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August 31, 2009 Council Minutes



AUGUST 31, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 @ 6:30 P.M.




Those Present: County Council:                Hollie Maxie                       Jeff Koch                             Kenneth Rosenberger                  

Bradley Spurlock              Carroll Lanning                  Tom Linkel                          Jason Allen        

County Auditor:                                                Susan A Jones                   Veronica Voelker

County Commissioner:                  Eric Roberts                        Tom Wilson                        Don VonderMeulen


Hollie Maxie opened the 2010 Budget Hearings with the Pledge of Allegiance. 



Dan Eggermann with Government Consultants presented to the County Council with a 3-Year Fiscal Plan for Franklin County based on the projected salary increase, revenues, and the percentage of increase to the budget.  Explained that they had extended the Adoption of the LOIT till November 1, 2009.


John Cookendorfer, Representing the EMS reported they had purchased a new unit in Laurel and replaced unit in Brookville.  Put a new generator in the new building to have service at all times.  There are now (14) Member of the Board of Directors had added the EMA Director.  Mentioned they are carrying a note on the new building, should be paid off next year.  The EMS had submitted a 2010 Budget with the 2009 Budget with project income and expenses for 2010.  The EMS Franklin County EMS is requesting $75,000.00 from the Franklin County Commissioners as an annual allotment to help defray expenses for the calendar year 2010.  Also to increase the Administrative Assistant’s Salary to $24,160.00.


Mel Wilhelm, County Prosecutor had submitted a 2010 IV-D Budget for Salaries of $119,838.00 plus $5,450.00 for supplies, etc., for a total of $125,288.00, minus paid by State $17,071.00 and minus 66% reimbursement $71,423.00 and minus the Prosecutor Incentive $10,000.00 the County’s Total Cost would be $26,794.00.  The Health Insurance for the (2) employees is reimbursed at 66%.  Also requested an additional support staff, she has been working part-time for 3-years, asking to put full time and she would waive the health insurance.


Every year the State Board of Health has a Contact with Franklin County for $1,000.00 Annual Amount that is budgeted if needed.  Received a Letter dated June 25, 2009 that in December 2009 the State Board of Health had received information that a cow from a farm in Northern Franklin County tested positive for tuberculosis at slaughter.  In April 2009 several deer and elk from a captive cervid farm near the cattle farm tested positive for tuberculosis.  The State Board of Health had determined that it is necessary to test cattle herds near the tuberculosis infected cervid herd to determine the tuberculosis status of the cattle.  Therefore the State Board of Health estimates that approximately 132 herds with 2640 cattle will need to be tested at a cost of $31,680.00.  The State Board of Health is requesting that Franklin County appropriate $31,680 for this testing pursuant to IC 15-17-7-1.  It had been suggested that an additional be done out of Rainy Day for the Cattle Testing for the $31,680.


County Council Members discussed giving the employees a .50 cent raise and to include a 27th pay.  For the year 2010 there will be 27 pays instead of 26.  It had been suggested to add pay for the 27th pay for one time pay out only in 2010 and would not be included in the salary for 2011.  The amounts that had been calculated for a .50 cent raise and 27th pay are as follows:


                                Highway                   (.50 cent raise)              $26,000.00                           (27th Pay w/ Social Security & Perf)                $34,903.77

                                Co General                                                         $80,990.00                                                                                                           $95,713.00                                                           Health                                                                   $  3,380.00                                                                                                           $  5,023.84

                                Park                                                                       $  1,690.00                                                                                                           $  2,224.63

                                Adult Supplemental                                        $  1,690.00                                                                                                           $  1,798.76

                                Economic Development                                 $     845.00                                                                                                            $  1,543.38

                                E 911                                                                      $ 2,080.00                                                                                                            $  2,570.99              


Raise for the EMS Administrative Assistant, the raise and 27th pay will be split between the County and EMS, with EMS providing half of the raise and 27th pay as they provide half of the salary.


