Sunday, March 29th, 2015


Franklin County Auditor

Stephen Brack

Auditor’s office is located on the first floor (East Side) of the Government Center.

Our hours are:
Monday through Friday  
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Room #103

Government Center
1010 Franklin Ave.
Brookville, IN 47012
Telephone: 765-647-4631
Fax: 765-647-4816


Chief Deputy & General Ledger: Debbie Richardson

Tax Deputy: Kati Callahan

Payroll Deputy: Marilyn Miller

Accounts Payable Deputy: Sandy Baxter

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • post and balance ledgers
  • prepare monthly financial statement and reconcile to statement prepared by County Treasurer
  • receive claims against the County; audit and check to contracts or statutory authority; verify approval or allowance by proper officer or board, where required as a condition of payment
  • publish claims to be considered by Board of Commissioners
  • issue warrants for claims properly payable from county treasury; verify that funds and appropriations are available before issuing warrants
  • make remittances of federal and state withholding taxes and other payroll deductions to appropriate agencies
  • issue quietuses for funds paid into the county treasury upon persons presenting receipts of the Treasurer
  • pay to County Treasurer all Auditor’s fees collected
  • receive reports from county officials, clerks of courts and other officers of fees and collections paid into the county treasury
  • attend meetings and, as a secretary or clerk, record the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners and County Council when in session
  • receive bids for supplies, materials and equipment on behalf of the Board of Commissioners.
  • receive bids for public works projects (construction or repairs), upon direction of Board of Commissioners
  • transfer and enter for taxation all deeds, plats and other documents affecting ownership and descriptions of real estate
  • applying deductions to properties when filed properly
  • prepare tax duplicate, ditch duplicate and similar tax and assessment records; also, enter all necessary additions and corrections to such records
  • receive license excise tax reports and registration forms from State Bureau of Motor Vehicles and State Aeronautics Commission; verify amounts to so reported and paid to County Treasurer and allocate tax to proper taxing districts
  • Receive petitions, appeals and other documents required to be filed in the office


Copy (Black and White) = $.10 per page

County Maps = $1.00
Transfer of property = exempt – $5.00 per parcel/nonexempt – $5.00 per parcel plus $10.00 per sales disclosure

Tax Rates

Tax Rates for 2013 payable 2014

Tax Sale Information can be found on SRI


Deductions for Taxpayers


State Sales Disclosure Form


*Parcel/State ID Numbers are required on all documents (you may have both or State ID only)
See Recorder section for additional Requirements

All deductions must be filed before December 31st in order to be applied for the following year.

Following are links to deductions that taxpayer can be fill out and mail back to us:

  • Homestead Deduction –  Applicable to a dwelling and up to one acre of immediately surrounding real estate, which serves as the individual’s principal place of residence.
  • Mortgage Deduction  – Applicable to mortgaged real property or an installment financed mobile/manufactured home owned by an Indiana resident.
  • Disabled Veterans Deduction  -Applicable to property not exceeding $143,160 in assessed valuation and owned by an individual who received an honorable discharge after serving at least 90 days in the U.S. military or naval forces and who has either a total disability or is at least 62 years old with at least a 10% disability.  Additional state form 51186 required to file out and sent to Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Blind and/or Disabled Deduction  -Applicable to a blind or disabled individual’s property of residence. Individual’s taxable gross income may not exceed $17,000.
  • Geo-thermal Deduction -Applicable to property with a geothermal or hydroelectric power device. Applicable to property with a solar energy heating/cooling system or wind power device.  Also when applying for this deduction we would need to what kind of system your unit is.
  • Over 65 and Over 65 Circuit Breaker Deduction -Over 65 Deduction: Applicable to a qualified not exceeding $182,430 in assessed valuation. Individual must be at least 65 years of age on December 31, 2009 with a combined adjusted gross income not exceeding $25,000 filed individual’s property of residence.  Over 65 Circuit Breaker Credit: Applicable to a qualified property not exceeding $160,000 in assessed valuation. Individual must be at least 65 years of age on December 31, 2009 with an individual adjusted gross income not exceeding $30,000 or a combined adjusted gross income not exceeding $40,000.
  • Historical Rehabilitated Property Link

For tax or property information click on the following link Property Tax Information

Need to know an estimate on how much your taxes are? Click here and calculate your splits for taxes.