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October 13, 2009 Meeting Minutes




October 13, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present: County Commissioners: Eric E Roberts     Thomas E Wilson  Donald M VonderMeulen                       

County Auditor:    Susan A Jones

Commissioners Secretary:Carol Westerman


Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

WEEKLY REPORT- Sharon Halcomb, Assessor reported she did roll over assessed values to the Auditor’s Office and are working on balancing with the Auditor’s Office.  Susan Jones, Auditor had nothing new to report.

AMENDMENT TO GENERAL REASSESSMENT CONTRACT- Sharon Halcomb presented an Amendment to Contract for General Reassessment with Nexus Group, due to delay of reassessment, changing from March 1, 2011 to March 1, 2012.

Tom Wilson motions to sign the Amendment to the Reassessment Contract with Nexus Group.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

MINUTES– Don VonderMeulen motions to approve the Minutes of October 5, 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

CORRECTION TO SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 MINUES– Don VonderMeulen mentioned a correction to the September 28, 2009 Minutes needs to be done.  Minutes were approved and the Motion to rescind the Resolution 2008-14, Resolution creating the County Wide Library was omitted, needs to be put in minutes.   Motion being Tom Wilson motioned to rescind Resolution 2008-14 to be a County Wide Library.  Eric Roberts seconds.  Don VonderMeulen voted No.  Motion carried.

Tom Wilson motioned to re-approve the Minutes of September 28, 2009, with correction made.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

UTILTIY CLAIMS-  Wilson motions to approve the Utility Claims (October 13, 2009).  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

BLUE CREEK BRIDGE #94– Drew Barth, Howard J Barth & Associates presented the 3rd Quarter Report for Blue Creek Bridge #94 for Commissioners approval.  Also reported the bid letting has moved to a February Letting.  It will move forward once the Right-of-Way is approved by INDOT.

Don VonderMeulen motions to sign the quarterly report for Blue Creek Bridge #94.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried. 

SISWD– Aaron Bell introduced himself as the New Director for the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District (SISWD), replacing Tom Perotti and presented a handout to the Commissioners.  The Board has monthly meetings and (4) full board meetings.

STRAND ASSOCIATES- Eric Brunn, Project Manager for Strand Associates who works out of their Columbus, Indiana Office.  Mr. Brunn said he had spoken to George Hartman several times and mentioned a low water crossing replacement project and has asked permission to work with George on this project in putting a FA-3 Application together for Federal Approval.  The Low Water Crossing is located on Pipe Creek Road.  Strand Associates has worked in Dearborn, Ohio and Shelby Counties on Federal Projects as well as small projects.  The Commissioners said they would get back with him.


Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor mentioned the Springfield-Brackney Ditch Project consists of the installation of 2100 feet of new tile.  The tile had been purchased earlier this year.


                                Joe Gillespie opened the (3) Bids that were submitted.


1)      Ken Bischoff Excavating                                        $7.00 per foot                    $14,700.00

2)      Tim Eich Drainage                                                     $8.95 per foot                    $18,795.00

3)      James Ballenger Excavating                                 $6.08 per foot                    $14,280.00

 Also included in the bids is pricing to hook up laterals and the laterals are the responsibility of the property owner within the ditch.  The price for the laterals varied in price with each contractor.  Joe Gillespie will get with the property owners with these prices since they will be directly responsibility for those fees.

LASERFICHE-      John Steele of Laserfiche reported Ramzi of MDI has recommended staying with Enterprise Solutions, which will increase the Document Imaging Proposal by $3,500.00.  John Steele said he would cut $500.00 off the training.  The additional cost is for the software and it would be needed for all departments to use and would be connected to the servers in the Auditor’s Office.  Susan Jones, Auditor questioned the use of the servers in her office as they support the auditor, assessor and treasurer for taxes and financials, if there is enough space to store the imaging records.  We are getting ready to start reassessment and that will be added information going into the system, don’t want to get in the middle of taxes and the system goes down because we are out of space.  It was suggested we set up an IT Meeting on Wednesday of next week to discuss with MDI.

LIBRARY- Melody Gault, Director of the Library District said she did not know there was going to be a meeting this evening and will save her comments for this evening.  She did give the Commissioners a handout with the 2008 Statistics for the Library District.  Don VonderMeulen mentioned a number of people had contacted him and they want to know what is going to happen to their tax bill.  Then went on to say, if the library tax levy is spread over 12 townships, instead of the 6 townships, shouldn’t the tax lower.  Melody agreed, it should be lower.  Melody said the DLGF had suggested the library submit a higher budget, it’s hard to predict the expense such as utilities. 