Larry Franzman, Area Plan Director was present.  Requested a copier, Tom Wilson mentioned this could be paid out of Cum Capital Development.  $10,000.00 for Copier was cut.  New Software Program, Larry stated for the time being it is working, but does not know for how long.  $20,000.00 cut for software program.  Request $16,000.00 for a new vehicle.  It was suggested in the 2009 Budget that funds be transferred from Line 4115.00 Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector that is currently vacant position to purchase a vehicle.  The $16,000.00 was cut from the 2010 Budget.  Also in 2010 the 4115.00 position be cut and add $5,000.00 into 4128.00 for part-time building inspector.  Office Supplies cut $200.00, Office Machine Repair cut $100.00, Gas & Oil cut $100.00, Charges for Services cut $500.00, and Car Repair cut $100.00.


Sharon Halcomb, Assessor requested a new full-time position, per township trustees being eliminated and for 2009 assessing of personal property to be done in the Assessor’s Office in the County General Assessor’s Budget, did allow part-time for 2009 out of Reassessment.  Sharon also requested the same position in the Reassessment Budget and also a part-time position.  The Contractual Services includes a 1/3 of the Reassessment Contract.   Cuts in the County General Assessor’s Budget are $500.00 Office Supplies, $100.00 Repair & Maintenance.  In the Reassessment Budget added a full-time position 4th Deputy Pay, and cut $500.00 in Furniture & Fixtures.


Susan Jones, Auditor requested a new full-time position, additional work has been added to the work load in the office, needing to enter all homestead credits exemption information into a state wide data base.  Also requested a new Software Program for Taxes, put in $58,000.00 for the amount that would be due for the first year, this amount was also put in the Rainy Day Budget.  The new position was not approved, but did add an additional $12,000.00 to part-time help taking it from $8,000.00 to $20,000.00.  Requested a new copier, Tom Wilson said this would be paid for out of Cum Capital Development.  Cuts to Auditor’s Budget were $500.00 Contractual Services, $50.00 Travel, $1,000.00 Rental of Equipment, $200.00 Office Machine Repair, $17,484.00 Computer Maintenance, $2,500.00 Equipment, and $58,000.00 Other Capital Outlay.  It was said with the Computer Maintenance being cut, if additional funds are needed, an additional could be done out of the Rainy Day Funds.  Susan Jones had done calculations on the Part-time position and said she would be able to get by with $15,000.00 so $5,000.00 was cut from the $20,000.00 leaving $15,000.00 in part-time help.

Jeff Koch moves to continue the Budget Hearing till September 1, 2009 @ 9:00 A.M.  Tom Linkel seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.


Jeff Koch, continuation of the budget hearing.


Cathy Pelsor, Director of Public Transportation and Senior Citizens reported since 1991 Public Transportation has been expanding their services.  They receive federal and state funding and funds received from the County are matched dollar for dollar.  The Senior Citizens Budget totals $13,000.00 of which $6,000.00 comes from the County.  Public Transportation has 17 Employees in which 8 are full time. The Board of Directors meets 6-times a year.  Public Transportation purchased a new vehicle last year and one this year and will be receiving 4 new vehicles by the end of the year being purchased through stimulus funds that Public Transportation had been awarded.


Betty Gabbard, Office Coordinator reported they have been working on the Andersonville Grant Storm Water Drainage Project.

E 911

Don VonderMeulen discussed E 911, determined that the statue was written for Indianapolis in the 1980’s.  Had talked to Ken Louden, Executive Director of E 911 Advisory Board, and has not been used by any other County in Indiana. Other Counties use an Advisory Commission and had contacted Hancock County and received a copy of their Ordinance.  A Conference call is set for 1:00 today if anyone is interested in setting in on the call.  Brad Spurlock and Carroll Lanning will listen to conference call.


Ed Baker and Don Dunaway, Members of the Cemetery Commission were present and reported the Commission started in 2001 and the Purpose of the Commission is to Care of Cemeteries that are without funds for maintenance, suffered neglect and deterioration, burial ground for Indiana pioneer leaders, and cemeteries that were established before 1850.  Other Board Members are Pat Smith, John Estridge and Juanita Baker.  There Responsibility is to Identify Pioneer Cemeteries in Franklin County  getting the correct name of each cemetery, correct location of each cemetery, identify cemetery by township, identify the cemeteries by owner, restore cemeteries as possible and maintain cemeteries after restoration.  To Date have identified (166) cemeteries in the County, completed survey forms for DNR, installed (126) identification signs, restored (43) cemeteries, restored (754) stones, maintained (38) cemeteries and cleaned (45) cemeteries.  Springfield and Whitewater Township Trustees had helped with funding of cemeteries in their townships.  They know the Economic situation and do not want to put people out of work to maintain cemeteries.


