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May 18, 2009 Meeting Minutes




May 18, 2009 @ 6:00 P.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present: County Commissioners:    Eric E Roberts    Thomas E Wilson  Don VonderMeulen                 

County Auditor:  Susan A Jones

Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman

Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

WEEKLY REPORT- Sharon Halcomb, County Assessor reported Personal Property for 2009 pay 2010 deadline was today mail has been brisk and have been busy opening.  Rebecca Oglesby, County Treasurer reported their office has received tax statements and getting ready to mail, hopefully in 3 weeks or sooner.  Susan Jones, County Auditor reported have started to print tax statements, did have an issues with tax statement paper and has been resolved.  We have 12 units yet to print.

 SECURITY PANIC BUTTON– Eric Roberts reported that Doug Flaspohler, Custodian had received a quote for panic buttons for the Government Center and is expensive.  Eric would like to receive a couple more quotes.  Becky reported she has contacted ETC and had not heard from them with a quote.  Eric reported he had talked to Cleves Connection and there is a way to program the phone system to dial directly to E-911.  Discussed the security system in the courthouse, it has a receiver and is working with the buttons, but won’t acknowledge the Government Center.

METAMORA MAIN STREET DRAINAGE PROJECT- Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor had introduced Lori Kaplan, Business Development Manager of JFNew, Full Service Ecological Solutions of Indianapolis.  Don VonderMeulen had spoken to Ms. Kaplan several weeks ago at a Canal By Way Meeting and mentioned the Drainage Issues on Main Street in Metamora and had invited her to attend the Commissioners Meeting.  Ms. Kaplan gave a Presentation of a Storm Water Management System that could help the drainage issues in Metamora.  Don asked Joe Gillespie to share his plans with Lori and Joe said he would.  Discussed funding issues and there are grants available. 

 MINUTES- Don VonderMeulen mentioned on the section with the Sperry Rice Grant he did not remember mentioning the part on Batesville Tool and Die asking for abatement.  It was then confirmed by John Estridge that Eric Roberts had said it, but he doesn’t remember saying it.  It was decided to leave the minutes as is.

Don VoderMeulen motioned to approve the minute on May 11, 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 PAYROLL-Don VonderMeulen motioned to approve the payroll vouchers.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT-  Don VonderMeulen motioned to acknowledge the Treasurer’s Report dated April 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

OFFICIALS BOND- The Commissioners are questioning the Officials Bond for George Hartman, the Bond is saying September 1, 2008 through September 1, 2009 and invoice is past due for $100.00.  Gene Stewart recommends that they contact the Bonding Company and tell them of George situation, that he had retired and is now working on a part-time basic. 

RAILFENCE BRIDGE 110 & 111- Eric Roberts mentioned the Change Order #3 and a copy of the March 9, 2009 Minutes with Don VonderMeulen making motion to approve the first three change orders with Tom Wilson seconding the motion.  Eric Roberts voted against.  Eric said the motion stands and Change Order as approved for signatures.

 BLUE CREEK BRIDGE 94 & PIPE CREEEK BRIDGE 48- INDOT had provided the LPA Project Coordination Contract for both Blue Creek Bridge 94 and Pipe Creek 48 for the Commissioners approval. 

Don VonderMeulen motioned to sign and approved the Project Coordination Contracts for Bridge 94 and Bridge 48.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

HIGHWAY ANNUAL OPERATIONAL REPORT- The 2008 Highway Annual Operational Report was presented for approval.  Don VonderMeulen asked about the amount of Tax Revenue for Highway.  Questions the $761,960.77 seems like a lot.  Eric Roberts questions the total mileage for County Roads and of the roads that were added, are we filling out the correct paper work.  Eric Roberts will review and approve next week.

ENOCHSBURG COVERED BRIDGE 73-Received Invoice from J.A. Barker Engineer, Inc. for Engineering Service for the period of March 5 through April 30, 2009 for labor and expenses totaling $6,143.50 along with LPA Claim Voucher 1 for 80% Federal Reimbursement totaling $4,914.80.

