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Commissioner Minutes August 9, 2010




August 9, 2010 @ 1:00 P.M.

Commissioners/Council Public Meeting Room


Those Present: County Commissioners:                Eric E Roberts     Thomas E Wilson Don VonderMeulen

County Auditor:                Susan A Jones

Commissioners Secretary: Carol Westerman

Attorney: Michael Wilhelm


Eric Roberts opens the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

PUBLIC HEARING – DARE DITCH – Joe Gillespie reported since the last meeting he had put together a cost estimate and spoken to the Harvey’s to install a tile appropriately 500 feet east of Dare Road a 15-inch tile 3,787 feet South on Bath Road to drain the area.  The proposed plan that had been presented to the Harvey’s, did not believe it would adequately drain the 95 acres.  It’s been recommended installing the 15-inch tile up to Bath to be able to hook to the laterals.  A cost estimate of $50,000.00 has been put together for the project.  Had again talked to Roy Harvey, Jr. and is not against the project, but doesn’t want cause his tile not to work.  The new tile would be on the West of the existing tile at Old Bath, would like to cross at a lateral.  This project would add infrastructure to the Dare Ditch.  Tom Wilson asked why was this section not in the assessment when the Dare Ditch was restricted.  Joe Gillespie, it has been taken out of the drainage area and was told it was being drained to the north, did not investigate that area at the time the ditch was being reconstructed.  Mike Brier, said they are to the South of the area and don’t have any funds in it and would not affect their drainage area, just listening right now.  The Petition that had been filed by the Harvey’s is asking to add the 95 Acres back into the Assessment Roles.  MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motioned to approve the Petition that was submitted with the stipulation that the $50,000 improvements be assessed and paid by the Harvey’s.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  It was mentioned the property owner has 5-years to repay, if approved by the Drainage Board.  Mike Brier asked to include dredging the open ditch on the Brier Property to be included in the bid.  The open ditch is filling up with silt.  MOTION – Eric Roberts made motion to come up with Bid Specifications for the 3,787 feet of new infrastructure North of Bath Road and to include the dredging of the Open Ditch.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, Motion carried.

LIBERTY PIKE DITCH LINE – The ditch line north of Liberty Pike drainage issue was discussed.  Eric Roberts said the Highway Department would install the tile, if the tile was purchased.  Joe Gillespie will write letter to property owners.       

UTILITY CLAIMS – Susan Jones, Auditor reported that not everyone had signed off on the ETC Cell Phone bills and not certified for payment.  MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motioned to pay the Utility Claims as submitted.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

VA OFFICER MONTHLY REPORT – MOTION – Tom Wilson motioned to acknowledge the Veterans Officer’s Report for July 2010.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

CLERK’S REPORT – MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motioned to acknowledge the Clerk’s Report for July 2010.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

SPYGLASS – Paul Pearson, Director of Business Development for SpyGlass.  SpyGlass is an independent cost consulting firm focused on recovering and reducing recurring communications expenses.  The firm would review the County’s phone bills, contracts and check for errors.  The amount of savings would be approximately 20%, they would need 2 months of bills and copy of contracts and it would take approximately 6-months to review.  The fees would be a 50% of savings of what is recovered.  Stated they are currently working with Dearborn and Union Counties.  Eric Roberts mentioned that we had just recently changed providers and installed new phone system and feels comfortable with the billing.  Don VonderMeulen doesn’t see a problem with going back on prior years.  Tom Wilson said maybe look at 911 phone system.  Commissioners will take under advisement and check references.

MIDWEST TOXICOLOGY SERVICES, INC. – Susie Fields of Midwest Toxicology Services reported she had spoken to Hollie Maxie at the Highway Department about the Alcohol & Drug Testing for the County.  One of their services is On-Site Collection and Testing.  A mobile unit comes to the site to do the testing, saves time and in a convenience for employee and employer.  They also offer a policy development review and training.  The collection of specimens can also be set up at a location within the area for emergency situations and pre-employment testing.  Also presented a cost comparison with the County’s current provider.  Eric Roberts asked about training and is there a cost.  There is training for supervisors for a fee of $50.00 and would be done on site, can also send to Indianapolis for a cost of $50.00.  Also provide DOT Record Notebook for $70.00 for administration and has all rules and regulations for DOT Programs.  Commissioners will take under advisement.

