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September 21, 2009 Meeting Minutes




September 21, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present: County Commissioners:     Eric E Roberts     Thomas E Wilson Donald M VonderMeulen                        

County Auditor:  Susan A Jones

Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman

Eric Roberts opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

WEEKLY REPORT Sharon Halcomb, Assessor had nothing new to report.  Susan Jones, Auditor should have the remainder of the Homestead Deduction on sometime this week, putting on the new Homestead Deductions that had been filed this past year.

 MINUTES Don VonderMeulen motioned to approve the August 24, 2009 Minutes.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT    Tom Wilson motions we acknowledged the Treasurer’s Report for the Month of August 2009.  Don VondeMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

 CONCERNED CITIZENS LIBRARY DISTRICT Roy Hall, Whitewater Township Trustee and Cecil Bruns, Springfield Township Trustee spoke on behalf of the (6) Townships that was added to the Library District when Resolution was passed for a County Wide Library District.  Also present were Jerry Day, Springfield Township Trustee and Arthur DeFossett, Highland Township Trustee.  Cannot find where we were notified when this Resolution was passed.  They feel the rate is too high and passed out the proposed budget that was submitted for 2010.  It was said Melody Gault, Director and Joan Koch, Board Member for the Library did attend a Township meeting in 2006 and a nickel (.05) was proposed at that time.  In 2006 Whitewater and Springfield Townships did not join the Library District, felt that with the farm ground it would be too high.  They had put a Petition together this past Friday Evening after 5:00 P.M. and had 220 persons sign the petition from Springfield, Whitewater and Highland Townships.  They are asking the Board of Commissioners to rescind the Resolution for the County Wide Library District that was passed in April 2008.  We have too many people against being included in the County Wide Library District.  Give the general public a choice.

 Don VonderMeulen mentioned when we were approached, we were told the rate would not increase, it would stay the same.  Eric Roberts, it’s proposed as a dime (.10) and would go down.  Tom Wilson, don’t want to put a burden on the taxpayers.  The library is important to educate our children, but didn’t realize it was going to cost the taxpayers that much.

Cecil Bruns feels if this goes though, each township should have representatives on the library board.  It was then suggested each household pay a $25 – $50 fee toward the Library.  Roy Hall mentioned there should be a round table discussion to include Commissioners, Council and Township Trustees and have a meeting, but not with 200 people.  Cecil Bruns said if you rescind the Resolution we then could meet in a round table discussion and see what the Library needs.  Dick Curry, Springfield Township Advisory Board, along with Jerry Day said it’s hard times with the Economics; it is outrageous to ask for what they are asking.  Doesn’t like the way they did it, it should have been done with a petition process and letting the townships decide, not coming to the Commissioners and doing it the way they did it.  Give the people a choice.  Not against the tax rate as long as it’s reasonable.  Mike Brier, Resident of Springfield Township, don’t mind paying $25 – $75, but not hundreds of dollars.  Art DeFossett mentioned 99% of the Residents in Highland Township do not want the rate.  We have libraries in each of the schools, how many libraries does the County need. 

Eric Roberts asked if the Townships could contract with the libraries, as you do with the fire departments.  Tom Wilson asked Gene Stewart, would the library have to pay the money back they had received by becoming a County Wide Library District.  Gene said he would check with the State Board of Accounts.

 COURTHOUSE LAWN FRANKLIN COUNTY COMMUNTY SERVICE MONUMENT Thad Ariens and Phil Wietholter were present and Thad had presented plans for the Franklin County Community Service Monument (Memorial) as what was discussed last month on what impact there would be on the Courthouse Lawn and a group had met to discuss.  The approach was to put a low impact monument and put into the plan that can utilize the lawn for Main Street Events.  The Monument would be a seating memorial around the present memorial, and place a freedom eagle on top of the existing memorial to represent those hero’s who left the County and the eagle nest would represent the County.  Thad also had done research on the cannon and the cannon needs to remain as long as there are WWII Veterans here.  Had incorporated low impact lighting for the monument with stepping stones that would then go the Gazebo, which would in the next phase.  It was suggested it be called Franklin County Hero’s Park or Hero’s Park.  Tom Wilson likes the plan and it incorporates everything we want.  Don VonderMeulen also likes and Thad had done what was asked of him and would like to put it out for the public to review.  Eric Roberts asked if a plague be made to tell the history of the cannon.  It was said yes it could.

 DRAINAGE BOARD MEETINGHENNING DITCH Joe Gillespie, County Surveyor reported 20 years ago tile had been installed in the East and West Arm of the Henning Ditch.  Now there are a number of holes in the tile that need to be fixed.  Joe gave an estimate of $3,000.00 to do repairs.  A number of property owners within the Henning Ditch were present.  It was said to put a plan and estimate together for the repairs to the Henning Ditch.