Ted Hensley, Park Superintendent presented the Park Budget.  Stated the Park is not exempt from paying unemployment.


Mel Wilhelm, County Prosecutor explained how the Community Service works that they have (2) coordinators that work almost every Saturday.



Brad Spurlock and Carroll Lanning attended the Conference call regarding E 911, with the others resumed with the Budget Hearings.

Carroll Lanning moves to continue Budget Hearing to Wednesday, September 2, 2009 @ 6:30 P.M.  Jeff Koch seconds, All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.  


Cuts for the Clerk’s Office are Microfilming Supplies $1,000.00, Computer Lease/Maintenance Agreement $3,000.00, and Equipment Repair $500.00.


The Election Budget stayed as submitted with no changes.


The Title IV-D Clerk Budget stayed as submitted with no changes.


It was explained that the Telephone line in the Commissioners Budget was put in at $28,000.00, this should cover all phone charges for local and long distance for departments that pay for phone out of County General.  The Commissioners switched phone service from Verizon North and INDICOM to ETC for local and long distance service and come on one invoice.  With doing one invoice all phone accounts in the Office for County General can be zeroed out.  Ditch Board Attorney was cut $1,000.00 and made zero,  Part-time Maintenance cut $1,000.00, Office Supplies cut $180.00, Hepatitis Shot cut $1,500.00, Legal Services cut $19,500.00, Emergency Contractual Service cut from $75,000.00 to $50,000.00, Watch Center cut $1,350.00, Family Connections cut $1,200.00, Postage cut $100.00, Travel cut $200.00, Printing & Advertising cut $600.00, Officials Bond cut $800.00, Rental of Equipment cut $300.00, NACO Dues cut $50.00, Building Repair cut $6,000.00, Misc Operating cut $700.00, Professional Services cut $25,000.00, FC Senior Citizens Brookville cut $600.00, FC Senior Citizens Laurel cut $1,100.00, Franklin County 4-H Fair cut $450.00, Care of Inmates in State Institution cut $27,000.00, Burial of Veterans cut $600.00, Dues IACC cut $70.00, Dues AICCouncil cut $14.00, Cattle Testing cut $31,680.00 (will need to do additional in Rainy Day), Dues cut $5.00, Andersonville Planning Grant cut $5,556.00 (did not need was paid out in 2009), Safe Passage cut $4,180.00, Consulting Services cut $450.00, EMA (HAZMAT) cut $400.00.  Adjustments were made to Benefits accordingly. 


The cuts made to the Courthouse Budget are Repair & Maintenance Supplies $500.00, Building Repair $800.00, Equipment Repair $900.00.  Service Agreement HVAC $7,000.00.


Small Animal Control Budget cuts was Part-time help $1,500.00, this is still an increase from $4,000.00 budgeted in 2009 to $6,500.00.  SAC Supplies cut $1,600.00,SAC Utilities cut $630.00 and SAC Other Services and Charges cut $200.00.


The Cemetery Commission Budget had been agreed to approve as what was submitted, but with needing to cut more it was decided to cut Maintenance/Restoration from $28,000.00 to $19,000.00 this is $4,000.00 more than in 2009.


The Cum Capital Development Budget cuts were $100.00 Equipment Repair, Misc Operating $15,000.00, Professional Services & Charges $3,000.00, Jail Remodeling $10,000.00, Courthouse Improvements $15,000.00, Coroner Building $1,000.00, Dog Shelter $5,000.00, Added $41,000.00 to equipment going from $20,000.00 to $61,000.00, Capital Outlay cut $7,000.00, Loan cut $8,900.00.


The Coroner’s Budget cuts are as follows:  Special Coroner Deputies stayed the same as 2009 $2,500.00, Conference and Seminars cut $1,500.00, Extended Hours cut $300.00, Supplies cut $400.00, Rubber Gloves & Disposal Pouches cut $1,000.00, Personal Protective Equipment raised from $200.00 to $800.00, Film & Photo Printing cut $100.00, Postage cut $50.00, Travel cut $200.00, Telephone cut $200.00, State Dues & Required Meetings cut $50.00, Conferences and Seminars cut $200.00, Clothing Allowance cut $500.00.


