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October 20, 2009 Council Minutes



October 20, 2009 @ 7:00 P.M.




Those Present: County Council:                Hollie Maxie       Jeff Koch             Kenneth Rosenberger                  

Carroll Lanning                  Tom Linkel                          Jason Allen        

County Auditor:                Susan A Jones

County Commissioner:  Eric Roberts        Don VonderMeulen


Hollie Maxie opened the Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Meeting was called to Order.


LIBRARY BUDGET Hollie Maxie reads letters from the Indiana State Library and Order for Permanent Injunction and response from Dan Eggerman, Government Consultants.

Carroll Lanning made recommendation to the Library to go back to the 2009 Budget and hold that for another year until economic times are better.  Kenny Rosenberger seconds.  All in Favor (5).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.


ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION RESOLUTION 2009-35       Hollie Maxie reads Additional Appropriation Resolution 2009-35.  Cumulative Capital Development Capital Outlay for the Purchase of (2) Copy Machines (Auditor & Area Plan) and (1) Printer (Treasurer’s Office).


Jeff Koch motions to adopt Resolution 2009-35.  Tom Linkel seconds.  All in Favor (5).  Opposed (0).











FUND NAME: Cumulative Capital Development      
  10000  Personal Services  



  20000  Supplies  



  30000 Services and Charges  



  40000  Capital Outlay  



TOTAL for Cumulative Capital Development Fund:




TRANSFER OF FUNDS RESOLUTION 2009-36         Hollie Maxie reads Transfer of Funds Resolution 2009-36.

Jeff Koch moved we accept Transfer of Funds Resolution 2009-26.  Kenneth Rosenberger seconds.  All in Favor (5).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.                   


FROM:  Extension – Mileage                                                       $              500.00                   100-123-4321.00

TO:         Extension – Office Supplies                                         $              500.00                   100-123-4210.00

FROM:  Extension – Program Assistant                                 $              470.00                   100-123-4317.00

TO:         Extension – Office Supplies                                         $              470.00                   100-123-4210.00

FROM:  Area Plan – Misc. Operating Supplies                     $              100.00                   100-124-4220.00

TO:         Area Plan – New Equipment                                       $              100.00                   100-124-4440.00

FROM:  Area Plan – Charges for Services                              $              400.00                   100-124-4350.00

TO:         Area Plan – New Equipment                                       $              400.00                   100-124-4440.00

FROM:  Veterans Service – Subscriptions & Dues             $              150.00                   100-127-4390.00

TO:         Veterans Service – Travel                                           $              150.00                   100-127-4321.00

FROM:  Transfer Station – Misc Operating                           $              208.00                   100-147-4367.00

TO:         Transfer Station – Part-time                                      $              208.00                   100-147-4120.00

FROM:  Council – Conference & Seminars                            $              395.00                   100-151-4399.00

TO:         Council – Misc. Operating Supplies                         $              395.00                   100-151-4220.00


FROM:  Health – Office Supplies                                                $                77.00                   214-000-4210.00

TO:         Health – Printing & Advertising                                $                77.00                   214-000-4333.00

CONGRESSIONAL  SCHOOL FUND RESOLUTION  2009-37 Hollie Maxie reads Resolution 2009-37, Resolution Transferring the Sum of $57,320.38 from the Congressional School Fund  to the State of Indiana.  The sum of $55,806.20 is hereby transferred from the Congressional School Principal Fund 254 and $1,514.18 from the Congressional School Interest Fund 254 pursuant to Indiana Code 20-4-2-4.5 of Franklin County, to the State of Indiana, Treasurer of State.

Carroll Lanning motioned to approve Resolution 2009-37.  Tom Linkel seconds.  All in Favor (5).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.

E 911 COORDINATOR  Tom Linkel mentioned the problems with the E 911 Coordinator to make the E 911 Coordinator a Part-time Position.  With the E 911 Dispatcher /Communications Officers now being under the Sheriff’s supervision and things are running smoothly.

Don VonderMeulen mentioned he had met with the Chief Association Meeting last night and discussed the Ordinance to form an E 911 Advisory Board.  A vote was taken and it was 15 to 1 in favor of the Ordinance and asked the Council to postpone their decision.  Kenny Rosenberger asked Dale Maxie if County could make do without the position.  Dale reported he has someone as a temporary supervisor over E 911 Dispatcher/Communications and as he understands the E 911 Coordinator is the favor of the Commissioners.  It was said Training is mandatory for the dispatchers.  The Communications part is something different and is running real smooth.  Carroll Lanning asked Don, is the main objective of E 911 Coordinator is obtaining grants.  It was said yes.  Don VonderMeulen mentioned that the Job Description for the 911 Coordinator would need to be redone, need to take a good look at what the job entails.  Tom Linkel said he is more than willing to have the Board appointed and have Commission give advice to the Commissioners and thanks Sheriff Maxie for taking on more responsibility.  Jeff Koch asked who sets up the commission.  Don VonderMeulen said the Commissioners and he had presented it several time to have it adopted. 

Tom Linkel moved we make the E 911 Coordinator a Part-time Position, then amended his motion for 20 hours a week, 40 hours per pay period at the current hourly rate ($14.09 @ hour), No Over-time or Comp-time.  Jeff Koch seconds.  All in Favor (5).  Opposed (1) (Hollie Maxie voted, No)  Motion carried.

It was asked how many comp-time hours does the 911 Coordinator have.  Don VonderMeulen thought it was around 250 hours.

SMALL ANIMAL CONTROL The County Council had received a letter from Nina Muccillo, Franklin County Resident in regards to the Franklin County Animal Shelter and the Small Animal Control Officer and the County adopting a spay/neuter ordinance for Franklin County.  Carroll Lanning asked about SAC Funds received and where is the money being receipted into.  Don VonderMeulen said he will get with Tom Wilson to get this information.

ADJOURN Kenneth Rosenberger moved we adjourn.  Jeff Koch seconds.  All in Favor (6).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.                                


Others Present

Thad Lewis                          Carla Austin                        Melody Gault                    Joann Koch                        

Linda Bruns                         Kathryn Flaspohler          Darrel Flaspohler              Pat Combs                         

Mary Alice Helms             Bob Bane                             Dale Maxie                         Scott McDonough                                           


AYE                                                                        NAY

__S/ Hollie Maxie___________                               ___________________

Hollie Maxie                                                       Hollie Maxie

__S/ Jeffery C Koch__________                              _____________________

Jeffery C Koch                                                   Jeffery C Koch

__S/ Kenneth J Rosenberger___                              _____________________

Kenneth J Rosenberger                                                Kenneth J Rosenberger

__S/ Bradley L Spurlock_______                              _______________________

Bradley L Spurlock                                           Bradley L Spurlock

__S/ Carroll Lanning_________                                _______________________

Carroll Lanning                                                  Carroll Lanning

__S/ Tom Linkel_____________                             _______________________

Tom Linkel                                                          Tom Linkel

__S/ Jason Allen_____________                            _______________________

Jason Allen                                                         Jason Allen


ATTEST:  __S/ Susan A Jones__________________________

                  Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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