 ALLEY IN NEW TRENTON Joe Gillespie, Surveyor also reported he had visited New Trenton and reviewed the alley with Chester Ball, District Two Foreman, they had dug several holes in the alley and it has approximately 6-inches of gravel.  They had also discussed with Larry Kerr, Garage Foreman to check to see if there is a multi-year spray to kill vegetation that is growing though the gravel.

 COUNTY LINE ROAD AND GLAUB ROAD Joe Gillespie, Surveyor reported on County Line Road, there is a property owner that is parking past the portion the County is maintaining and blocking the road, there are people wanting to get past to hunt on the farm beyond the portion of road the County maintains.  The hunters are going to the Town of St. Leon to complain.  At the time the property owner wanted to vacate the road.  The Town of St. Leon objected.

Joe Gillespie had also reported on Glaub Road, was referred to as Laub Road in letter from John Watson, Attorney of the Town of St. Leon on the culvert pipe.  There was a culvert pipe installed by the Town of St. Leon, draining water into Franklin County, they had extended the ditch.  The elevation of the ditch and road are the same and road is breaking away.  When the pipe was put in they had cut Franklin County’s portion of road.  Eric Roberts, need to contact Town of St. Leon to extend the pipe and property owner would need to give permission, the Town of St. Leon should also patch the road.

 ANDERSONVILLE STORM DRAINAGE PROJECT EASEMENTS Joe Gillespie reported all legal descriptions were prepared and given to Gene Stewart to prepare Right of Way Easement Documents for property owners to sign.

 ANDERSONVILLE LETTER OF SUPPORT Presented was Letter of Support for the Commissioners to sign for Grant Application for the Andersonville Storm Water Drainage System, along with Readiness to Proceed Certification, Status of Required Environmental Review Process, Status of Permits, Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs Community Development Block Grant Small Cities Program Assurances and Certifications, CDBG Disclosure Report, and Civil Rights Certification.

It was mentioned that the Public Hearing on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 was attended by approximately 20 local citizens.  Mentioned that easements need to be acquired by 12 landowners, 5/6 of those landowners were present at the public hearing.

Tom Wilson motioned to Sign the Letter of Support, and Eric Roberts to sign other documents in the Grant Application for the Andersonville Storm Water Drainage Project.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  


Tom Wilson motioned for Eric Roberts to sign Resolution 2009-31, Resolution Authorizing Application Submission and Local Match Commitment.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.                          

SPRINGFIELD BRACKNEY DITCH Joe Gillespie had represented the Plan and Notice to Bidder for the installation of pipe for the Springfield Brackney Ditch.  The Pipe had been purchased earlier this year and bids to be submitted on October 13, 2009 are for installation of the pipe only.

Eric Roberts motioned to accept the Plan for the Springfield Brackney Ditch.  Tom Wilson seconds the motion.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

SIECO BOARD APPOINTMENT Tom Cooney is the Commissioners Appointment to the SIECO Board and is interested to serve another year.  Don VonderMeulen motioned to re-appoint Tom Cooney to the SIECO Board for another year.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.    

BRIDGE INSPECTION PHASE II 2008FINAL REPORT TITLE SHEET- Eric Roberts moved we sign the Title Sheet for Bridge Inspection Phase II 2008 Final Report.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Don VonderMeulen, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

ENOCHSBURG COVERED BRIDGE 73 LPA CLAIM VOUCHER NUMBER #5-                LPA Claim Voucher #5 was submitted for the Enochsburg Covered Bridge 73 Rehabilitation Project from Barker Engineering for Construction Engineering Services.  Claim Voucher is for $9,937.88, 80% Federal Reimbursement is $7,950.30.  Don VonderMeulen mentioned he had tried to contact Jim Barker regarding the invoice for payment of additional funds for the relocation of the water line.  It was said Mr. Barker was out of the office and did not get back with Don.  Tom Wilson feels the additional amount should not be paid.  Eric Roberts, to pay only if it would be included for reimbursement of federal funds.

CLEVES CONNECTION-Jay Shullman and Kevin Bunger of Cleves Connection were present per request by Don VonderMeulen.  The Commissioners asked about the warranty on the antenna that had issues during the August 4, 2009 heavy rains, water got into the cable.  Cleves Connection is waiting on the company to make a decision on the warranty, did not purchase another antenna, they had one and replaced it with it.  The company that provided the antenna would not accept responsibility on the labor.  Eric Roberts, we entered into agreement with a 1-year warranty, but some of the equipment was not installed until recently, when does the warranty period start?  Kevin Bunger will inquire on the warranty period.  Susan Jones, Auditor reported that there had been issues with the new phone system, reported on a recent issue, we were in the middle of tax distribution and the phone system went down and lost everything that was done, had to start over.  We had called several times before, saying the phone system had gone down and was knocking out of our programs; we had to shut down and come back up.  This has happened in the Auditor, Assessor and Treasurer’s Offices.  Cleves Connection denied getting phone calls when system had gone down.  The Commissioners had contacted MDI and Ramzi had come and looked at the system, the outlet ports in the server room being overloaded.  Cleves Connection had plugged the new phone system into one port, MDI had spread out the plug in for the new phone system, and it’s been working, the system had not gone down.  The other issue is the outstanding bill with RBSK when the IP Addresses were changed.  Copies of the correspondence between Cleves Connection and RBSK were presented.  It was said we need you (Cleves Connection) to work with RBSK and work this out; we are getting caught in the middle of it.  The County is working with Cleves Connection and you contracted with RBSK.

