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August 3, 2009 Meeting Minutes




August 3, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present: County Commissioners:                Eric E Roberts    Thomas E Wilson Don VonderMeulen                   

County Auditor:                Susan A Jones

Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman

 Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

PUBLIC HEARING ANDERSONVILLE DRAINAGE PROJECT- Susan Craig, Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (SIRPC) was present for the Public Hearing for the Andersonville Waste Water, Water and Drainage Issues Project.  A Study had been completed on the (3) Issues and SIRPC is in the process of putting a Grant Application for Community Focus Grant Funding.  This is the 1st Public Hearing and the purpose is to answer any questions.  The Application is due in a couple of months.  No Questions were asked.  Susan reported a 10% match is required for the grant.  Tom Wilson mentioned the Commissioners along with Council had put in for an Additional Appropriation for $35,000.00 Match.  County Council will approve the additional on August 25th.  The Application is due the 1st week of October, the awarding the grants will be in December and if awarded project could start in June.  The 2nd Public Hearing will be set at a later date.  Susan Craig presented a Citizen Participation Information Sheet and Appointment for Public Hearing Officer for the Community Focus Fund Program appointing Susan Craig (SIRPC) authorizing her to schedule and publish public notices of all public hearings, prepare minutes for the purpose of submission with applicable grant application documents.

Tom Wilson made motion for Eric Roberts to sign presented documents for the Andersonville Drainage Project.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

WEEKLY REPORT- Sharon Halcomb, Assessor reported we are compliant on Sales Disclosures and Personal Property with the State.  Susan Jones, Auditor reported the Assessor’s Office did give us the Personal Property Tax Values to process for 2009 pay 2010.  We are waiting on the Treasurer’s Office to process the mail, so the tax collection dollars can be certified to the office.  Then we can do the made distribution of taxes to the Taxing Units.

H1N1 FLU VACCINE- Diane Turney, County Nurse reported that the Health Department had received information on H1N1 Flu Vaccine for Franklin County.  Franklin County has several reported cases of theH1N1 Flu, but not confirmed by the State.  Diane reported don’t know for sure when the vaccine is coming to Franklin County, hoping to receive the vaccine by the end of October.  The Vaccine is a (2) shot series, looking to do school age children first, than young adults with small children (who are too young to receive the vaccine) and eventually everyone else.  Diane would like to get with the Newspaper and put article together to educate the people on the H1N1 Virus, if school kids are sick, or anyone who has a fever, they should stay home.  The H1N1 Virus Fever last for (7) days, need to stay home.  Diane has put in for funding for staffing to administrator the shots and is looking to hold clinics out in the County by holding Township Clinics. 

Diana reported that the Department had ordered (600) doses of the regular Flu Vaccine.  Can administrator both vaccines together.  Eric Roberts asked Diane to prepare a list of sites and advertise a couple of weeks in advance.  There will be a need for volunteers to help fill out forms.  If there is an outbreak, there would be possibility that the schools would be shut down, as with community events.

E911-Don VonderMeulen reported he had missed a lot while he was on vacation with regards to E-911, did receive a copy of the Salary Ordinance, but don’t know what the Council had done.  He had asked how you run a department without someone in charge.  County Council wants ongoing issues corrected with comp/overtime pay.  The subject that Tracy had put on the previous payroll she had worked 20 hours in one day.  She went on to explain she had dispatch issues, a couple of meeting, she had dispatched.  The she went on to say some of the hours were from the previous day and she had clumped the hours together.  It was also mentioned that the days that Jon Hundley had been given off for the way he is talking to inmates and now banned from the Security Center until he attends anger management classes was put on the payroll on the wrong days, should have been Wednesday and Thursday instead of Tuesday (the day the meeting was held with Tom Wilson, Dale Maxie, Tracey Lightfield and Jon Hundley giving him the (3-days off).  This was corrected on the payroll and the 3rd day is to be on the next payroll. 

Dale Maxie reported he is having several issues with E-911/Communications.  A virus had gotten into the computer system at the security center and has emailed Deputies, Jailers and the E-911 Department to stay off the internet, while the problem is being looked into, but the virus had attached the system again.  Also he is not being informed when accidents and other incidents are happening in the County.  There were (2) people air-cared when a semi wrecked, Ed Hollenbach, EMA Director was called, Hazmat was called, and the Sheriff was notified, but (3) hours later.  Another issue is, he has been told by several dispatchers they have been directed not to talk to him by the Director. 

