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March 16, 2009 Meeting Minutes




March 16, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present:   County Commissioners:     Eric E Roberts        Thomas E Wilson     Don VonderMeulen                

County Auditor:    Susan A Jones

Commissioners Secretary:     Carol Westerman


Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

 WEEKLY REPORT     Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor reported she had nothing new to report.  We are waiting on Manatron to shift Cap Allocations to Auditor’s Office.  Sharon asked about Bid Specifications for New Construction and Trending for 2009 and 2010, Sharon had asked for a Bid from Nexus Group.  Sharon also reported that the 2011 Reassessment Contract with the field work also includes trending.  The Commissioners said to renew contracts if price is comparable to prior years for new construction and trending to go with Nexus Group.

 Susan Jones, County Auditor reported that the DLGF Public Hearing for Budgets are today for the County Units, including the Townships, School and Library.


Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director reported that the Area Plan Commission had given a favorable recommendation for Re-Zone RZ-5-08-17605 on the Application of Stanley E & Martha H Monroe to amend the zoning classification from Present Residential-1 to Enclosed Industrial.  The proposed property is located in Laurel Township containing 41.325 Acres.   The Town of Laurel is going to annex the property into the corporation limits.  Don VonderMeulen reported as he understands there is an agreement between Stanley Monroe and The Town of Laurel.  Larry reported that there is and there is some re-wording that is being done to the agreement.  Stanley Monroe reports that in the agreement, the Town of Laurel will need to give the approval for the business that develops the ground.  Also reported, that there is a petition that 460 people are in favor of re-zone for development.

 Tom Wilson motioned to adopt Ordinance 2009-03 to Re-Zone Stanley & Martha Monroe’s Property from Residential-1 to Enclosed Industrial.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 MINUTES Eric Roberts moved to approve the Minutes of February 23, 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, Motion carried.

CLERK’S REPORT   Don VonderMeulen moved to acknowledge the Clerk’s Report (February 2009).  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 TREASURER’S REPORT    Don VonderMeulen moved to acknowledge the receipt of the Treasurer’s Report (February 2009).  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE GRANT        Eric Roberts moved to sign the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Grant (Allocated Fund for Reimbursement of EMA Salary for 2008).  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Tom Wilson, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 LETTER FROM DR. FAIN FOR PERSONNEL   Dr. Michael Fain, Health Superintendent had submitted a Letter to the Commissioners, also address to County Council requesting funding to hire personnel and acquire necessary equipment to comply with State and Federal mandates.  In 2003, the Franklin County Health Department was directed by the Indiana State Board of Health to develop and maintain a plan to deal with mass casualties and/or epidemics.  The Health Department at that time had applied for Federal Funds, with were received and Christa Walls was hired for eight months who had attempted to comply with these mandates.  The Final Plan could not be completed as there was a lack of funding.  The State and Federal regulations have let it known that an additional employee be assigned to maintain an up to date and workable plan.

SAFETY ISSUE AT SECURITY CENTER    Dale Maxie, County Sheriff had spoken to Don VonderMeulen about a safety issue at the Security Center in regards to jailers and communication officers.  Don VonderMeulen will be meeting with Dale and Tracy Lightfield, E-911 Director.

CIC UPDATE    Brian Patterson reported that the CIC Committee will be giving a Presentation at the March 23rd Commissioners Evening Meeting and is requesting to be put on the Commissioners Agenda.

STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH   Ken Griffin, Team Leader for District 9 with the Indiana State Department of Health is here today to support the County Health Department with helping them to update their plan.  Mr. Griffin has met with Diane Turney, County Nurse and has taken the plan and inserted changes, when completed will meet State Requirements.  The State has continued to offer grants yearly.  Franklin County has chosen not to participate in this year’s grant cycle.  There will be grant money available August 10, 2009, if the County participate, they could hire someone or purchase equipment.


STONE HOUSE ROAD SLOPE STABLIZATION PROJECT – George Hartman, Highway Engineer has prepared a revised Notice to Proceed and Letter dated March 16, 2009.  Tentative date to start project is March 25, 2 009 after County Council appropriates fund for the project.  George had presented an estimate for Southeastern Indiana Concrete Pumping for the project at a cost of $832.50, if over 4 hours there will an additional charge of $110.00 per hour.  Eric Roberts feels this is a reasonable price.  Don VonderMeulen is questioning the 10 days to complete the project.  Tom Wilson said if it takes an extra day, he doesn’t want the project to be rushed and not be done right.  Eric Roberts asked if the price for the concrete pump was included in the estimate for the project.  George said no, but feels there will be enough funds to allow for the pump.