County Council Budget cuts, Legal Consulting $50,000.00, Conference & Seminars cut $5,000.00, Consulting Services cut $3,000.00 leaving the $300,000.00 Contingency that if additional cuts need to be made this can be cut.

BOND 2 GOVERNMENT CENTER                               

No changes made.


No changes made, approved the $58,000.00 in New Equipment Capital Outlay for New Tax Software.


Changes made to Communications (150) added $3,000.00 in Comp/Overtime (4199.00), Moved (1) Dispatcher from Communications (150) to E911 Wireless (1156), cut $1,200.00 Office Supplies, cut Misc Operating Expenses $2,000.00, Uniforms cut $1,250.00, Postage cut $100.00, Printing cut $1,000.00, Membership Dues cut $500.00, Service Agreement cut $5,000.00, Education Materials cut $2,000.00, New Equipment cut $5,000.00.    


Changes made to E 911 Landline, cut $20,000.00 from Extra Help, (2) Dispatchers being paid out of E 911 Landline, there will be no longer a Communication Assistant Supervisor will be paid Dispatcher Pay, moved $20,000.00 that was cut from Extra Help to Comp/Overtime (4199.00), Travel cut $4,000.00, Telephone cut $45,000.00, added $500.00 for Drug Testing, cut Service Agreement $3,500.00, cut Conference and Seminars $7,000.00, cut Services and Charges $10,000.00 and cut New Equipment $45,000.00.


Changes made to E 911 Wireless, cut $8,000.00 Comp/Overtime, cut Travel $1,000.00, cut Printing $500.00, cut Educational Materials $1,000.00, cut Training Materials $1,000.00, cut Conferences and Seminars $1,000.00 and cut New Equipment $20,000.00.


The only adjustment made to EMA Budget was the Director Salary going from $17,000.00 to $17,845.00 which was the amount of raise.  Everything else was left as submitted.


Changes made to the Economic Development Budget was Supplies cut $1,000.00, Subscriptions cut $100.00, Attorney Fees cut $2,000.00, Postage cut $100.00, Travel cut $4,000.00, Advertising cut $1,500.00, Conference and Seminars cut $3,500.00 and Equipment cut $1,500.00.


The Health Department Budget changes, cut Health Board Members $180.00, left as the same as in 2009 $1,500.00, Health Board Attorney cut $2,000.00, was $6,000.00 in 2009 went to $4,000.00 for 2010.  Environment Health cut $1,000.00, Gas & Oil cut $1,200.00, Office Machine Repair cut $50.00, Copy Machine Supplies cut $50.00, Postage cut $150.00, Mileage cut $1,500.00, added telephone back in $1,400.00, Per Diem/Professional Improvement cut$200.00, Liability Insurance cut $50.00, Hazardous Waste Removal cut $100.00, Rabies cut $200.00 and Equipment cut $1,000.00.


Adjustment made to Health Maintenance was taking $578.00 from Health Insurance and putting in 27th Pay (4196.00)

HIGHWAY Dept 100

Commissioners asked that Clerical in the Highway Office hours be set at 36 hours per week, this would be for the Administrative Secretary and the Highway Secretary.  Office Supplies were cut $100.00, Road School cut $200.00, Repairs Building and Equipment cut $250.00.

HIGHWAY Dept 200

Cuts made in the Highway Dept 200 Budget are Gas & Oil cut $30,000.00, Office Supplies cut $2,000.00, Tires & Tubes cut $1,000.00, Communication Expenses cut $500.00, Repairs Road Equipment cut $5,000.00.

 HIGHWAYDept 300

Cuts made in the Highway Dept 300 Budget are Misc. Operating Supplies cut $5,000.00, Hardware and Tools cut $1,000.00, Bridge Repair Materials cut $2,000.00, Cement cut $2,000.00, Rental of Equipment cut $5,000.00, Alcohol and Drug Testing cut $500.00 and Road Equipment cut $29,000.00.