OFF ROAD VEHICLES FOR TOWN OF METAMORA – Joanne Williams, Resident of Metamora and residents of Metamora had written a proposed Ordinance for the Use of Off-The-Road Vehicles in Metamora.  She had gone though the town and counted those who are over 60 years of age and 72% of Metamora is over 60.  She had spoken to Don VonderMeulen on the proposed ordinance.  They had drafted the ordinance off the ordinance that the Town of Brookville had recently passed that would fit the Town of Metamora.  They had sent a copy of the ordinance to Sheriff Maxie.  The Sheriff’s Department could come in to inspect and issue the permit/stickers.  Tom asked if the Sheriff’s Department would have the qualifications to inspect.  Mrs. Williams said yes, but if it did not pass inspection, they would not be issued a permit.  Don VonderMeulen said he had forward the Ordinance to Michael Wilhelm and asked him to review.  Michael Wilhelm said yes he had looked at it, but would like to review further.  The proposed off road vehicles ordinance also includes golf carts and gators.  Don VonderMeulen said the ordinance is well written and is in favor of it and would like for Michael Wilhelm to review.  Tom Wilson would like to hear from others on the issue.

HUNTERSVILLE ROAD BRIDGE 116 – Drew Barth of Howard J Barth & Associates along with Mayor Rick Fledderman and Batesville City Councilmen Ed Hunter and Herman Struewing, George Hartman, and Steve Meyer & Associate of CPI Supply met with the Board of Commissioners on the Huntersville Road Bridge Project.  Drew Barth had presented cost estimates for the re-bid of Huntersville Road Bridge 116 for a cost of $533,207.59, taking the base bid that was submitted $251,237.55 and material cost $282,070.04.  Drew also reported they had received the Construction in Floodway Permit from DNR.  Reported Bid Specifications are ready to go for bid on August 23, 2010.  It was asked if the Plans were altered.  The original quote estimate was based on limited information did not have all surveys, hydraulics had not been completed.  The bridge railing had been changed to concrete railings.  The new specifications had been changed back to what it was originally.  It had added $60,000 because of the concrete railings.  It was also mentioned that the ConSpan quote had come in approximately $60,000 more than it had originally been quoted.  It was said a lot of the increase for the ConSpan Bridge was due to the bridge railing.  After a lengthily discussion between all parties, the bridge specifications will not be sent out for an August 23rd re-bid, will look at different options.  Mayor Fledderman wants a safe bridge for the school buses to travel over, will also need to go back to Council for additional funding.     

COUNTY LINE ROAD CULVERT – Mayor Fledderman mentioned and inquired on the culvert that had been ordered for County Line Road that had never been installed.  Tom Wilson said as soon as the chip sealing is done they would get it installed.  The Mayor asked that he be notified.

BULL FORK ROAD STABILIZATION PROJECT – George Hartman reported the Bull Fork Road Stabilization Project had been completed and the guardrail is to be installed August 10, 2010.

BRIDGE INSPECTION – Brent Roberts of Butler, Fairman & Seufert was present with regards to the Contract for Bridge Inspection.  It was explained the increase in the bridge inspection fees is to do with a bridge collapsing and the federal government has added additional guidelines and requirements that need to be inspected during the bridge inspection, this had driven the cost to increase.  Don VonderMeulen asked that we need to pay this year and do we have enough money in place.  Don VonderMeulen agrees with contract price that was given by Butler, Fairman & Seufert.  Tom Wilson said in checking with other firms costs have gone up.  Eric Roberts agrees after getting information from other counties as their prices too had gone up.  Tom Wilson still says Bridge 144 is not our bridge, maybe Michael Wilhelm can do some research.  George Hartman also mentioned that any unknown foundations on bridges are to be identified by September 10th.  Brent Roberts says he will get contract to INDOT and Notice to Proceed will need to be issued by INDOT before his firm can start the inspection, looking at a very tight deadline.  MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motions to sign contract between County and Butler, Fariman & Seufert and also contract between County and INDOT on Bridge Inspection.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  Brent Roberts has letter for George Hartman to sign to be sent to INDOT.

PIPE CREEK BRIDGE 48 – George Hartman reported that Force Construction is proceeding with the excavating on the east approach of Pipe Creek Bridge 48 Bridge Replacement, and are in the process of removing the concrete decking.

AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER – George Hartman had recommended that Clark Dietz provide Professional Services on a project in Metamora that American Electric Power will be replacing a structure on an unstable transmission tower along the West Fork of the Whitewater River, with new structures on both the north and south stream banks.  They will be using Franklin County roads and structures to reach of the construction sites.   George had asked Clark Dietz to put together a contract and cost for services.