 Don VonderMeulen moved to sign the Notice to Proceed and Letter to Goldsmith.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 RAILFENCE ROAD BRIDGE 110 & 111 – George had reported that the Contractor has completed the piling for the east pier foundation on Bridge 111 last week.  Also the concrete foundation was also completed on the east pier.  IMI from Greensburg supplied the concrete.

 SNOW HILL COVERED BRIDGE 102 – George has reported that Joe Gillespie has all Right-of-Way Acquired for the Snow Hill Covered Bridge 102 Rehabilitation Project.  Kevin Loiselle of Clark Dietz is ready to submit the Bridge Inspection Report today.  George has mentioned that there is a hold up on the since the Supplemental has not been signed by the Commissioners in regards to the sprinkler system design for approximately $10,000.00 in additional costs.  Eric Roberts had called Kevin Loiselle in regards to the Supplemental and feels the design of the sprinkler system was included in earlier plans that had been submitted.  Eric had asked that Kevin provide documents over the years to support paying the extra amount and feels he has gotten Kevin to back off for the additional fees for the sprinkler system.

 PIPE CREEK BRIDGE 48 BRIDGE REHABILITATION PROJECT – George had reported that the Federal Highway Administration has approved the Environmental Document Categorical Exclusion for the project that had been submitted by Kevin Loiselle of Clark Dietz.  This approval will allow Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor to proceed with Right-of-Way negotiations.  George has also asked for documents to support the steel grid decking vs. the concrete decking change from Steve Flores of INDOT.

 BRIDGE INSPECTION – INDOT has approved the Electronic Data Base for the County’s Bridge Inspection Report submitted by Clark Dietz and will print out a DRAFT of the Report and submit to the County.

AMERICAN REINVESTMENT AND RECOVERY ACT – George had reported that Franklin County may not be eligible for funding.  George will attend the Meeting in Seymour on Friday, March 20th to obtain information.

SIGN PROJECT – George reported that he had talked to Jeff Logeman and it don’t look like there will be an extension of the July 31, 2009 deadline for completion of the installation of signs.

REX EMAIL     Barry Moorman of Price Gregory had sent an email in regards to the slide area on Bullfork Road that Monica Yane had concerns with.  It was determined that all (3) slide areas were there before the pipe line was started and Ray Reese agrees with that.  Ray said that he would talk to Monica.

 The complaint about flagging traffic on County Roads from Harry Graves is safety issue, not to mention common sense.  Price Gregory has the right and obligation to protect their employees and the general public.  However Price will keep traffic delays to a minimum.        


Brian Bauman – The State had put out a list of Shovel Ready Properties this past Friday.  There is a site in Batesville, (behind the Rest Area), in Osgood, Ripley County has (3) Sites, and Dearborn County (US 52 and Johnson Fork Road).  Franklin County is trying get shovel ready properties listed without an Economic Development Director.  Need local support and it will basically come back to the Commissioners.  Don VonderMeulen supports what the Commission is doing and they are in process of hiring a Director.        

 Brian Patterson – Asked again to move the March 23rd Commissioners Meeting.  Tom Wilson asked where.  Brian said the Old High School Gym or Schilling Center.  Ray Lohrey, need to be able to hear what is being said.  Eric Roberts’s concern is if meeting is not here, our records are here, equipment is here.  Brian Patterson asked if 400 people show up.  Eric said we can cancel if that happens.

 John Estridge – Suggest signs be put up on Pump House and Wolfe Creek Roads where the roads are now gravel.

 MEETING WILL CONTINUE AT 1:00 P.M.        The Commissioners will be meeting with George Hartman and Highway Road Foreman’s in Ms. Hamilton Room at 1:00 P.M. to put a plan together after George retires.                                                  

 Don VonderMeulen moved to recess until 1:00 P.M.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 VISITOR’S COMMISSION   JoAnn Prickel of the Franklin County Visitor’s Commission had presented Pamphlets on a Vatican Ride for Bicycle Riders to tour Churches in Franklin County.  JoAnn asked about signage and Tourism could help in getting signs posted to show the route for the Vatican Ride throughout Franklin County.  Don VonderMeulen asked George what is the stipulation on putting additional signage on County Road Signs.  It’s not suggested.  Don suggested painting symbols on the roadway until signage can be put up.  JoAnn said the Tourism would purchase the signage and asked if Highway Personnel would install.  The Commissioners said they would talk to Gene Stewart about putting up signage and marking the roadways for directions to the bikers.  It was also mentioned that Verizon would like a list of preliminary projects for the upcoming years that the County will be doing, such as bridge projects, small culvert replacements.  JoAnn also mentioned the Bass Angler Association will be here April 24th & 25th for a Tournament.