Tom Wilson motions to approve the invoice and LPA Claim Voucher for Bridge 73.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

FEDERAL AID BRIDGE APPLICATIONS-The Board of Commissioners received Letters from INDOT for approval or denial of the following Federal Aid Bridge Projects that application had been made.

Replacement of Low Water Crossing # 2701 Yellow Bank                               Denied for Federal Funding at this time

Replacement of Low Water Crossing # 2703 Yellow Bank                               Denied for Federal funding at this time

Replacement of Bridge 117 Columbus Ave Batesville                       Denied for Federal Funding at this time

Replacement of Bridge 10 Duck Creek                                                    Denied for Federal Funding at this time

Rehabilitation of Bridge 48 Pipe Creek DES 0201280                          Approval of Additional $497,800 in Federal Funding

Replacement of Bridge 94 Blue Creek DES 0088440                           Approval of Additional $511,577 in Federal Funding

RESOLUTION 2009-16 SPERRY RICE GRANT-Eric Roberts read Resolution 2009-16.  Be it resolved by the Board of Commissioners of Franklin County, Indiana that they support the Grant Application of Sperry & Rice Manufacturing Company, LLC for funds from the City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana and its regional Economic Development Grant Program.  The Board of Commissioners further resolve to assist with the grant process as requested to facilitate with the issuance of such grant.  Resolved this 18th day of May, 2009. 

Don VonderMeulen motioned to adopt Resolution 2009-16.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

MIDWEST DATA, INC. IT SUPPORT CONTRACT –A Contract was submitted for IT Support from Midwest Data, Inc. (MDI) for the Government Center and Courthouse.  The total annual support is $4,500.00 but has been pro-rated in the amount of $2,625.00 from June 1, 2009 thru December 31, 2009, with on-site support being $95.00 @ hour, with a $495.00 per day cap.  No travel time or travel expenses are charged and in-house support at reduced rate of $60.00 per hour.

Don VonderMeulen motions for Eric Roberts to sign Contract with Midwest Data, Inc. for IT Support through December 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

VANETTA ROAD SMALL STRUCTURE- Joe Ballenger and several family members and residents who use and live along Vanetta Road came before the Board of Commissioners with issues with a small bridge that is located on this road.  A School Bus crosses this structure and is a safety concern.  The water has eroded a section of the bridge and is getting ready to collapse.  Looking for the project to project to be addressed and move forward.  Don VonderMeulen has pictures that were taken this past Thursday.  The Ballenger’s have offered to donate their machine time, but will need to charge for labor.  The surrounding property owner is in agreement for the project to be addressed.  Don VonderMeulen would like to address this situation and find the money to do repairs.  It had been suggested putting a large metal plate across the bridge as a temporary repair.  There are approximately 80-90 residents who live on Vanetta Road.  This has become a safety concern for the residents of Vanetta Road and there is also a business located on this road.  It was discussed to either spend the funds to put a 16 foot bridge in right now or spend a little more or put in a 24 foot bridge.  For the time being a steel plate will be installed and this will give George Hartman time to review.  We also don’t want to tear the bridge out right now; school will be dismissed June 6th.

DIGITAL BRIDGE COMMUNICATIONS- Mike Page and Jeff Tincher of Digital Bridge Communications gave a presentation for Next Generation Wireless Broadband.  With combined efforts of the County and Digital Bridge Communications have capabilities to match broadband stimulus goals.  There objective is to cover 90% of the population in Franklin County.  Their commitment to unserved and underserved communities.  Have affordable, next generation broadband.  Fast deployments of 6-9 months.  Quantifiable jobs and economic development.  Cost effectiveness and Leverage across other stimulus priorities such as public safety, healthcare and education and have state and local entity support.  Jeff Tincher reported that he now has connection in Metamora and didn’t before, would work with Franklin County.  Mr. Page asked that the County support their Application for Stimulus Funding.  It was said they may be able to utilize c-phone towers and the County has the communications tower they may be able to use.  Mr. Page will get with Ed Hollenbeck, EMA Director.

ATV’S HARRY GRAVES- Harry Graves reported he is very interested in getting the High Speed Internet in Franklin County.  Harry has concerns with ATV’s being permitted on the County Roads.  It was said at the last evening meeting No ATV’s on County Roads, but then reading the newspaper there is a change.  Harry reported he had contacted (3) manufactures of ATV’s and their vehicles are not for road use.  DNR Permits are for DNR Property and not claiming any liability.  State says they are to travel on the road brim and they are also not claiming liability.