The Proposal for EMA was not part of the original proposal, Ed Hollenbach; EMA had elected not to go with the new phone system at the time the original proposal was submitted, so it was taken off.  Also at the time E911 and Sheriff’s Department elected to stay with Verizon.

E-911 ORDINANCE- Dale Maxie reported he had talked to the Sheriff in Rush County and asked him to come and talk to us about E-911.  As with a couple of other counties as with Rush County the Sheriff is also the 911 Coordinator.  Eric Roberts reported he had reviewed Fulton County’s 3-page Ordinance with the 8-member Board, with when they meet and duties, it seems to be their duties are the same as out Merit Board.  We basically have a 3-Member Board now, on hiring and firing.  Not to have too many on a board, 3/5 members.  Eric would like to do more research.  It was said there should be representation from the Fire Department, EMS, Police and EMA; they are the people who know how the department operates.  Dale Maxie wants a Board that works for our County.  Don VonderMeulen, don’t want to confuse the IDAC’s Board with the 911 Board.  It was said a contract must be signed for criminal history checks between 911 and the Sheriff, Town of Brookville and Conservation. 

GRANT APPLICATION BROOKVILLE FOUNDATION-  Grant Application was submitted for signatures for Phase II Landscaping for the Lew Wallace Park.  The total of funds being requested is $8,000.00 minus $1,000.00 that Whitetail Acres would like to donate toward the project, plus $395.00 for the Commemorative Rock inscription from Rock Garden Engraving for a total of $7,395.00

Don VonderMeulen moved to submit the Grant Application for the Lew Wallace Park to the Brookville Foundation.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.     

 PAYROLL- Dale Maxie reported that Tonya Hofer’s hours had been changed from 20-hours to 25-hours.  After further discussion on the E-911 Payroll.  Tom Wilson moved to approve Payroll.  Don VonderMeulen seconds the motion.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  (Note:  Susan Jones, Auditor does not agree with the E-911 Payroll for Tracy Lightfield, 60-hours sick pay and 9.5 hours of work, did not work dispatch and comp hours.  With regards to the sick hours, there is not a physician’s certificate, the personnel policy states to be eligible for sick leave for duration of 3-days or more an employee’s supervisor will require a physician’s certificate).

UPDATING OF COUNTY ROAD MAPS- Received a Letter from Ed Hollenbach, EMA Director requesting the County Road Maps be updated.

 HEALTH BOARD MEETING- An Emergency Health Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, 2009 @ 5:00 P.M. to discuss H1N1 and they had asked the Commissioners to attend.

REX – Eric Roberts reported they had met with REX Officials 2-times last week.  Traveled the 18 roads on the Western Side of the County with another engineer from REX.  They had made an offer of 2.3 Million Dollars, George Hartman’s estimate is 5.3 Million, and we should have another offer this week.  Eric had made contact with Jean Leising and she had talked to the Utility Regularly Commission, they have not heard of other counties having problems with REX fixing their roads, but had heard other States did.  The difference between George’s estimates and REX’s is in the calculation on the width of the roads to be repaired and the length of the roads.  This was noticed when the roads were being driven.  There are 18 roads that we are not agreeing on.

ADJOURN Eric Roberts moved we adjourn.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Tom Wilson, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  

 Others Present

John Estridge                     Darrell Smith                      Scott McDonough                            Sara Duffy                          

Joe Gillespie, Jr.                                Cecil Bruns                         Mike Brier                                           Phil E Wietholter                             

Thad Ariens                        Dale Maxie                         Tim Rosenberger                             Earl Rosenberger            

Ron Schnecker                  Robert Knecht                   Harold Knecht                                   Jay Shullman                     

Kevin Bunger                     John Steele                        Eugene Stewart                                                Sharon Halcomb

Jerry Day                             Arthur DeFossett             Dick Curry           

 AYE                                                                                        NAY

 _S/ Eric E Roberts___________                                               __________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                     Eric E Roberts

_S/ Thomas E Wilson_________                                              ___________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                              Thomas E Wilson

_S/ Donald M VonderMeulen__                                               ____________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                            Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: _S/ Susan A Jones______________________

                Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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