 Don VonderMeulen asked for direction on who will do the duties of E-911 for day to day operation, payroll, and claims.  Tom Wilson right now the County Council has frozen funding for the Director.  Don VonderMeulen, was not Council’s intention to disband E-911.  Eric Roberts suggested Don VonderMeulen sign Payroll, Claims and if you want Tracy to prepare the claims that is your decision.  This would give you a better idea what is going on.  May need to better educate Council on E-911 with the East Central Consortium Plan for the Enhance 911 Act Grant and new equipment.  Don VonderMeulen said basically Tracy is going to run the department.  Tom Wilson, the main concern is with Tracy, not the department.

 The President of the EMS was present and spoke on behalf of Tracy, along with several employees from Dispatch; Kim VonderMeulen also spoke on behalf of 911 and the importance of the jobs for the safety of the Residents of Franklin County.  Scott McDonough mentioned that no one is talking about doing away with 911.  It was also suggested that the E-911 Board be recreated and have representatives from the City and Towns along with the Sheriff, Representative of County Council, Commissioners and E-911 Director.

After a lengthy discussion Don VonderMeulen makes recommendation we make no changes in the Director’s Position.  Suggest we (Don, Tracy and Dale) meet tomorrow, Tuesday, August 4th @ 9:00 A.M. to work out a solution and then meet the 2nd Monday before the Commissioners meeting to give update.

 MINUTES-Tom Wilson moved to approve the July 20, 2009 Minutes.  Eric Roberts seconds.  Don VonderMeulen uphold, because he did not attend.  Motion carried.

CLAIMS-Tom Wilson motioned that the Commissioners approve (August 3, 2009) Claims.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

HARRY  GRAVES-Harry Graves of Highland Township reported he was here (2) weeks ago about changing the minutes on the highway.  Asked what claim does the County have on his property.  Joe Gillespie presented documents with $ 0 made.  Tom Wilson, we are only claiming the perceptive easement on the highway.  Tom asked if the culvert under the road clasps, would you want the County to replace it, Harry would not answer, because he did not know what pipe Tom was talking about.  Harry wants Joe Gillespie to retract the 30 feet that was said at the June 29th Meeting.  Tom Wilson said Joe was reading from Minutes in 1043, it was not his legal opinion, he was reading from minutes.  Harry Graves is here to see what County is claiming on his property to work out an agreement with the County.  Don VonderMeulen we have policy when we work on roadway.  It is our intention to work with you in working on the road, culvert, and bridge.  Harry wants more notice then the night before.  Harry stated you will be charged with trespassing.

 Harry also said he is waiting on a response on documents he had presented and wants it in writing.  He had asked a year ago for a signed, sealed document.  Don VonderMeulen tried to give me 1989-2, but it was not signed.

 WEBSITE-Don VonderMeulen talked about the County Website, it’s time we start updating and allowing the departments to update their own departments page.  Don feels we need to go with Eric’s suggestion that Tony Schwab help with the website.

HIGHWAY ENGINEER-   Don VonderMeulen reported we need to start procedures in hiring a full time Professional Engineer for the Highway Department.  Tom Wilson asked if there are funds available, would we need to wait until next budget year.  It was said, there are funds in this year’s budget.

RESERVOIR HILL ROAD TREE LIMB- Wayne Monroe asked again about the Dead Tree Limb on Reservoir Hill Road.  Eric Roberts said Duke Energy has been contacted to take down the limb.  Wayne Monroe said it has nothing to do with the power line, the power lines are over the bank form the tree.  It was said Brian DeFossett has been in contact with Duke Energy. 

 REX- John Estridge asked, what is the decision with REX and the County Roads.  Eric Roberts said we finished up about 4:00 P.M. with the County Road Tour with REX.  Road repair calls will be forward to REX Officials.  Tom Wilson said Glen McQueen, School Bus Driver wants the road fixed before school starts.  There were replacing culverts on Davidson Road and on Orchard Road tomorrow.  O’Mara has been putting down gravel, but binder needs to be put down.  Eric said last week we proved the heavy equipment is out of the County, with the exception down by the river.  Something needs to be done before fall/winter gets here.         

Others Present

John Estridge                     Darrell Smith                      Sharon Halcomb               Monica Yane                     

Joe Gillespie                       Ray Lovins                           Jon Hundley                       Jason Robinson                

Joyce Monroe                   Chris Farnsworth              Jim Bourquein                   Gary E Solar                       

Gregory Vernon                               Susan Craig                         Tracy Lightfield                  Brian Patterson                

Scott McDonough            Harry Graves                      Wayne E Monroe             Kim VonderMeulen

Sara Duffy                           Don Smith                          

AYE                                                                                                        NAY

__S/ Eric E Roberts_____________                                       ____________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                                     Eric E Roberts

__S/ Thomas E Wilson___________                                      _____________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                                              Thomas E Wilson

__S/ Donald M VonderMeulen_____                                    ______________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                                            Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: _S/ Susan A Jones_________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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