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Council Minutes July 6,2010



JULY 6, 2010 @ 6:00 P.M.




Those Present: County Council:                                Hollie Maxie                       Jeff Koch                             Carroll Lanning                                                                                                                                                                  Tom Linkel                          Jason Allen

County Auditor:                Susan A Jones

Co. Commissioners:Eric E RobertsTom Wilson     Donald VonderMeulen


Hollie Maxie opens the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

IMPLEMENTING A NO HIRING FREEZE POLICY – Tom Linkel reported he had ask for this meeting and had stated revenues have decreased for the County and had presented a study that he had asked Hollie Maxie to put together for the Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) that had showed the declining revenue in that fund since 2004 through 2010 first (6) months.  In 2004 – $1,815,314.72, 2005 – $1,786,587.17, 2006 – $1,758,111.11, 2007 – $1,720,101.56, 2008 – $1,615,177.59, 2009 – $1,586,792.89 and 2010 – $812,820.51 (projected).  The MVH funds are derived off of the gas tax.  Tom Linkel has proposed putting on a hiring freeze, not just for the County Highway, but for the whole County.  Don VonderMeulen asked if the position would come off the salary ordinance.  Tom Linkel said no, would ask that no one would be hired until the budget is changed.  It then was said yes, the salary ordinance on number of positions would need to be changed.  Eric Roberts asked what about the Sheriff’s Department and E911.  They would need to notify the County Auditor on an open position who would in turn notify the Council and Council would make the decision if the position is to be filled or not.  A copy of Knox County’s Ordinance was given to the Council as a draft ordinance.  Jeff Koch commented now the County Council will have to micro manage the budgets?  Jason Allen asked if it would be better not to hire someone, than lay someone off.  Don VonderMeulen needs to replace a truck driver in District 2, work needs to be done and with the lack of employee, it will not get done.  Understands highway is losing revenue.  People are asking him to provide services.  Carol Lanning asked what number of employees did you have this year.  Don said the same as last year, we have a h___ of a lot of work to do and understand what you are doing.  Eric Roberts would like to have hourly rate lower for someone new coming in for more than 90 days.  Don VonderMeulen suggested putting on a new tax and brought up that the County has not adopted the Wheel Tax.  Tom Linkel said he was not interested in creating a new tax.  MOTION – Tom Linkel moved we enforce a Hiring Freeze for Franklin County Full-time positions, not part-time.  Jason Allen seconds.  All in Favor (5).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.  Don VonderMeulen mentioned one thing about this meeting, it may not be a legal meeting, that their action may be illegal and should consult an attorney.  Had concern on the meeting notice and had contacted several people and asked if Council can do what they are doing and was told it was not in their power.  He was told the Council has the right to set the number of people to hire and set salary and budget.  Jeff Koch said it is legal, as Council can withhold funds from a budget; we have the right to pull back money and change a salary ordinance.

ADJOURN – MOTION – Carroll Lanning moved we adjourn.  Jeff Koch seconds.  All in Favor (5).  Opposed (0).  Motion carried.         

Others Present:                                Carol Westerman                             Jerry Harnishfeger

AYE                                                                        NAY

__S/ Hollie Maxie______________                       ________________________

Hollie Maxie                                                                       Hollie Maxie

__S/ Jeffery C Koch_____________                      ________________________

Jeffery C Koch                                                                   Jeffery C Koch

__S/ Kenneth J Rosenberger______                      _________________________

Kenneth J Rosenberger                                                                Kenneth J Rosenberger

__S/ Bradley L Spurlock__________                      _________________________

Bradley L Spurlock                                                           Bradley L Spurlock

__S/ Carroll Lanning_____________                     _________________________

Carroll Lanning                                                                  Carroll Lanning

_____________________________                   _________________________

Tom Linkel                                                                          Tom Linkel

__S/ Jason Allen________________                    _________________________

Jason Allen                                                                         Jason Allen

ATTEST:  _S/ Susan A Jones___________________________

                  Susan A Jones, Franklin County Auditor

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