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May 18, 2010 Council Minutes



MAY 18, 2010 @ 7:00 P.M.




Those Present: County Council:                Hollie Maxie       Jeff Koch   Kenneth Rosenberger            

Carroll Lanning  Tom Linkel          Brad Spurlock    Jason Allen

County Auditor:                Susan A Jones

County Commissioners:                Eric E Roberts     Tom Wilson        Donald VonderMeulen

Hollie Maxie opens the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

PUBLIC HEARING FRANKLIN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY DISTRICT CAPITAL PROJECTS PLAN 2011-2013 – Melody Gault, Library Director had presented to the County Council a folder of information containing the Capital Projects Plan and programs they are currently doing.  The Library is growing in a lot of areas, the computer usage had grown, due to job searching.  We visit 29 daycares, schools and nursing homes each month.  The Capital Projects Plan, Melody Gault reported since the plan started several months ago, she had talked to the DLGF and was told to leave plan alone since the Library had lost (6) townships do to the dissolving of the expansion done by Court Order in April 2010.  The Library district includes Brookville Town, Brookville Township, Laurel Town, Laurel Township, Metamora Township, Posey Township, Fairfield Township, and Blooming Grove Township.  The service area is 172 square miles.  The project plan for 2011 is to replace shelving in the children’s library, the adult shelving had already been replaced.  Plans are to put in a push button door opener in both the Brookville and Laurel Libraries handicap entrances. Looking at a grant to paint the Brookville Library.  Equipment needed is a copy machine and 1-yr technical support for both libraries.  The 2011 Project Plan needs to be designated and 2012 and 2013 is a plan.  Carroll Lanning asked how the rate compares.  Melody, Wayne Hudson said to use .0133.  It was asked, what is it compared to 2008 and 2009. Melody, this is the rate they were always to use.  Carroll Lanning asked where funds are kept.  Melody, in CD’s.  Tom Linkel and Carroll Lanning, as long as the rate stays the same.  Melody, DLGF makes the final decision.  Hollie Maxie reads Resolution 2010-17.  RESOLUTION OF APPROPRIATE FISCAL BODY OF ACTION ON LIBRARY CAPITAL PROJECTS PLAN.  WHEREAS, The Franklin County Public Library District has adopted a Library Capital Projects Plan as provided for in IC 36-12-12, be it resolved that the County Council, being the appropriate Fiscal Body for the Franklin County Public Library District as designated in IC 36-12-12-4, does hereby ____________ the Plan as received by this body on the ____ day of ______2010.  MOTION – Carroll Lanning made motion to recommend the Plan (Resolution 2010-17).  Bradley Spurlock seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried. 

MINUTES – MOTION – Bradley Spurlock motioned to approve the Minutes of April 27, 2010.  Kenneth Rosenberger seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion Carried.

ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION RESOLUTION 2010-15 – Hollie Maxie reads Resolution 2010-15 Additional Appropriation.  Operation Pullover Personal Services $1,800.00.  MOTION – Carroll Lanning motions to accept the Additional Appropriation Resolution 2010-15.  Jeff Koch seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion Carried.











FUND NAME: Operation Pullover      
  10000  Personal Services  



  20000  Supplies  



  30000 Services and Charges  



  40000  Capital Outlay  



TOTAL for Operation Pullover Fund:



TRANSFER OF FUNDS RESOLUTION 2010-16 – Hollie Maxie reads Resolution 2010-16 Transfer of Funds.  Tom Linkel reported at the last Advisory Board Meeting it was recommended for a full time E911 Coordinator and be in charge of Communications and Equipment.  The Sheriff is in charge of the Jail Operations, that the Sheriff has the first say.  Went to the Commissioners and they approved as long as Communications went back under the Coordinator and with County Council’s approval.  Brad Spurlock mentioned the Advisory Boards motion made the Sheriff have no say inside the dispatch room.  Tom Wilson mentioned in our meeting, the Sheriff would not be over E911, but would for the room, as it sets in the jail.  Brad Spurlock as it stands if the Sheriff has a problem with 911 he must go to the Advisory Board and Advisory Board takes it to the Commissioners.  Council suggested a chain of command be drafted be written by the Commissioners and presented to the Advisory Board.  Tom Wilson mentioned through this process the Advisory Board did not ask the 911 Dispatch anything that went on in the dispatch room.  MOTION – Bradley Spurlock motioned to pass Resolution 2010-16 with the stipulation that things need to be worked out with E911 and a chain of command and policies needs to be in writing.  Tom Linkel seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.


FROM:  Health – Office Supplies  $         30.89                                          214-000-4210.00

TO:         Health – Equipment         $         30.89                                          214-000-4440.00


FROM:  Park – Unemployment           $     3,000.00                                        216-000-4170.00

TO:         Park – Unemployment        $     3,000.00                                        216-000-4343.00


FROM:  E911 Landline – Pt-time Coordinator           $  18,675.68                                         248-000-4111.00

TO:         E911 Landline – E911/Communication Coordinator   $  18,675.68     248-000-4115.00

FROM:  E911 Landline – Pt-time Coordinator              $    5,061.75     248-000-4111.00

TO:         E911 Landline – Extra Help                                $    5,061.75            248-000-4120.00


FROM:  H1N1 Phase III – Part-time Help               $    5,000.00                                      4561-000-4120.00

TO:         H1N1 Phase III – New Equipment           $    5,000.00                                      4561-000-4440.00

APPROPRIATION FOR JUVENILE DETENTION – Judge Cox came before the Council and asked where do you want to appropriate funds for Juvenile Detention, procedures has changed with regard to juvenile detention.  Do you want the appropriation in the Commissioners Budget, as it has been in the past or in the Juvenile Detention Budget.  Had used $6,000.00 so far this year.  It was the consensus of the Council to put it in the Commissioners Budget.  The Judge will get with the Commissioners with a figure to put in the 2011 Budget Estimate.