Changes made to the Cum Bridge Budget was moving $18,000.00 to Part-time help and making the Highway Engineer Salary line $40,000.00, at this time the County does not have a full-time Engineer, George Hartman retired and is working part-time.  What was submitted for various bridge projects was not changed, stayed as submitted.


No Changes made, stayed as submitted.

HIGHWAY EDIT                               

No Changes made, stayed as submitted.

CIRCUIT COURT               

Changes made to the Circuit Court Budget were Office Supplies cut $500.00, Judge & Court Reporter Venued cut $50.00, Postage cut $2,000.00, Appeals cut $20,000.00, Pauper Counsel cut $25,000.00, Psychological & Med Evaluation cut $2,000.00,, CASA cut $7,000.00, Law Books cut $1,000.00, Machine Repair cut $500.00, Xerox Maintenance cut $700.00, Service Agreements cut $500.00.


The Probation Department Officers Salaries were adjusted according to the 2010 Minimum Salary Schedule for Probation Officers.  There will no long be a Juvenile Probation Officer, title has been changed to Probation Officer. 

SUPPLEMENTAL ADULT PROBATION Salaries were changed along with benefits according to what raise was given.  Computer Maintenance was cut $4,500.00.

SUPPLEMENTAL JUVENILE PROBATION No Changes made, stayed as submitted.

IN HOME DETENTION    No Changes made, stayed as submitted.

PARK Changes made to the Park Budget are Offices Supplies cut $200.00, First Aid Supplies cut $100.00, Misc Operating supplies cut $500.00, Gas & Oil cut $3,000.00, Uniforms cut $100.00, Air Conditioning cut $700.00, Professional Services cut $700.00, Telephone cut $300.00, Printing and Advertising cut $100.00, Utilities cut $1,000.00, Landscaping cut $500.00, Equipment & Building Repair cut $3,000.00, Other Improvements cut $5,000.00, Resurfacing Road cut $25,000.00, Picnic Tables cut $900.00, New Equipment cut $15,000.00, Office Furniture cut $600.00.  County Council asked that the Park purchase the new vehicle and furniture out of the 2009 Budget, Council agreed to transfer funds and to also purchase the air conditioning or the Office out of the 2009 Budget.


Cuts made in the Prosecuting Attorney Budget, the new clerical position was cut and allowed in the IV-D Budget, and Office Supplies were cut $500.00.


Increase the Prosecuting Attorney IV-D salary from $22,166.00 to $30,000.00, added new clerical position $23,000.00, cut Postage $500.00.


Changes for the PreTrial Diversion User-Fees Budget were Misc Operating Expenses cut $500.00, Travel cut $1,000.00.

VICTIM ASSISTANCE       Budget as is until grant is approved, then adjustment would be made.

TITLE IV-D PROSECUTOR    No Changes made, stayed as submitted.


The Part-time help $3,200.00 was taken from budget to be paid out of Recorder Perpetuation, Office Supplies cut $1,000.00, Travel cut $100.00, Microfilm & Contract Services cut $3,300.00, can also be paid out of Recorder Perpetuation.


The Sheriff Budget (105) changes made were Office Supplies cut $1,000.00, Uniforms cut $500.00, Photography cut $1,200.00, Other Motor Supplies cut $5,000.00, Postage cut $700.00, Printing cut $100.00, Radio Repair cut $1,000.00, Repairs cut $1,000.00, Sheriff Dues cut $550.00, Drug Testing cut $80.00, Equipment cut $2,000.00, New Motor Vehicle cut $50,000.00


The Jail Budget (132) Office Supplies were cut $1,500.00, First Aid Supplies cut $500.00, Misc Operating Supplies cut $10,000.00, Meals cut $6,000.00, Contractual Services cut $52,000.00, Utilities cut $10,000.00, Office Equipment Repair cut $300.00, Computer Maintenance cut $15,000.00, Building Repair cut $27,000.00, Equipment cut $4,000.00.  It was said to do an additional to pay the Spillman Payment out of Rainy Day Funds.


No Changes were made to these budgets, stayed as submitted.


Changes to the Surveyor’s Budget were $2,000.00 for New Equipment was cut.  The $2,000.00 was for a new computer for the Surveyor’s Office, it was asked if it could be purchased out of Surveyor Perpetuation Funds and Joe Gillespie said yes, then the Commissioners and Council agreed to do additional out of Rain Day Fund for the Surveyor to purchase a GPS to go along with funds that are in the Surveyor Perpetuation Fund.


