River.  Gen said a lot of depositions have been taken and a lot of conservation with various organizations.

 SPILLMAN SOFTWARE PAYMENT     Susan Jones, Auditor put out an email with a breakdown on what is Sheriff’s portion and E-911’s portion of the Spillman Software Payment.  The Payment is past due and is needed to be paid.  At the last Council Meeting, it was agreed to pay the payment out of Cumulative Capital Development Funds, but funds are not in place and will be another month before this is done.  Don VonderMeulen mentioned that $830.00 of the breakdown of the payment is not E-911, it is the Sheriff’s portion.  E-911 has not made any portion of the payment the last (2) years and on the Contract with Spillman it states Law Enforcement and 911 Software.   Tom Wilson mentioned he remembers there was discussion that 911 would pay a portion of the cost.  Tracy said she has gone over minutes, and there is anything in them relating that 911 paying.  Did find where the Courts, Prosecutor and Clerk’s Office paying for a portion.  Eric Roberts feels after reviewing the agreement that 20-25% of the Software is E-911 and they have not made a payment the last (2) years, they could make the whole payment this year.  Tracy did say she did find that it did mention that 911 costs is $49,000.00.  The Departments will get together to go over the payment, so the payment can be made this next week with the Utility Claims.

METAMORA MAIN STREET PROJECT  Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor has been working on the Metamora project and had put a cost estimate together.  There were plans to put an application for River Boat Funding, but estimate came in lower than anticipated, came in at approximately $80,000.00.  This includes milling, sub surface drainage and resurfacing the street.  Looking to do the project with local funds.  Joe asked do we want to have a public hearing with the property owners in Metamora since it sets in a Historic District.  Joe has concerns that the road runs within a couple of feet from the sidewalks.  There may need to be brimming and ramps put in for handicap accessibility.  Eric Roberts suggest that we attend a Commissioners Council on Historic Metamora.  Don VonderMeulen stated that the meetings are not well attended.  Joe is suggesting a Public Hearing be held during the next Commissioners Evening Meeting.  Don VonderMeulen asked if it’s a Drainage Issue.  It was said yes, it’s a combination of drainage, highway and historical concerns.  The next evening meeting is set for Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 6:00 P.M.

CIC MEETING     Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor is asking the Commissioners to attend the next CIC Meeting.  We are working on the definition of a sub-division, we didn’t accomplish much at the last meeting.  Don VonderMeulen asked if there is anything they need to make the right decision.  Joe said No other Ordinance has ever been put together like this is being done.  Everyone has read the zoning code and understands it.  Between 50-60 people have been attending these meetings.  The motion on the floor at the present time is (5) splits on parent parcel after the (5) splits it would go for APC approval for a sub-division.  The question is what is not considered a sub-division.  Darrell Kramer agrees with a Joe Gillespie on a lot of things, this is an issue that people are concerned about and why motion was not voted on to allow time to review.  Sub-division would be what is going to be discussed in the next couple of weeks.  Tom Wilson asked Darrel if his views have changed since attending meetings and being on APC.  Darrell said he more aware of enforcement issues and what CIC has done and has not affected the enforcement issue.  Tom has asked Scott McDonough the same question.  Scott said yes some issues and concerns has changes and aware of the other side and can see a need in certain areas and rules need to be there.  Don VonderMeulen asked Darrell Kramer if you see a little more knowledge is needed for CIC, that he make sure they get it from Larry or whoever on enforcement issues.

 Harry Graves says he has not attended CIC Meeting because he is still waiting on a certified copy of existing zoning code.  Harry questions the parent parcel.  Darrell Kramer invited Harry to attend and give your opinion.  Harry will not attend until he gets certified copy of the Ordinance.  The Ordinance that Don VonderMeulen had given him was an unsigned copy.

 PAYROLL    Eric Roberts moved to approve the Payroll.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Tom Wilson, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 George Hartman’s pay needs to be broken down for hours worked, vacation and sick day reimbursement.

 HARRY GRAVES   Harry asked what E-911 funds you are trying to distribute.  DNR does not generate to 911 funds.

 SARA DUFFY   Sara Duffy called Citadel and Citadel had contracted and County Employees have access to put info on website.  They would also put information on website for $20.00.

 CLEVES CONNECTION    Jay Shullman had presented final invoice for payment.  Eric Roberts asked about the gateway with Judge’s Door.  The additional bills affect Prosecutor and Judge’s Offices.  Eric will talk to them for payment of these bills out of their funds.

 JOHN ESTRIDGE    John Estridge asked Don VonderMeulen, have you provided documents for Comp-time payment, have service record cards and time cards.  Don asked Tracy Lightfield to answer.  Tracy said he has a part-time person copying and making record of time cards.  The service records for 2002, 2004 and 2006 going through and generating the time.  John Estridge said the service record cards should be on file in the Auditor’s Office.  John asked if any records are missing.  Tracy said not that she is aware of.  Dale Maxie – State Board of Accounts has been notified that records have not been given to Auditor’s Office.  It’s been said that documents is not there for Tracy and (2) other persons.  Don asked that Tracy get records to Auditor’s Office.  Tom Wilson said a couple of time not to change any records.

IT MEETING     Eric Roberts feels we should have another IT Meeting.  Don VonderMeulen for County Council purposes what the savings would be for each department.  Jay Shullman and Kevin Bunger should also attend if there are any issues on the phone system.  Don VonderMeulen asked that Susan Jones set up a meeting next week.

 ADJOURN    Tom Wilson motioned to adjourn.  Eric Roberts seconds.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.


 Others Present:   Chris Basista     Barry Moorman        John Estridge      Darrell Smith    Sharon Halcomb

Gene Stewart         Sara Duffy             Scott M McDonough      Doug Foster         Joe Gillespie     

Darrel Kramer        Tracy Lightfield       Gene Wilson        Wayne Monroe       Steve Meyer, CPI      

Dale Maxie       Jay Shullman           Kevin Bunger        Harry Graves


AYE                                                                                                                                        NAY


__S/ Eric E Roberts________                                             __________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                             Eric E Roberts


__S/ Thomas E Wilson______                                              __________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                                        Thomas E Wilson


__S/ Donald M VonderMeulen___                                   ___________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                                      Donald M VonderMeulen


ATTEST: __S/ Susan A Jones_____________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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