BROOKVILLE LION CLUB- The Brookville Lions Club has requested the use of the Courthouse Lawn to pass out treats on Halloween between 5:00 – 6:00 P.M.  Tom Wilson motions to allow the Lions Club the use of the Courthouse Lawn on October 31st between 5-6:00 P.M. to pass out treats on Halloween.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

PC RECOVERY SYSTEMS CONTRACT- Eric Roberts stated he does not like some of the language on the contract and suggested the 24months be put to 12 months.  Also 911 had already secured funds that had been overcharged.   The East Central Indiana Consortium Group would like to enter into a contract with Kimbell to look at all the County’s in the group phone bills.  The Commissioners are not in favor of going with the PC Recovery Contract at this time.

COUNTY ROAD MAPS- Ed Hollenbach, EMA Directed had requested the County Road Maps be updated and also to have the small towns included.  Commissioners will talk to Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor and George Hartman to look into.  This may be something that needs to be bid out.


Received LPA Consulting Contracts for Pipe Creek Bridge 48 and Snow Hill Covered Bridge 102 from Clark Dietz, Inc.  It was said the Pipe Creek Bridge 48 Rehabilitation Project is scheduled for the February 2010 Letting, the Right-of-Way needs to be certified to INDOT by November 18, 2009.  The Snow Hill Covered Bridge 102 Rehabilitation Project is 3-years out when Don VonderMeulen had spoken to Steve Flores of INDOT.  Don said he has made contact with Kevin Loiselle on why and it was said they were awaiting some paperwork on the sprinkler system.  The Letter was resubmitted to Kevin Loiselle that the Sprinkler System is to be eliminated from the project.

Don VonderMeulen motioned to sign LPA Consulting Contracts for Bridges 48 & 102 (with Clark Dietz, Inc.)  Eric Roberts seconds.  Tom Wilson, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

RAP GRINDINGS PROPOSAL- Received a Price form Rohe Company to deliver approximately 700-800 tons of millings to the Franklin County Yard (west of Brookville) for the unit price of $9.50/ton.

Eric Roberts motioned to accept the proposal from Rohe Company for $9.50/ton for millings delivered for repairs.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  As long as the funds are there to pay.

CLEVES CONNECTION- Jay Shullman reported on the questions that Commissioners had on the invoice that had been submitted on repair work that was done on the antenna that was damaged during the storm.  The manufacture does not warrant labor for repairs.  Also said the new phones has a 5-year warranty from date of delivery (June 2008) and the antenna has a 1-year warranty (September 2008).  Jay is to get copy of warranties to the Commissioners Office to be on file.

Don VonderMeulen moved to release the check for the invoice for repair of antenna.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT-Julie Bommer, Resident of Brookville Township who has a Dairy Farm that sets in both Brookville and Springfield Townships.  Library is doing a wonderful job.  Currently paying $625.42 toward the Library in Brookville Township.  Estimates will pay an additional $1,500.00 to the Library in 2010, our farm income has declined.


Received invoice for $969.00 from SRI, Inc. for postage to mail out certified letter for properties on tax sale.  Notices are to be sent out on Thursday, October 15, 2009.

Tom Wilson motioned to pay invoice to SRI for postage.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

RECESS– Tom Wilson motioned to recess till 1:00 P.M.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

Eric Roberts re-convened meeting.   

REX- Awaiting REX to contract Franklin County on offer that had been emailed on Thursday, October 8, 2009 to REX Officials.  Phone calls were put in to Chris Basista with no answer.  Eric Roberts suggested we talk with Pete King to get advice only, nothing else.  We need to talk to Gene Stewart.  Tom Wilson in agreement, but to have Gene to talk to Pete King for advice.

E-911 GRANT- Don VonderMeulen mentioned Franklin County as part of the 911 Consortium had been awarded the grant for 911 equipment; this grant requires a 50% match.  Funds will need to be set aside for the match.  The new equipment would allow Franklin County to be part of a regional network.  It was asked that a copy of the award letter be presented, to be on file in the Commissioners and Auditor’s Office for auditing purposes.

ADJOURN- Don VonderMeulen motioned to adjourn.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

Others Present                

John Estridge     Darrell Smith      Sara Duffy           Sharon Halcomb               Joe Gillespie, Jr.

Pat Combs          Melody Gault    Aaron Bell           Drew Barth                         Teresa Fledderman

John L Steele     Ken Bischoff       Lowell McMillin Julie Bommer                    Eric Brunn

Walt Oelrich       Gene Stewart    Terry Duffy

AYE                                                                                                        NAY

_S/ Eric E Roberts______________                                       ________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                                     Eric E Roberts

_S/ Thomas E Wilson____________                                      __________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                                              Thomas E Wilson

_S/ Donald M VonderMeulen______                               ___________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                                            Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: _S/ Susan A Jones______________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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