 GEORGE HARTMAN’S RETIREMENT      George had mentioned that he could come back part-time, maybe a day a week – 20 hours a pay period to oversee Federal Aid and Watershed Projects.  Tom Wilson mentioned we need the Engineers stamp on projects, George replied yes.  Eric Roberts asked about the kind of salary is George looking at as a part-time engineer, are you looking at the pay rate as he is getting now.  Employee Salary with fringe benefits would be more of a direct salary.  Tom Wilson asked if he thinks it would be a good idea to get someone in to train while George is here.  George worked 14 years on different projects, put in new bridges, and replaced low water crossings, slope stabilization projects, roadway realignments and improvements.  Don VonderMeulen said we need to look at the budget.  Tom Wilson asked if George would set in on the interview process.  Don VonderMeulen asked how Franklin County Highway Department compares with other Counties.  Asked about administration of highway supervisor, superintendent, don’t know if Highway Engineer is needed.  Eric Roberts feels a Highway Superintendent and do what George does, go to meetings, supervise federal projects.  Susan Jones, Auditor had checked with the State on the Highway Engineers Salary and was said that the County would receive a quarter of the $20,000.00 reimbursement of salary, since March 31, 2009 will be George’s last day.  Cannot receive reimbursement for a part-time engineer.  Also if a Highway Engineer is not hired, then the salary cannot be paid out of Cumulative Bridge, it would need to be appropriated from somewhere else.  As it looks George would be receiving approximately 70 days of compensation with vacation, sick day reimbursement and exchange time that is coming to him and this is not reimbursable.  Gene Stewart has suggested a contract with George, if he works part-time.  Eric Roberts suggest we come up with an ad for a Highway Engineer.  Need to advertise starting April 1st through June 1st and look to hire someone around July 1st.  

 PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION DEOBLIGATION OF TRANSIT GRANT FUNDS  Cathy Pelsor, Director of Public Transportation had presented a Notification of Deobligation of Transit Grant Funds.  The Letter severs as the Grant Close Out and Deobligation Agreement for Franklin County completed 2008 Operating Grant 18026190.  The Indiana Department of Transportation will deobligate $0 in Federal Transit Administration Funds and $9,110 in State Public Mass Transportation Funds.  These funds represent the unexpended balance of transit funds provided through the grant project.

 Tom Wilson motioned to sign the Notification of Deobligation of Transit Grant Funds.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 Cathy also mentioned the Stimulus Projects that INDOT had asked for Public Transportation.  She had made application for (3) Projects.  The first a Pole Barn to be built behind the Public Transportation Building to house transportation vehicles.  Estimated cost $60,000.00.  The second a New Light Transit Van.  The third is new Radio’s, Security Gate and Copy Machine.  If granted, the grant would go through the County.

 ADJOURN   Tom Wilson motioned to adjourn.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

Others Present:  John Estridge     Darrell Smith     Sharon Halcomb     Ed Roberts     Ursula Roberts 

Gene Stewart      Sara Duffy          Ray Lohrey         Keith Noah         Tony Schwab

Scott M McDonough      Joe Gillespie       Larry Franzman       Stan Monroe 

Jerry Harnishfeger     George Hartman       Brian Patterson       Ken Griffin

Dale Maxie              James Rene Stivers      Brain Bauman           Chester Ball          

Brian DeFossett                 Ray Reese           JoAnn Prickel        Cathy Pelsor


AYE                                                                                                                                        NAY


_S/ Eric E Roberts____________                                             ________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                                     Eric E Roberts


_S/ Thomas E Wilson__________                                           _________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                                               Thomas E Wilson


_S/ Donald M VonderMeulen____                                            ________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                                              Donald M VonderMeulen


ATTEST: _S/ Susan A Jones_______________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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