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October 26, 2009 Meeting Minutes




October 26, 2009 @ 1:00 P.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present:  County Commissioners:     Eric E Roberts   Thomas E Wilson Donald M VonderMeulen                

  County Auditor:   Susan A Jones

  Commissioners Secretary:   Carol Westerman


Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

WEEKLY REPORT- Susan Jones, Auditor, nothing new to report, we are working on applying deductions for values.  The 1st Publication for Tax Sale will be in this week’s paper, with Tax Sale scheduled for December 3, 2009.  Sharon Halcomb, Assessor report she has a call to Manatron for help to Transfer her file for values to DLGF.  Having the last of the appeals hearings scheduled for tomorrow, this will close out 2008 pay 2009.  Don VonderMeulen asked about the file space on the servers.  Sharon said she will speak to Ramzi of MDI on his next visit.

MINUTES– Don VonderMeulen motions to approve the Minutes of October 19, 2009.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

HISTORIC LANDMARK- Don VonderMeulen reported he had spoken to Keith Hall, President of the Economic Development Commission and they have funds in the Economic Development Budget that haven’t been used for 2009 and he will talk to Dennis Kolb and Myron Kanning, the other (2) Board Members about the availability of funds for the Franklin County Survey for Economic Development to fund.

QUOTES FOR (2) COPIERS & (1) PRINTER- Received Quotes from The Office Shop for (2) Copiers, one for the Auditor’s Office and one for the Area Plan Office and (1) Printer for the Treasurer’s Office.  County Council at their October 20th Council meeting approved the Additional Appropriation out of Cum Capital Development in the amount of $12,000.00.

Tom Wilson motioned to purchase the (2) Copiers and (1) Printer from The Office Shop.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

ORDINANCE 2009-17 E 911 ADVISORY BOARD- Don VonderMeulen presented an Ordinance Creating the Franklin County E 911/Communications Advisory Board.  Member of the Board are Franklin County Sheriff, Brookville Police Chief or designee, Brookville Fire Chief or designee, A Fire Chief appointed by the Board of Commissioners after receiving a recommendation from the Fire Chiefs of the Franklin County Chiefs Association, A Town Marshal appointed by the Board of Commissioners after receiving a recommendation from the Town Marshals, President of the EMS Board of Directors or designee, Emergency Management Director or designee, A member of County Council selected by Council, and E 911 Director is a non-voting, ex-officio member.  All members appointed by the Board of Commissioners serve until their successor is appointed.  The Board shall elect one of its members to serve as President of the Board.  The President shall serve a one-year term, but may be re-elected to subsequent terms.  The Board shall meet at least quarterly and upon the call of the Board of Commissioners, the Director, or the Board President.  The Board shall render its opinion on questions referred to it by the Board of Commissioners or the Director.

Don VonderMeulen mentioned he had attended the Franklin County Chief’s Association Meeting and discussed the Ordinance and they were very happy they were consulted and had highlighted their recommendations.  They had cast a secret ballot and it was 15 to 1 in favor of the Ordinance.  It was said Phil Wietholter is in favor of creating the advisory board.  Dale Maxie agrees to a point for the Ordinance, but not the (9) Members, can give it a try for a time.  Tom Wilson said give it (6) Months and if it doesn’t work, we can then rescind it.

 Tom Wilson motions to approve Ordinance 2009-17 for at least (6) Months to see how it works on a trial basis, forming an E 911 Advisory Board.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 LETTER FROM INDOT – US 52 @ HOLLAND ROAD- Received a copy of a letter from INDOT that had been sent to Eva Heyob, 8049 Little Cedar Road, Brookville, IN, with regards to US 52 @ Holland Road.  The letter pertains to concerns about traffic congestion at the location at the intersection of US 52 @ Holland Road near White’s Sale Barn on Wednesdays.  It was said on their investigation they cannot recommend any changes to the existing traffic controls or/and any improvements on this section of highway.  Also pertaining to request for an eastbound passing blister; a passing blister is not warranted based on the traffic conditions that occur ½ day per week.  White’s Sale Barn is located on Holland Road; which falls under the jurisdiction of Franklin County.  It was suggested that Ms. Heyob approach the County Commissioners for them to ask the owners of the White’s Sale Barn to provide temporary traffic control on the sale day in order to enhance the traffic flow on the highway.  It was asked that a copy of the letter be forward to White’s Sale Barn.

