Phone Directory

Assessor: 765.647.4921

Auditor: 765.647.4631

Board of Voter Registration: 765.647.5111

Child Protection Services: 765.647.4081

Clerk: 765.647.5111

Commissioner: 765.647.4985

Cooperative Extension Agents: 765.647.3511

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA): 765-547-1493

Dept of Child Services: 765.647.4081

Division of Family Resources (Food Stamp Program and Medicaid): 765.647.0596

Economic Development: 765.647.5340

Emergency Management Agency: 765.647-4014

Fair Board: 765.647.3511

Food Stamp Program: 765.647.0596

Health Dept.: 765.647.4322

Highway Dept.: 765.647.4271

Judge: 765.647.4186

Public Defender: 765.647.0494

Park Board: 765.647.4422

Planning Commission: 765.647.5731

Probation Officer: 765.647.5741

Prosecutors Office: 765.647.3589

    • Child Support: 765.647.0644

Public Transportation: 765.647.3509

Recorder: 765.647.5131

Sheriff: 765.647.4138

Small Animal Control: 765.207.0055

Surveyor: 765.647.5651

Transfer Station: 513.239.0310

Treasurer: 765.647.5121

Veteran Service Office: 765.647.5721

Franklin County


Franklin County Government Center

1010 Franklin Ave.
Brookville, IN 47012

Offices located in the Government Center are: Assessor, Auditor, Area Planning, Commissioners, Franklin County Economic Development, Health Department, Park and Recreation, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, Recorder, Surveyor, Treasurer, Veteran’s Services

Franklin County Courthouse

459 Main Street
Brookville, IN 47012

Offices located in the County Courthouse are: Circuit Court Judge, Clerk, Prosecutor

Franklin County Annex Building

493 Main Street
Brookville, IN 47012

Offices located in the Annex Building are: EMA, Probation, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

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