Cuts made in the Transfer Station Budget were Office Supplies $40.00, $5.00 Janitor Supplies, $500.00 Gas & Oil, $40.00 Building Repair and $70.00 Misc Operating Supplies.

WASTE MANAGEMENT & RECYCLING    No Changes made, stayed as submitted.


Changes made to the Treasurer’s Budget were Part-time $6,000.00 was added, with no new position allowed.  Office Supplies was cut $500.00, Travel cut $100.00, Office Machine Repair cut $500.00 and Service Agreements cut $500.00.

VETERANS SERVICE Changes was a cut in Telephone in the amount of $400.00, this will be paid out of Commissioners Budget.

Salaries were adjusted accordingly giving a 50 cent hour raise and putting in the 27th pay, and adjusting the benefits accordingly.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2009 BUDGET HEARINGS CONTINUE         Hollie Maxie, continuation of budget hearings.

 After review figures put together, still needing to cut $397,000 out of the Budgets.  Jeff Koch looks to cut $200,000.  Carroll Lanning agreed.

Kenneth Rosenberger motioned that County Council, County Commissioners not receive a raise and the $5,000.00 Supplemental to the Judges and Prosecutor’s Salary be eliminated.  Tom Wilson said he would forfeit his raise.  Tom Linkel seconds.  All in Favor. (4) (Kenny Rosenberger, Jason Allen, Tom Linkel & Hollie Maxie).  Opposed (3) (Carroll Lanning, Brad Spurlock & Jeff Koch).  Motion carried.


                                                                                                                County Council Raise                      – $ 5,915.00

                                                                                                                County Commissioners Raise      -$  2,535.00

                                                                                                                Judge’s Supplement                       -$10,000.00

                                                                                                                Prosecutor’s Supplement            -$10,000.00

                                                                                                                Total                                                      -$28,450.00


Tom Linkel moved to decrease raise from .50 cents to .25 cents.  Kenneth Rosenberger seconds.  All in Favor (3) (Kenny Rosenberger, Jason Allen & Tom Linkel).  Opposed (3) (Brad Spurlock, Jeff Koch & Carroll Lanning).  Abstained (1) (Hollie Maxie).

Carroll Lanning made motion to close Budget Hearings.  Kenneth Rosenberger seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.

Those Present for the August 31, 2009 Budget Hearings                 J. Steven Cox                     John Estridge                     Mel Wilhelm                              

                                                                                                                                Scott McDonough            Carla Sizemore                  John Cookendorfer                  

                                                                                                                                Monica Yane                      Gene Stewart                    Carol Westerman

                                                                                                                                Marlene Flaspohler         Larry Franzman                 Sharon Halcomb

                                                                                                                                Dale Maxie


Those Present for the September 1, 2009 Budget Hearing            Ed Baker                              Johnny Burns                     Ted Hensley

                                                                                                                                Don Dunaway                    Betty Gabbard                  Mel Wilhelm

                                                                                                                                Carol Westerman             Cathy Pelsor                       Angie Riffle


Those Present for the September 2, 2009 Budget Hearing            Sara Duffy                           John Estridge                     Tracy Lightfield

                                                                                                                                Ted Hensley                       Jeff Jones                            Carol Westerman       


AYE                                                                                        NAY

____S/ Hollie Maxie______________                  ________________________

Hollie Maxie                                                                       Hollie Maxie

____S/ Jeffery C Koch_____________                                ________________________

Jeffery C Koch                                                                   Jeffery C Koch

____S/ Kenneth J Rosenberger______                                ________________________

Kenneth J Rosenberger                                                                Kenneth J Rosenberger

____S/ Bradley L Spurlock__________                 ________________________

Bradley L Spurlock                                                           Bradley L Spurlock

_______________________________                             ________________________

Carroll Lanning                                                                  Carroll Lanning

____S/ Tom Linkel________________                                ________________________

Tom Linkel                                                                          Tom Linkel

_______________________________                             ________________________

Jason Allen                                                                         Jason Allen

ATTEST:  __S/ Susan A Jones_________________

                  Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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