HUNTERSVILLE ROAD BRIDGE 116 INVOICE – Drew Barth had presented an invoice for Professional Services for Huntersville Road Bridge 116 in the amount of $184.64 for services through July 31, 2010.  MOTION – Tom Wilson motioned to approve the invoice for $184.64.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

BLUE CREEK ROAD BRIDGE 94 LPA CLAIM 4 – Drew Barth had also presented a LPA Invoice Voucher 4 for Construction Engineering Services for Blue Creek Road 94 for 100% Federal Reimbursement of $7,044.24 for the month of July 2010.  MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motioned for Eric Roberts to sign LPA Voucher 4 for reimbursement.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION FEDERAL SECTION 5311 GRANT APPLICATION FOR 2011 RESOLUTION 2010-23 – MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motioned for Eric Roberts to sign the 2011 Operating, Capital & Intercity Application Grant Application for Public Transportation.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried. 

ADDITIONAL APPROPRIATION FORM FOR INTERPRETIVE PARK GRANT – Susan Jones, Auditor had presented an Additional Appropriation for the Interpretive Park Grant.  Having to get the Appropriation in the paper for advertisement, the amount advertised was $689,600.00, since then the amount needed is $637,000.00.  Purpose of the appropriation is to have appropriation in place for when grant funding is received so it can be paid out.  MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motioned for Eric Roberts to sign the Additional Appropriation for the Grant.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  

LOCAL HEALTH MAINTENANCE GRANT – Eric Roberts reported he had been approached by Carol Monroe on her position as Local Health Coordinator, the existing grant ends today and new starts tomorrow, but the new funds will not be available until September.  Tom Wilson mentioned he had attended a meeting this past Friday with regards to the Grant. To be in compliant on Franklin County Emergency Preparedness Plan, and were Franklin County sets we are connected with the State of Ohio’s Emergency Plan. Franklin needs to continue working on this plan and needs this grant funding.  The Grant is approved but paper work will not be arriving until September.  The question is to continue her to work and run the account in the red.  Tom Wilson stated this is a reimbursable grant, she would work and then we get reimbursed.  MOTION – Tom Wilson motioned to keep Carol Monroe, Local Public Health Coordinator working to keep up with the Emergency Plan.  Don VonderMeulen seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.    

HUMANE SOCIETY ORDINANCE – Don VonderMeulen mentioned he had read through the information the Humane Society had presented last week and had sent it on to Michael Wilhelm for him to review.  Don said he will make contact with other counties that are similar to Franklin County.

PAYROLL – MOTION – Eric Roberts moved to approve payroll.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Don VonderMuelen, All in Favor.  Eric Roberts, Motion carried.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT VERIZON C-PHONE AGREEMENT – MOTION – Don VonderMeulen made motion for Eric Roberts to sign the Verizon Cell-Phone Agreement for the Health Department.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Doug Kreiger – comment on Huntersville Road Bridge 116 and the type of bridge that is being proposed.  Mentioned the bridge on Mid Road that was recently put in and it is sufficient.  Bridge 116 does not need to be a fancy bridge.  What is going to happen downstream when you put a larger bridge to the bridge on Columbus Avenue.  Don’t think you need to spend $500,000.00 to replace the culvert on Huntersville Road, when you can put in (2) railroad tank shell cars.  John Estridge – asked if By-Way Association cannot make a go of it, and it goes to a non-for-profit organization, who determines.

ADJOURN – MOTION – Don VonderMeulen motioned to adjourn.  Tom Wilson seconds.  Eric Roberts, All in Favor.  Motion carried.  

Others Present:                               

Brent Roberts                    Joanne Williams                Paul Pearson                      Mike Brier                          

Doug Krieger                      Susie Fields                         Sara Duffy                           Dale S Harvey                   

Don Harvey                        Darrell Harvey                   John Estridge                     Joe Gillespie                      

Darrell Smith                      JoAnn Prickel                     Michael Wilhelm              Melinda Bundy                

Wayne Monroe                                Drew Barth                         George Hartman              Rick Fledderman

Ed Hunter                            Herman Struewing          Daryl Krammer                  Debbie Blank


AYE                                                                                                                        NAY

___S/ Eric E Roberts___________                                          _________________________

Eric E Roberts                                                                                     Eric E Roberts

___S/ Thomas E Wilson________                                           _________________________

Thomas E Wilson                                                                              Thomas E Wilson

___S/ Donald M VonderMeulen__                                         __________________________

Donald M VonderMeulen                                                            Donald M VonderMeulen

ATTEST: ___S/ Susan A Jones____________________

                   Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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