Don VonderMeulen presented Harry Graves a letter dated May 18, 2009.  The letter states.  This letter serves as a courtesy notice that members of the Franklin County Highway Department will be installing solid object markers on the concrete headers near your home on Tuesday, May 19th.  These markers will be maintained by the highway department as may become necessary.  Also, the culvert pipes under Blue Creek Road will be inspected periodically and should any repair or replacement become necessary you will be notified by the highway department, as it its customary practice, prior to the work commencing.  Signed Donald M Vonder Meulen, Franklin County District 2 Commissioner.

 Harry Graves wants a meets and bounds with regards for the installation of the markers.  Don VonderMeulen said the letter is a courtesy notice.  Harry took the letter.  Harry asked what is a marker, are they your culverts or my culverts, are you accepting liability.  Gene Stewart will look into this matter.  Harry is saying they encroached onto his property by the County Employee.  Tom Wilson said once we are off the traveled portion of the road, we are they on is property.  Harry wants document in writing saying this.

HOMELAND SECURITY MEETING-Eric Roberts reported he had attended a Homeland Security Meeting in Madison last Thursday, along with Ed Hollenbach and Bob O’Bryan.  The appointment to the District Planning Council and by Virtue of Office and it was recommended to nominate Dave Stutzman and the Town is nominating Fred Neeley.  Eric reported that they had a good turn out with 21 of the 24 County/City and Towns were in attendance.  Julie Berry was nominated to be District President.

ROAD DAMAGES- Eric Roberts reported he had met with Chester Ball and O’Mara on repair work on County Roads damaged by REX.  Tom and Don had also met with their  District Foreman’s.  District 3 has the most damage to the roads.  Tom Wilson has concerns with the silt in the ditches and could not get them to agree who will clear them out.  Eric Roberts said the County needs to keep accurate records.  Don VonderMeulen asked if someone is going to coordinate the work or is each district.

HIGHWAY ORGANIZATIONAL CHART- Don VonderMeulen had presented an Organizational Chart for the Highway Department for Eric and Tom to review.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION- Don VonderMeulen reported during the Economic Development Commission Meeting last Thursday Evening, the Director’s Position had been offered to Tony Schwab.  Don asked Gene to get with Economic Development Commission to go over contract and job description.  Gene said he would get with them.

 PUBLIC COMMENT- NIGHTLY COMMISSIONERS MEETINGS – Brian Patterson asked with the success of the Nightly Commissioners Meeting, are you going to continue to have them.  Tom Wilson said they are good.  Don VonderMeulen would like to continue them in September.  Eric Roberts reported we need to pick a week of the month to have the meeting and asked that Carol and Susan get together and review schedule.

 Don VonderMeulen motions to schedule the last (4) meetings of the year for Night Meetings and have schedule by August.  There was no second on this motion.   Motion died.

 ADJOURN- Tom Wilson motions to adjourn.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 Others Present

John Estridge                     Darrell Smith                      Sharon Halcomb               Sara Duffy                          

Joe Gillespie                       Harry Graves                      Stan Monroe                     Kim VonderMeulen       

Wayne Monroe                                Ray Lovins                           Lori Kaplan                          Walt Oelrich                      

Gene Wilson                      Scott McDonough            Becky Oglesby                   Paula Keller                       

Mike Ferman                     Kim VonderMeulen        Gene Stewart                    Brian Patterson

Kari Roberts                       Mike Page                           John Kersey                       Dan Weigel                        

Jeff Tincher                        Stephen Crain                   James D Ballenger           James Ballenger                              

Mike Wolfe                        Jason Ballenger                 Gail Ginther


AYE                                                                                                        NAY

__S/ Eric E Roberts_________________                                             _________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                                     Eric E Roberts

__S/ Thomas E Wilson______________                                              __________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                                              Thomas E Wilson

__S/ Donald M VonderMeulen_______                                               __________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                                            Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: __S/ Susan A Jones___________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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