FRANKLIN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY DISTRICT BOARD APPOINTMENT – County Council received Letter from the Library that the Council’s Board Appointment for the Library, Katherine Flaspohler’s term expires May 10, 2010.  She has expressed to the library board that she does not wish to be re-appointed.  It has been requested the Council make an appointment to the Board.  Letters of Interest had been submitted to the County Council by Janice Kuntz who had served the community as an elected official as County Recorder and Treasurer and a letter from Joann Koch, who was the Union County School Corporations Library’s Appointment, but since the library expansion is no longer the appointment goes to Franklin County School Corporation who had appointed Kim Simonson.  MOTION – Tom Linkel moved to nominate Janice Kuntz to the Library Board, as County Council Representative.  Kenneth Rosenberger seconds.  All in Favor (6).  Opposed (0).  Abstained (1 – Jeff Koch).  Motion carried.

LIBRARY – Harry Graves stated you appointed someone to the Library Board.  Presented Letter dated May 18, 2010 and reads.  I, Harry Graves taxpayer of Franklin County, owner of property near St. Peters come before County Council in November 2009 and brought forth questions regarding a group of people claiming to be a Library Board and claiming to have jurisdictional authority over an unknown metes and bounds area.  This group claimed to have had authority to expand their jurisdiction over (2) area in September 2005 and February 2006 utilizing an Repealed Statute.  This issue has not been addressed by County Council even though brought to their attention.  This group is now asking for County Council’s approval for a tax for an unknown or declared metes and bounds jurisdictional area.  There is No Record in the “Recorders” office of the creation of said Library group called “Whitewater Valley Library District”.  I ask as a taxpayer of Franklin County that No Approval be given until it is resolved as to their actual metes and bounds territory that would be subject to any tax for 2011 and whether their purported expansion utilizing a “Repealed: Statute is legal.  It is my hope that County Council not make a group appear “legimite” when they may not be!  Sincerely, S/ All Rights Reserved Harry Graves 18 May 2010.  Harry Graves asked if it’s been addressed.  Bradley Spurlock, we addressed it as we have no jurisdiction.

PERSONAL POLICY HANDBOOK – County Council Members received this evening a copy of the Personal Policy Handbook.  Brad Spurlock, the dispatches, should get 12-hours sick and this was decided on and now it’s changed back.  Deputies and Dispatchers shifts are different.  Deputies present were Don Smith and Jason Lovins, Dispatchers present were Jackie Schulz and Joyce Monroe.  No action was taken to approve the Policy.

2011 COUNTY COUNCIL BUDGET REQUEST – County Council Members went through their Budget Request line by line.  Salary Adjustments $25,000., Contingency $350,000., Misc. Operating Supplies $200., Legal Consulting $0., Travel $0., Conference & Seminars $500., Consulting Services $5,000., for a total budget request of $380,700.  MOTION – Carroll Lanning motioned to sign the 2011 Budget Request.  Jeff Koch seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.

EMS BUDGET REQUEST – Susan Jones reported that she had received a phone call from John Cookendorfer, EMS Member and some of the Franklin County EMS Board Members feels they do not need to submit their 2011 Budget for support of their request of funds that are approved for the contract between Franklin County Commissioners and Franklin County EMS. It was the Council’s consensuses if we do not have a budget, then we will not approve funds.

DNR GRANT (SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT) – Jason Lovins, Franklin County Sheriff Deputy reported that in November 2009 the Sheriff’s Department had applied for a $30,000.00 DNR Grant for Lake Enforcement.  The total program costs in the application came to $46,376.34 with $16,376.34 local funds available per grant application.  Jason Lovins explained they were granted the $30,000.00 and anything over this would be paid for by the County.  They have made some cuts and don’t foresee going over the $30,000.00.  Personnel services will be paid out of the overtime line in the Sheriff’s Budget.  The County has received 80% of the Grant to date and will be purchasing a boat and equipment, the other 20% will be reimbursed in October.  The Additional Appropriations to put funds in place will be presented at the next meeting.

ADJOURN – MOTION – Carroll Lanning moved to adjourn.  Tom Linkel seconds.  All in Favor (7).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.


Kate Greene                      Pat Combs                          Joann Koch                         Melody Gault                   

Linda Bruns                         Beth Wade                         Daryl Kramer                      Darrell Smith

Jacque Schulz                    Joyce Monroe                   Jason Lovins                       Janice Kuntz                      

Lou Linkel                            Harry Graves                      Don Smith                           Steve Cox


AYE                                                                        NAY

__S/ Hollie Maxie______________                       ______________________

Hollie Maxie                                                                       Hollie Maxie

__S/ Jeffery C Koch_____________                      ______________________

Jeffery C Koch                                                                   Jeffery C Koch

__S/ Kenneth J Rosenberger_____                        ______________________

Kenneth J Rosenberger                                                                Kenneth J Rosenberger

__S/ Bradley L Spurlock_________                         ______________________

Bradley L Spurlock                                                           Bradley L Spurlock

____________________________                     _______________________

Carroll Lanning                                                                  Carroll Lanning

____________________________                     ______________________

Tom Linkel                                                                          Tom Linkel

__S/ Jason Allen_______________                       ______________________

Jason Allen                                                                         Jason Allen


ATTEST:  ___S/ Susan A Jones_________________________

                  Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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