Treasurer Information

 Jolene Beneker, Treasurer     



Chief Deputy Treasurer: Randy Teufel  

Deputy:  Pamela Buckler  


Franklin County Treasurer

1010 Franklin Ave. Room # 106

Brookville, IN  47012

Email us: 

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Office Hours:                                              

Current office hours 

Monday 8:00am – 4:00pm 

Tuesday 8:00am – 4:00pm 

Wednesday  8:00am – 4:00pm 

Thursday  8:00am – 4:00pm 

Friday  8:00am – 4:00pm                                        

There are days when the Treasurers’ Office may be closed due to sickness, vacation, etc.  Please call in advance to make certain the office is open on the day you plan to visit.

Call (765)647-5121

Treasurer Office Duties:

Property Tax Statement Billing

Land Split Estimates (February)

Process Property Tax Payments 

Escrow Billing / Processing

Delinquent Personal / Real-Estate Tax Billing (January)

County/State Garnishments

Personal Property Tax Demands 

Mobile Home Permits

Property Tax Clearance Forms

ATV Applications & Permits

Bankruptcy Information Processing Only

Yearly County Real-Estate Property Tax Sale 

Commissioner Sale


Payments can either be mailed, paid in person at the office, or dropped in either steel drop boxes at the north entrance of the Government Building. (parking lot door)

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Property Tax information:

Tax deadline for Real Estate / Personal Property Taxes: 

2023 pay 2024 property taxes are due May 10, 2024 and November 12, 2024. USPS dated post mark accepted as on time mail. Statements are mailed one time a year, with a “Spring A” coupon and “Fall  B” coupon.  You will receive your statement in the mail towards the end of March.  If you no longer escrow or do not receive your bill by April 15th, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at

Payments for property taxes may be made in person or via mail to:

Franklin County Treasurer

1010 Franklin Ave, Room 106

Brookville, IN 47012

Payments may also be made via credit card or by using an e-check with following options, there are additional fees associated with credit card, e-check payments.

Pay online: Click here to View your bills Online

Pay by Phone:  1-877-690-3729,  Jurisdiction Code: 2478 & Duplicate number located on the front of your tax bill.

Service fees for credit cards and e-checks

New fee schedule Effective March 1, 2023

Online payments will incur a service fee, this fee is not retained by the county. Franklin County receives only your payment amount. Service fees cover various administrative costs associated with accepting payments and are non-refundable.

The service fee when using a Credit Card is a percentage rate fee of 2.55%. (minimum charge of $1.55)

The service fee when using an Electronic Check (e-check) is $2.00

Service fee amount is automatically calculated & is shown on the payment page

before you submit your payment for processing. 

If you need help using online bill pay or you have a question about your account, please contact the Treasurer’s office.


October 31, 2024 —– 10:00am Commissioners Meeting Room 

Information will be posted when it is available. 


Below are forms you can download, print and fill out. You can bring them to the office or mail them with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Property Tax Clearance 

This form is used to submit your Property Tax Clearance Schedule -Form No. 1 for an Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission Liquor License. Prior to receiving a new, transferred or renewed license, the Treasurer must state that all your property taxes have been paid, seal required.

Mobile Home Permit

This form is used when moving or transferring title to a mobile home in the county. The form must be completed to inform the county where the mobile home is being moved and who is the new owner.  Taxes are paid in full for the current year and any other demands or fees associated with the mobile home. The original title is required when moving or transferring a mobile home. 

$10.00 permit fee paid by cash or check.

ATV Application 

For faster service on ATV permits click link & download the ATV Application to either mail or bring into the office.

Proof of VALID & Current Insurance is required along with Current Drivers License and payment.

Mail to:

Franklin County Treasurer /ATV

1010 Franklin Ave. Room # 106

Brookville, IN   47012

ATV Fees (cash or check only)

$20.00 Franklin County Resident/Property Owner New or Renewal 

$40.00 Non-Resident New or Renewal

ATV Ordinance 2013-18  7/8/2013


Past information :

Franklin County Tax Sale/Commissioner Sale Info:

October 17, 2023 Tax Sale information:

FIRST Publication for the 10-17-2023 Franklin County Tax SALE CLICK HERE

SECOND Publication for the 10-17-2023 Franklin County Tax SALE CLICK HERE

THIRD Publication for the 10-17-2023 Franklin County Tax SALE CLICK HERE 

Commissioner’s Certificate Sale:

February 16, 2023.  Commissioner’s meeting room 10:00am

First Advertisement December 16, 2022.  CLICK HERE

Second Advertisement January 2, 2023. CLICK HERE

Third Advertisement January 9, 2023. CLICK HERE

October 20, 2022  will be held in the Commissioners/Council Meeting Room 203

Sale starts @ 10am sharp.

First Publication for the October 20, 2022 Franklin County Tax Sale “CLICK”

Second Publication for the October 20, 2022 Franklin County Tax Sale “CLICK

Third Publication for the October 20, 2022 Franklin County Tax Sale “CLICK”

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Franklin County


Franklin County Government Center

1010 Franklin Ave.
Brookville, IN 47012

Offices located in the Government Center are: Assessor, Auditor, Area Planning, Commissioners, Franklin County Economic Development, Health Department, Park and Recreation, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, Recorder, Surveyor, Treasurer, Veteran's Services

Franklin County Courthouse

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Offices located in the County Courthouse are: Circuit Court Judge, Clerk, Prosecutor

Franklin County Annex Building

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Offices located in the Annex Building are: Probation, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

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