ELKHORN ESTATES LETTER- Received Letter from Sherry Kelsey, 2136 Deer Run Dr., West Harrison, IN, with regards to requesting Elkhorn Estates roads be dedicated into the County Highway Road System.  Reason being for the safety of their children.  On September 30, 2009 while dropping off our kids, the bus backed up and went into a ditch on the side of the road.  The front tires were off the ground and the bus was stuck in the ditch.  If the roads would be dedicated the bus would be able to drive around without any problems.  As it stands right now the bus has to drive down Snowhill and back-up onto Deer Run in order to turn the bus around.  Ms. Kelsey understands the owners of the subdivision need to re-submit some paperwork and she had contacted Dan Lane on the issue.  She also understands the county has to come out and inspect the roads.

Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director reported he had reviewed the road and is it not performing, road needs to be improved, there are section that water is surfacing though the road surface.  Larry had presented pictures of the slide area and section of road that has sunk and pushing out.

 WAIVEING VFW BUILDING PERMIT FEE- Tom Wilson motioned to waive the Building Permit Fee ($250.00) to put a roof over an outside area for the VFW.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

METAMORA SHOP OWNER LANA LYNCH– Lana Lynch, Shop Owner in Metamora mentioned she had purchased property in Metamora to set up shop and joined the Merchants Association.  Her goal is to bring One Million People to Metamora in 1-year.  Wants to let people know about Metamora and Brookville.  Would like to propose funding to put up a bill board and start a county wide Business License Fee for Business to purchase in Franklin County.  Fees would be used to promote businesses.  She would like to set up her property the way she wants to, it her property.  It was suggested that Ms. Lynch talk to the Tourism Board for Franklin County.

PUBLIC COMMENT– Scott McDonough asked if the Commissioners were going to ask Gene Stewart to file a motion to reconsider the courts action on the ruling on the County Wide Library District.  Eric Roberts, did not ask Gene to do anything, but would like to talk to Gene.

RECESS– Don VonderMeulen motioned to recess till 1:00 P.M. tomorrow (October 27, 2009)  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried. (To see if REX response’s to the County’s counter-offer).

MEETING RECONVENED TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2009-   Eric Roberts reconvened the meeting from Monday, October 26, 2009.

Carol Westerman reported she had spoken to Gene Stewart and he has not heard anything official from REX.  Don VonderMeulen said he wanted to wait for a response.  He didn’t know if they should wait for a counter offer from REX or what.  He wanted to know how long to wait.  John Estridge asked if King is officially the attorney.  Eric Roberts said King is working under a previous agreement.  Tom Wilson stated sometimes to takes weeks for them to respond.  Then asked if offer is off the table, what do the Commissioners want to do?  Don VonderMeulen wanted to ask Gene Stewart on options where we stand.  Tom asked are we willing to go to court.  Tom stated 4.25 Million was our counter offer.  Asked if we go to court how are we going to pay King?  Don said to talk to King and wait and see what REX does.  Eric said if they accept 4.2 Million great, if not then force them to stand up to previous agreement.  Tom said if we force REX to fix 55 miles, it will be detrimental to the County.  Eric said what about the ditches and drainage issues?  Tom stated we need to look at what is reality.  Eric said to give it more time, then choose course of action.

ADJOURN– Tom Wilson motioned to adjourn until Monday (November 2, 2009).  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.                    

Others Present:

John Estridge                     Darrell Smith                      Sara Duffy                           Sharon Halcomb               Dale Maxie

Tracy Lightfield                  Lana Lynch                          Larry Franzman                 Scott McDonough                           

AYE                                                                                        NAY

_S/ Eric E Roberts____________                             ___________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                     Eric E Roberts

_S/ Thomas E Wilson_________                                ___________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                              Thomas E Wilson

_S/ Donald M VonderMeulen__                               ___________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                            Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: _S/ Susan A Jones______________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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